How do I find information on a British Private who died in Thailand in 1943?

A relative took a photo of a grave in Thailand, and my family believes it could be my husband's great Uncle. Who do I contact to get more information about who he was? I have his Private number and which regiment he was in, and a date from the headstone

Asked by jackim 9 years ago

What is a good family project for a rainy day? Answered

Answer quickly and get a best answer! NM

Asked by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

Instructables Robot Family

Please meet some of my long lost and briefly lost cousins. Long lost robot cousinsBriefly lost robot cousinsemergency food preference

Posted by Instructables Robot 10 years ago

Coming Soon: Dadcando Family Fun Contest

The new Dadcando book is very cool. So cool that we're teaming up with Dadcando for the Dadcando Family Fun Contest! The theme of the contest is, well, fun with the family. Awesome projects, exciting activities, you name it. It's going to be great and it's going to be starting soon so start thinking of some great Instructables for it. We'll have more details soon. Note: As with all the contests, wait for the contest to start before you publish. Thanks!

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

no contests for me?

I am really bummed that there are all these cool contests, especially in the food category and I can't enter because my husband works at Autodesk? Is this true?  He has nothing to do with Instructables.  We did enter the Halloween contest for employees but all of the instructables on food are mine and not his.  Do I need to get a divorce? ;-)

Posted by geokaren 5 years ago

When it rains, it pours......

Early this morning, during another bout with pneumonia, my Mother in law (my wife's Mom) passed away. I am at a loss for both words and feelings at the moment, please forgive me if I seem "absent of mind" in the next few days before my own hospital stay.

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Are family members supposed to vote on contest entries?

I'm wondering who is allowed to vote on contest entries.

Posted by Untameable 8 years ago

Judges Needed for Maker Family Contest

Hi everyone! The Maker Family Contest just ended on Monday and judging will start on Friday.  If you would like to help judge, let me know! Remember, to judge a contest you must have published at least one Instructable.

Posted by Danger is my middle name 4 years ago

Is it okay for family members to enter and potentially win the same contests?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at and potentially answer my question.     Since I I started writing Instructables some months ago, my mom and little sister have both started writing as well.  It has been great fun writing along side them as whenever we meet up to have a family dinner the converstation usually turns to contests or ideas for new Instructables that we think would be really poplular.  Up until this point we have all been entering different contests following our natrural affinities for certain types of projects but now a few contests have come up that we'd all like to enter.  So I was just curious if there is a rule against family members enter and potentially winning the same contests.  Thanks for your time!

Posted by Matt Makes 4 years ago

Could a file cabinet be insulated from fire with, say, a fire blanket? Saving money and weight?

File cabinets are increasingly needed by the average Joe in this information age. And fire safe file cabinets are a great protection for hard copy. But they are so expensive and heavy. A 4 drawer will cost at least $1000 and weigh at least 500lbs. I was wondering if anyone has tackled this question.

Asked by Set271 8 years ago

Introducing Marcello! (Our new cat!)

He's 17 pounds! He's huge. Three times the size of either of the girls. He's two years old - still a baby. We just brought him home today. He's still shy so the pictures are not that great. Didi loves him, she's been following him around all over. Jade hates everyone and she's hissing and hitting like mad. But she'll get over it. She always does. :D

Posted by jessyratfink 10 years ago

My brother brakes alot of things when he is mad could someone help me stop him? (my parents don't do anything at all! Answered

When my little brother gets mad he starts to brake things including my things when i try to stop him (i have to use force) he starts crying then I get in trouble. Can some one help me stop him because my parents don't do anything except ask him to take a pill for his ADHD but half the time he doesn't take it and when he asks me if he can play one of my games and i say no he starts trying to brake things and continually asks me. Could some one please help? Part of the problem is he is smart enough to not get in trouble. ps: sorry for the poor worded question

Asked by I3uckwheat 8 years ago

Whats better Family Guy or American Dad ?

Whats better Family Guy or American Dad ?

Asked by cheesemaker101 8 years ago

how to make a homemade family tree? Answered

For hanging small family pictures

Asked by 9 years ago

My Dad Just Joined

Hey everyone. My dad just joined Instructables. He helped me with the Hot Dog instructable and will probably be making his own Instructables soon. His profile is... here.

Posted by Gjdj3 10 years ago

Any cheap DIY christmas gift ideas? (details)?

