xbx 360 RROD? have tried a hot air gun reflow + x-clamp replacement?

Ok so i bought some xbox's with the intention of fixing and selling them. they all have 3 red rings. i have tried using a hot air gun to reflow the board but it hasn't worked. i also added in bolts and plastic/ metal washers to all of them but still nothing. one of them turns on then beeps and goes to 3 red lights. another one goes on for about 20 seconds (with no picture or sound) then goes to 3 red lights. the other one just has 3 red lights. i was wondering what else i can do? thanks

Question by MANIAC 8 years ago

What is the easiest way to recharge a capacitor? Answered

I'm in need of a way to recharge a capacitor ( or more ). The disposable cameras circut is trashed ( it didn't work even before then w/ the right setup ), and I can't afford another. Is there some way to avoid the circut in favor of a more direct route? I need to recharge it for use as a shocker or coil gun, and have an AA battery holder as my power source as well as a switch to fire. Please help.

Question by StartedBullet 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How is a large building wired up? Answered

So, recently, I was at school, and trying to use my laptop charger ( I was the only person in the room to be doing so) However, it didn't work. Using it at home, however, it instantly kicked the RCD or safety switch thing off, switching off everything running off the mains Upon further inspection, I found that the power cable had been damaged, so that the active wire was in contact with the ground wire. My question is, how come the power at school didn't get shut down completely ( the lights were still on, and wall outlets in other rooms around the school still worked) but at home, everything was completely shut down. I thought that there'd be at least a fuse or something, if not a safety switch...

Question by .Unknown. 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Portable aircon blowing the compressor again and again? Answered

I have my sisters protable aircon here and with the summer on the way I am now finally required to see if I can fix it. But I am somehow lost with this one... Problem: The aircon runs perfectly fine as it is supposed to for about 3 - 4 weeks with usage depending on how hot it is between 4 and 6 hours a day. But without any warning, noise or things like that the compressor simply stops running - or does not start. Noone really noticed what happened but noticed it no longer cools. Fixes so far: During the warranty period, which is over now, the unit was replaced twice by the shop. After that it had to be dropped off at a repair center where the compressor was replaced twice. After each compressor replacement we were told the compressor failed because the unit was not used for weeks and then it had to run for too long - total bogus if you ask me.... Checks from my side: Twice I measured the failed compressors and there was no resistance in the motor anywhere, totally burnt out or a thermo fuse blown I would say. Even after 3 hours of ongoing use the compressor won't get any warmer than my fridge or freezer compressor. So I rule out overheating. Pressure levels seem to be fine too although I can only measure from the service port and can't check hot and cold side seperatly. However: The unit seems to have a timing/safety problem. On my aircons it is impossible to make the compressor start again once it completed a cycle, only once the gas pressure has equalised it will turn on again. If, for example, the aircon just shut off and you set a lower temp on the dial the compressor will jump in right away. Even worse if an additional fan is blowing in the wrong direction, then the unit might turn on again seconds after it shut off. Conclusions so far: I am at the point where I say the starting under still high pressure is causing the motor to stall and then burn out. Only other thing I can think of would be a very badly designed compressor.... Since the compressor is still working (so far) I am now tempted to add a resettable fuse that is just a bit higher than the nominal motor current. Questions: A fuse might help to protect the motor but certainly is not the best solution. Am I correct to assume that the motor will need far more power to start if the system is still under nominal pressure and not equalised yet? If all my assumptions are more or less correct then what would be the best place to add a timer that prevents the compressor from starting again too early? From what I can understand from the electronics inside it seems a set of triacs of thyristors is switching the compressor, but all marking on them are removed ROFL Would have to do some more digging to check for they are driven to draw a better conclusion on the type, might even be tiny SSR's !? ;) At this stage I would consider a simple 555 timer that activates once the compressor is turned off by the electronics. Once running the timer will block the signal to the triacs or whatever is used until the time is run out. Might even go for a simple timer relay if I can find one in my spre parts boxes. If I go for a 555, how can I integrate it ? Can I just keep the start signal for the timer high as long as the compressor runs? How do I "block" the start signal from the electronics to simply reset the timer before it runs out? Currently confusing myself here with the starting, stopping, timing and getting it between electronics and compressor :(

