Where can i find nylon?

I am building a vdg for sci fair and i don't know where to look for a nylon roller. also if i use nylon and the top and Teflon at the bottom will that work?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 11 years ago

How To Find Something?

I know that an author named Tim Anderson posted an article on joining two HobieCat hulls to make a outrigger canoe's main hull. But I cannot find any Search function besides the Google box. I'm looking right at it and not seeing it, right? If not, how to find somebody/thing?

Posted by PeteCress 7 years ago

How did you find instructables?

This is a question on how you found instructables. The way I found it was that my friend told me about it and I really got into it! So how did you find instructables?

Posted by iproberry1 6 years ago

Lost my Instructable

I do I find my lost Instructable? It was lost last night just as I was ready to submit to the glow contest.

Posted by cityup 10 years ago

How Did You Find Instructables?

How did you find Instructables? From a friend? Random internet surfing? I was in a store one day and I saw a rubberband gun and thought that it was cool. so when I got home i looked it up on the internet and eventually irwinner's knex RBG came up. I built it and was hooked on Instructables. I had finally found a group of people who arent afraid to show the world their ideas be they world changing ones like j_l_larson's butter pen( you should really patent it) or just fun ones such as the altoids cotten candy machine made by gimmelotsarobots. I joined the day I turned 13 and have been a proud member since. Please tell how you discovered Instructables and how (and if) it changed your life. Thank you so much irwinner!

Posted by TheMoonMaster 10 years ago

Instructables not showing up

I've published my project.  https://www.instructables.com/id/Noteu-USB-Physical-Notification-Device/ Left it over night and its just not showing up in the technology area. It has 1 view as I viewed it in a different browser to test if it was published. Any help?

Posted by jacktrow 4 years ago


Hi, I cant print from pdf (says cant find path) the printer works with other applications? how do I find the Path? thanks for reading this problem and maybe solving it Zimzim

Posted by zimzim46 10 years ago

Can't Find my Instructable after heavy searching

Hello, I made a recent instuctable(photo) and after heavy searching I can't find it in "Explore". Please Help. The link for the instructable is https://www.instructables.com/id/Batch-Game-Noughts-and-Crosses-using-a-save-folder/ Please help me. Than you in advance. p.s. I've looked at other similar questions in the forums, but none of them work for me [ : ( ]

Posted by Monacraft 5 years ago

What have I broken now??

Here is a weird problem, one that I find difficult to work around. Whenever I hit the apostrophe key, I do not get an apostrophe. Instead, the "quick find" toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen. ?? I just missed the full stop ("period") key and hit the slash next to it, and the same thing happened. Please, will somebody tell me how to fix this before I can only type "ggggg" because all the other keys do something odd?

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Help me find a place for an Instructables sticker! Win a patch!

I have an extra sticker from Instructables, but the problem is that I don't know where to put it.  I need your help to help me find a place to put it. Here's a few places where I can't put it: - iPod nano (already has an instructables sticker on it) - Cell phone (Already has an Apple sticker on it - Laptop (Already has Apple sticker on it) - Desktop (Already has Apple sticker) - Video camera (Sticker is too big to fit on the camera) I'm not putting it on low-ticket items like printers, or on fabrics like a backpack.  So if you can think of a place where I can put the sticker, post a comment.  If I like your suggestion, you win a patch.  Thanks for your help!

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

My street find!

Alright! This is my first post here! So, while walking around First Friday last night in the Crossroads District in Downtown KC, my friend and I came upon a copier machine set out on the side of the road. Unfortunately I didn't think about getting pictures... We stopped to examine it thought "Cool!" and went on our way. Later, we came back that way, and it was gone! But in the parking lot next to where it was, we saw it by the dumpster in pieces looking as if a car ran into it =( I was able to salvage this piece and a couple others. This is the part where the paper gets sucked in from the top.

