is there a way to reduce the power flow of the fan? Answered

Im making something using a fan and it shut my computer taking to much power from the usb is there a way to reduce the power flow of the fan?

Asked by CarStalkerZ 9 years ago

How to make a usb cooler fan?

A cooling machine with a small compreser filled with carbondioxide

Asked by f16phantom 7 years ago

how to turn on a pc fan using an xbox 360 remote? Answered

Hi there and thanks for looking. i am trying to work out how to turn on a pc fan that will vent the cupboard that my xbox 360 is in. if poss i would like it to be cheap as poss and be a not be connected to the xbox if using the remote is not poss then how could it be done when the xbox is running

Asked by kturner6 4 years ago

Laptop fan dead

The Fan died in my old XP laptop. I would like to glue another fan on the bottom directly under the bad fan and power it by USB. Has anyone done this?

Posted by auto13142828 3 years ago

how do you adjust a wobbling ceiling fan?

Ceiling fan wobbles at any speed

Asked by 9 years ago

Supplying amperes on fan? Answered

Hey, I'm just wondering if I were to plug in two fans rated at 12V .1A to a 12V 1A power supply, would the extra .80A will overload out the fans? Or will the fans only draw what it will need? And for other simple devices like LEDs, will this apply?

Asked by BIO Wolf 8 years ago

Fade in fan

Hi! This might seem like an odd question but I need a fan to "fade in" for an art project I'm working on. That is I need a circuit that makes the fan spin up slowly to full revs. Is it possible to build some simple circuit that can manage this task? And if so is the case could someone please send me a plan for it? The fan is a standard CPU-fan (12V). Thanks for your support!

Posted by feldreich 8 years ago

Arduino - 2 wire fan

I have 2 wire fan (5V 0.15A) and I want to connect it with arduino board. Is it safe to connect it directly to arduino? And if it's not how to control the fan? Do I have to put some resistors?

Posted by dkorisnik 2 years ago

How can I balance a wobbly ceiling fan without the sticky weights that come with it?

I do not have the balancing kit that comes with new fans, and I don't want to glue washers to the back of the blades. Is there a better way to balance a ceiling fan without a kit?

Asked by ivyplant 9 years ago

What can I use an old Ceiling fan motor for?

Describe your question further, if needed.

Asked by boosa 9 years ago

Where can I find a remote for a Living Solutions fan?

It appears that the remote to my Living Solutions Model CT370RTF fan was lost during a recent move. Help I can't live without this fan.

Asked by SuzieK4 2 years ago

I have a 5v usb fan and I want to reduce the speed. how would I do it? thanks?

I have a 5v usb fan and I want to reduce the speed. how would I do it? The fan on my laptop cooler is too loud and I need to lower it. thanks

Asked by rayjai 6 years ago

Bad idea to put fans in air duct? Answered

Im not sure what its called but the end of the air duct I guess. I wanted to put some computer fans in them and I wasnt sure if this was a bad idea. My rooms hot and the rest of the house isnt. I get cool air through there but doesnt come out far enough to get around the room, I figured if I put fans it would help and im not sure if fans in there is a bad idea. I already have a fan in my room but doesnt help.

Asked by Munchys 8 years ago

What is this component that is from a box fan? Answered

I found a box fan that somebody threw out on my street. Very clean, but didn't run. Found out that this piece in the picture was open, I bypassed it now it runs. What is this component? It has a temperature on it. Is it there to cut the power to the motor in case it overheats or it is just a fuse? Is it dangerous to run the fan without it? Thanks.

Asked by sctirvn687 7 years ago

Ceiling fan control switch help Answered

I have a soldering fume extractor that is running off of 110v, and I wanted to attach a potentiometer to it so I can control the speed in the form of a ceiling fan control switch. Can someone please help me out on how to wire in a variable speed fan switch that has 3 wires coming from it?

Asked by Electronics Man 7 years ago

DC toy motor as cooling fan

I used a dc toy motor to make a cooling fan. i made the connections to draw power using usb.but 3rd time when i plugged , the laptop didnt start. i called service centre and they said to replace motherboard. fortunately i had warranty. why this happens ?????

Posted by adonis ajith 3 years ago

how do I convert a cooling fan powered by a 'vehicle cigarette lighter'.

It's a simple cooling fan to used in my car - driven by plugging it into the cigarette lighter fitting of my car. 12 volt I assume. And I'd like to use it my home office as a cooling method for a server hard drives.

Asked by jjstccean 8 years ago

the heater fan in my 1993 geo prizm quit working?

At first the fan would go on and off now and then if i hit a speed bump or a mud puddle. if it wouldnt come back on i could open my hood and slam it back down and the fan would start. now my fan quit working all together. i have tried to look for loose wires under the glove box and to check fuzes. i checked the fuzes under the hood and when i was looking under the glovebox (as well as possible) i noticed 2 more fuzes. do u think this is a loose wire or fuze problem or a burnt heater.  whats the best way to get to the heater fan. and where is the fuze located

Asked by robinreise 8 years ago

What could make my antique table fan run backwards?

I bought an antique hunter table fan at an auction. The power cord was missing so I replaced it. When I turn it on now it runs but it sucks air rather than blowing it. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?