Question by Downunder35m 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

v-i curve tracer? waiting for the best answerer Answered

i want to build this simple v-i curve tracer circuit at the page.. http://freecircuitdiagram.com/2008/09/06/voltage-currentvi-curve-tracer/ on the same page, they have shown different traces of diodes,capacitors, transistors... what i am thinking is that if i connect this tracer to the pins of any ic, would this damage the ic or show v-i trace of that ic or of  those two pirticular pins to which i connected the probes?

Question by hussainb 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how do i troubleshoot a faulty woofer on an AR-4 speaker?

I have a pair of vintage AR-4 speakers but one of the woofers is not working. Any ideas on how I might diagnose and repair the problem?

Question by xtian5 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

DIY Home Improvement Books Recalled. Faulty wiring instructions.

From the Consumer Product Safety Comission: Name of Product: Home Improvement Books Units: About 951,000 Publisher: Oxmoor House, Inc., of Birmingham, Ala. Hazard: The books contain errors in the technical diagrams and wiring instructions that could lead consumers to incorrectly install or repair electrical wiring, posing an electrical shock or fire hazard to consumers. Includes some Sunset titles, as well as Lowes and AmeriSpec. Sold from 1975-December 2009.

Topic by axlotleft 9 years ago

Nice ! Dell lawsuit

From a blog By Michael Krigsman | June 30, 2010, 4:54am PDT "According to a recently unsealed lawsuit, Dell shipped approximately 12 million computers containing faulty components and then tried to hide the problems from buyers." More here:   Dell lawsuit: Pattern of deceit  

Topic by Goodhart 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Re:Faulty Raspberry Pi. Wont Boot? - Solved

I have 2 RP's . One made in the UK. one Chinese Version. the same SD card that boots up with no issues on the UK one , doesn't boot up on the other. only the power LED comes on. The faulty one did work for a week or two. is it possible to repair ? Thanks

Question by talicohen 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

I just bought 7 555ic timers, all of them are faulty?

I bought 7    555ic timer. i tried to blink an led but the output always stays high. when i swapped the 555 by a 556 it then worked. first i thought that my circuit was wrong. i've verified it countless times all seemed to be good but the pin 3 output was always high. when i used the 556 timer with same components it worked. is the 555 timer at fault or i am missing something?

Question by ARJOON 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

reuse parts of Hp Tx1000 laptop to something useful probaly a tablet as it has a touch screen

I have a HP tx1000 tablet PC. It has some problem with motherboard(common heat sink problem with HP tx1000 series laptops). becuase of which Nvidia GPU is not working now hence laptop is not working. It does not boot up. Is there a way I can create a new laptop/desktop out of all its working components(HDD, memory, LCD, WIFI card,motherboard) without faulty GPU. Is there any way to skip GPU test in BIOS. I wanted to create a 10 inch tablet out of its useful parts. Thanks in advance for your reply/suggestions.

Question by tarunmanglia 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Msdb no longer exists? Answered

I have a problem with the hard drive on which was Windows 2008 SBS server. Drive is faulty and no longer works. I was able to restore Windows 2008 SBS server but the SBSMONITORING msdb no longer exists. Backup no. What you can do in this case?

Question by ArturKis 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

reuse parts of Hp Tx1000 laptop to something useful probaly a tablet as it has a touch screen

I have a HP tx1000 tablet PC. It has some problem with motherboard(common heat sink problem with HP tx1000 series laptops). becuase of which Nvidia GPU is not working now hence laptop is not working. It does not boot up. Is there a way I can create a new laptop/desktop out of all its working components(HDD, memory, LCD, WIFI card,motherboard) without faulty GPU. Is there any way to skip GPU test in BIOS. I wanted to create a 10 inch tablet out of its useful parts using its touch screen. Thanks in advance for your reply/suggestions.

