How can I make a GIF (moving picture) without downloading anything?

I have Windows Media Player and Zoom Player.

Asked by Landon531 9 years ago

collate notepad file to excel file?

Basically i use to collate the data with the help of this batfile command as below copy *txt link.xls i need a help to copy the numbers of txt file to collate in a single excel file with the below specifictions. I have number of text file that text files has its repective name,what i want to do is to collate the set of text files to a single excel file with the column to be added in the excel file with the respective text file names.

Asked by mayking4k 9 years ago

Batch file zip

I need a batch file that will zip up text file with a password that resides on a network drive. Can some one help me with this?

Posted by computerguy 10 years ago

how to make decorative file covers?

Need 2 make decorative file covers with readily available materials

Asked by 9 years ago

Any ideas on the best way to clean a file? Answered

I've been using one of my files a lot lately and the surface is covered in debris that won't easily shake loose. Any ideas on the best way to clean it?

Asked by RadBear 8 years ago

my .pde file is gone from my instructable

Https:// Hi, the linked file in my instructable (the .pde at the bottom) is not linking to the correct file.  It's spitting out some unknown thing.  Could you please fix it? J

Posted by i am jen 6 years ago

Arduino file extension Answered

I haven't been using Arduino for a while but there is something going on with the file extensions. When i rename and save a file the extension gets changed and it can't be opened again. Just adding .pde or .ino doesn't do it. I am using .022 and 1.0.5 for some applications so i think going between them is causing the problem. Is it possible to find a common file name or remove the extension preferences so i can retrieve my sketch. 

Asked by WWC 4 years ago

"automatically add files to this step" checkbox present in non-ible context

When updating my profile picture here:  A checkbox labelled "automatically add files to this step" appears, even though my profile is not an instructable.

Posted by jrspence 8 years ago

How do you make a batch file that only chooses 1-4? Answered

I really need a batch file that picks a random number from 1-4. My friends and I sometimes choose straws when we are doing things, I just thought that this would be faster and more efficient. Also I need to know how to get it so that it picks a number 90% of the time (Its a joke with my friends, so that one of my friends has to do it the most.)

Asked by gorgan67games. 2 years ago

How do I open a Certificate Trust List in Inventor so I can pull dimensions and manipulate the object?

I am trying to open a CTL file that was downloaded from thingiverse and Inventor is giving me problems opening and manipulating the object(engine block). I converted it to an STL  but it still will not let me place it in a drawing.

Asked by logan_b 2 years ago

I learned a new skill, but... (PDF)

Thanks to a small nag from gmjhowe, I now know how to create a pdf file of documents I create in CorelDraw. Dead easy, publish to pdf.But, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent function in Word.Have I just missed something stupidly obvious, or do I need to acquire some software to do it?My first PDFed 'ible.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

how can i make a color change menu in a batch file?

This is what i have madet but i cant se why it wont change color echo off goto 1 :greens color 0A goto 1 :1 @echo.1) Crasher @echo.2) just for fun @echo.3) shutdown @echo.4) spiral color 0A @echo.5) matrix(g) @echo.6) matrix(r) @echo.7) matrix(b) @echo.8) change color @echo.9) not done @echo.10) not done @echo.11) not done @echo.12) not done set pass= choice /c 123456789 /n /m "Choose a task" set pass=%errorlevel% if errorlevel 1 set goto=crash if errorlevel 2 set goto=fun if errorlevel 3 set goto=3 if errorlevel 4 set goto=spiral if errorlevel 5 set goto=matrix(g) if errorlevel 6 set goto=matrix(r) if errorlevel 7 set goto=matrix(b) if errorlevel 8 set goto=color if errorlevel 9 set goto=done if errorlevel 10 set goto=done if errorlevel 11 set goto=done if errorlevel 12 set goto=done goto %goto% :crash start Crashthecomputer.bat goto done :fun start fun.bat goto done :3 shutdown -f goto done :spiral start spiral.bat goto done :matrix(g) start matrixg.bat goto done :matrix(r) start matrixr.bat goto done :matrix(b) start matrixb.bat goto done :color cls @echo.1) green @echo.2) red @echo.3) blue @echo.4) gule @echo.5) cyen @echo.6) purpel set passs= choice /c 1234567 /n /m "Choose a task" set passs=%color% if color 1 set goto=greens :done @echo thanks for using my creation pause

Asked by Emil ØmarkJ 2 years ago

Filing cabinet out of pallets?