Hi, I am currently 15 years old and live in Warsaw, Poland. You see, in my family we never sticked to the "Everyone gives presents to everyone" scheme. My parents would get us presents, as well as give them to each other. I want to change it this year, since i feel like a total jerk this way (receiving gifts and not giving any) Overall: I need to get a present for my father, mother and brother, whose details will follow. I don't want the overall cost of the gifts to surpass 100PLN (around $35?), nor for them to be the cheap "glue some felt to some cardboard and write some nice sentences" DIY christmas gifts. I would like them to be original, maybe just a creative, slightly changed everyday object. They should not be consumable (cookies, bath salts etc.), they should be useful but nice (no coasters or stuff like that) They can not require any help, since they have to be a surprise to my family. I would like them to be preparable in my bedroom, without use of any complicated tools (including sewing machines and glue pistols). Also, no photo albums or such. Father: My dad is a business-ish person interested in a variety of subjects, like chess, computers, programming, engineering, books, movies and all that stuff. He works a lot, uses an LG Viewty Snap, drives a Ford Mondeo, occasionally wears glasses. I would like his gift to be very practical and elegant, something he could take in his pocket and maybe use throughout the day (A personalised business card holder, maybe?) Mother: My mom is the head of a small internet newspaper centered about building, ways of saving energy, construction and such. She spends most of her day at home. She likes knitting, sewing, and would surely love a simple gift that took some effort to make (some creative, practical thing to hang on the fridge? A hand-sewn pouch, stuffed animal or something?) or that makes the flat nicer (maybe a blanket?) Brother: My brother is 18 years old, he studies sound directing at Warsaws' Music University. He's a lazy and messy person who plays the piano and performs at a small band on keyboard. A very artistic guy, his bedroom is full of synthesisers, cables, wires. He probably will not appreciate any gift, so be sure to give me some more suggestions - i have no idea what he might like. His gift should be minimalistic and creative - it does not need to be very useful. Oh well, i kinda wrote too much up here. If it was too long for you to read, i need a christmas gift idea for: My dad (businessman) My mom (pretty much a housewife) My 18yo brother (who studies Sound Directing) The added price of the three gifts should not go over $35, they can't be consumable, they need to be simple enough to be done inside my bedroom so it's a surprise. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions, i will give any information needed for your ideas :)

Asked by Arendos 7 years ago

How can i delete Family Safety - Windows Live ?

I can't use my msn because of Family Safety program. How can i change it or better, delete it ?? please HELP ME!!

Asked by 9 years ago

i lost my family vedio in my computer

Can somebody can me? i lost my family vedio in my computer and i dont know why, i can not find them in the recycle bin.they are imporant to me?

Asked by a357271913 6 years ago

Let friends and family vote for me

I'm new to this site and couldn't find the answer to this question. I want to enter a contest next week. Is it illegal to ask my friends and family to make an account so they can vote for me? kind regards, Rubenrijst 

Posted by rubenrijst 4 years ago

Paint Your Summertime Blues Away With Nature's Rainbow -- Good For The Young At Heart!

This article helps artsy people parents and alike tap into the power of mother nature's plants to create vivid pigments for art and craft projects. If you want to steer clear of chemicals, then what better way to do so then by distilling plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs? It's actually easier than you think!

Posted by sfinfgeld 8 years ago

Hey, everybody, it's lizzie!

No, not THAT Lizzie...Eric and Christy's cousin!Greet her!Let's see how many people can greet Lizzie. Seeing as how she's family of staff, I think it would be cool for the community to welcome her.

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

how to turn off family safety without logging into the monitors user account?

Hey i'm bella, 16 year old girl gamer that only wants to play wizard101 but my dad installed family safety into my laptop that now wont let me do anything, and my dad is never here so I cant get the password for it, so how can I get family safety off my laptop or some how restart my laptop to get the program off it? please answer me.

Asked by gamerchickquest 4 years ago

Can i replace a Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family video card from a laptop with another video card ?

Can i replace a Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family video card from a laptop with another video card for laptops ?

Asked by hellrider75 7 years ago

How to get past Windows Live Family Safety?

It's reallyyyy annoying and I prevents me from viewing TONS of sites... it record what I'm doing right now also... Greattt...

Asked by austinburke. 9 years ago

A Letter to my Instructables Family

Dear instructables family, I come to you today to ask for your loving support because the Positive "sunshine" you know here, is hurting for my sister, her son and my family. It takes a huge blow to knock me down to the point that I am discouraged but the past few months my family has endured tragedies that have been difficult to bare and to openly share. My nephew has needed a kidney and pancreas transplant for five years and has recently been accepted into the donor transplant program and one of the requirements is to set up a funding program to cover medical expenses that are not covered by his insurance. Although we do not have a huge family and friend support group, we have managed to raise 65% of the modest $5000.00 that is needed for his transplant. We are nearing the end of our fundraiser and although it is very difficult for me to ask for help. I am humbled at this point and ask for your loving support. We have always been a hard working self sufficient family and have never had to ask for help from people outside our immediate family until now . . . Your support would bring a great relief to my sister who is 75 years old and about to collapse under the pressure of all the responsibilities of taking care of her youngest child who is 50. We are grateful for your consideration and support ~ I love my dear instructables family and all of the love you have shown me over the years. sunshiine~

Posted by sunshiine 2 years ago

Air Brushin'

Various shirts that I airbrushed for friends and family. 

