Extreme Pants!

Pants, in an extreme way.

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Hi everyone, Ms Sweet here.  This weekend I will be playing a site wide game called EXTREME Commenting!  Everyone is invited to come and participate and I will be giving away 1 year PRO membership for prizes!  September 27th at 9:00 am an instructable will appear that explains how to play EXTREME Commenting, and once the instructable is up the game is ON!   Hope to see you there!

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Hi everyone, Ms Sweet here. This weekend I will be playing a site wide game called EXTREME Commenting!  Everyone is invited to come and participate and I will be giving away 1 year PRO membership for prizes! September 27th at 9:00 am an instructable will appear that explains how to play EXTREME Commenting, and once the instructable is up the game is ON!  Hope to see you there!

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Hi folks! No big deal, just reporting a minor typo: On https://www.instructables.com/contest/extreme/, there is an "R" missing (as of 7:45 PM PST, 2-28-12): "Make sure to tell us in your into step why your project is EXTREME!" So maybe you should look around on the floor by where you typed the description, because that's probably where it fell off of the screen. Hopefully nobody mopped the floor or vacuumed or anything, because it sucks to have to fish through dirty mop water or nasty vac-dust to find such a tiny letter. Cheers! Mike

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Gardening in extreme temperatures

Last year whe hit low temperatures at -21 °C, and as a bloody result most of our plants "burned". Imagine all of my aloe vera plants freezed to death and when touched, they snapped like a piece of pointy ice. There where a lot of eucalyptus trees in here, those too suffered because of the extreme cold, so a lot of people where chopping down 8 meter logs... I live in the Texas border line , so the ambient in here is mostly like a dessert. I know a lot of folks live in places where temperatures are more extreme, so, what tip can you give to at least protect plants that store a lot of water (like aloe vera plants)? Given the region, what kind of plants you recommend to plant in this kind of environment, plants that take lots of sun, little watering. PD. I know is August, but a friend just recommended me this site! very cool site indeed

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Anybody know how long deal extreme shipping takes?

I'm in the US mid-atlantic area. i'm just alittle worried, they just seem to good to be true

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Serious Bass

It's finally time for me to give something back to you guys with me always asking questions ans all, I give to you the loss of hearing for 24 hours, enjoy.

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If You Could Do Something Incredibly Stupid Without Consequences

If you could do something incredibly stupid without any consequences such as injury or death, what would you do? Here's what my friend said: He'd ride a lawn chair attached to balloons into the stratosphere, jump of (parachute not included) with a ton of home-made explosives, land in a large tub of Jello, and detonate the explosives. :D

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Extreme Wig Styling Instructable

I have been searching around looking for a tutorial on how to create an extreme wig hairstyle similar to Ophelia Overdose's wig stylings. Example I have seen a lot of tutorials about adding hair to existing synthetic wigs, but I haven't seen much on creating large gravity defying hair that includes curls.

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Extreme Multi-Use in Bangkok

When there's not much space, use it for more than one thing.Yarrrr... train video

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extremely long lasting batteries

Hello I’ve been looking for extremely long lasting batteries as my current a simple 9v battery will not last long enough. Does anyone know of a really long lasting battery pack? Or what about stacking 9v batteries ? Has anyone tried stacking 9v’s ? Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks

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Extremely simple printed circuits

I was thinking of this theoretical circuit making system. I would get some sort of powdered or granular metal (possibly lead) and mix it with small amounts of water. Then I would fill the paste in an ink jet printer. Then I think it's as simple as just printing out the circuit. Maybe you would have to bake the print or maybe put it in a kiln to let the metal melt together.

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Extreme Futurist Festival 2012

The END OF THE WORLD at www.extremefuturistfestival.com the VORTEX IMMERSION DOME 450 South Bixel Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017 featuring SURVIVAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES show Extreme Futurist Festival is a 2 day arts and technology festival focusing on radical voices of the new evolution. Last year we had a great event and were called "a TED conference for the counterculture" by the LA Weekly. This year we seek to make XFF an even more epic experience. People are going insane over the Mayan calendar hype about the world ending on 12/21/12. This is why we have decided to bring them the apocalypse they deserve. We are throwing an end-of-the-world conference that you will not forget. Children get in free. We will be focusing on cutting edge science and technology along with transgressive performance art and music. Showcasing the most innovative and subversive memetics of our time, we see to highlight an extreme future that breaks the formula of modern culture. The future has been commodified by the mainstream in an effort to make revolutionary technologies easy to digest. As a result we are now living in an era of complacency, in which the true leaders and game changers are made to feel like outsiders. It is time to rise against the dominant current of our society and declare that nothing is too extreme. We refuse to be assimilated into a carbon copied version of a new humanity. As evolutionary agents we will push the boundaries of what it means to transform our species. XFF is organized by Rachel Haywire, Christopher Jannette, and Sean Humphries.

