How Can A Collection Get Featured?

How Can A Collection Get Featured? All of my collections have a "featured" badge on the top right, But none of them are features What are the guidelines for having a collection get featured?

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

Featured or not featured?

I've recently published an instructable. Three hours ago, I've received an email that says my project was marked as featured, even if it isn't on featured pages. It also doesn't have the little star on the upper right corner... Maybe the email I received is a bug...

Posted by giuliom95 3 years ago

Featured Instructables.

What does it take for an Instructable to be featured? Only one of my 6 Instructables have been featured, so I'm kinda disappointed.

Posted by emcee2 10 months ago

Featured Author Must have the photo

Sugiero que la primera imagen de cada "Featured author" sea la foto de dicho autor destacado. I suggest that the first image of each "featured author" be the photo of that featured author.

Posted by rimar2000 6 years ago

Featured Instructables

If you sign up for a pro membership do your future  instructables get featured ?

Posted by mchhabra1 3 years ago

what happened to featured authors?

What happened to the featured author interviews? the last on was back in february

Posted by bravoechonovember1 3 years ago

How to make an instructable featured

Could someone pl tell me how an instructable gets listed as 'Featured' instructable?

Posted by ramhardikar 9 years ago

filter by: featured ?

What does the 'filter by: featured' option do?

Posted by sam noyoun 11 years ago

New Featured Author Group!

This is for all the Featured Authors on the site! We've created a Featured Authors Group to keep all of you and your interviews organized.  Please join the group if you have had a Featured Author Interview!

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 5 years ago

Showing featured flag on photos and videos

When a "Step by step" Instructable become featured , you see a flag in right part of the steps that means this instructable is featured . But when a "Video" or "Photos" instructable become featured , you can't find out this is featured or not . I know you can see featured star in "editors' picks" page or author profile , but when you open that instructable do you see any thing that say this instructable is featured ? The "Videos" and "Photos" instructables need a change to show they are featured or they aren't . For example instructables can show featured flag in a corner of picture or video .

Posted by farzadbayan 7 years ago


How do I get Featured? What do i need to improve on my instructable?

Posted by Zmonsters 9 years ago

No featured banner for profile pages.

Is this a feature or a bug? On member pages, there used to be featured banners. Now there are not. I really liked to see which instructables got featured, not just a percentage. My Hat and Contest instructables were featured. FF 3.6.6 w/ Windows 7 Home Premium. Thanks!

Posted by kcls 8 years ago

How to get an instructable featured?

Hey can i know how to get an instructable featured my friend got his in a day?

Posted by iloveandroid 5 years ago

Featured Items are now displayed differently

I just noticed that Ibles that have been featured have a "featured" mark in their picture, at least when looking at the member's page or on the search!

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

"Featured" banner

After receiving two "your Instructable has been featured" emails this morning, the 'ible in question doesn't have the "Featured" corner-banner, and my "Featured" stat is still at 75%. Was the "Featured" congrat sent erroneously? Has the site just not updated yet? Thanks for your time.

Posted by aeray 8 years ago

Do videos get featured?

I've noticed that video instructables don't seem to get featured, is that intentional? Or is it just that so many fewer video instructables get submitted that 'Featured' ones get lost?

Posted by egbertfitzwilly 6 years ago

Featured instructable never made the main page?

Do all featured instructables go on the main page? usually, when I get a feature, It is featured right away, and for the next day or so, I see it on the main page. I posted a cutting board a couple days ago that got featured about 24 hours later. The problem is that when it was featured it was too late to go on the main page... Is this common? I get a lot of views while on the main page...

Posted by SlickSqueegie 5 years ago

List of "featured" on front page slightly different from those on Featured page.

It's a minor thing that may have to do with caching but I noticed that the list of features on the front page is missing an instructable that is shown on the "Show all Featured" page.  See the following screen shots of the front page and the Featured page.  The "USB Dog Identification" is not on the front page. This happened using Firefox and Chrome on Windows XP.

Posted by Deeg 4 years ago

"Featured Banner" is now missing on the instructables.

The "Featured Banner" is missing when the instrucables are in a list like on the home page. Is that a new FEATURE or a BUG? Will it be coming back? What's the benefit of creating an instructable and getting it featured if the author is the only one who knows it's featured? And yes I know I complain a lot, but if I don't tell you what's wrong how will you know?