Asked by EddieP21 2 years ago

How to build a motor reverser?

I have computer fans that I use as fume extractors when I solder. I would like to know if there is something that I could build to reverse the direction of the fans.  On a slightly related note, I have a netbook cooler with 2 fans in it. I have tried reversing the polarity but they won't spin the other way. Can someone help? There are no diodes in the circuit, I have checked. I think it's because the fans can only work if hooked up properly, can someone confirm?

Posted by Wally_Z 7 years ago

Slowing down a computer fan for miniature terrain

Hey all, Kind of new to doing these things but i have a question. I want to slow down a 80mm fan so it spins really slowly. I will use this for a display board for wargaming miniatures (warhammer 40k). My question is i know how to connect a 9v battery to the fan and get it to run with a switch but how would i go about having it go really slow. If i put a resister in will that work and if so which one to use thanks Steve

Posted by the real axl rose 5 years ago

More fan art comes in

We got two more envelopes today sent to Eric's Boring Wall. One from stinkymum and one from caitlinsdad. Both even included a card. One was sweet and one is a little different. Check the photos below.

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

All-metal desktop fan - is it okay to use light oil on the motor spindle?

I have been given an all-metal desktop fan - the sort one uses to keep cool in the office during the warmer months. As there is a slight squeaking noise when it is on, is it okay to use light oil on the motor spindle at the point where the spindle enters the main body of the motor? Thanks for your time to read and reply.

Asked by kevinhannan 6 years ago

Replacing an old bathroom fan

This is an idea someone may be able to use, but it does not quite rise to what I would want to do as an Instructable. A widow friend has two bathrooms, each with a very dated bathroom fan in need of replacement. I was able to mount the works (fan motor, fan blade, and mounting plate) for the new fan onto the old mounting plate after modifying the old plate. This saved me hours of work in a very hot confined attic when time and tools available to me were quite limited. Had I torn out the carcass for the old fan and tried to put the new fan carcass in its place, I would have needed to fashion a wooden framework for mounting the carcass that would fit just right between the ceiling joists, all so the fan would be properly centered above the existing hole in the ceiling.  The mounting plate for the new works was just a bit smaller than that for the old works. The height and diameter of the new fan cage were very close to the dimensions of the old fan cage. I began by using a cutting wheel on an angle head grinder to cut through the old mounting plate around the circumference of the old fan cage. Then I positioned the old mounting plate over the new works and its mounting plate. The glass dish that would cover the light bulbs fastens to a shaft that screws onto a threaded stud centered between the corners of the new mounting plate. I sighted across the corners of the mounting plates so the threaded stud was centered. I clamped the two mounting plates together and drilled four holes for 10-32 screws 1/2 inch long and secured them with nuts and lockwashers. (I did need to cut out part of the new mounting plate so the fitting for the two electrical outlets [fan and light] were accessible to plug in both the light and fan cords.) Had the glass dish mounted to the works differently, I would have used measurements from at least two sides to the center of the fan's shaft to position the new mounting plate on the old. Once the two mounting plates were held together with four screws it was a simple matter to put the works into the old carcass and plug in both the fan and the light to their respective receptacles. There was no question the works would fit because they were attached to the old mounting plate that had been taken from the old carcass. The round opening in the ceiling drywall bordered on being too large to be covered by the escutcheon for the new cover/light fixture. I added some drywall spackling around the edges to close any imperfections and gaps. For me this was an idea that worked and saved me a lot of time.  

Posted by Phil B 5 years ago

Cheap Room Air conditioning

Hi, I have a burning question, I thought about combining a small fridge I have with a floor fan for cheap in room air conditioning. I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on how to combing the two without hazards. Tho the fan is a bit bigger, in concept would do as well.   Thanks, Chen Cohen.

Posted by DragonFX 8 years ago

Fan mail! From Adrian Monk

We got a package in the mail today from Adrian Monk. As you can see, it's a plaster hand just like the one on the site. Super cool. We heartily endorse the sending of fun stuff to us in the mail. Always. The hand and the base didn't stay together, but we put some epoxy on it and it's curing right now. Should be just fine when it's done.

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Ideas for Solar Invention

Hey, I have got 3 computer fans, and first I would like to see if anyone knows how much volts they normally take to run, I wouldnt guess to much since they're simple and small. And I was trying to think of ideas of what to try to make with them, running with solar panels. I wanted to try to think of something more than just runnings fans. I'm open to all ideas thanks!

Posted by rpvanpatt 10 years ago

Squirrel cage wiring??

I see a lot of squirrel cage fans with internal motors at the scrap yard. They are from discarded air conditioners, but could be used for room ventilation, etc. Does anyone know the wiring scheme or have a wiring diagram. There is usually a capacitor involved.