I would like to make a filing cabinet out of pallets.  I found instructions on updating a file cabinet but not how to build one from scratch.  Any help for a novice?

Asked by LynetteL2 11 months ago

MS Project cannot open the file? Answered

My .mpp files are failing to open in the MS Project. I get the msg "Cannot open file. The file may be corrupted". Any ideas anyone? Thanks!

Asked by hbaumgart 3 years ago

Uploading files changes their format?

I've just published a new instructable*, and the files have uploaded oddly. One of the files should be an SVG file, but it comes up on the published project as a JPG file. This happens when I upload the SVG as a photo, and when I upload it as a file. As a test, I've uploaded the same SVG file to this forum topic, and that has worked correctly. UPDATE: once I uploaded the file to this topic, it was available in my image library, and I could add it to my instructable *

Posted by Kiteman 2 years ago

How do I open a Certificate Trust List file? Answered

I downloaded a file off of, a 3d modeling file. It says "this file is invalid for use as the following: Certificate Trust List" Please help, any info helps.

Asked by theboygenius 5 years ago

Forbidden File Access

I have been having some issues with accessing to a file that is attached on an instructable. It is a word document, and people, including me, have been having problems downloading this file. This issue has been wide spread already, and we will really appreciate it if this problem can be fixed. This picture is the screenshot of what it shows when I click on the file.  The page that consists this file is: The file itself is: I hope that this can be fixed! Thanks!:) 

Posted by HBang 5 years ago

How do I insert video files onto my Instructables? Answered

For demonstration videos, I just want to place the file to avoid placing videos on the web. What kind of video files are accepted, and how do I make them if I don't have the video options?

Asked by username252 7 years ago

Looking for a batch file to let someone know they have 2 hours to use the computer then 10 mins before shutdown Answered

A file that loads at start up pops up a screen that warns time remaining to use the computer then 10 mins before warns to save work then shut down the computer

Asked by mike60orso 5 years ago

Can you help me to create a batch or some other file to find the answers of a word scramble?

On one of the programming missions on I have to create a file to solve a word scramble, the only language I know that I could use is batch. If you can help me write this file or recomend another file type to do this job, please do!

Asked by wizerd 745 8 years ago

Startup file to copy a picture

I have a school tablet that was forced upon us by my school. The IT department at my school insists that the computers stay 'uniform' by having the same background for desktop and log on etc. As the mischief making students that we are, we quickly tracked down the destination file and replaced the image with one of our own. But the IT found a way to stop this by changing the file back every few times we boot. So I was wondering if I could get some help with the coding for copying a file on boot. All help is appreciated. 

Posted by 2685866 7 years ago

How to repair corrupted PDF files? Answered

Hi all. My PC was infected by viruses.. I have cleaned it completely, but many office and pdf files are corrupted and won’t open. I have tried many many repair programs that I googled but can’t find appropriate. Thanks for your help in advance!

Asked by johnb46 3 years ago

Batch File Help...

Hi guys, i think this might be a bit of a nooby question but here goes: I have made a batch file that lets you add a password to a file, here is the problem, i would like to make the password so when you type it, it will show "****" or something to use to hide the password.Is there anyway of doing this,if so can you please tell me. Thanks :P Oh and here is the link to the source code:

Posted by Petzl11 4 years ago

File download forbidden

Posting this here because e-mail to info@, support@ and has not been answered... I'm a Pro member, trying to download this file: from this page: and receiving this error: "403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules." Please advise. Thanks, Eric

Posted by ericgoldsmith 5 years ago

DXF file sizing/scaling issue.

When a create files to cut with my laser cutter, I create them in InkScape, save them as DXF files, then import them into LaserCut 5.3 Unfortunately, the size of the cut file is not retained. For instance, if I create a drawing of an object around A6 in size, when I import it into LaserCut it fills the A3 workspace. Resizing for simple, flat objects isn't a major issue. However, when item cut at different times have to fit together, or, say, slots are sized to the thickness of the material, it gets to be a time-consuming issue, and sometimes wasteful of materials. Anybody know how to fix this?

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago

Will an ATMega88 compiled program work on an ATMega32 ?