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Unlucky/ Extremely Lucky Bunny

I was outside reading by the fireplace when I heard a strange noise. I looked up and noted the noise was coming from Mazee's direction. It was a loud SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK. I assumed it was her favorite squeaker toy. After about a minute, I saw a fully grown bunny sprint out of the trees next to Mazee. I laughed because Mazee loves to chase bunnies, and it looked like the bunny was taunting her. Mazee came trotting out of the trees with the squeaker toy in her mouth, squeaking away. She dropped the toy and it continued squeaking. Squeaker toys don't squeak on their own...I ran over there and what do I see? This little guy. Like all other times Mazee's found a baby, it was completely unharmed. I found the nest and put him back, I also put a doggy fence around the nest. Hopefully the mother will return.

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Video Problem Extreme PIXELATION Help?

I'm exporting files from Final Cut Pro to Quicktime. The result looks like an Andy Warhol painting. Perhaps 8 colors instead of thousands.   Do any of you know how to fix this? Thanks.

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My Extreme Challenge Entry is missing?

Lol... here we go again... My second entry for the Extreme Challenge was accepted and it can be voted for on the Ible page... but it's not showing up on the contest page. There are a couple duplicate entries as well.

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Will laminated poster handle extreme temperatures?

Need to know if this poster will last in extrem temperature, if I laminate it (with clear plastic in one of those machines at copy store). Poster will be protected from direct sun and water, but will be subject to winter and summer temperatures in northern Illinois (negative 15 to 105 degrees). Thoughts? Or should I use a glue and no laminate?

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how to get an LED extremely bright?

Just wondering how I can make a regular LED to become more bright, or if I have to change the light. The battery is 3v, and it says that the LED's max is 5v.

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Extremely Slow Download for PDF documents

Hello All,  I am having trouble when trying to access PDF documents with my pro membership.  I am trying to download the "How to make a custom library part in Eagle Cad-too.pdf" and I am getting about 700Bytes/Second download speeds (that is 700 Bytes, Not Kbytes or Mbytes.  I haven't had one finish to be able to determine if the file does eventually come through intact or not.  Is there something I am doing wrong?  I don't have speed issues on any other site.  Most of the time I average 2-3Mbytes/second downloads

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Extremely basic laser tag setup?

I'm looking into building a cheap, easy to build, no frills (score, shot counter, reload, etc) laser tag setup. All I'm looking for are: - a modulated 40khz IR emitter, with a muzzle flash LED - shot sound (any easy way to do this with a piezo buzzer, or other really easy way?) - a receiver that sends the signal to a piezo buzzer connected to your ear I'm not gonna go for milestag, because it's too expensive to make my goal of 8 guns with, and I don't have the skills to make it (or time), but I will use its general emitter and receiver setup, just no fancy microcontroller. All I want is a "point and shoot you got me". I AM looking for a long range, though, equal to milestag guns, and for that I'm using its modulated emitter and receiver setup (to avoid sun interference... am I right?). So far I've seen this and this as for attempts at making something old school like this, but as electronic-circuitry inadept as I am, I can't put everything together easily without some help. I've included a photo of my schematic, created with the help of the above links and modified/simplified forms of the milestag sensor... please help with corrections. My primary questions are: - how do I add a sound output to the emitter? A beep is acceptable, but if there's an easy way to add a real shot sound, I'd go for that. - how do I limit the pulse to a short, like 0.25 second time period (I realize this was answered in one of the above links, but I need a circuit diagram or more noobproof explanation for it), then stop the beam? - how would I ground the LED (Vishay tsal 6100) and a non-ultrabright, red LED (the emitter output) in the emitter schematic (left)? Do I need resistors before the ground? - how would I add the piezo buzzer to the output in the receiver schematic? I'm using a Mouser part #  539-PT2130FPQ, in case there are resistors i should know to add. - do I ground the #1 terminals on the 3 terminal 40 khz receiver/demodulator? Originally, they would have been linked to the "data" wire on the milestag module. Please help a budding DIY electronics enthusiast out?

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Extreme laser cutting - First reason to enter the Epilog contest.