Posted by Re-design 8 years ago

instructables featured on gearfuse

The pringles golf instructable was featured on gearfuse. here is the link: pringles golf!I had to post this, as the Instuctables Robot head made it on there!

Posted by w00ty32 10 years ago

Featured but not Featured?

   I received an e-mail that said my 'ible had been featured, I checked the Featured page, but it never showed up. It has the feature banner on it, but only on the Recent page (2nd page). Neither does it show up under my "You" page. The link it gave me in the email has the feature banner, but it's only under the Photography section. This happened during my switch to Pro, perhaps that has something to do with it? I was working on the project before becoming Pro, then published it after I became Pro. I'm running FireFox 3.6.3 on Windows 7.

Posted by nickodemus 8 years ago

Why wasn't my Instructable featured?

I don't understand why my instructable wasn't featured, It looks :feature-worthy to me:

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

Some Featured Instructables are not worthy of Featuring

Instructables is great. I frequently view Featured entries. However, I have reviewed the criteria in a number of staff posts regarding what gets a members Instructable featured, I think the idea is good but the implementation is flawed. Some of the featured Instructables might meet those criteria but the Instructable itself may not be worthy, one recently had to be removed by staff for plagiarism after it was featured! The breech of Instructables Guidlines was clearly indicated in comments prior to the featuring. Instructables, please remember that just because an Instructable gets lots of views or comments, these may be for all the wrong reasons and each Featured Instructable and its comments should be reviewed before featuring. Thanks, and I really do think Instructables makes the world a better place :-)

Posted by mad_mat 3 years ago

Why are featured/not featured items inconsistent?

I'm confused about which of my  instructables are really featured.  Two of three show up on my profile, and my rate is 66%.   But on the instructable pages all three show up as featured.  ???? And since I haven't found  where else to say it, yet,   Thanks for the Halloween card! 

Posted by mole1 8 years ago

Is my Work featured or not?

Hi peaple! I got an e-mail, and read that my work has been featured... but I don't see the target on the right corner! For me , being featured is a great honor :D Thanks This is the message I received: Hi! Your Instructable "Scrap/Tiny Wall made of Cassete Tape boxes (' ; '" was just featured by one of our editors! Being featured means we think you are awesome. Keep up the great work! Look for your featured Instructable, within the next 30 minutes, here: Eric Founder and CEO of Instructables

Posted by mary candy 8 years ago

Featured Article Not On Front Page

Hey I have a featured article that will not show up on the front page or as an editor's pick. Does anyone else have this problem. Thanks!

Posted by AZNdude 7 years ago

How to get my instructable featured?

Friends I'm new to the site and don't know much . I have published 2 instructables and have got neither of them featured can you please tell me how to get them featured? THANX

Posted by pranjal12 6 years ago

Featured author

 I'm just curious,  How does one become a featured author? I enjoy this  site so much . It's kinda one of my next goals...                                               Thanks                                                                Jim

Posted by coolbeansbaby68 6 years ago

How Do I get "Featured"?

How do I get an Instructable I built on the "featured" page?

Posted by Aaron Van Dyken 3 years ago

Featured Author: TinkeringProductions

Check out our most recent featured author, TinkeringProductions!  Got a question I didn't ask?  Ask it here!

Posted by Danger is my middle name 4 years ago

Featured posts on homepage

Do featured posts on the homepage vary from account to account? I noticed this was the case when I logged into my secondary account, the featured posts on the homepage were completely different from the ones that show up when I log in with my usual account.

Posted by SeamusFrederick 2 years ago

How are the % ratings of featured Instructables changed?

I have a 31% featured rating.  I have been working very hard on my published Instructables so my featured rating will raise.  I published an Instructables that I worked several days on and it did not get featured.  I was a little surprised because I know the content is good.  My question is this:  Is there a way to unpublish it and re-work it and re-publish it and see if it gets featured then?  If I can't do that, how much will it change my featured rating if I delete the entire Instructable and start from scratch?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Posted by sunshiine 7 years ago

Can Slideshows be featured?

Well? Can they or can't they? sorry if this has been asked before....

Posted by Camisado 10 years ago

Featured Author:Partybot

Check out the latest featured author interview with Partybot!  Got a question you wish I had asked?  Crazy costume ideas?  Share it here!

