Featured ....... Then not featured

Hello, I submitted an instructable today and I was happy to see it be "Featured" but then I checked it out about an hour later then just to find out that the "featured" icon is gone and my instructable isn't featured anymore. What gives? https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Spanker/

Posted by jumb5150 6 years ago

How to make an instructable featured

Could someone pl tell me how an instructable gets listed as 'Featured' instructable?

Posted by ramhardikar 9 years ago

How to get an instructable featured?

Hey can i know how to get an instructable featured my friend got his in a day?

Posted by iloveandroid 5 years ago

Featured author

 I'm just curious,  How does one become a featured author? I enjoy this  site so much . It's kinda one of my next goals...                                               Thanks                                                                Jim

Posted by coolbeansbaby68 6 years ago

Is my Work featured or not?

Hi peaple! I got an e-mail, and read that my work has been featured... but I don't see the target on the right corner! For me , being featured is a great honor :D Thanks This is the message I received: Hi! Your Instructable "Scrap/Tiny Wall made of Cassete Tape boxes (' ; '" was just featured by one of our editors! Being featured means we think you are awesome. Keep up the great work! Look for your featured Instructable, within the next 30 minutes, here: https://www.instructables.com/living/?sort=FEATURED https://www.instructables.com/living/decorating/?sort=FEATURED Eric Founder and CEO of Instructables

Posted by mary candy 7 years ago

How to get my instructies "Featured"?

Hi, I was wondering how may I "feature" my instructables? Thank you very much. The "was" mistake for me to reference: -------> Hi, I am wandering how to get my instructies "Featured"? Thank you very much!

Posted by scienstein 6 years ago

My Instructable was suddenly "unfeatured"

My Instructable "Easy Blackberry Galette" was featured, then suddenly un-featured with no explanation as to why. Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea why this would happen?

Posted by TheCoffeeDude 2 years ago

What helps an instructable get featured?

I created my first instructable a week back which is a binary clock: https://www.instructables.com/id/Cwik-Clock-v10-An-Arduino-Binary-Clock/ I was hoping to get it featured as I thought it added on to the regular binary clock formula (using potentiometers, and analog meter, focusing on accuracy, etc.). Today I saw a binary clock get featured (this one https://www.instructables.com/id/Connect-4-Binary-Clock/ ) which actually uses my code (which I put that code in public domain), and only has a subset of the features mine does. I'm trying not to be a bit jealous here :P. For the future, what helps an instructable be featured? Thanks, Dennis

Posted by cwik 6 years ago

What does it lack?

Could someone share their views on what they think is lacking in this instructable for it being featured?

Posted by ramhardikar 8 years ago

Featured instructable is not featured

Recently one of my instructables was featured, however it doesn't show up at the workshop featured page

Posted by ElmarsM 4 years ago

Featured email, but not featured

HI I received an email last night saying my 'ible is featured, however, it's not showing for some reason...  Can someone have a look please :) Thanks Simon

Posted by sparks_vfr 3 years ago

Featured Mark

My Fast Hot Glue Mold for Small Things was featured in Crafts: https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/category-living/channel-craft/?sort=FEATURED , but not marked. Why?

Posted by Lindsley 7 years ago

Featured Instructables.

What does it take for an Instructable to be featured? Only one of my 6 Instructables have been featured, so I'm kinda disappointed.

Posted by emcee2 6 months ago

Featured or not featured?

I've recently published an instructable. Three hours ago, I've received an email that says my project was marked as featured, even if it isn't on featured pages. It also doesn't have the little star on the upper right corner... Maybe the email I received is a bug...

Posted by giuliom95 3 years ago

what happened to featured authors?

What happened to the featured author interviews? the last on was back in february

Posted by bravoechonovember1 2 years ago


How do I get Featured? What do i need to improve on my instructable? https://www.instructables.com/id/Create_a_Cylon_Domo/

Posted by Zmonsters 9 years ago

Featured Items are now displayed differently

I just noticed that Ibles that have been featured have a "featured" mark in their picture, at least when looking at the member's page or on the search!

