Featuring Guidelines

Having your Instructable featured means you are an excellent author, and you're providing some of the best content on the site. We want everyone to see what you've made! When we feature your Instructable, it's our way of saying "You are awesome, and we love you!" So what does it take to get your Instructable featured? Read on, my friend, you have come to the right place! You can also check out this handy Instructable that will walk you through posting a Feature-Worthy Instructable. There are currently two tiers of featuring we use to promote great content and reward our awesome authors: Feature: Your Instructable will appear in the Featured Feed, and you'll receive a free pro membership which can be applied to your own account or given as a gift to another member! Homepage Feature: Your Instructable will appear in the Featured Feed, as well as on the homepage, and you'll receive a free pro membership which can be applied to your own account or given as a gift to another member. For an Instructable to be featured, the main criteria we look for are excellent documentation and reproducibility. These break down into the following points: The title fits and explains the project.  The introduction should state what the project is, and the reason or motivation behind it. All photos should be original, bright, clear, and in-focus. Projects should be broken into enough steps to be easy to follow, with sufficient photos and explanatory text to allow the reader to understand the process. Grammar and spelling should be good enough so as to not be distracting. Projects should be complete and contain all the information needed so others could reasonably duplicate the project (if the reader were to have the necessary skills and access to similar tools and materials.) Lists should be included of parts/materials/ingredients/tools used, with links to sources as needed, as well as links to references. Whenever possible, the inclusion of downloadable files, PDF patterns, and so forth is desirable. Video content (youtube videos, etc.) must be accompanied by photos and written step-by-step instructions, as outlined in the points above. For a Homepage Feature, here are some additional things we look for:  Overall stellar documentation  Beautiful cover images Content that is highly reproducible and has that “wow, awesome!” factor Note that high levels of ingenuity, creativity, innovation, and/or utility in a project will often compensate for various areas of weaknesses in documentation, so these criteria should be viewed as guidelines and not necessarily hard-fast rules. What about business-related content from bloggers, etsy-ers, youtubers, kickstarters, and so forth? Can that type of content be featured? Absolutely! Any Instructable that meets the criteria as outlined above and contains real how-to instructional content can be featured. If you are in this camp, it's an excellent practice to keep your ulterior motives relatively subtle. For example, some of our best authors are also bloggers and etsy-ers, and many of these authors simply include a single link to their site or store in the last step of their Instructables. This is a perfect approach that allows their projects to get as much attention as possible on the site, but also plug their commercial interests in a way that is not overbearing or spammy. Being overbearing or spammy is the quickest way to NOT being featured.   Want your project featured? Sometimes it's hard to see where your project could use some enhancements! Luckily, we have some great authors that will review your project and give you feedback at the volunteer-run Clinic.  Do you get featured a lot? Why not spend a little time in the Clinic and help others get to your level! :) 

Posted by canida 7 years ago

What does it take to become a member of the community team? Answered

I would really like to be a member of the community team on instructables, can anyone tell me if there is a way to do so or is it just not possible for me? Thanks!

Asked by vishalapr 6 years ago

Is the Makerspace Contest Effecting 'Ible Featured Times?

I was just curious if the Makerspace contest is effecting the time it takes to get your 'ible featured? And if so, by how many days? For example, my last featured 'ible wasn't featured for a few days after posting (and I didn't post it over a weekend or holiday or anything). Usually, the featuring (if it happens) happens much sooner. But I was just thinking maybe the Makerspace contest is effecting the times because there are so many more instructables getting published right now (some of the prizes in the contest are for highest number of instructables published and highest number of featured 'ibles).  Your thoughts? Has anyone else experienced this, too? Thanks!