Asked by vectorges 8 years ago

I am in Australia and I wish to wire in an exhaust fan to my fluro light operated by the one switch. Answered

The switch has a red wire and a white wire leading to the fluro light. The fluro has twin and earth (red, black and green) leading from a previous light in another room and another exiting to the next light in the house. The fan has two wires, a brown and a blue. I attempted to parallel the wiring by connecting the blue to red and brown to white. Once the fuse was turned on, the fan operated automatically and the light flickered without the switch being turned on. I reversed the wiring (brown to red and blue to white) with the same result. Logic failed me. Given that it is two wires on the fan (pos and neg I assume) I figure I am better parelleling to one of the twin and earths, but which one? Electricians charge a minimum of $240 per hour here, with a minimum of 1 hour charge, regardless of it being a 2 minute job. All connections are 240V. Wire joins will be completed using BP connectors.

Asked by weekendDIYer 7 years ago

how to modify a twin window fan for easy cleaning

Hi, I was given a twin window fan which works just fine but is dirty (dirt and a fair number of ex-gnats).  The manual is no help as it says to wipe the exterior with a damp cloth.  I thought it would be a simple job to just take out the 12 screws holding the two halves together but unfortunately the off-high-low levers (one on each side) are preventing me from separating the two halves.  I can't see any screws holding the lever mechanism in.  I tried rotating one side 90 degrees to see if I could slide the lever out through it's slot but it's too fat. I've had other twin window fans with the same set up and never could get them opened up.  It annoys me that the manufacturers make it so difficult to clean these fans.  I think a fair number of people have this problem and just give up as the local thrift store gets these fans in all the time.  I'm thinking of using my dremel with the cutting wheel and somehow slice off the lever knob.  It would mean we would have a shorter lever on one side but we can live with that.  The lever is kind of wobbly and I'm trying to figure out how to hold it steady without having my fingers so close to the cutting wheel. I know this is a really small problem but it really bugs me that something that should be so easy is difficult.. I'd appreciate any suggestions. 

Posted by Lucycollie 7 years ago

Simple LED question... if you know how to do the math!

A few years ago, I found a plastic pumpkin with a "faux flame" set up inside of it. I liked the idea of it and am trying to replicate it to make a few faux flame torches around my backyard for halloween this year. The idea is that there is a small 12v fan near the top of a tube. There two or three leds glued around the top of the tube. The fan blows a flame shaped piece of fabric up and the leds light it up to look like fire. (possible future instructable?) Unfortunately, I don't know much about circuits and the math of electricity. I found a small fan (12vdc .13a) and 2 red leds (2.6v). I hooked them up in parallel with a 12v 1amp wall wort coverter but nothing happens. I have done a little reading online and wonder about needing a resistor in front of the leds. I wanted to hook it up in parallel to get the fan to work at full speed to make the fabric really blow. From all the circuits I have seen online, this one seems really simple, if I knew what I was doing. Can anyone draw me up a simple diagram? What am I goofing up on here? Thanks! Matt

Posted by mckeephoto 9 years ago

What Switch Do I need? Answered

Hi all, I recently acquired one of these fans and wondered if anyone could advise on a reasonably priced switch that would utilise the 4 speeds. I have never had to wire one up before so any advice would be greatly appreciated. UK based, so something from this neck of the woods would be ideal, but hey beggars can't be choosers right :)

Asked by Squibo 1 year ago

usb question

Hey i saw some videos on diy usb fan, thought it was a great idea, so i tried to make one too for funso i took my old broken logitech usb mouse and cut it open, however when i opened it i saw black, white, red, green, a string, and a copper wire - like the picture on the imageshack link (sorry for the blurr) i still only use the red and black wire right? and in what conditions should i not use the usb for powering (such as the product uses more than 500 milliamp?)and just out of curiosity does any1 know whats that copper wire with no shielding is for?thanks

Posted by aman0 10 years ago

Replacement parts for a Pedestal floor fan? Answered

Need new blades for a broken 3-bladed floor fan.

Asked by Debra kay 7 years ago

computer fan mod ???? will reversing fan direction cause overheating etc?

I have an older computer, and i was thinking instead of buying a new fan and installing as an out-take, what if i just reverse the one fan i have to pull air out, instead of running two fans.. would this cause overheating or any other problems, or would it provide better airflow in a "vacuum" effect for the computer. i only have the one fan in it right now.

Asked by bradburyk 9 years ago

Knex fan prototype

Knex fan prototype. This is just a small desktop fan prototype, I am going to be upgrading it a bit over the next couple of days, but I probably wont post, as it uses a fan and motor and battery pack thing lol. What do you think?

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

How do I screw the fan cover back on my pc?

How do I screw the fan cover back on my pc when I have to align and hold the fan in place at the same time. Is there a trick to this?

Asked by 9 years ago

How to build a mist cooling system to attach to a fan outdoors?

I need instruction on how to build an outdoors mist cooling system to attach to a fan. I have the 2 fans installed in the area one in each corner and a water facuet under one of the fans?

Asked by 9 years ago

Can I control the speed of 2 wire CPU fan from arduino uno ?

This is my first project of arduino. I have purchased 2 wire (red and black) cpu fan and i want to control the speed of cpu fan through my arduino board but i dont know how to connect the wire of cpu fan to relay.

Asked by AdityaA24 2 years ago

if i stack old computer fans will it blow harder?? Answered

My question is will it blow harder or the same ? 

Asked by tobyscool 7 years ago