I was doing my daily rounds, one of which is to search 'steampunk' on flickr, when i happened across these. With the upcoming Epilog contest, i thought they were most relevant.From, Flickr user Jared most of his good work (for a quick glance) is in his lased Flickr setIf your looking for an incentive to enter, just have a browse through these pictures. My personal favorites are the cool cubes. Which i think would look great on any desk.There is alot more to be found, if you have a browse. Any of you on flickr, be sure to drop some nice comments.

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an extremely complex situation with a girl, read the details.

 okay. this is gonna be long. theres this extremely pretty girl i know. shes like helen of troy. and ive been in love with her like ever since ive seen her. shes in my circle of friends, though we're not that close. we're still somewhat close. however, we dont talk much in class. on facebook, i always start the conversations, and she replies with one word answers (she does that to everyone). shes the only remotely hot girl in like the entire school (what a gay place). but quality makes up for quantity by a huge margin. i dont look that good, though i present myself well.  so basically, i want to get closer to her. like real close. like extremely close. close enough to ask her out and expecting an unconditional yes. i want to be like, her best friend. thats hard. HELP.

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EXTREMELY LOW!! flow fan/power system

 EXTREMELY LOW!! flow fan/power system   I need to find an EXTREMELY low flow air movement system (Fan?) That can be powered on almost nothing! Think 1m^3/hr maximum. I need to link this with a low power solar system. (think calculator solar cell) Weight is everything. Really need to move 10-100cm^3 air every 2-3 minutes max with minimal weight and power requirements. Much lower than cell phone fan air movement with power that can be generated from a few-gram solar cell. I am not sure this can be done mechanically, may need some kind of ion movement system. The point is to exchange air in a 50cm^3 volume enough to prevent condensation in medium humidity environments, (40% of the area is at dew point) where weight is important and no power is available beyond ambient room light. 5% royalty if product is ever brought to market.

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Best way to make an extremely powerful amplifier circuti?

I need to take a small alternating circuit source and build an amplifier for it. There is no limit to how big the output could be because it will not be connected to speakers. What would be the best way to go about making such an amplifier? The input does not matter.

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Extremely small arduino using dip16 form factor?

I am looking for a extremely small arduino board close to this one that I have.-> www.anatools.com/anarduino-kit/ I want a smaller form factor and I dont need need the serial headers, or even the extended sides as I can solder strait to the headers. I tried making my own board using eagle, and diptrace but I am running into alot of issues making it so compact. I was wondering if anyone has already made a board and have to eagle files, or know of any eagle files that I can have so I can etch my own board. Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Lama v3 Rc heli Does the extreme tail boom fit the stock chassis and skids?

Does the extreme tail boom fit the stock chassis and skids?

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Which DealExtreme knife is best?

So, I am looking a cool knives on dealextreme, and I was wondering, which is the best?links:http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.18076http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.6198http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.7011http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11620

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Is there something going on in my head? Answered

     Well, I don't have a mental problem or anything, but it often gets weird and I just can't help but to ask. I'll recount several months before, around March or May last year. I was practicing Morse code, practicing with visuals, practicing with audios. After a few weeks of practice, I started hearing Morse code in my head, as in out of nowhere I literally hear it (completely random, it's not spelling out anything last I checked). I asked around about it (deleted the question though) and someone mentioned it's not normal/it's rare. Then fast forward into around November or December, I keep hearing that Morse encoded "SMS" ring-tone from a phone (it's quite popular here, heard it more than a thousand times). I kept searching for that cellular phone, but to no avail. I covered my ears with pillows, and I still kept hearing it. I then concluded that it was in my head. The end result was I couldn't fall asleep for 3 hours lying down on the bed. It's something like LSS (Last Song Syndrome, search it up if you don't know it) to the extremes (to the point that it resonates in your head and you can hear it as an audible tone not from your thoughts). Any thoughts as what may have been causing this?

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Any story behind this picture? (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC INJURY)

I was wondering is there anything behind this nasty injury? Any ideas?

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How do I make an easy green screen for extremely cheap? Answered

I only have five dollars.

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Can't get to page 10 of "Extreme Surface Mount Soldering"

Anyway that I try to access this page (by being on page 9 and then clicking on to 10 or whatever link I can find in the article) takes me directly to page1: https://www.instructables.com/id/Extreme_Surface_Mount_Soldering/step10/Using-the-Hot-Plate-Soldering-System/ Thanks, Cymen

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Hey i get extremely bored ...what do i do when i only have pen and paper? Answered

Hi i have PROBLEMS sleeping...so i get extremely bored how can i prevent from getting this bored

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How can I alter a suit after extreme weight loss?