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

Featured instructable never made the main page?

Do all featured instructables go on the main page? usually, when I get a feature, It is featured right away, and for the next day or so, I see it on the main page. I posted a cutting board a couple days ago that got featured about 24 hours later. The problem is that when it was featured it was too late to go on the main page... Is this common? I get a lot of views while on the main page...

Posted by SlickSqueegie 5 years ago

List of "featured" on front page slightly different from those on Featured page.

It's a minor thing that may have to do with caching but I noticed that the list of features on the front page is missing an instructable that is shown on the "Show all Featured" page.  See the following screen shots of the front page and the Featured page.  The "USB Dog Identification" is not on the front page. This happened using Firefox and Chrome on Windows XP.

Posted by Deeg 4 years ago

"Featured Banner" is now missing on the instructables.

The "Featured Banner" is missing when the instrucables are in a list like on the home page. Is that a new FEATURE or a BUG? Will it be coming back? What's the benefit of creating an instructable and getting it featured if the author is the only one who knows it's featured? And yes I know I complain a lot, but if I don't tell you what's wrong how will you know?

Posted by Re-design 8 years ago

Featured but not Featured?

   I received an e-mail that said my 'ible had been featured, I checked the Featured page, but it never showed up. It has the feature banner on it, but only on the Recent page (2nd page). Neither does it show up under my "You" page. The link it gave me in the email has the feature banner, but it's only under the Photography section. This happened during my switch to Pro, perhaps that has something to do with it? I was working on the project before becoming Pro, then published it after I became Pro. I'm running FireFox 3.6.3 on Windows 7.

Posted by nickodemus 8 years ago

Why are featured/not featured items inconsistent?

I'm confused about which of my  instructables are really featured.  Two of three show up on my profile, and my rate is 66%.   But on the instructable pages all three show up as featured.  ???? And since I haven't found  where else to say it, yet,   Thanks for the Halloween card! 

Posted by mole1 7 years ago

How Do I get "Featured"?

How do I get an Instructable I built on the "featured" page? https://www.instructables.com/id/Inexpensive-Shoe-Horn/

Posted by Aaron Van Dyken 3 years ago

How to get my instructable featured?

Friends I'm new to the site and don't know much . I have published 2 instructables and have got neither of them featured can you please tell me how to get them featured? THANX

Posted by pranjal12 5 years ago

An Instructable that should be featured

Please consider featuring this Instructable. In my mind it demonstrates everything good about Instructables. It is not one of mine. I do not know the author. I simply believe it is excellently done. Thank you. Phil B

Posted by Phil B 6 years ago

Why is the "Featured" Filter Automatically on when I Explore Instructables?

I really don't like it when I'm just looking at instructables and I realize I'm not seeing all of them because the "Featured" filter is on.  For example, I click on the "Explore" button, then I click "Technology", then, I see that the only types of instructables I've been seeing are featured.

Posted by nancyjohns 2 years ago

Featured advertisements?!?

Here's something I haven't seen before:  the "pro-only" ad for Adafruit's discounts has a Featured banner in the upper right corner!  Even the Instructables Card Game ad doesn't have that banner.  Is this something new for "blessed" in-house ads?  Or a bug?  Or what?

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

Featured Instructable Not Showing Up?

I posted "Nutella Butterfingers" on March 13, 2011. It wasn't featured then, but I checked my account yesterday and the featured banner magically appeared. However, I can't find it under "editor's picks" in the food category or candy channel. I probably overlooked something but any ideas of where it might be (it can still be found under "recent" though).