Posted by mighty_wombat 5 years ago

i've been playing with the idea of moulding my family's heads and affixing antlers, anyone got suggestion?

Instead of sending a family portrait to my nan, I've been thinking a trophy of my family's heads would be pretty sweet. I wanted to get a mould of our head and put giant antlers on top, you know like an elk or deer. Has anyone got suggestions as to the best way to go about this?

Asked by R1Ch0 8 years ago

My family's Samsung TV keeps on coming up with random purple dots?

Please help. I don't know if we should call the repair shop but I don't want it to end up like my teacher's projecter.

Asked by hmfoster 6 years ago

Why doesn't my view count go up when my family views my instructable ?

Is it because they are on the same wifi or is it because we all use the same device (our home computer) is there anyway to fix that?

Asked by sarju7 2 years ago

Cheap mass solar energy

I am going on a trip to mexico to build houses for poor families. I was wondering, is there any solution to lighting where our team could make multiple packages that we could give to the families that would supply them with light, etc. ?

Posted by Twistman 9 years ago

A Record for Family Kite!

After spending the day in the shed, between three of us, Family Kite have posted six Instructables in 24 hours! OK, a couple weren't exactly huge projects, but we're quite proud of them, especially the boys' projects, which are very much in the Maker spirit: Conker-X's modifications to make a DS Lite easy to hold. Roger-X's assisstive technology biscuit opener. The Tao of Kiteman A Flying Christmas Tree. Binocular grip modification. Fire-starter hack.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

The Right to Bear Arms

UPDATE! I FIXED THE VIDEO. SORRY!!!! The new link has the video I originally tried to link to. SORRY!The U.S. Supreme Court recently passed a 5-4 ruling over turning D.C.'s handgun ban and delivered their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.I've been waiting to link to this for a long time! Family Guy is awesome. The link takes you to a clip from Family Guy that expresses my view on the 2nd Amendment.NEW, Not bad LINK

Posted by Gjdj3 10 years ago

Are all of the Pentium family Motherboards compatible??

      I was thinking of buying an old (Pentium II) laptop with windows 2000 professional on it.  I was just wondering if I could put a Pentium 4, etc. in to replace the old processor, and then put Linux on the machine.  Thanks!

Asked by mad magoo 8 years ago

10 DIY Gifts for Friends and Family

I wrote an article for Popular Mechanics about making your own gifts, titled 10 DIY Gifts for Friends and Family, that features some great gift Instructables.You're the type of person who likes getting his hands dirty fixing, servicing, and building your home, car, and garage hobbies. Why wouldn't you do the same with holiday gifts? Not only is a handmade gift more economical, but recipients will cherish something you have made above something store-bought. So, with lower costs, the prospect of genuine "this is really cool" thank yous, and some homebuilding fun in mind, let's get started on a DIY holiday. From my project-sharing Web site,, here are five DIY gifts for a dad, brother or fellow PM reader, and five less-expensive (time and money!) DIY gifts for the rest of the friends and family.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

Need Ideas for Fun, Cheap Projects for Families to Do on Museum Visits

I work at a science center ( and need a variety of projects guests can do that are CHEAP, fun and provide a take-home object. I love the water bottle speakers, but they involve expensive parts. Ditto for the jar that glows at night. Any thoughts about a project for all ages that won't cost more than about $2-3 per person using mostly recycled parts? We get about 1,500 people a day, so any dontaed parts would also be appreciated.

Asked by 8 years ago

Small beach transport device ideas

Hello everybody I have quite a tall order for you my family is going to the beach in  a couple months and it is my custom to bring a fun and unique contraption along specifically a transportation based contraption I would normally bring a modified bicycle or something of that nature but since my entire family ( a family of four) has to fit into a ford explorer with all our stuff to last the week  the contraption must either be a board of some type or occupy a space of no more that 1.5 cubic feet so please let me know what you come up with and if I think of anything I will post it too  Thank you fidgety2

Posted by fidgety2 6 years ago

Getting Teenage Cash

I am 14 and currently living in South Africa. The problem with South Africa is it's major security issues. I could only do the "traditional" (Mowing lawns, babysitting) with family friends, but the problem is in South Africa all families earning above a certain amount are required to hire a maid and a gardener, so that removes all of the "traditional" methods of earning money.

Posted by BOOM5601 9 years ago

how to make a dolls house? Answered

I want to make a doll's house with lights please for my sylvanian families! Please help. (>'-')> Thanks.

Asked by chivesy 9 years ago