I had breast cancer, and a double mastectomy. Lost 50 lbs in all, and now none of my clothes fit! I have several nice blouses and jackets, as well as pants, that are way too big for me now. My insurance canceled on me, so I can't go to a tailor or buy new - will have to live to 200 to pay all the medical bills! I can take up sleeves and hems, but my jackets and blouses are way too wide across the shoulders/back, and my pants? Well, I look like Bozo the clown. Can anyone assist in how to best take in for a good fit? All help appreciated! All I can wear right now are sweats... :-\

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can anyone help an extreme amatuer wire a group of capacitors together?

I'm in the process of making a version of the tazor glove instructable, but I'm trying to make it more compact while still powerful. I've 'liberated' a few capacitors from some old pc cards but I'm not sure what I need to look for to know voltage or amps or whatever it's measured in, and some don't seem to any helpful markings at all. What I'd like to do if at all possible is wire as many capacitors as I'm able into a line that can circle the wrist, but I'm not sure how to do it or whether it would matter if the capacitors are of different sizes/powers. If someone can help I'd be very appreciative but keep in mind I'm a true amateur so any complex lingo will probably just confuse me, if you need to know anything else I'll let you know as soon as possible.

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Extreme water cooling idea for computer chilling plus dust protection

I started to play around with some compressor cooling devices, otherwise known as fridges, freezers or airconditioners ;) As with everything it started with a lot of reading, some doing, more reading, well you get the point... Anyways, I am now running an old and portable split airconditioner on hydrocarbons instead of the already escaped R22 refrigerant. With all this experimenting I got reminded that my computer does not really like to do hard gaming work on these hot days. There are already a lot of infos out there on how to use water and/or heatpipes to cool your system. One thing that they all have in common is that you need a chiller to cool the water. Now, there are really tons of options here - from using an old bar fridge to hold the water up to big direct chillers that can be used 24/7 and cost a small fortune. Here in Victoria the weather might be more forgiving but up north the humidity will be your main enemy if you want to use any decent cooling system. Imagine 90% humitiy and the water condensing on pipes and coolers inside your computer... Some systems compensate here by using a temp of around 12°C at the lowest to minimise the risk of condensation. But I think we can do better for cheaper if we are willing to get dirty and salvage some scrap. If it also a great way to protect your computer in a dusty and hot workshop enviroment! Let me explain the thought: Considering the costs for a decent air cooled system over the expense for just a basic water cooling kit it might be worth spending the extra money otherwise. What makes a normal and not overclocked computer go too hot assuming it is clean and free from dust? Right - the outside temperature and how hard we actually use it. Normal systems are designed to work at a room temp between 18 and 24°C, we are often lucky to have it under 30 in the summer. Getting a CPU to just under 70° if the outside air is already over 30° is hard if not impossible. But what if the computer would be in one of these fancy server rooms that are kept at 16° throughout the year? Problem solved, just win the lottery to get your server room build. Step back a bit and think again ;) If we make an additional and well insulated enclosure to put the computer in we would only need to worry about making it pretty much air tight and keeping the inside always under 20°C. Now follow me to my imaginary shopping trip... First step is getting a decent sized cooler box - you can build your own of course I would go for these oversizes Esky chests. Next step is a visit to the local hard rubbish collection or scrap yard. We look for a bar fridge or water cooling tower that has a condenser that will fit on the side or back of our cooling box. Prefer something old running on R22 instead of R134a if you can. If the system already has one or two service ports for filling even better, otherwise see you get one from a different fridge or freezer. The fun starts back home where we now make a big mess. The cooling system needs to come apart and if not a tower the fridge around it has to go without damaging pipes or condensers. Perfect would be to have a working system and to keep it in this condition to avoid the illegal escape or refrigerant. It also make it easier than having to refill it again. On the other hand getting a system that is already professionally evacuated as most scrap yards now do anyway can make the modding easier - up to your skill set and options to have the system checked and filled. Once we have a naked cooling system we get the cold side into the cooler box. Either by creating a slot to slide it in or by feeding the hoses through holes if you plan to do your own thing in terms of testing and filling. The compressor part and "hot side" are mounted securely to the outside of the box. If you still have the thermostat working and connected you can now check your homebuild fridge. To get the computer inside you have several option, IMHO the easiest is use one big enough hole to get all cables to the outside. You want this hole to end up as airtight as possible, I found candle wax to be a good sealer if you place some painters tape on the box first. So far this was the easy part, the hard part is now to make sure the humidity inside the box stays as low as possible. When the compressor starts cooling the evaporator will go to very low temperatures, even if you set the thermostat to 10° the cold side will condese or even freeze the moisture in the air. Unlike with direct cooling option inside your computer we now have a "cold trap" outside the coputer that we use to our advantage! Easiest option here is to have a catchment under the cold side to collect the condensing water and to let it discharge through a small tube to the outside. Once the system was operating for a few days there should be no moisture left inside our box unless it is not properly sealed. At this point you could be tempted to just set the thermostat to the coldest possible - I advise against it! Imagine the inside of the box is below freezing - the capacitors won't like it to start with and since we now have all surface subcooled the moisture can condense everywhere not warm enough, including your mainboard. A temp of around 10°C should be more than enough for normal gaming and gives the compressor a chance to turn off every now and then so any ice can drop off and exit. If you like the idea use it and make a featured Instructable out of it, my time is too limited at the moment to get serious with this.