Posted by jen7714 7 years ago

Instructable was featured but never appeared on the home page

I published an instructable yesterday (https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-fix-earbuds-that-have-lost-their-rubber/) and received an email saying that it had been featured. It has the little "featured!" Banner over the icon, too. But it never appeared on the home page. I checked "explore --> featured", and found five or so instructables that were featured around the time mine was that never appeared on the home page, either.  I don't know if is is an actual bug, or if things are just done differently now. I just thought I would mention it. :p

Posted by SnazzyBot 3 years ago

My 2cts on the new Featured Instructable system

Hello everyone, it was suggested that I give my thoughts on the current (new) system when an Instructable is Featured. Recently one of my Instructables was Featured (have a look at my Trebuchet I'ble). I received the standard 'We think your awesome' email... and then... nothing I waited for a snazzy little banner proclaiming to the world that I was featured... I also waited to see my Ible on the front page... After 24 hours I got worried and posted a bug report, where the new feature was explained to me Where I have the problem is this new three teired system hasn't REALLY been explained in an email or a site update memo.. Perhaps It would be useful to have an opt-in site update email which explains the current features/updates of the website? Another problem is the email I received says this: Hi! Your Instructable "Scout Project: How to build a Trebuchet" was just featured by one of our editors! Being featured means we think you are awesome. Keep up the great work! Look for your featured Instructable, within the next 30 minutes, here: https://www.instructables.com/play/?show= FEATURED https://www.instructables.com/play/siege-engines/?show=FEATURED Eric The old style email says: Hi! Your Instructable "How to make: Norbert the Cuddly Squid" was just featured by one of our editors! Look for it on the Instructables homepage within the next 30 minutes. Being featured means we think you are awesome. Keep up the great work! https://www.instructables.com/ -Eric There isn't very much difference, and when you are unaware of the change, it is a little confusing... maybe the standardised email needs a little tweaking for the new Featured Instructable system? Thanks alot Jay

Posted by Biggsy 8 years ago

What doesn't it fit here?

Hi everyone;  I wrote an instructable last week and I tought it could get featured. However, the instructable didn't get featured. I think the project is a good and original idea but I don't know what I did wrong. I checked the Featuring Checklist and I should have at least a featured in channel level. Maybe I'm forgetting something, so thats why I'm asking for help here. The instructable im talking about is Ghost Lamp. I'm not looking for a homepage featured, because it must be an epic one, but at least a channel or category featured. Should I may change the intro image? Did I write poor instructions? Is my English so awful?   So much thanks to all constructive responses.

Posted by plugable 7 years ago

Received an email saying the instructables is featured but not featured in site

I got a mail saying my green house instructables is fetured. But it is not showing up in site as featured. https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Own-Greenhouse-Construct-Plant-and-Care/ Kindly look into this issue. I had given a considerable amount of time in making it. Passion Make

Posted by Passion Make 2 years ago

"Featured On Homepage" - I Have Several Questions...

First of all, I want to thank the staff member that clicked on that awesome button! Who doesn't love having their 'Ible get featured in the Homepage? But I have a couple questions: When my SpectrumLED Instructable got featured in the Newsletter, I got a 3-Month free PRO, And another 1 full year PRO. Now, When my LED Workshop Lighting 'Ible got featured, I got a free 1 full year PRO, But without the 3-Months. Why is this? Before you think I'm just greedy, I don't need these. I like giving away a free 3-Month PRO Membership to members that make my project and share pictures. I already have enough years of free PRO... ;) My second question is: Do all Instructables that get featured on the Homepage get featured in the Newsletter? And... My third: My Instructable was at the top right of the homepage, Meaning that it was the most recent one that got featured on the Homepage. It stayed like that for several hours, But then it got "covered" with 'Ibles that were featured before that on the Homepage. Aren't they supposed to move down to the bottom? About an hour after that, I refreshed it again, And it moved to a different place again. Are they supposed to be organized randomly like that?

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

Featured I'ble not showing on front page or withthe snazzy banner?