Question by tarunmanglia 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

can i test a 90w inverter with a 1amp psu and my load is a 13w light 110v? Answered

I have tested an inverter with a cable modem psu but not lighting the light, is it due to PSUs 1amp rating or simply Inverter is faulty, I don't own a car or Battery for that matter yet.. 90w inverter 13w light 1 amp power supply.. thanks

Question by celalboz 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Computer Power Supple to Power 2 Computer Fans

I have a wine fridge with two fans (computer fans)  that cool a massive heat sink, but the temperature gauge is faulty so they constantly power on and power off. I was hoping to remove the existing controller and power the existing computer fans (that are already mounted) with an old Computer Power Supply to have them constantly on. Any ideas?

Topic by AlC23 3 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

What is wrong with Steam?

Well I just got an account off of a friend and it was working perfectly up untill I shut it down to restart it.  It then starts up but I cannot maximise the main menu, all the other menus such as settings ect show up!  I can see the main menu when I use Windows + Tab but it will not come up if I choose it I am running windows 7 and have had enough of faulty software!

Question by Tombini 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

whats the best way to open a laptop's ac adapter?

I have a Compaq v2000 laptop with a faulty lead inside the AC adapter's strain relief. I want to cut the cable and resolder it inside the adapter, but I need to get it open... it appears to be heat sealed (no visible screws, but a recessed plastic seam) what is the best way to open it up? btw, I'm quite comfortable working with large capacitors, before you ask. help?

Topic by gschoppe 10 years ago  |  last reply 25 days ago

Adding a seperate headphone socket box to a music keyboard that can be switced of

Hello all, can anyone help? I am currently repairing a number of electronic keyboards, most of which have faulty headphone sockets due to plugs being inserted and then taken out sgain. I want to create a headphone box which splits the output but also enables you to switch the headphones of without taking out the plug thus minimising wear and tear on the socket. Any ideas please??

Topic by StanThe2ndMan 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

PC Fan help?

Hi! Got a Dell 8600 Inspiron When I boot, the fan briefly turns twice. Begins to start, but stops abruptly. Doesn't do anything else. I think the fan needs to be replaced, but if it is faulty, why is it able to start briefly? I noticed this b/c it was getting very hot and I noticed a very very very faint beeping sound coming from around the area of the fan. Random beeping, no pattern to it.  Any advice/suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

Question by transistorguy 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Ghetto programmer and 16Mhz

First off, Hello everyone. I built the ghetto parallel port programmer, adjusting the pinouts to work with a attiny26 and it works flawlessly.Kudos to the author.My problem is that when I drop in an external crystal rated at 16Mhz I avrdude quits because of a faulty signature; I assume this means the timings are off.At firs I thought I had misconfigured the fuses, but ,thankfully, when I dropped an 8Mhz crystal in it worked again. I know this uC can be clocked this high, so what's the problem? thanks

Topic by hacim 10 years ago

I have a touchscreen module from a Lenovo AIO PC, can anyone help identify the pin-outs?

Recently I salvaged a 23" touchscreen display from a faulty Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z AIO PC. The PC has a faulty mainboard, but the touchscreen display is in perfect working order. I'm trying to use the touchscreen display for another purpose, but I am having trouble identifying the touch module and its pin-outs. For your information, the display is a Samsung LTM230HT03 The touch module is made by HannStar, it has the following markings on the back of the board: HannStar J  MV-4 94V-0  1 01 4 DATQ2TH34C0 REV:C TQ2M10400D1M 3FTQ2CB00W0 1.1.1207.2 On the front of the board is a PXI chip with the following markings: PAP7030GM -B U946QF2C As well as a smaller chip, which is marked as a MX-70G I've attached photos of both sides of the module as well as the label on the Samsung display. There are 4 connectors on the module, CON1 connects to the mainboard, CON2 and CON3 connects to the display, CON4 was not in use. CON1 has the following wire colours in order from pin 1 to 5: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Black. I will greatly appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone can give.

Question by ThirdEarthDesign 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

55V DC LED panel with driver - repair instructions?

