broken/falling bookshelf

I found this image while wandering the web and i would love to attempt to recreate it, but i have no idea how to. anyone have an ideas?

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falling picture effect

Is there any way to turn this off? it makes the site completely unuseable for me

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Gossamer Falls Copper Works

Any body know how to make a Gossamer Falls Copper Works Will sombody of a How to...?

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Niagara Falls was OBVIOUSLY cool...

I just came back from Niagara not to long ago. I got some pretty... um... odd pictures.

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balloons falling from a roof

How would one rig up a system to make balloons fall from the roof like in the movies for proms and stuff like that? It would be awesome to set up for a random day at home, or my sisters 21st birthday or something, freak them out

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Items falling off search...

I have a feeling this will be gone tomorrow ;-) When I searched something all the pictures for different instructables, the robot, and my profile picture fell off the page.

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Show & Tell, Fall 2007

A bunch of cool people came together all at once, and showed off their cool projects. Here they are, live-blogged right from my desk in Cambridge!

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Instructables Needs Fall Interns!

Instructables needs interns for this Fall in the San Francisco area! We're especially looking for people to help us do community management and build cool projects. See the seedy under-belly of the site! Learn that "scalable community management" isn't just a silly buzz-phrase I made up! Help us make Instructables users happy. Please send a resume, cover letter, and any other useful information to iwannawork at instructables dot com.See all the positions available at Instructables.

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Watch out for falling satellites

Watch out for falling satellitesWith no one at the wheel, should we be worried about the large US spy satellite now headed for a crash landing?US spy satellite 193 is predicted to de-orbit less than gracefully in Feburary or early March. The chances of it actually hitting a populated area are exceedingly small, but perhaps you can catch a few micrograms of it using Kiteman's How to catch a star Instructable.What is happening?An out-of-control US spy satellite will crash to Earth in the coming months, government officials say. The satellite is large enough that remnants are likely to survive atmospheric re-entry and strike the Earth, sometime in late February or early March, says Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the National Security Council.Is that normal?"This is relatively routine in that satellites de-orbit all the time," says Johndroe. Pieces of uncontrolled debris heavier than two tonnes -- mostly discarded rocket stages -- crash to Earth as often as once every three weeks, says Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer and launch observer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Many discarded pieces retain some power, so that controllers on Earth can guide them to a point far from human habitation, usually using a final dive into an ocean. In 2001, Russian space officials broke up the old Mir space station in this way over the South Pacific. That's not the case for this US one, however."Obviously, we want to take a look at the potential for it to land in a populated area," says Johndroe.What are the chances of it crashing through my roof?Exceedingly slim, says McDowell. Remember that some 70% of the Earth is water, and most lands are void of people. "There is no reason for people to get alarmed about it," he says.According to the NASA Orbital Debris Program Office, there have been no confirmed instances of serious property damage or injury caused by crashing debris in 40 years.

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If a tree falls in a forrest and no one hears it fall does it make a sound? Answered

If a tree falls in a forrest and no one hears it fall does it make a sound?  

Question by i3dpple 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How to get energy from falling snow? Answered

From my research I've noticed that the only way people harvest energy from snow is through hydroelectric dams.   Are there any other viable options? Some ideas I've thought of: -Spinners facing the sky that spin when weight falls on them -artificial tree branches that hold a certain amount of snow and then get energy from the snap back. Could this apply to falling leaves?

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How to make people fall alsleep ?

Question by gabriel1231 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Pendulum length to falling body height ratio? Answered

How long does a pendulum need to be for its time period to be equal to the time it takes for a falling body to drop from a distance equal to the pendulum's length? A general equation as well as a specific solution for Earth surface gravity would be appreciated. With this, I would be able to establish standard time and distance units even if trapped on an island without any instruments other than what I can make from available materials. I'm sure I'm the only one tired that happening so often. Of course, I'd still need a way to establish the gravitatoinal constant if stranded on another planet...

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Is it possible to survive a fall through the center of the earth? Answered

Okay, LOTS of supposing here. So lets suppose someone dug a hole through the center of the earth, and managed to cover up the sides of the hole with a magma resistant cover of some sort. You start out by getting one of the spacesuits from nasa and decide to jump in the hole. Would you survive? I know that a human in the open sky diving position will go about 200 km/h, and I believe a space suit can survive up to 250 degrees fahrenheit. Please tell me how you came to that conclusion because it's been killing me how to figure it out. And also please include any formulas that are used, they're good to know!

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What would happen if the Internet were to fall?