Posted by Zem 9 years ago

Welding and Machinist Classes

Hello I am an exhibits designer and builder for a museum. I weld and do some machining every week. I would like to take formal classes here in Philadelphia or the surrounding area but I can not find a single program! One would think that in a major city there would be something but no luck so far. Does anyone know of a school. New Jersey would be ok too. Thank You Montrose

Posted by Montrose 8 years ago

Random Button

I think There shoud be a "Random Instructable" button, some of the best I have found have been just stumbled on, click, click, click.

Posted by thejanitor 6 years ago

Best Roadkill?

Not squashed squirrels or a mangled moose, but useful stuff. Let me explain:I was driving along and there was a bright yellow thing in the gutter. It turned out to be one of those hanging crane controls, with a couple of metres of cable attached. She Who Must Be Obeyed wouldn't let me stop and collect it in her car, when I went back later in my car it was gone. Shame.What's the best stuff you have found lying dead in the street?

Posted by Kiteman 11 years ago

Can't find my instructable!?

I wanted to publish my instructable , but it didn't show up in recent. Also I can't find it with keywords. Only way it can be seen is through my profile Post can be found here - https://www.instructables.com/id/5-New-life-hacks/

Posted by MadScienceHacks 3 years ago

Where to Find Good Leather Sketchbooks

I live in Westerville OH and for some reason can't find any good leather journals/sketchbooks.  I say sketchbook because I don't want it to have any lines.  I checked barnes and nobles but all of their good leather journals have lines.  Any ideas on where to find some locally?  I don't really want to have to resort to ordering one off the internet because then I can't find out how good of quality the leather is and whatnot. 

Posted by dustin61 8 years ago

I can't find this ible!

First of all, I wasn't sure where to post this, so I posted it here. Anyways... I'm making an ible (muhahahahaaaaa!) and I need to find something that I saw a while ago... It's a giant Rube Goldberg machine that in the end smashes a custard egg. I think that this won a contest, so why can't I find it??? If you made this or know where it is, tell me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Posted by watermelonhead 9 years ago

Where to find large sheets of cardboard

I know back a few years ago you could get huge sheets of cardboard from Home Depot and it was some great stuff, but now they dont do it. Does anyone know where to find large sheets of honey com or 3 ply cardboard these days? Or any 4' x 8' sheets. Thanks, Ethan.

Posted by mindstormmaster1 9 years ago

Whoa ! I signed in and thought the forums had been eliminated...

Took me a good 5-6 minutes to find them again.  Is this on purpose? 

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago

Unabel to find any Audio Transformers (the little cheap ones) 500 ohm to 8 ohm

The only one's listed on eBay are high end (fairly to extravagantly high priced) transformers. I just need a little 4 legged 500 ohm to 8 ohm audio transformer. All my catalogs seem to offer little help. No need for the C/T like the one pictured....

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Salvia & Kratom

Does anyone know where to buy salvia or kratom in maine, perticularly in the Hancock county area?.

Posted by VoodooWitchDr. 9 years ago

Road trip

I'd like to take a road trip across Canada or the USA and hit thrift shops and Junk Markets.  Has anyone ever done this?

Posted by porcupinemamma 7 years ago

This one hasn't been in the ad rotation

Re: Krylon contest, I've only seen the EL contest in the banner rotation, this one totally caught me off guard...Time to paint something!

Posted by frollard 8 years ago

Australian Ible.com members. Are there any?

Just interested to know if there are any other Aussie Instructible members? Haven't managed to spot many yet, but am interested to know how many we are. Ible.com seems to be becoming very popular over here, with several of my work collegues frequenting the site.

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

while loged in, when i click to view an instructable it says it cant find me as a user