I just got a huge LED panel that is partially faulty. The big kind to replace lights with 3 long flouroscent tubes. Since I hate throwing stuff in the bin that could be repaired or used otherwise I was wondering: 1. Is there any interest in instructions on how to check and if possible repair these big LED panels? 2. If 1 is a yes - where the heck can I post it as it seems we lack a section for repairs and fixes!?

Question by Downunder35m 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

My computer has wireless that seems to have shut off overnight. Is there a way to get the internet back?

I use Vista Im using a Belkin Wireless adapter My PC used to have wireless and its now stopped and says it only local access. Ive contacted BT(my internet provider) and they claim its the adapter thats faulty I dont have intimate knowledge of vista yet so if the replies, if any, were put in leymans terms.

Question by 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Help with Voltage Regulator

Hi, I have put one of these together for an ATX power supply and have come across something that I might be getting wrong.... In mocking up the LM317 circuit in breadboard (standar one found everywhere on line and on the LM317 pages), I have got the thing metering -11v to +11v??? I am using one of the black ground wires of the PSU on the black side of the volt meter, but cant figure out why I am not just getting positive voltages??? Could the diode be faulty? Or is this in fact correct? Any help appreciated...

Topic by lone_viper 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

My Toshiba Satellite L500?has a problem,

My Toshiba Satellite L500?has a problem, it wont start it reaches the Windows Recovery page highlights Windows Repair NOT Start Windows Normally, then it brings a blue screen "..BIOS is not ACPI Compliant" N/B: Earlier I had ever replaced the hard disk and put the laptop on AND also the Keyboard is not responding (the NUM LOCK light flashes on start BUT even pressing F2or F12 brings a menu page but I cant move the Arrow keys) Many said it was the faulty charger or the old battery am using. Help me

Question by zaxiez 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Can dumb / feature phone be charged using USB?

Hello, I recently received a USB power pack but I can't seem to charge the dumb / feature phones that I have.  When I use this adapter to connect the phones they say that they are charging but even after 5 hours they seem like they didn't get a charge t all. Is the voltage difference the issue? With the USB being 5V and the phone battery being 3.7V (though the output of the chargers that the phones came with is 5V). Could I have a faulty unit? Thanks for reading.

Topic by Full Metal 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Variable Voltage Regulators with + and - 12v input? Answered

Hi, I have put one of these together for an ATX power supply and have come across something that I might be getting wrong.... In mocking up the LM317 circuit in breadboard (standar one found everywhere on line and on the LM317 pages), I have got the thing metering -11v to +11v??? I am using one of the black ground wires of the PSU on the black side of the volt meter, but cant figure out why I am not just getting positive voltages??? Could the diode be faulty? Or is this in fact correct? Any help appreciated...

Question by lone_viper 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Headset Confusion?

I bought a turtle beach cable to use my x31 on my pc. I managed to finaly get the mic to work but the sound  quality is less then that of the wirlress one I bought the cord to replace. Im not sure if its the 3 different levels it go's through or faulty cord.  Any suggestions? I allso have 3 audio jacks. Anyone have a clue what the third could be for? 'Info http://www.turtlebeach.com/products/xbox-gaming-headsets/ear-force-x31.aspx http://store.turtlebeach.com/ps3pcchatadaptercable-cab.aspx http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220715 Gracias

Question by zigzagchris 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

VLSI self test circuitry ?

VLSI testing is process that is used to determine that chip is good or faulty VLSI chip is tested by test equipment and some self test circuit just for example we made microcontroller then we can test by automatic test equipment , we use test vector to determine fault 1.test vector < microcontroller chip > output response 2.test vector output response 3.test vector output response Q I did not understand that self  test circuit and fault model  built within vlsi  chip or we connect   external fault model circuit to test VLSI chip ?

Question by vead 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Weekend Builder links not working (Ubuntu)

Consistently, the links in the weekend builder do not work for me. After spinning for a long time at the "app.streamsend.com" referral counter, the page times out. To visit the projects featured in the email, I have to either search for the project in the main page, or parse out the instructables link from your "streamsend.com" referal counter, both of which are rather annoying. I have tried viewing the links using firefox 3.0.10, Midori (webkit based) and Epiphany (gecko based) in Ubuntu 9.04 with the same results in all browsers, on different machines and networks. streamsend.com seems to be faulty.