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I soon, i am going to make my Extrem shotgun, But this gun will probally use a barrel That is made of connectors (kinda like all the pistols). So i wanted to ask everyone What are the pros and cons of a connector barrel vs. the tanclip barrel like in my Extrem.

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chargeing bateries

Does anybody know how to charge a nihm battery extremely fast?

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Millenium Falcon Bed

This Star Wars fan took his desire to sleep on the Millenium Falcon to a new extreme. OK, the first extreme and also the first time I've heard of anyone with this desire. So here's the bed for that. Now all he needs is a space worm body pillow to go on top. Link

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the new rickroll

The new rick roll: caution: extremely awkward. www.youtube.com/watch

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Advice for starting an apartment herb or vegetable garden in extremely dry and cold climate?

I live in the North and can't seem to get anything to grow let alone stay alive! We have snow on the ground Sept to May/June and between Nov to Apr the temp is usually -22F to -49F. It's extremely dry as well. As I live in an apartment, I am limited in floor space and need to keep them away from the windows as they freeze over (too drafty). It should be said that  I'm a beginner at green things - before moving up here, things stayed alive at least (maybe not flourish) but here, EVERYTHING seems to die!

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How do i make extreme firecracker that will do REALLY BIG BOOM?

I found a store in nearby that selling fertilizers and stuff for pyrotechniks, So i dont think there will be a problem of getting the ingridients i need. I want it very very loud and i will explain it to you why: In israel, we celebrate purim by wearing custums and disguise and of course using firecrackers, you need to understand somthing, there is a "law", somthing "between the lines" that the more boom your firecracker made, the more respect it is! meaning the more you enjoy and love purim, so in purim, childrens (13+) and adults are going to buy firecrackers and try to "show off" to their friands that they celebrating purim and using firecrackers. As you guys understand I dont want it to fly, or makes colors , sing or dance. My plane and wish is that it will go BOOM, and i mean it, and the bigger Boom it makes, it's the better!! I already have expirience about making firecrackers and explosives so no worry about the safety thing. P.S sorry if it was too long, i just wanted to give you the prespective and the feeling of the most happy holiday in the jewish religion and colture :D

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How to make a Japanese kimono?

I need measurements and detailed instructions. Pictures would be extremely welcome.

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My dog is extremely scared of the storms here in Florida. Any way to calm her down? Answered

It is a female beagle and if a burglar broke in to our house the only thing she would do is lick them to death. We have taken her out side during the storms to let her out side. Any ways to calm her down?

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Homemade-Hand scrub, extremely cheap, from around the house ingredients, that works for all people? No matter how dirty.

Where can I post a cheap, excellent working hand scrub recipt that works exceptionally well? Made from household ingredients,Cleans hands no matter how soiled from dirt to grease. r.rochelle@sbcglobal.net

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Need PVC

I am in extreme need for pvc i  n need them but my busget cant afford them ):

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Can you melt a book? Answered

So if you apply extreme heat to a book in either an inert or vacuum chamber, what happens.

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Would a glass, vacuum-insulated thermos be able to withstand the extreme cold of liquid-air?

I am in the middle of designing a system to produce liquid air using the von linde process. the termos would not be under any pressure, but it will get quite cold. can a thermos using a glass vacuum insulated inside be able to withstand temperatures below -180 degrees celsius?

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Under Attack!? Answered

I was watching the news and all over, the weather is going overboard.  Just saw China has some extreme snow. Even us down here are having more pronounced weather than before.  Hotter here now in summer and the rains are going absolutely crazy further up country.  Also went through extreme winds and rain awhile ago, much stronger than I can ever remember. Is this the climate change showing itself?

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