Like I'm bored and I want to blow some stuff up any 1 have any ideas of what I should do?

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Making a Fake Fire

Hi Friends, have you heard about a Fake Fire? I have been looking a way to DIY a fake fire, however, I couldn't find the element. but today just made a fireproof glove to make some awesome effect. could you give me a comment after watched?Of course, in case of you trap in a danger fire, with this my emergency glove, you could also use your hand to remove any hot items without any hurt.

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Fire Safety!

I became interested in hobby electronics after seeing this instructable: Light BarWith projects like this, the more components I buy, the cheaper each component is (ex: buying LEDs in bulk) so I will likely end up with more parts than I would want for myself. If I make a lot of these things (or similar projects) and give some to friends, how can I make sure that they are completely safe?

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Fire Glove

Ok listen up guys, i have a science project and i wanna do this one thing really badly but i fear my hand might be badly destroyed in this process i want to make a glove where i could snap my finger and make a spark with some kind of flint and then hold a flame with a fuel source like timber or something... i'm thinking of buying a heat resistant glove so i don't get burned alive XD but any ideas would be helpful.

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Fire Kit

Here's an idea for a fire kit, not necessarily for survival or emergency. Someone want to make an ible out of it ? The idea here is that a coke can, once  completely dry, could provide both lightweight waterproof storage for tinder and lighting , and  also be an item to help structure the fire layout to provide proper draft and heat containment, . After the can is  dry you could stuff in some matches and cotton lint or vaseline balls, maybe a magneium stick. Maybe an obviously small candle.  Some items may need wrapping.  Then duct tape the hole When it came time to use, open with a knife. How exactly I would use the can to structure the fire is an open question.  

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Make a portable fire pit

This portable fire pit tutorial over on Design*Sponge is sweet. Great photos, clear instructions, and a lovely item as a result. If you want a nice bit of flame to keep you company, check it out. How to Make a Personal Fire Pit For Cheap! via design*sponge

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Fun with fire... But how?

Http:// How to make this trick what is on that picture above? How to start? Anybody has any idea? Thanks!

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how to fire clay Answered

Hi i have been trying to make a clay membrane at home ( similar to kitchen tile ). i have used clay from art store and home depot without any success. after making a plate  of various ticknesses , i dry the plate for a few days but when i try to heat it it will breaks down , makes a popping sound and chips off. any suggestions ? thanks Michael

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Fire/ pyro guide.

Can an admin make a cool guide with the good pyro instructables? That would be awesome.

Topic by thebeef2 9 years ago

Firing Mechanism help

I need help making a firing mechanism. I made one of the bamboo stick shooter with a pen and a rubber, but then I taped the whole thing on a tube of paper for stability and aim. Any ideas? Please, if you can, try to make one with mainly paper and no Knex pieces? Thanks in advance if you can.

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New firing methods

Post your ideas on how to make more rapid-firing guns and new ways to fire

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Ps3 Rapid fire?

I was thinking of using a 555 timer to make my ps3 controller rapid fire, what do you think?

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Propane Fire Pit

I made a propane fire pit and can't get the flame to go high. I was wondering if it makes a difference on the distance that I have the propane tank from the fire pit? and do I have to use an air mixture?

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Help with fire concrete/ forge making Answered

Firstly "Hello all", I am a long time lurker, first time poster. With that out of the way, I am gathering materials to make a small gas forge to cast some bespoke jewelry for my lady wife. I know there are lots of instructables regarding the process, but all seem to contradict each other in some way. I am going to use Fire Concrete as the lining as I got 2 tubs super cheap, and the pot says to increase temperature slowly over 4 hours and fix cracks that appear which is simple enough. Guides that use fire concrete just say "when its ready" then fire up the forge, but I dont know how to get it to the ready stage, do I need to fire it slowly over 4 hours or just cure it over night? And those that use quikrete say to bake the forge for several hours, but as I am using fire concrete do I need to do that or not? From what I have been reading around I cant do too much to mess it up, but I do need help with understanding how to cure the fire concrete Thanks

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how to make firing detonators for bullets?

How to make detonators for bullets to replace on old cartridges

Question by chelo67 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Laser firing sound?

I need a simple cheap way to make a laser during sound fir a project. I don't want something complex like the stormtrooper blaster, but a simmilar sound would be neat. I can fit 3 9v batteries into the case. Also note I will be using a momentary switch to power LEDs fir a flash effect, and I don't want to gave to turn it down. Simple and small is what I need. Whatever works gets best answer and credit in my instructable.