Topic by yourcelf 9 years ago

My strobe light has a problem....

I have a miniature strobe light that I salvaged from a crappy Halloween decoration. I was planning on strapping it to my bike, just as an added accessory. Anyway, it worked fine, then is started being faulty. Now, it does not want to flash at all. It isn't charging the capacitor, so there is a problem somewhere before there. The strobe light has a cool option of either holding down a button or using an on/off switch. I cannot find any loose wires or shorts. Is there a way to tell if the flasher is broken? It hasn't been dropped, so I don't guess that that would be the problem. Any help would sure be appreciated!

Topic by Bran 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

About repairing the RROD on xbox 360's

Okay, I am thinking about getting me an xbox 360, but it is a bit over my budget so I am going to get a faulty one from ebay. But then when I look up some RROD (red ring of death) repair guides, I got suspicious about how you repair the xbox's, all  you just need to take it apart, replace the thermal paste between the heatsinks and the chips and put it all together. That just doesn't seem right... Does anyone have personal experience using this technique to repair their xbox 360?

Topic by Plasmana 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Right brain : Instructables

Not sure if this will work... I found a left vs right brain test online- more specifically ,http://www.wherecreativitygoestoschool.com/vancouver/left_right/rb_test.htm. I got to thinking, and I noticed that the people who call themselves creative tend to have more instructables than those who don't- so if you use the right brain percentage as a measure (however faulty) of creativity, than maybe I could graph the relationship, and (Warning- this is far fetched) find an equation. So If you could take the test, share your right brain percentage and the amount of instructables you've written, I would Greatly appreciate it. Thank you. (what I'll use to graph it - https://www.abettercalculator.com/c) Hope I'm not asking too much! :)

Topic by moneyfuskie935 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Subwoofer lost its "WOOF"!!!

So i purchased a pair of 800w 10" subs at a yard sale for 20$.  They were cheap so i assumed they were faulty but figured i could try fixing them. So i get them home, hook them up to an amp and nothing happens... until i place a little pressure on the cone and  thump thump thump, they work... and they're heavier and hit better than a pair of 1200w 10" Sony Xplodes i have... until i let go of the cone.  I'm reading things about blown voice coils and what/not and was hoping someone had an idea how to replace one. Or if my problem sounds like something else all together.  Any ideas DIY'ers???

Question by ericdeaton 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

solar panal charge controller

I have a charge controller.  I read the instructions and fixed the wires as instructed.  I fitted the load cables to an inverter but got no power through.  Everything works when I fit the inverter cables straight from the batteries.  Problem is that the load usage then does not show on the controller, so I have no way of knowing what if any, net power is going into the batteries.  As I am new to the setup I am trying to see what my appliances are using in an average day in relation to input from the panels. Do you think the controller is faulty.  Someone told me the load cables go straight to the load, but that seems wrong as I need to convert from 12 to 240 volts. Can anyone suggest the remedy. Thanks  

Question by campolady 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

design flaws in top ranked Knex guns/Srv2 pics

How many top ranked Knex guns have u built? Have u discovered any problems with the design? If so what? I have recently built several top ranked assault type Knex guns and have run into multiple problems I was wondering how faulty weapons get such high ratings Its frustrating to build these guns and run into so many basic design flaws ps although i haven't built the assault pistol by Viccie something i must give credit to him for making a quality weapon that doesn't have too many design issues nice work! SRv2

Topic by Knex Lego Maniac 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago


Ook, so I realize there are a few groups that have to do with gun modifications. BUT, I couldn't find a FORUM for them, so I am making one. In this forum, we are to share our coolest, most successful mods of knex weapons here. If you are to describe a mod, you MUST include at least one picture, so we can all admire your handy-work.I'll go first. I recently (as in last night) built the mod of Jager's rifle from THIS IBLE and found the gun a bit faulty. Since it uses a lot of pieces, I was in no rush to dismantle it immediately, and rather, I tore its insides out and put my own in. The result is an enormous mod of a mod with a four-shot magazine for orange connectors with grays and a sleek look similar to the original mod.P.S. The picture is from a bad lighting/angle... the gun looks a lot cooler in person.