Hello, I recently discovered that I could change what I thought was my display name on instructables. (the one that you only have one chance to do) But instead discovered that it is not only the display name that has being changed but my login username as well. Although a bit disappointed i figured "no harm done" but lately after some time with the new username i keep bumping into weird situations. While logged in and active when I click on an instructable to view i get a popup on the bottom of the page saying "Sorry, we can't find that account, or your password didn't match. Please try again!" if I navigate back and choose a different instructable I can view it will all steps on one page as I have it configured. Then if I try to again view the intructable that gives me the error I once again cant. This seems to remedy itself if usually when I'm logged out due to inactivity and then log back in. On other occasions I find myself unable to log in getting the same error as above. Deleting the cookies does not help with this. I am able to log in from the same access point through my mobile but not my computer. User/pass saved on both devices as to eliminate getting the login credentials wrong. I'm thinking this might be because of the unusual characters in my display/username? I was surprised that such characters are allowed for usernames, this also was a point that got be thinking that its the display name that I'm changing not the username (as for example in flickr). Please advice! p.s. after writing this I pressed "Preview Topic" and if I hadn't copied the text when after I noticed that the page was acting up I would have lost all of it. This happened several times while writing an instructable. I went to save or navigate to a different step and the page doesent load and if I press back I loose everything if I haven't got it in the clipboard. Again do you thing that this is related to the weird characters in the usename? p.p.s. I had to change browsers from firefox to chrome in order to be able to post this

Posted by bad pixel 7 years ago


Hi, i would just like to say that i have great difficulty getting resources for instructables, this is probably because i'm only 13 and live in the u.k. I have a small town near me but i barely ever go in, almost always with my parents (partly because i can't be bothered to go on my own). Hopefully i might get a debit card soon but even then im worried about bank statements my parents might look at.

Posted by pyro-jim 11 years ago

Eple Sheet Music

Does anyone know where I can get Eple original edit sheet music? I've searched and searched, but can't seem to find it.

Posted by puffyfluff 10 years ago


The search field is not working ANYWHERE on the site..not in the main search, nor the Bug search...not ANYWHERE!!

Posted by rainmaker3000 9 years ago

Several instructables not showing up and unable to add to groups

I've uploaded several instructables but only two of them show up anywhere other than my own page . . .i can't even add them to groups and such. I pmed fungus amungus a while back but i guess he's really busy because i never got a reply. . . .anyone know what could be causing this?

Posted by Kaelessin 10 years ago

One mans garbage...

Really is another mans gold! I'm the type of person who, when seeing something internesting, picks it up. For instance, I have found: @ A working VCR (and I use it) @ A small TV (not broken, just REALLY old) @ Microwave ovens (several, not a single one broken) @ Old computers (the joys of Harddrive magnets) @ A 27 inch Panasonic TV (it's working perfectly, i use it daily) UPDATE 10 July 2010 @ A working DVD player (slot jammed, fixed it) @ A PlayStation 1 (not tested, I'll report back) (tested it with the AV cable I also found, it works!) There's no shame in taking "trash" off the streets! I got some funny looks having a small TV strapped to my bike, I take them as compliments! What I'm trying to say here is basically Save the planet, finders keepers!

Posted by Kirbsome! 8 years ago

Find the Hidden Harry Potter References and Win 1 Year of Instructables Premium Membership!

I recently published my Witching Hour Halloween Window Display Instructable. Placed within the images and video of the Instructable are SEVEN hidden (and not so hidden) references and items relating to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I will give away 1 year of free Instructables Premium Membership to the first person to identify SIX of the SEVEN hidden items, extra kudos to anyone who can find all SEVEN. Just list your six (or seven) Harry Potter related things and where you found them in the comments below, good luck!!

Posted by ThirdEarthDesign 1 year ago

My Instructable won't publish-2nd user

I also have a problem not seeing my Instructables as non-logged in viewer ! It has been more than 5hrs and I still cannot even find it using Search facilities of Instructables. My profile should update to 9 but remains stuck at 8 instructables.

Posted by tonytran2015 3 years ago

How Did You Find Instructables

I thought it would be interesting to find out how everyone stumbled upon instructables. I found it while google searching "How to put games on a calculator". How 'bout you guys?

Posted by Gjdj3 10 years ago

Does any one know where to find this?

Does any one know where to find this backgroung in this video? If you do please leave a comment with the link to it. THX Charger_06

Posted by Charger_06 10 years ago

Lost item finder?