With all the terrorism stuff going on, I've always wandered what would be next.Ever since 9/11, I always asked myself were they would strike next, because they certainly did not intend to stop there.My guesses have been that they would probably strike at either:1) Elections - Either at the thing were they welcome the new president (sorry don't know much bout U.S. polimatics)2) Beijing Olympics - Its an important event3) Internet:I came to realize that one of the worst things that they could do was attack the internet. I figured that one of these methods could be used:Multiple malware methods. They could attack individual computers with wormsSomehow attacking diffrent countries methods of connection, being either telephone companies or whatever other methods they use (like those China underwater tube things)* But my best guess would be that they would strike important service providing companies. They would destroy the companies methods (satellites, cable mainframe stuff etc...)I would like this forum to have the porpose of disscussing terrorism issues and future issues like oil and so on. But mainly, what would happen if somehow, they attacked the internet?Sure hope none of them read this, cuz if they didn't have this idea, now they would....P.S. sorry, Im nt good with techie, so some of my points may not me accurate or clear. Please correct me if needed

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what is the best way to produce a fall in a wetroom floor?

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how do i disable the falling picture effect? Answered

Not sure what more to add for details, when i go to a category all is fine for about a second, then the pictures move and fall down, blocking text and pretty much making this site unuesable for me had to pick a catergory even tho...

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Lidocaine!!! you get high and fall asleep for surgery!

I recently had surgery for mole removal, and i'm under 16, so they had to put me out.first they injected me with lidocaine, and i got all high then fell asleep, then they put on the gas to keep me's crazy!!!!!!!!!what about your surgeries?

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Any ideas on how to make a water fall weir?

I have a koi pond and I want to fix my waterfall with 4 or 5 weirs but my budget is tight and I can't afford to buy them. My pond sit at the base of a hill and I have a very strong pump to move the water so that isn't an issue. I just want to add more drama to the waterfall and the only way that I can think of doing it is by installing weirs. Any suggestions?

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if you jumoed off a cliff who would you fall on?

Question by issyrose 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

what if a man fall in love in a same man also?what is that ?

What if a man fall in love in a same man also?what is that?

Question by clarkfred 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How do the gears in a car window prevent the window falling? Answered

Whether manual or motorised, I am gobsmacked that a gearing system has been invented that prevents falling that is not a worm drive. Its been impossible to find ANY information about the gearing system that explains this miracle on google. If its not a worm gear, why doesn't the window fall back down when you let go of the crank handle or cut power to an electric window?

Question by zxen 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Perpetual Motion

If perpetual motion is theoretically impossible, how is the earth still in orbit? Or how is anything in orbit? There falling at the rate at which the object there falling towards is rotating and they'll never stop rotating or falling so isn't that perpetual motion?

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Help... Anyone know how to translate this song into music symbols on a staff?

Can anyone translate this song into music symbols on a staff. or point me to where or how to do this. the song is : ANOINTING FALL ON ME I looked for it but this is all I found without music symbols. if you can put it into music symbols on a staff I will really appreciate it. thanks I provided an screen shot of the music because the text on the song I wrote here moved after posting it so it's off) ANOINTING FALL ON ME ...C.....Am7.....Dm7....G7 ANOINTING FALL ON ME ..Em.....Am7....Dm7.....G7 ANOINTING FALL ON ME .....C7 LET THE POWER OF THE ........F............Fm6 HOLY GHOST FALL ON ME ...C........G7..........C ANOINTING FALL ON ME -- ..............C....... Am7 TOUCH MY HANDS LORD ....Dm7............G7 MY MOUTH AND MY HEART ...........Em.....Am7...Dm7.....G7 FILL MY LIFE LORD EVERY PART ...........C LET THE POWER OF THE ...............F..........Fm6 HOLY GHOST FALL ON ME ...C.........G7........C ANOINTING FALL ON ME

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Track Season (Spring sports)

Spring sports are starting, I'm doing track, anyone else doing any spring sports?

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what do you do when you fall completely in love and they reject you? Answered

 i dont know what to do

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Did the today views "resetter" fall asleep at the key board thingee?

Self explanatory, I believe...maybe some body knows the answer?  Maybe there is another place to put this question...I don't know...

Question by Creativeman 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

why do my cookies rise and fall while still in the oven?