Topic by Oompa-Loompa 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How do I wire a LTC3780 to my arduino and display?

I'm re-purposing an old ATX psu into a variable bench psu. The current project has LM2956's however they're faulty, I can only see 11.78V max instead of 29+V. The other down side to these modules is the lack of current control. The project also has an arduino Mega handling acs712 hall current effect sensors and Voltage dividers for my 3.3v 5v 12v terminals and two LDC dispays 16x2 and 16x4. So I was wondering assuming I keep the basic design of the psu can i replace the LM2956s for a single LTC3780, How can I wire the LTC3780 to the arduino and allow me to see the current change.  Thanx in advance.

Question by icey.hood 3 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Random collage of junk needs a purpose....

Okay, I have: 1. A broken Presario CQ61 that is beyond repairing (withing a reasonable price range).  The screen is still good, and I believe that the drive, hard drive, ram, and battery are all okay (and maybe other miscellaneous bits, too). 2. An original Xbox with a possibly dirty/faulty disk drive, along with the chords to it (I turned to controller into a USB controller) 3. Random chargers, MP3/MP4 players, chargers, speakers, etc.,etc. 4. MacGyver-style determination What can I make with these?  I can't use them like they are, and I don't want to throw them away.  Any good suggestions?  I've been looking online and I've only found "make your old laptop into a picture frame!!!1!!" All ideas are good ideas (except for bad ideas). Thank you in advance.

Topic by choward7 6 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Crazy Japanese translator

I was on a website about a rubber band gun, translated from Japanese. The translator made just a few errors. Here are some of my favourites: Rotating cam also be involved in no one's fingers, so ATODZUKE cover. (saying that there is a cover to stop fingers being caught in the mech.) The Ministry of institutions mainly composed of cypress and Chinese are veneer (saying that the gun is mainly made of cypress wood and a chinese veneer) magic tape, toothpicks (several pieces in the parts list, meaning cellotape and 1/4" dowels.) To repair a broken bone is fine, and should be completed in the re-creation of her that the P211 is TANDEMUBARERU II. (saying that the faulty gearbox will be repaired and presented in a new version.) PRA's board to improve slip silicone oil is not convenient to wear. (this one really made me laugh; it means that an attempt to make a better lubricant failed.) Open hand and the guard cells under the cover of the box will appear. (pull back the cover and you can see the batteries) Funny!

Topic by knexguy 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Lenovo laptop died!? Any ideas? Answered

I've got a "Lenovo Flex 2-15 Laptop" that recently just randomly shut down and died as if the battery and power was disconnected. I think this might have been caused by a faulty USB device drawing too much current. (specifically, a arduino-based gimbaled motor controller for camera stabilization on my quadcopter) When it was plugged in, the second I clicked to 'connect' to it via a GUI software interface for it, my computer instantly shut down. Since then it shows no signs of life. Any ideas what could have happened and why it does not boot? It appears to still be under warranty so I'll see what I can do. I really hope that bad things didn't happen. My gimbal still works, but I guess a glitch in the software on the gimbal caused a transient voltage spike or overload on the USB port and either tripped some sort of safety protection or even worse, the mobo failed. Maybe the 5V regulator in the laptop and the one in the gimbal didn't agree with eachother and got into a bit of a voltage war!?!?!? IDK. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is a faulty polyfuse between the battery and MoBo that's failed. The gimbal has a simple 5V 78m05 SMD regulator between the 12V lipo and 5V logic stuff. However the USB and 5V regulator share the same common connection. I think if something really bad happened, like the voltage regulator failing and dumping 12V into the USB port even for a short time, then I would expect the magic smoke to have escaped from the gimbal and the computer. From my experience, common AVR microcontrollers tend to fail pretty spectacularly with 12V. Since the gimbal still works, I am pretty confident that a low impedance 12V transient had not occurred. I think maybe the gimbal took too big a gulp of current and set off some sort of USB overcurrent protection. But I cannot open the thing, damn modern laptops don't even have removable batteries anymore GRRR! I'll file a warranty claim and see what happens, but does anyone have a better idea what could have gone wrong?