Posted by Meglymoo87 1 year ago

Featured instructable is not featured

Recently one of my instructables was featured, however it doesn't show up at the workshop featured page

Posted by ElmarsM 3 years ago

Featured email, but not featured

HI I received an email last night saying my 'ible is featured, however, it's not showing for some reason...  Can someone have a look please :) Thanks Simon

Posted by sparks_vfr 2 years ago

Featured ....... Then not featured

Hello, I submitted an instructable today and I was happy to see it be "Featured" but then I checked it out about an hour later then just to find out that the "featured" icon is gone and my instructable isn't featured anymore. What gives? https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Spanker/

Posted by jumb5150 6 years ago

How an instructables become featured?

How an instructables become featured????

Asked by dashinggurl 3 years ago

Can you un-feature a comment?

Can a featured comment be un-featured and put back into the order with other comments?

Asked by zimitt 2 years ago

Featured Mark

My Fast Hot Glue Mold for Small Things was featured in Crafts: https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/category-living/channel-craft/?sort=FEATURED , but not marked. Why?

Posted by Lindsley 7 years ago

Featured Percentage

Does the Featured Percentage include the No. of Featured Instructables+No. of Featured Collections? I have 11 Published Instructables. 9 out of 11 have been featured. I also have 2 collections; both of which have been featured. But the Featured percentage on profile is only 69% when it should be 80+%. Is this is a bug or are my calculations incorrect?

Posted by Jonathanrjpereira 2 years ago

How to get your instructable featured?

How to get an instructable featured and popular ?

Asked by iloveandroid 4 years ago

Save feature??

Is there a way to make a save feature in batch?

Asked by royalroachemail 7 months ago

filter by: featured ?

What does the 'filter by: featured' option do?

Posted by sam noyoun 10 years ago

Where is my instructable "featured"?

I'm pleasantly surprised to see that one of my instructables has a "featured" tag on it. But what does that mean? Where is it featured? I can't find any featured list for it to be on.

Asked by middlenamefrank 7 years ago

Featured Instructables.

What does it take for an Instructable to be featured? Only one of my 6 Instructables have been featured, so I'm kinda disappointed.

Posted by emcee2 4 months ago

How Can A Collection Get Featured?

How Can A Collection Get Featured? All of my collections have a "featured" badge on the top right, But none of them are features What are the guidelines for having a collection get featured?

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

Featured Instructables

If you sign up for a pro membership do your future  instructables get featured ?

Posted by mchhabra1 2 years ago

what happened to featured authors?

What happened to the featured author interviews? the last on was back in february

Posted by bravoechonovember1 2 years ago

Featured or not featured?

I've recently published an instructable. Three hours ago, I've received an email that says my project was marked as featured, even if it isn't on featured pages. It also doesn't have the little star on the upper right corner... Maybe the email I received is a bug...

Posted by giuliom_95 3 years ago

What does it take to get featured? Answered

What does getting featured mean and how do I get featured?

Asked by BLUEBLOBS2 6 years ago

What is feature comment? Answered

On my OB it says for the comments "feature comment" What does that do when you feature it? Thanks, mm8

Asked by MegaMetal8 7 years ago

My featured instructable is not in the featured pages

I noticed that my recent last instructable "journal necklace" is been featured but didn't end up in the featured instructables page. And two instructables that I published just a little later and were featured after did…is there something I can do? Thanks to anybody for the help!

Posted by marcellahella 2 years ago


How do I get Featured? What do i need to improve on my instructable? https://www.instructables.com/id/Create_a_Cylon_Domo/

Posted by Zmonsters 9 years ago

How to make an instructable featured

Could someone pl tell me how an instructable gets listed as 'Featured' instructable?

Posted by ramhardikar 8 years ago

Featured Author Must have the photo

Sugiero que la primera imagen de cada "Featured author" sea la foto de dicho autor destacado. I suggest that the first image of each "featured author" be the photo of that featured author.

Posted by rimar2000 5 years ago

Instructable featured but not showing

I got an e-mail  thay my instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Soldering-Surface-Mount-Parts/ was featured, but on my list of instructables it does not have the featured flag. And it does not appear in the Recent, Featured, or Technology pages.

Posted by JRV31 2 years ago

New Featured Author Group!