Is there some instructable for this? Basically, just a penny sized sticker that can be placed on any item. If lost, then a device could easily scan for them (5 feet radius range, maybe) I've searched for systems like this, but they're all expensive.  It should be pretty simple, maybe passive RFID tags, and some kind of device that detects if it is closer or farther. I've checked on reader, but any cheap ones are in the $160 range and 3 inch distance. Long distance ones are like 500 and above. Except readers aren't really necessary. There isn't really any information that needs to be read. Just a way to tell if the signal is closer. Something like that could probably made in the $20 range but i wouldn't know I'm asking cause I lost the memory card for my camera (case and all). It was sitting on a desk, then it wasn't. It had some vacation photos that i hadn't transfered to PC yet. It was a grueling search, and I couldn't find it.  At some point in our lives, everyone needs something like that. Losing something important sucks, expensive or not.

Posted by alester333 8 years ago

Anyone know where I could find a used/broken guitar for $30 and patch it up??

I want to place the image of the buffalo man logo on the guitar, but I need a cheap body I can use! http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs7/i/2005/171/2/7/jamiroquai_by_bozooart.jpg

Posted by Pumpkin$ 8 years ago

Let the Battle Commence! (Help me find some components)

Hello Instractables community! I am currently building my computer on paper and wanted to know, What components to buy, Here is the list of what I'm not sure of Processor (Dual core) Video card Motherboard And if possible show your system specs, Thanks, and you may see an Instructable in the near Future! AMD Vs Intel

Posted by Steamdnt 10 years ago

Periodic Table of FAILURES

Hello everyone!! It has been a while since I have posted anything but I am back. So, I am currently a freshmen in high school, taking block science. I just started chemistry and was very excited having prior knowledge and love for it. The teacher give  us a paper with the Periodic Table of Elements on it. It was made by the Navy with a bunch of pictures of ships and what-not. So it seems legit. BUT, after closer inspection I discover this is as accurate as a un-modded Nerf gun. Many errors, ranging from spelling of elements to incorrect symbols and more.          So I issue a challenge. Since I have only knowledge of Chemistry I hope that here on Instructable's there are people who know it from the back of their head and can and will find the errors in this catastrophic table. I am posting a picture of it for you to investigate, if you need it to be clearer or anything else just ask. I am very curious to see what else on this is wrong. I have already marked and fixed a few errors with a pen, but I want to see if there are more!

Posted by ostomesto 5 years ago

Find it

Find the antenna! I need to make it bigger.

Posted by thejrb 10 years ago

where to find usb cord

Where can i find a usb cord for these projects?

Posted by killer7 10 years ago

Heeelp! Can't find saved instructable I was writing

I've started an I'ble and saved it but can't find it anywhere... Thanks!

Posted by perec3 1 year ago

Can't find unlock link for pro

I received a code for a pro membership, but i cant find a link to redeem the code, does anyone know where i'd go to find this?

Posted by Philisawesome 6 years ago

finding the chatroom

I always have trouble finding the Instructables CHATROOM. I fumble around for it. or do a google for it. where is the link to it?

Posted by M F 10 years ago

Find 3D components for Eagle/POVRay

(Where) can I find pre-made libraries of Eagle components for the POVRay? Thanks

Posted by perkinsb1024 10 years ago

Cannot find my instructable

Yesterday I published an instructable called "Bobby Pin Wallet". Today I checked on it and saw that I could only find it by going to my profile. I cannot find it through the search box or recent instructables. Has it just not gotten published or is something wrong?

Posted by Jessie Marie 4 years ago

Where to find brass sheeting?

I'm planning a project involving but I'm unsure about where to find brass sheeting. Anyone know?

Posted by Chemical_Anomaly 8 years ago

Where Can I Find Robot Matierials

Where can i find matierials in Australia to build robots

Posted by Matt9 8 years ago

Unable to find ebook download button

I can not find a button to download an ebook from the ebook page.  What am I missing?

Posted by elrodqfudp 6 years ago

PC Test rack

I read an instructable a couple of weeks ago on a PC Test rack, basicly allowing you to test a PC without a case, but I can't find it. I've searched for ages but can't find it at all. Any help on finding it would be appreciated.

Posted by Josho 11 years ago