Question by -max- 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Help with OP amps Answered

I'm making an instructable about this circuit, it's a heartbeat detector, it's supposed to beep when a heartbeat is detected. Something weird is going on with the comparator, first of all, the input signal to the comparator seems to get "stuck" at the level of the comparator, like it is an invisible barrier that doesn't allows the signal to cross it easily, this seems to happen with and without the buzzer. Secondly, the comparator "rings", it doesn't displays a clean square signal when the threshold is reached, instead, at the end of the square pulse "ringing" appears. Removing the buzzer or speaker solves the ringing problem.  I tried replacing the buzzer by a 8 ohm speaker, but the problem persists. Then I tried changing the 1k resistor of the transistor by a 10k, but the problem is still the same. I don't know what could be causing this, bad design? A faulty chip? In the second picture it can be seen how the signal "bumps" an invisible barrier when reaches the comparator level, in the third the "ringing" can be seen, the fourth and last picture is how the (previous) comparator signal looks when the load is removed, the problem disappears. Thanks in advance,

Question by Victor805 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

need help identifying component

I've got an old kenwood turntable, and it's having problems. Its a linear drive arm style turntable, meaning the needle/stylus arm travels in a straight line instead of an arc. The motor that drives this arm back and forth has a smallish flywheel type attachment (it looks like a fan blade, kinda). This little flywheel/fanblade turns through a very small gate that looks like a miniature stonehenge. I think this part is faulty, because the motor spins just fine (albiet with no control) with the part removed.  So it looks like some kind of photo sensor, and I need a new one. The part is about 3/8 of inch tall, with two bits on each side about 1/8" wide, with an 1/8" gap between.  Unfortunately, my digital camera is broken, so I can't take a picture of it. IF anyone knows what i'm talking about, some advice about where to find a replacement and what the part is called, I would be very, very happy.   

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Pesky shift registers? Answered

I started working with 2 74HC595N to control 8x8 matrix, and found that instead of a dot it activates multiple rows. So I assumed this was due to my lack of knowledge about shift registers so I setup a simple scenario from arduino ShiftOut tutorial (single register chip and 4 LEDs controlled by number via serial input i.e. "one by one sketch". Thats when I found out that shift register has almost random values on its output pins. Some LEDs were on, some off before I started to controll them. After I turned on/off all 4 it strated to work as supposed to, but last pin retained "memory" of its state even if I reset Arduino.  So my question is, do I always need to initialize every pin of every shift register (and is there an example sketch), or do I have faulty IC? Edit: Added schematic (it's from http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ShiftOut)

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Digitizer not working after replacement.

Hello, My wife accidentally crashed her phone digitizer (Samsung Galaxy Core 2 (G355H)). Its was still working, but you know... Being the type of man which always desire to fix something - I put myself to that mission. So I bought a new digitizer from one of eBay sellers. And sadly after replacing... the new digitizer was not working at all. Bringing back the old crashed digitizer to test it - it was still working. Tried to update firmware. Still the same. So I decided that It was faulty and asked for seller to resend the item. The new digitizer (number 2) came. Still the same stuff :(. Started to google. Found the solution on the internet. I have to let the phone boot with the old digitizer, when the boot is complete, need to remove the lcd and digitizer, replaced with the new digitizer (the phone has to stay on). And after that connected back the lcd... and its works... but sadly (as the author of this solution) if I reboot the phone - will not work again. PLEASE... Show me the direction what I need to do or where to search the answer

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OSIM uSqueez foot massager sparking how to?