This is for all the Featured Authors on the site! We've created a Featured Authors Group to keep all of you and your interviews organized.  Please join the group if you have had a Featured Author Interview!

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 4 years ago

How to become a featured author? Answered

I was wondering how you can become a featured author? does anyone know.

Asked by Mysterious_Gal 3 years ago

How to get an instructable featured?

Hey can i know how to get an instructable featured my friend got his in a day?

Posted by iloveandroid 4 years ago

Featured Ible'

I just noticed my instructable on making stars from scratch in photoshop just got featured (https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-SunStar-in-Photoshop/) I just wanted to say "Thanks!!!" to whoever featured it!!!

Posted by LoneWolf 7 years ago

No featured banner for profile pages.

Is this a feature or a bug? On member pages, there used to be featured banners. Now there are not. I really liked to see which instructables got featured, not just a percentage. My Hat and Contest instructables were featured. FF 3.6.6 w/ Windows 7 Home Premium. Thanks!

Posted by kcls 7 years ago

Featured Items are now displayed differently

I just noticed that Ibles that have been featured have a "featured" mark in their picture, at least when looking at the member's page or on the search!

Posted by Keith-Kid 9 years ago

How Do You Know if Your Instructable Got Featured?

Title says it all...

Posted by LoneWolf 7 years ago

How can you tell if you are a featured author? Answered

How can you tell if you are a featured author?

Asked by schoonovermr 7 years ago

My featured instructable is not showing up?

Hi! I just puplished my instructable yesterday night, and i recieved an email that it had been featured. but when i look at the featured tech section its not there? Also the featured star above the ible is not there?

Asked by Team Dogoman RC 2 years ago

Showing featured flag on photos and videos

When a "Step by step" Instructable become featured , you see a flag in right part of the steps that means this instructable is featured . But when a "Video" or "Photos" instructable become featured , you can't find out this is featured or not . I know you can see featured star in "editors' picks" page or author profile , but when you open that instructable do you see any thing that say this instructable is featured ? The "Videos" and "Photos" instructables need a change to show they are featured or they aren't . For example instructables can show featured flag in a corner of picture or video .

Posted by farzadbayan 7 years ago

"Featured" banner

After receiving two "your Instructable has been featured" emails this morning, the 'ible in question https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-easily-remove-vinyl-tiles/ doesn't have the "Featured" corner-banner, and my "Featured" stat is still at 75%. Was the "Featured" congrat sent erroneously? Has the site just not updated yet? Thanks for your time.

Posted by aeray 7 years ago

Makezine feature notification?

Every so often. Well, more than "every so often", projects from this site are featured on the Makezine site.This is, without doubt, a good thing, but wouldn't it be nice if the authors of featured projects were informed, in the same way as they are informed when their project is featured on this site?

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Do people who have the authority to "feature" things, able to "feature" all of their instructables, slideshows, ect.? Answered

Do people who have the authority to "feature" things, able to "feature" all of their stuff? Or are they only allowed to "feature" projects besides theirs?

Asked by Serial-Cricket 8 years ago

Do videos get featured?

I've noticed that video instructables don't seem to get featured, is that intentional? Or is it just that so many fewer video instructables get submitted that 'Featured' ones get lost?

Posted by egbertfitzwilly 6 years ago

What is the secret of being featured? Answered

I am curious about creating projects that is featured friendly lol.

Asked by WarenGonzaga 1 year ago

Reply button disapears on featured comments

When I feature a comment, the reply button disappears.  Un-checking the feature box and reloading the page returns the reply button. Using firefox 3.6.13 Ubuntu 10.04.

Posted by scraptopower 7 years ago

instructables featured on gearfuse

The pringles golf instructable was featured on gearfuse. here is the link: pringles golf!I had to post this, as the Instuctables Robot head made it on there!

Posted by w00ty32 10 years ago

How to Get Instructables Featured? Answered

Any tips on how to get Instructables featured? Please post your ideas and suggestions below. Thanks.

Asked by The Mad Scientists 3 years ago