I found a nice hex file for the ATMega88 but all i have is an ATMega32 ... will the hex made for the 88 work on mine ? Or is there at least a converter which will make the hex file be compatible with the atmega32?

Asked by Vladmakesstuff 8 years ago

HTTP error while uploading files

Hey ,  The file upload is not working for me - It keeps showing http error.  One time it showed - IO error  I cannot attach the screen shot to this report as well. It show upload error 407 Also the old uploader is not available in the instructable page I am behind school ntlm proxy. Dont know if that is the reason. Alex

Posted by echoalex 6 years ago

VECTOR then To STL. Then to model

Behind on a project. Loooking for someone expireinced to turn a photo into a STL. File for 3D model. three sizes 2.5" , 1.5" and .75" Seems simple and straightforward but you'll have to see the image DUSTY

Posted by DustyB 3 years ago

Building with Fractions: Kitchen Dilemma - File Downloads problem

When clicking on downloads, taken to site that says "403 Forbidden - Request forbidden by administrative rules."  Bummer since gaining access to these downloads is why I purchased a membership at Instructables.  Can anyone help?

Posted by cahota 5 years ago

Adding a PDF to my ible

Hi, I'm trting to submit my first ible, and for some reason I can't seem to make my PDF file show up in it... My ible is published at but he PDF that's supposed to be downloadable with it isn't there. While Creating the ible, I uploaded my PDF file, and it's now in my Library, and also in the Attached pictures and files window under the text box. However, it's not on the published ible... How do I attach it?  It's a template I want pepople to be able to downlad. Thanks for the help!

Posted by Morgantao 7 years ago

How can I generate multiple text files with different infos for each ? Answered

Hello ! I'm oftenly working on invitation letters to request visas full of infos like passport numbers, adress, dates, names, birth dates, etc ... and also a text which is the same for all letters with the logo of my NGO and a foot with adress of my NGO. It takes a lot of time to change infos on each and I oftenly forgot to change dates or passport number on some invitation letters. I would like to generate text files for this invitation letter where I could choose the input for all the infos which need to change, and choose the text which doesn't need to change for all files. Which software or programming language should I use to make something like this ? I have already searched on google, maybe I didn't use the good terms, but I didn't find anything =( Thank you, Youri

Asked by Anykey 3 years ago

batch file reg?

I have a software that extracts data from  a hardware located in a different location. so my problem is to get that data i have to run the software all the time. so i want to make that software autorun itself when i switch on my PC/Laptop and also i want those data to be stored in one location in a suitable format. please help me out. further i also want the system to extract the data at  particular interval of time(say every ten minutes).

Asked by Josus 5 years ago

Carpenter Chisel Sharpening Technique? Answered

I have a rather abused Carpenter Chisel that I inherited. It has plenty of 'blade' left on it, just alot of dings. I've attempted to sharpen it with a metal file I have in the shop, and have had mixed results. I was hoping someone could share their technique.

Asked by StickStoneBone 7 years ago

Homemade electric nail file

Hey there to all you wonderful people! I have an odd proposal / suggestion / idea... I was wondering if anyone had ever considered this as an Instructables project by any (small) chance? Don't laugh TOO much, this is not something that would be considered a run-of-the-mill every-day kind of DIY by any means... Here's my ish: I'm not incredibly fantastic when it comes to personal grooming, doing the basics as quickly as possible so as to waste as little time getting ready for the day. However, me tooties are a point of some concern due to an out-of-the-ordinary dermal condition. As a result of this, I have to take special attention to moisturizing feet and toenail filing. Also, I suffered an accident when I was much younger that caused the nails on the big toe to grow skew. Long story short I've now been sitting on the floor for 40 minutes with a manual file and, while my one's and two's a looking smashing, I thought there MUST be a way of making my own electric nail file. I thought to try and convert a screwdriver bit for my electric screwdriver into a spherical file which I'm sure would literally save me HOURS and will do my knees a world of good - I've found myself kneeling in 1 position for a lot longer than nature intended. I am NOT the shining Instructables Star in the making by ANY stretch of the imagination but I do have some interesting theories about time travel (not really applicable here, but I wanted to try and sound less daaa - cos this isn't a 'Change The World' kinda project) In any event, I thought maybe someone who has a grasp of my concept and an understanding of how things worked may have a thought on how to accomplish this? Baring in mind that where I live, things like electric nail files are luxuries available only to a specific  social group & not an option for the general norm pavements specials such as I... I'm so interested to see if anyone could give me some help. You'd LITERALLY be saving my life (or at least adding about 10 - 15 years to it where I don't have to spend crouched over a small chair for a quarter of my day every 5 or 6 days) Stopped giggling yet? :) Tx guys, it's a dumb thing to ask, but this dumb thing has the potential to SIGNIFICANTLY change my life in a very practical way. Kind Regards and Loads of thanks! ps It ses to add images, but I think just for the sake of global sanity I'll refrain until I've found a working solution (or a pic of someone else's feet) :) Much love t'ya!

Posted by nixusinc 1 year ago

Please go to the options page and set your preferences!

I'm just trying to download a file as a pdf & get repeated , repeating, message. "Please go to the options page and set your preferences!"   I can't find an options page, let alone a preferences page. I've tried this on my Chromebook running current release OS, and on my W-8 PC running current Chrome Browser version. This popup is incessant!  I can't get the data I need, what is the deal?  See attachments screenshots  What do I need to do, I can't find the page this popup is talking about????  PLEASE HELP JLH

Posted by oldhaus 4 years ago

Apple floppy disk?

Hi,    I have been searching for a way to get the info from some floppy disks that were used on an Apple format computer in the early 90's. The disks are 3.5's. I have a disk drive. I have tried to find a converter  program online but none seem to apply to this.  I can't get them on the PC because if they are formatted they lose the data. Does anyone know a way to convert the data to PC inexpensively?    Thanks Much,   Savex

Asked by Savex 8 years ago

Where did I go wrong [Batch]?

What is wrong with this code? I have it open this program: @echo off mode 18,4 title Actions :1 cls echo (B)           (Y) echo   (A)       (X) echo. set /p a= echo %a%> link.txt goto 1 And this prgram is supposed to read the input. Basically, the first one sends a message to a TXT file. Then this program picks up the message from the TXT file and turns it into a variable. @echo off title Whack-a-Mole set a=10 set mole=0 set time=0 set timeend=0 :Start cls set /a a=%a%-1 echo This game uses the "Actions" gamepad unit. echo. echo. echo Hit the most moles to win! echo. echo Game starts in %a% seconds. ping localhost -n 2 > nul if %a% equ 0 goto Game goto Start :Game if exist Actions.bat start Actions.bat cls echo Press "A" on the gamepad unit to swing your bat. Press "B" to stop. echo. if not exist link.txt ( echo The file "link.txt" could not be found. This game cannot be played without it. ping localhost -n 4 > nul ) if not exist Actions.bat ( echo The file "Actions.bat" could not be found. This game cannot be played without it. ping localhost -n 4 > nul ) ping localhost -n 4 > nul :GameBegin cls echo Ready... ping localhost -n 4 > nul cls echo GO! ping localhost -n 2 > nul :Mole1 cls set /a time=%random%/7000 echo Reaction Time:%timeend% echo Moles Hit:%mole% echo. echo [__][__][__][__] echo   [__][__][__][__] echo     [__][__][__][__] ping localhost -n 2 > nul set a= echo 00> link.txt if /i "%a%"=="a" goto gameover if /i "%a%"=="b" goto gameover if /i "%a%"=="00" goto gameover set a= ping localhost -n %time% > nul goto Mole2 :Mole2 cls set /a time=%random%/7000 echo Reaction Time:%timeend% echo Moles Hit:%mole% echo. echo [__][__((O.O))_] echo   [__][__/:_][__] echo     [__][/ [__][__] ping localhost -n 2 > nul set a= echo 00> link.txt if /i "%a%"=="a" ( set /a mole=%mole%+1 goto Time ) if /i "%a%"=="b" goto gameover if /i "%a%"=="00" goto gameover set a= ping localhost -n %time% > nul goto gameover :Time set timestart=%time:~2% set timeend=%timestart:~4,2% if /i %timeend% equ 01 set timeend=1 if /i %timeend% equ 02 set timeend=2 if /i %timeend% equ 03 set timeend=3 if /i %timeend% equ 04 set timeend=4 if /i %timeend% equ 05 set timeend=5 if /i %timeend% equ 06 set timeend=6 if /i %timeend% equ 07 set timeend=7 if /i %timeend% equ 08 set timeend=8 if /i %timeend% equ 09 set timeend=9 set /a timeend= %timeend%+2+%random:~1,1% if %timeend% geq 60 ( goto gameover ) goto Mole1 :gameover cls echo You got %mole% moles. echo Your fastest time was %timeend%. echo. echo Type in "B" on the gamepad unit to go back to the main menu. :input set a= if /i "%a%"=="b" goto Start goto input It may look kinda wierd here, but that's because of instructables, not me. Anyways, it goes through the animations and doesn't even notice that there are any IF commands. Where did I go wrong? EDIT: Figured it out. Corrected: SET /P a= Forgot the /p!

Asked by TheBatchies 8 years ago

Why is WinRAR a blank file?

I opened up Application Data on Windows XP,and I saw a file named WinRAR. When I opened the file, it was blank. I thought WinRAR was a program for processing RAR and ZIP files; so why is it just blank?

Asked by ~KnexBuild~ 5 years ago

Problem with uploading Revit File

Hi, I am trying to upload my Revit file but I am getting an error that my  90 Mb file could not be uploaded. Please help

Posted by darkconn 6 years ago

How to increase the size of an ISO image file? Answered

Would someone please tell me how to increase the size of an ISO image file? If such thing can be done!

Asked by blkhawk 6 years ago

pdf file does not download

I  cannot download the pdf file from: I have tried a different browser and get the same problem. Thanks

Posted by marcorexo 6 years ago

Batch, remove text from file? Answered

I have been working on a batch file that will remove half the text from a file and store it somewhere else. I know how to take text out but I don't know how to tell it to take half the text out. OS: Windows 7 Thanks

Asked by vorlock 8 years ago

Permitted attachment file types.

Hello, I'm having trouble finding a list of permitted file types for attachment to articles. I understand there are some which work, like .svg, .pdf, and the image extensions. The reason I ask is that I wish to attach Autodesk 123D Design .123dx files, but it doesn't appear to like it. Thanks Greg

Posted by SilverJimny 5 years ago

Cant download any PDF files

Hi, I have pro membership and im trying to download PDF file from any guide but with no luck! I just cant download.. What can i do? Please help me...

Posted by odededevil 7 years ago

How do you put a PDF file on an instructable? Answered

Say if there were a template or pattern someone would need to print off from my project, how would I put a PDF file on the instructable? For example:

Asked by gogglecrab 6 years ago

Is there any way to make a file into a folder under Windows?

I know you're thinking I could just rename it to .tar and untar it, but is there any way to rename the file, change the registry or ownership to make Windows treat it as a folder? And would changing it back work the same way?

Asked by Nofew 9 years ago

Help installing a component file

I downloaded a program for my macbook and it is a component file. Somehow I need to install it. I have little experience with macs so if you could just give me the "idiots instructions" And if it helps at all here is the link to the website[URL=""][/URL][URL=""][/URL]It is an audio osciliscope, which basicly measures the audio waveforms.

Posted by jackillac92 9 years ago

Can I get some help creating a batch file that continuously changes my time 1 hour ahead?

So I have a game that operates in real time and it is synced with my clock, I benefit great amounts of time by setting it forward (it takes about 15 seconds to wait while the game catches up and re syncs - in essence, a fastforward button). I need help making a batch file(or .vbs) that changes the clock 1 hour ahead, waits 15 seconds, then does it again in a continuously loop; until I end the batch process of course. Any help?

Asked by zonecontrol1984 7 years ago

Make a mechanical typewriter type to a text file?

I've got an old (circa 50-60's) mechanical typewriter that has a great deal of sentimental value to my girlfriend. Her grandfather was a writer and was always glued to his typewriter. And since I'm a huge nerd I came up with this crazy idea. My plan, and hopefully this can come to life in a few years is to modify (and not break) the typewriter so that it will send text to a file that is typed out on the typewriter. I've seen the tywpewriter, but they use an electric one and it types out tweets that are found on their twitter account. My idea is to use the typewriter as a guestbook in our wedding. People will come in and type on nice pretty paper so they can see what they're writing, and we'll have a text file. I'm pretty much settling for a text file or some sort that I can use later to modify. I'm thinking I'll have to scrap a keyboard and make small solder pads for the metal keys to make contact to. Any ideas where I can get started? I'll post pics of the typewriter when I take some, but for now, just know it's mechanical and not electric. TY!

Asked by mrsayao 9 years ago