They go flat and look kind of gooy and form 1 giant super cookie I make them the same way I always have but I still get the problem ime also kind of new a backing so pleas help

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I want to be able to fall asleep to the sound of the waterfall ~75' away

I want to be able to set up a wireless microphone that will be able to withstand the elements in a northern Maine climate (wind, snow, freezing rain etc) that will capture the sound of a waterfall close to our cottage and transmit the sound with fairly good fidelity to a bedside receiver.  Something that won't eat batteries, or maybe even solar powered (if simple enough) I'm no electronics whiz (clearly) but surely this is do-able?  The power lines come in from the other side of the cottage, so are more than 100' away.  Nearest neighbours are more than a half-mile so the only possible interference I could see would be from our own cordless telephones.  Any takers?

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How to prevent aching legs after Weights, basketball, falling, etc.? Answered

My legs ache, bad, i can barely walk, i need a remedy to prevent this, i stretch before i lift except for yesterday when i was just playing basketball, but that's the only time they have hurt since i have started lifting.

Question by Yerboogieman 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

if 33 degree celsious falls on 1 square-feet surface for 1 hour mean what will be temperature after 1hr in that area?

How much temperature increased in that place ?

Question by vickyraja 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Miracle Gel Saves Egg From Fall, Amazes Japanese TV Hosts

The egg drops 22 meters and doesn't break. It manages to stop within a few millimeters, too.

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Amazing Battery

This looks relatively easy to make;A stream of water is split into two streams and falls through two bottomless cans into two buckets. The falling water creates opposite electrical charges in the buckets, and high voltage arcs jump between them periodically.

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A lot of houses feature falling waterfalls. Has anyone ever used one for a water cooling system for a PC?

Http://;=6&page;=1 is an example of such a waterfall. I was thinking that making one with tubing running accross the surface of the water flow so that the falling water cool the tubes, and the water in these tubes would be used to cool the PC. It would be a aesthetic way to make a radiator that is fanless, functional and pleasing to the eye.

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Surface area drag?

Anyone know how to calculate how fast you will fall if you weigh 170 pounds and you have surface area a feet squared (if you wan't to calculate it I am thinking about 14 square feet

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Make socks which pause your TV show if you fall asleep

Sometimes I fall asleep when I'm watching TV and don't realize it, because I dream the rest of the story. Then of course when I wake up I'm thoroughly confused: why are the bad guys still alive? They had transformed into evil giant ants then I saved the day by feeding them peanut butter laced with boric acid! When I finally realize I'm not the hero in the story, I have to either go to bed and abandon all hope of finding out what really happened, or watch the story backwards, sped up and silent till I see a scene I recognize. No fun! These socks will protect the integrity of your show's story line: build them by following this tutorial, wear them while watching TV and they will pause the show when you fall asleep. Of course they won't keep you from dreaming up an alternate ending, but at least when you wake up you can start where you dosed off and find out who the murderer really is. This is a Netflix tutorial, and it's supposed to pause Netflix shows... but I'm sure it can be adapted to turn off Amazon Prime or other streaming services...

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I Mded my gun and my cocking mechanism was screwed up. BTW: I have the Nerf Dart Tag Blaster. (10 Shot) Can Anyone help?

 The part of the gun that you pull back falls if I move the gun.

Question by Pinguin 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How can I stop my glasses falling off my face when I bend forward, without looking like a geriatric librarian?

My glasses are a little loose fitting and tend to fall off if I lean forward. Everyone keeps telling me to get one of those chains that attaches to the frame and let you hang the glasses around your neck. These are waaaay too uncool, what can I make instead?

Question by so_real 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 months ago

how long does the zombie makeup (toilet paper and latex) stay on your face without falling off?

I've heard that the toilet paper/ liquid latex combo starts to peel off/ fall off after awhile... is that true, if so, how long will it stay on before it starts to mess up?

Question by bnl612 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how do you make one of thos thing that you flip over and see the sand fall down?

How do you make one of thos thing that you flip over and see the sand fall down? my nany wons to make one and can you tell me the name is???????????????????

Question by jacobzman 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

my robot wont walk foreward or in circals he wont even fall over and my battery is full and srong what can i do?

I have a stong batt and he wont even fall over or move at all he just stays stil i made the bottom of him slippery and took weaght of too.

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How to harness the energy in snow

I found a thread that asked this question previously on instructables but the author wanted to harness the kinetic energy of falling snow, and many of the criticisms involved the unpredictability of when snow will fall.I am specifically curious if it is possible to create a machine to remove snow that uses the energy of the snow itself. Ideally, it would melt the snow and use the water or steam to power itself.The things Canadian winters do to the mind...

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Song name?

What us the piano song when homer is having his flashback when he is falling off the bridge?

Question by XOIIO 9 years ago

Robot that walks like a human

Watch a video of a robot that walks like humans and balances itself to avoid falling.

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