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The Crucible's Fire Cabaret

If you're going to this wild and wicked event, and you want to dress to kill, check out some ideas (and get tickets) here:  The Crucible's Fire Cabaret There are some other good ideas here on Instructables, too, for flapper dresses, tommy guns, how to do a finger wave, or headress.  This is gonna be one hot event -- you'll see some hot jazz and blues, and also jaw-dropping demonstrations in blacksmithing, welding, flameworking, and more -- accompanied by burlesque dancers, aerialists, contortionists, and other amazing talent.  Bring a camera too and strike a pose against a backdrop of fire sculptures, bootlegger cars, and a blazing industrialist environment.

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How to make a wick for an oil lamp?

Does anyone know how to make a wick for an oil lamp?? I don't really know how the wick works, so I don't have ANY clue on how one would make it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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An Effective Reflector Oven (for a fire)

          My troop used to have this great reflector oven, that was good for making brownies, cookies, cakes, etc. But somehow, it has been stolen/lost/misplaced/destroyed, and we no longer have it anymore. After looking at the internet for a while, I haven't found any good how to's for making a reflector oven, so maybe one of you engineers who loves camping and good food could make an 'ible on how to make a Reflector Oven. Thanks! -Pandadude aka some dude with a name.

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how can I make an easy spark gap?

I made a potatoe cannon with PVC tubes, and I have an electric bug zapper as the power source, but I need some sparks to fire it up.If someone has got the circuit´s plans please live a comment. THANKS!!! :D

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how can i make my own firesteel? Answered

Is there any way i can make a small firesteel keyring and if there is can you post a link to instructions for it!!! thanks!!!

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Hey! Can someone that can make an awesome fire/pyro Instructable? That would be awesome.? Answered

 I just want an instructable with all the good fire instructables.

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Today I was shooting some targets with my SRC M16A3. All of a sudden, during a full auto burst, the gun stopped firing. Now, whenever I pull the trigger, I here this terrible whirring sound like a power drill, and the gun does not fire. I check the battery. Then, I tried to adjust the motor height, and that didn't do anything. I removed the motor from the grip to see if anything was wrong with it, and it is totally intact. Can somebody please explain to me how this problem can be fixed with minimal internal gearbox work? Because it is a sportline type gun, I don't feel that overhauling the gearbox with reinforced components would be worth the money or labor. I have a bad feeling that the bevel gear or piston may be stripped, and don't want to deal with the hassle of replacing, shimming, and re-lubricating all of the gears.

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knex firing mechanism thingy

I didnt look around much so this may be old news... you can just delete this if it is the idea is that when you pull back and a little up the bolt pops out of the barrel and rests against the front of the chamber, until you push down on the hammer, which puts the bolt back in the barrel again :P if you make it with reds or grays they bend a bit much but it still works the problem is that theres no real way to make it bolt-action

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Fire fox search addon

Has anybody made an Instructables Firefox add on that works like the google, wikipedia, ebay search tools? If not would someone like to make one?

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BB firing flintlock mockup

Very long story short, I'm making a BB gun. I've got the basic ideas and mechanics almost done, its just a matter of making it work and materials. One of my big problems right now is that the gun will be .177, but it's going to mimic the look of an old flint or caplock muzzleloading pistol, which ranged from .36 all the way up to .80 in the largest ones. Obviously the barrel will have to be concealed within a larger, false barrel. My problem is making the real barrel attach securely without negatively affecting accuracy because it's off center. fitting the breech of the real barrel with a nut or a thread insert  has crossed my mind, but I'm not sure if It will be enough. pictured are some examples of caplocks so you have an idea of what the finished product is planned to look like

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How do i make a "Book of Fire"?

Also called a "burning book", i saw this trick in a chem class once. the prof took a book off his shelf, plopped it open to some pages in the middle, then turned the page, making sure it rubbed along the page underneath (presumably for friction), then the pages burst into flame. really, the air slightly above the pages was the burning component, because he then slammed the book shut and CAREFULLY reopened it to the same pages to show they were undamaged. i can't figure out quite how it's done.

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how to make a simple homemade fire alarm? Answered

Question by banty2100kr 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how to make a fire extinguisher air gun?

The materials u need 

Question by The_Modder 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

how can i make a homemade fire alarm? Answered

I wan2 make a homemade fire alarm dut dont know to.

Question by knex gun and grenade maker 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how can i make a fire alarm system? Answered

I want to make a fire alarm system for a low cost.