Hullo all... I received the email telling me that I am awesome... and indeed that my I'ble on Trebuchets is also of the same calibre... BUT... It doesnt appear to be showing up on the home page... nor does it have the little white diagonal banner that says 'Featured'... that my other featured I'bles have... I assumed that it was just due to updates and filters and such... but the time stamp on the email shows that I was featured at: 17 April 2010 00:17:43GMT   I show up in this link: https://www.instructables.com/play/?show=FEATURED Decided to take this to the forum as I was unsure who to email... or If its part of the new site re-vamp? Let me know Jay did no one ever learn that its not wise to mess with the person holding the siege weapon??? ;)

Posted by Biggsy 8 years ago

Have I Upset Instructables?

Hi everybody, I just want to know what I have to do to get featured. Now before someone points me to the thread that shows the format, I am aware of that post and it is helpful too. However I feel I meet the requirements to be featured, but I'm just not getting the breaks. I've studied who and what gets featured and can see no set goal post. I've seen some of my articles viewed and favourited more than others but then get overlooked. So the instructable community liking my work isn't a problem. I don't expect all of my instructables to be featured but I have noticed some people enjoy a high feature rate - I'm not sure what they do that I don't. Have I done something to upset the instructable team? Is there something I could do ensure a better chance of being featured? (As long as it's not sexual or involves money. lol) I only ask this as I want the maximum number of people to see my work as possible. Which is helped greatly by being featured. Any advice or recommendations are appreciated, Go Repairs

Posted by Go Repairs 4 years ago

Small bug

Just a small bug, on my profile page it says 46% of my ibles are featured...... im not a mathematician, but dont think 6 out of 12 is 46%.

Posted by knutknackebröd 3 years ago

Minor bug: Issues of featured/popular tags

Hiya, I've had a couple of instructables 'featured' that don't have the featured bit on the corner such as my concrete rhubarb leaf: https://www.instructables.com/id/Ornamental-paving-slabs/ which I got an email saying 'watch the front page' but it never appeared and still didn't get the flashing.  Was this a mistake email sent out? Similarly today got a 'your instructable is popular' but it's not updated to show 'popular' - it's https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Pioneering-Build-a-Monkey-Bridge-from-woo/ Any ideas?

Posted by tim_n 8 years ago

Contests and Getting Featured....

I don't know what to think of this, but there has to be a better way.... My instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/Custom-Laser-Etched-Wedding-Invitations-With-Victo/#) was featured. That's great! I got over 1,700 views!  Unfortunately, I hadn't been "approved" for the 3 contests that I entered it in, so of all those potential votes, I got none. Naturally, my 'ible is no longer on the home page. There has got to be a better way.  Perhaps allowing people to vote, but caching the votes until the Instructable is approved?  What are your thoughts?

Posted by MercuryCrest 4 years ago

Overly Featured Authors

I'm happy to see the ladies on the front page and their work is fantastic, but I'm on the site every day and it seems that 75% of the time I am seeing giannyl (published in March) and 25% of the time jessyratfink (published in May).  I haven't see the April dude on the front page once.  Did you have a "Sexy Bunny vs. Guy Who Dresses Very French" focus group? How exactly it this rotation determined and why does it rotate back to one person?  Is it based on views? Regardless, perhaps it could be changed up a bit to allow other authors some front page time? And just a quick aside on the 50s era wording "much more than a pretty face"...Will you please continue to reference how authors look in future features?  I would love to see "For a handsome dude, this guy sure knows a lot of math!" or  "This moderately attractive author has created some gorgeous pieces" or even "At least his soldering iron is hot."

Posted by annahowardshaw 7 years ago

Featured Percentage

Does the Featured Percentage include the No. of Featured Instructables+No. of Featured Collections? I have 11 Published Instructables. 9 out of 11 have been featured. I also have 2 collections; both of which have been featured. But the Featured percentage on profile is only 69% when it should be 80+%. Is this is a bug or are my calculations incorrect?

Posted by Jonathanrjpereira 2 years ago

Featured Instructables

If you sign up for a pro membership do your future  instructables get featured ?

Posted by mchhabra1 2 years ago

New Featured Author Group!

This is for all the Featured Authors on the site! We've created a Featured Authors Group to keep all of you and your interviews organized.  Please join the group if you have had a Featured Author Interview!

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 5 years ago

Do videos get featured?

I've noticed that video instructables don't seem to get featured, is that intentional? Or is it just that so many fewer video instructables get submitted that 'Featured' ones get lost?

Posted by egbertfitzwilly 6 years ago

Some Featured Instructables are not worthy of Featuring

Instructables is great. I frequently view Featured entries. However, I have reviewed the criteria in a number of staff posts regarding what gets a members Instructable featured, I think the idea is good but the implementation is flawed. Some of the featured Instructables might meet those criteria but the Instructable itself may not be worthy, one recently had to be removed by staff for plagiarism after it was featured! The breech of Instructables Guidlines was clearly indicated in comments prior to the featuring. Instructables, please remember that just because an Instructable gets lots of views or comments, these may be for all the wrong reasons and each Featured Instructable and its comments should be reviewed before featuring. Thanks, and I really do think Instructables makes the world a better place :-)

Posted by mad_mat 3 years ago

Only "Featured" email link works, other links not working.

The email I received today shows links, but the links do not connect. The link for the 'Featured' project works. 

Posted by lahines 2 years ago

Featured on Hompage but not category?

I was recently on another computer and want to find one of my instructables to show my friend. She wanted to print it quickly so I didn't log in. When I tried to find it under the Technology category it wasn't under the featured instructable. We found it instead on the homepage (the third page of the recently featured instructables). Later at home I tried it on my computer (on Firefox) and encountered the same problem. Can an instructable be featured on the homepage but not the category page? I was sure it was featured in both. Some screen shots are included below. Thanks (and sorry for bothering :)

Posted by jen7714 7 years ago

featured RSS feed may be leaking future "featured" instructables

 I got this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Repair-a-Lawn-Mower-Engine./ and a few others. They occasionally show up on my feed reader but I can't read them in the reader. When I search the site, the istructables do exist, but they are not "featured" yet There were about three others, but I did not get the name before Akregator crashed. BTW, feature request. if there is some way I could "sum" several feeds together  (featured, popular, and a few of my fave authors) such that I only get the instructable once on my feed, even if the user changed the title or did a quick republish a half an hour lator, that would be great

Posted by kill-a-watt 8 years ago

''Featured instruct able'' bug

Two of my recent ibles (coin pendant, and glow epoxy) were suposedly featured. I got an e-mail for each one, but they never got a ribbon and they never got on the first page. Could a mod please try and re-feature them? It's really important, they are in a contest.... If I'm going to even stand a chance in the guerrilla glue contest, I need my featured instructable able''glow epoxy'' to appear on the front page so I can get the views and ratings. but right now, it doesn't even have a featured ribbon. Please help, this bug is making me nuts!!!!!!

Posted by nepheron 7 years ago

Pro Membership for Featured Instructables

Last night I released another small update to Instructables.  The main change is that we will now be giving away a three month Pro membership to authors with a home-page featured Instructable.  (Christy will be writing up a more detailed discussion of this soon.)  There are also small fixes around RSS display, PDF image display, direct links to Steps, and private Instructables that people have favorited.  Additionally there are one or two admin features - the site admins ALWAYS want more features, imagine that :)

Posted by rachel 8 years ago

No Featured Flag On Instructable

On my last instructable,https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-A-Better-Cardboard-Cutter/ , I received a notice saying this instructable had been featured....yet when I look at the instructable, no feature flag appears. Appears to be a bug, to me.  Also no avatar picture is in place when going through my instructables. I noticed on others the same thing happens, while on some, it does not. To be more clear, it is the picture box below the byline showing author...what shows is what looks like a "placeholder" : pdf, adobe....

Posted by Creativeman 7 years ago