Posted by Danger is my middle name 4 years ago

Only "Featured" email link works, other links not working.

The email I received today shows links, but the links do not connect. The link for the 'Featured' project works. 

Posted by lahines 2 years ago

View Raters feature?

Am I the only one that can do this?  Have any of you guys noticed this?

Posted by MotaBoi 8 years ago

"Feature comment" on slideshow is broken?

I tried to use the new "feature comment" checkbox out of curiosity on Jake's comment here, which popped up a yellow error box saying 400 -- QUESTION objects are not sticky-able By the sounds of it this feature is a few hours old so I guess the kinks are still being worked out.  Is there some documentation on what the feature actually does?  I gather it pins a comment to the top of the list of comments and disables replies to that comment...?

Posted by PKM 8 years ago

Not getting pro features.

Not getting pro features such as seeing all steps. There is not even a button to see all steps. Please Fix asap!!

Posted by davijordan 5 years ago

featured instructable is now a draft?

Today I noticed one of my instructables was "un-published" and is now a draft? What would make an instructable (that was featured) get taken down. It was un-changed since publishing...

Posted by SlickSqueegie 5 years ago

Featured Author: DeandrasCrafts

Did you see our newest featured author interview with DeandrasCrafts?  Is there a question you wish I had asked?  Now's your chance!  Ask it here!

Posted by Danger is my middle name 4 years ago

Featured Author: The King of Random

Check out our most recent featured author interview with The King of Random!  Got a question I didn't ask?  Ask it here!

Posted by Danger is my middle name 4 years ago

features for a good knex gun

What features would you like for a good knex gun. Once I have enough ideas I will make a gun then I will post it on instructables.

Posted by knex master 10 years ago

feature comment button is gone

On my latest i'ble I noticed that the "feature comment" button is gone! 

Posted by bravoechonovember1 3 years ago

An Instructable that should be featured

Please consider featuring this Instructable. In my mind it demonstrates everything good about Instructables. It is not one of mine. I do not know the author. I simply believe it is excellently done. Thank you. Phil B

Posted by Phil B 6 years ago

Is the Makerspace Contest Effecting 'Ible Featured Times?

I was just curious if the Makerspace contest is effecting the time it takes to get your 'ible featured? And if so, by how many days? For example, my last featured 'ible wasn't featured for a few days after posting (and I didn't post it over a weekend or holiday or anything). Usually, the featuring (if it happens) happens much sooner. But I was just thinking maybe the Makerspace contest is effecting the times because there are so many more instructables getting published right now (some of the prizes in the contest are for highest number of instructables published and highest number of featured 'ibles).  Your thoughts? Has anyone else experienced this, too? Thanks!

Posted by Meglymoo87 2 years ago

Featured Instructable Percentage Incorrect?

I have 46 Instructables 4 Have been featured 46 / 4 X 100 = >8% About 8% of my 'Ibles Have been featured, Though it shows in the top right corner of my page that 5% have. Is it a bug, Or do I have something incorrect with my math?

Posted by Yonatan24 3 years ago


what is phantom power? Describe methods of its use.

Posted by bkamit 7 years ago

Featured Author: bricobart

Hey everyone!  Check out our latest featured author interview, bricobart!  Got something to say?  Questions you wish I asked?  Now's your chance!  Share it here!

Posted by Danger is my middle name 4 years ago

Featured on Hompage but not category?

I was recently on another computer and want to find one of my instructables to show my friend. She wanted to print it quickly so I didn't log in. When I tried to find it under the Technology category it wasn't under the featured instructable. We found it instead on the homepage (the third page of the recently featured instructables). Later at home I tried it on my computer (on Firefox) and encountered the same problem. Can an instructable be featured on the homepage but not the category page? I was sure it was featured in both. Some screen shots are included below. Thanks (and sorry for bothering :)

Posted by jen7714 8 years ago

No Featured page and banner when logged in

Currently - If I'm not logged in I get the Featured page with the rotating banner at the top. When I am logged in, I get the Top Picks/Feed page. Previously- I used to get the Featured page and banner when I was logged in or not. I would like to see the Featured page when I'm logged in.  I can't find a setting or instruction on how to do this. Could someone please help? Thanks.

Posted by switch62 2 years ago