Question by knex gun and grenade maker 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Rapid Arrow Firing System

It was only a very simple idea, just make a massive arrow holder and slide a rod through it.It shoots 13 arrows, with about the power of the v2.Problem was though...the massive amount of rubberbands made it bend all over the place; 13 times strings of 4... =52 which just doesn't work.It did shoot, but as you can see from the was not very sturdy lolThat rod with the wheels on it equals a black rod O.oAnd before you ask....everything except the trigger is taken apart already, as I consider it failed.And ofcourse I don't sit still, building something new already =dMight make one again, but on a smaller scale.

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Terracotta can it be fired in the microkiln?

Okay I see these small microkilns it is a kiln for the microwave, mostly used for fusing glass, making glass jewelry, but at ceramics daily I saw a post that said you could fire clay in them, now I know that terracotta is an earthen clay, I make terracotta pendants for essential oil it's just a small necklace for difusing oils on a necklace. but using air dry clay the don't last long and are so brittle so I need to fire them, and use them unglazed so just firing them. I can't find not one person to answer me I just want to be sure it can be fired in one before I purchase. Thank You so much!

Question by lynnfm 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

how do you make torch fuel?

HiI'm planning a medieval halloween party and would like to put up torches along the pathway. I was hoping to buy off some fire gel for lighting the torches, but its turning out to be too expensive. Please let me know if there is a low-cost homemade alternative to this? What i need is fuel for fire that keeps it burning for at least 4 hours, even in windy conditions.Thank you and best regards,Fatty

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How can I make a mini grill? Answered

I want to make a mini grill.What is the best way to do this?

Question by bylerfamily 10 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How do you make jellied alcohol? Answered

You know sterno?Its jellied alcohol.How do you turn regular alcohol into jellied alcohol?

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How would I go about making a fire pit table like the one's sold at lowes?

I am looking at making one of the fire pit type tables sold at lowe's and other stores. Have access to cheap steel and cheap aircraft grade aluminum up to .375 in thickness.

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does anyone know how to make fire in minecraft CLASSIC ?

P.S. I DID Google and I cant find it on the wiki.

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Could I make a homemade laser beam to dismantle a satellite? Answered

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How to make a dragon costume?

How to make a dragon costume for a child (definitely no fire needed)?

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to make a fire come from your fingertips...

Well, hello there, I'm trying to figure out how to use some small flexible gas tubing of some kind and a sparker to make a project that will make it look like a flame is shooting out of each finger and thumb. I'm also trying to figure out a way to control the sparker and the highth of each flame without using my hands as they'll have flames shooting from my fingertips. So any thoughts? Thanks, Daemon Ulf

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Does anyone know how to make flash powder? safely with no weird ingridients?

I just want to know how to make flash powder, safely, with no weird chemicals.

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Imitate Fire With Flickering LEDs?

I'm an artist looking to use this in a new series of work. I'd like to imitate fire inside a frosted globe with flickering LEDs, maybe several each in red, orange & yellow. Unfortunately I'm fussy about realism and electronics illiterate. It would be nice to be able to buy or build this part of the project for under $25 each and fit it inside a 2.5 inch (65 mm) circle. A battery operated circuit would be preferable but I could live with a 110v circuit if I had to.  What do you think? Can any of you electronics guys or gals get me set up here? I'm strapped for cash at the moment but if one of you can help me make this work I'll send you one of the first finished pieces, post an instructable on the project and give you credit for the electronic portion. Thanks! BrianJewett

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Be a caveman with Swedish style!

I saw this on the MAKE blog: Helmut Smit is an artist/designer. This brilliant Ikea Hack "harks back to one of humanity's basic needs: making fire." As Ikea does not sell matches or lighters, Smits has taken cues from the wartime necessity of burning furniture to keep warm, and created a fire from an Ikea rope, hanger, wine rack, egg cup, napkins, and floral embellishments. Since embedding doesn't seem to work consistently here's a direct link to the video below:

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how do i make a wood fired water heater?

Question by icemate 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

What can i make with chicken?

Chicken Salad! Yes! was a thought...

Question by Yerboogieman 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

you can make zippo wicks

Hey i just realised you can make zippo wicks just soak a ball of string(cotton) in salt water for a day then take it out to dry and leave it for a few days until dried then plat them and youre done!!!!

Topic by sharlston 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to make a mini jet engine?

Hi Everyone, I have seen on YouTube (and here on instructables) how to make a small jet engine from a few parts..... I used a metal tube and put  standard lighter nozzle on one end and drilled a couple of holes in the middle. When I lit it, all i got was a regular flame out of the end. I know I'm doing Something wrong, I just don't know what. Can someone please shed some light on this? Thanks in Advance!!! Mr. Electric

Question by Mr_Electric 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago