can you seperate iron from cassete tapes with venegar? Answered

I don't have acitone and I want more iron from cassette tapes#

Asked by nerd7473 6 years ago

how to sharpen up a ferro rod?

How do u sharpen up a ferro rod thiny magig that u use to hit against the rod

Asked by Schmidty16 6 years ago

Super Magnetic Senses, Achievable?

If I combined Prank's tutorial on magnetic senses with an electromagnetic coil, could a more acute sense be achieved? Also, how would one go about making it look less conspicuous than a battery and a nail duct taped to your hand? And, would one be able to sense a Ferro fluid with this sensory upgrade, or no? Thanks in advance for the answers, and I apologize if my magnetic ineptitude put a damper on your day.

Asked by geckits 9 years ago

Building an electromagnet. Help anyone?

Hi all. I'm looking to mess with ferro fluid but I'm wondering exactly what kind of magnet I'm going to want.  From what I've looked up anything under 3000 gauss and I might as well get a rare earth magnet.  So obviously we move to electromagnets.  Basically what I'm looking for is help to create an electro magnet with these three criteria maximum gauss, minimum effort, and moderate safety.  I'd rather not have it get hot and burn myself.?

Asked by djvbb12 8 years ago

Videos for Working with Cement?

Hi everyone! This is my first post, and I'm putting my request out there for the Instructables community in the hope that someone might be able to help. I'm one of those people who has great difficulty learning practical skills through reading, but (thankfully) catch on very quickly visually.To that end, I've looked for (but failed to locate so far) any VIDEO-based resources for working with cement - demonstrations of basic practical skills such as mixing, building forms, pouring, screeding, finishing - essentially anything directly related to the actual cement working process. Getting REALLY idealistic here, I'm especially interested in anything to do with ferro-cement (thin-shelled cement) work.So, does anyone know where to find such videos? Even if the resources in question are not on-line, names, titles, etc so i could order them from the library/purchase would be much appreciated.Much gratitude in advance for whatever assistance anyone is able to throw this way, and thanks for reading! :o)

Posted by Bardo888 10 years ago

Can a magnetic propulsion system be achieved

Earnshaw's theorem states that a collection of point charges cannot be maintained in a stable stationary equilibrium configuration solely by the electrostatic interaction of the charges. This was first proven by British mathematician Samuel Earnshaw in 1842. It is usually referenced to magnetic fields, but originally applied to electrostatic fields. It applies to the classical inverse-square law forces (electric and gravitational) and also to the magnetic forces of permanent magnets and paramagnetic materials or any combination, (but not diamagnetic materials). Earnshaw's theorem has no exceptions for unmoving permanent ferro-magnets. However, moving ferromagnets, certain electromagnetic systems, pseudo-levitation and diamagnetic materials are areas to which Earnshaw's theorem doesn't apply and thus can seem to be exceptions, though in fact these exploit the constraints of the theorem.  Can we develop a safer cleaner transportation method that involves electro magnets that can propel cars using the city's grid to adjust the power on the street or road to move cars. similar to  famous movies vehicles like STAR WARS(c) Repulsor Lift(c) technology or The MATRIX(c) Ships OSIRIS?

Posted by daswokster 7 years ago

Chemicals people would want to make?

Basically I want to know what lab chemicals you want to make, if you know how to make any useful chemicals. please post, I am not responsible for and injury's, fatality's, or "bad things" of any sort that come from this thread, all things posted here are to assumed for informational purposes only.

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