OSIM uSqueez permanently dead. Dismantled unit found mother board 2A fuse blown. Check everything OK on mother board and replace fuse. Power on unit led under stop button light up. Pressed vibrator button works perfect. Pressed massage button strong sparking sound and saw fire in one to two second followed by blown fuse. 1. Measure the motor terminal resistance -> 0 ~ 5 ohms. Or it should should have some high resistance approximately 10 ~ 50 ohms. 2. Measure BR-B3D thermal protector which was in series with the black wire -> 0 ~ 5 ohms. Any idea which one is faulty part? 1. Think the thermal fuse is OK. 2. If the motor short, shall I do rewinding for rotor? Can't found this motor locally and if buy direct from OSIM too expensive! Any idea measure rotor coil? Thanks

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DTH satellite receiver problem

I have a DTH satellite receiver which has a burnt SMPS power supply (image attached). I replaced the burnt components but again when powered with 220V ac supply to test the output voltages the same components burnt again within a few seconds. I could not figure out what is the actual faulty part. If anyone has any suggestion please feel free to answer. My second problem is the satellite receiver board (image attached) has 6 pins for power connection but I could not figure out what voltage is to be applied to which pin. So I was unable to use a separate power supply for the receiver board. The part number can be seen from the image itself. Please look at the receiver board and help me if anyone has any idea about this board. I tried searching in google with the part number but could not find the same board. Please help me. Any suggestion is welcome. Satellite receiver: Hicway ali M3328C(10039)-11

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Help with dc motor and potentiometer! Thanks

OK so my dad has this old turntable and I got him some cool records for Christmas and I tested them out and it sounded good but now the motor isn't working, its kinda temperamental. I know the motor works because i tested it separately with a 9V, i guess the wiring is just kinda old and faulty. Any way my idea is to put the motor on its own independent circuit and adjust its speed with a potentiometer. Its one of those small DC motors 12V. I was thinking about hooking it up to a battery pack and a pot to adjust the rpm, I could mount the knob on the face of the player and adjust it until the music sounds just right. Then i could make a mark for 33 rpm and 45 rpm so he can change records with just a twist of the knob. Or slow them down and speed them up just for fun lol. How can I wire all this? I did some googling and tried with a couple pots and motors I've harvested over the years but all the pots seem to smoke and sizzle with only a 9V battery. Do I need a different pot? Please help! thanks  

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Instructables for iPhone

Don't you hate it, when you've finished building something outside and you've forgotten your camera? Can't wait to publish an instructable when you're out and about, and have no access to a computer? Both of these have happened to me, and I had a good idea. I propose an iPhone app for instructables. This app would be better than browsing on your internet browser on the iPhone because it would be made for the iPhone screen rather than for a 16:9 monitor. I think that it should have at least the following features:  * Offline Instructable Editor  * Instructable uploader  * Online instructable browser  * User page, in which you can check comments and edit your profile etc.  * Onboard instructable saver - instead of having to go online and browse the site to find the instructable again, the app could have, for example, 2MB of allocated memory in which to save one or more simple pdf files or similar of instructables, which may be viewed at any time, even when the internet connection is faulty. I truly believe that this has potential, and I just hope that the admins see this. I don't have the means, funds or time to make this app but hopefully somebody does.  Feel free to post any more ideas, as this would be a community app and I'd like it to be suitable for as many people as possible. 

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Deleting comments on your own instructable. Good or bad?

I met one of our contributors at Maker Faire in Austin and he had a concern about people posting comments on his own instructable. He wanted to be able to delete comments that he thought were off-topic or rude.We have a flagging system and we do check the flags as often as we can, but there are a lot of comments out there and as Instructables continues to grow it gets harder to keep up.So the question is whether or not we implement our own comment deleting system that some other sites, such as youtube, employ. Is this a good idea or not?Here's how I see it break down:Pros: Dumb or off-topic comments are spotted earlier by users since they get notified of comments on their own instructable. They are also more knowledgeable of the topic and will then know if the comment is correct or not.Cons: Users can squash dissenting opinion. While most Instructables will be speaking from a knowledgeable point of view there are some, it's true, that make Instructables with faulty instructions or are not giving enough information. In these cases it's important to have extra information in the comments. If the user is able to delete objections that are valid, then the result is a weaker compilation of information.Thoughts?

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