Fire, pyrokinesis/ telekinesis

Hi everyone if you like fire or belive in controling fire here is the place! So just talk about a cool fire trick or how to control fire thanks !

Posted by pyro=fire 7 years ago

DIY Fire Extinguisher

I need a cheap homemade fire extinguisher for small stuff.

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

set fire to dvd? Answered

Is it possible to set fire to a dvd w/o an accelerant?

Asked by pyro man 9 years ago

New Category!

I want instructables to make a category about fire   anything fire. Change fire color, different household items that start fire. Just anything!

Posted by jamob 5 years ago

how do i build the best fire for my fire pit naturally?

I want to build a fire for my fire pit with all natural materials,no gas or lighter fluid. I have alot of wood and i want to fill my pit up

Asked by devo89 9 years ago

New firing methods

Post your ideas on how to make more rapid-firing guns and new ways to fire

Posted by Professor Tor Coolguy 11 years ago

Propane Fire Pit

I made a propane fire pit and can't get the flame to go high. I was wondering if it makes a difference on the distance that I have the propane tank from the fire pit? and do I have to use an air mixture?

Posted by spiderpig16pd 3 years ago

how can i make a homemade fire alarm? Answered

I wan2 make a homemade fire alarm dut dont know to.

Asked by knex gun and grenade maker 7 years ago

fire wire

Hi if you do poi wid fire wire it looks so kool

Posted by mattadams 11 years ago

fire dancers (peole who do fire poi and stuff)

Hi what move can you and where do you live?

Posted by mattadams 11 years ago

Rapid fire controller for ps3

Rapid fire controller for ps3 ps3 modded controller ps3 modded controllers sexy lingerie  

Posted by cainmack76 8 years ago

what is the best fuel to use for fire poi?

Some say to use a combination of fuels mixed together......but what is the magic formula

Asked by dustinbikes 9 years ago

Fire/ pyro guide.

Can an admin make a cool guide with the good pyro instructables? That would be awesome.

Posted by thebeef2 8 years ago

can a regular 9mm pistol fire underwater ? Answered

The title is the guestion

Asked by Goomanhimer 9 years ago

how can i make a fire alarm system? Answered

I want to make a fire alarm system for a low cost.

Asked by knex gun and grenade maker 7 years ago

Rapid fire controller mod for PS3?

When I look for rapid fire mods, all I see are Xbox 360 and some PC ones. Is it possible to do one for a PS3 Controller?

Asked by Fizzxwizz 8 years ago

Torch fired Enamel

How do I look up Torch fired Enameling or Tools needed? Thank You Jerry

Posted by gmsmg 4 years ago

how to build a fire using a stick without a matches Answered

Whats the answer are you intelligent and awesome if you answer it right you good and intilligent

Asked by skyheart 8 years ago

where can I find liquid fire drain opener.?

Where can I find liquid fire drain opener.

Asked by coolpizzadude 9 years ago

Knex fire starter

I made a Knex firestarter, let me know if u want pics or an instructible.

Posted by dalekpod 6 years ago

Frets on Fire HELP!!!!!!

Whenever I try to run Frets on Fire I get the message in the picture! Has this ever happened to somebody else? How do I fix it?

Posted by CapnTac 9 years ago

Instructables involved with fire?

Anybody who has any insructables involving fire or kinds of reactions similar to fire join my explosions group please or PM me with an instructable you have or know of!!!! Its new and i want people to join with some fun projects!

Posted by jamob 5 years ago

Crucible Fire Arts Festival in Oakland CA - July 9-12, 2008

If you're into fire, metal, dance, and all of the above, BART on over to the Crucible Fire Arts festival, coming next week!Each July The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival celebrates creativity through fire and light with a spectacular open-air exhibition of interactive fire art, performance and the largest collection of outdoor fire sculpture on the West Coast.The 2007 Fire Arts Festival attracted over 10,000 people from as far as England and Australia and featured The Fire Odyssey, an innovative production that blended industrial fire theatre with ballet, opera, hip hop, aerial dance and fire performance. See the full lineup of performers, artists, and goings on at: our special Cupola Iron Casting workshop running July 7-13th and wow the crowds with your iron pour!Here's your chance to play an active role in this year's Fire Arts Festival! After learning the steps to create a mold and prepare iron and coke charges for the cupola, you are invited to participate in a public iron pour on the last day of the 2008 Fire Arts Festival.

Posted by susie 10 years ago

New firing systems for K'NEX guns

I'm so tired of the firing rod and the little orange connector to fire K'NEX guns. Isn't everybody else? Maybe make something like a real trigger?

Posted by Castle Seige 11 years ago

Green Fire?? Answered

I recently went on a campout with some friends and someone brought a bunch of newspaper. When we put a bunch in the bottom of the fire turned green. Does anyone know how that happened?

Asked by ExplosiveSillyPutty 9 years ago

Is there a free way to add rapid fire to a Wii remote?

I was thinking of buying a rapid fire kit for my Wii remote, but I decided in doing it myself. Is there any free way that is as simple as adding a switch to two contacts, like in a Xbox rapid fire mod? Thanks!  -Shadow Ops

Asked by Arbitror 8 years ago

How can I make a fire proof hiding safe for cash - the size of a toilet paper tube.?

I have some cash that I want to keep in my house - emergency fund - but I worry about two things - theft & fire. Any ideas of something that won't burn up in a house fire that small? What usually survives house fires?

Asked by karrel 9 years ago

Can Terracotta be fired in microkilns?

Can a small terracotta pendant be fired in a microkiln? I know most use them for glass but I have seen where clay can be fired in one so being that terracotta is an earthen clay I just want to be sure before I purchase one.

Asked by lynnfm 2 years ago

Equivalent of fire wire. Anybody know of any other easy fireworks (like as easy as firewire to make)?

Just wondering if anybody knows of anything as fun and easy to make. (as easy as the steel wool and wire fire wire thing.)

Asked by The Red Button 9 years ago

How to reliably detect fire and its location?

As the title says. I did try IR receiver to detect a fire but its not very reliable. Im trying to make a fire fighter robot and need accurate data of the fire's size and its location. Im using a arduino Btw Thanks

Asked by faraz ahmed khan 7 months ago

Octogons and Fire!

Wow... this is one of the most random groups ever! Let's print out pictures of octagons, and burn them, then we'll be in the game.

Posted by GorillazMiko 10 years ago


Like I'm bored and I want to blow some stuff up any 1 have any ideas of what I should do?

Posted by jotary 10 years ago

Make a portable fire pit

This portable fire pit tutorial over on Design*Sponge is sweet. Great photos, clear instructions, and a lovely item as a result. If you want a nice bit of flame to keep you company, check it out. How to Make a Personal Fire Pit For Cheap! via design*sponge

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago

i wanted to know how does starting fire with a water bottle really works Answered

I have pick "starting fire with water bottle" for a science fair and i need to know how does it really work? like does it matter what bottle or angle whats the reason for the fire to start

Asked by CURLYFRIES 2 years ago

Airsoft firing real bullets

Can an all-metal airsoft gun truly be modded to fire a .223cal round, as they are approximately the same diameter

Asked by 5H4D03 8 years ago

does a fire extinguisher last a long time or not ?

Like does only last one skirt then you have to empty it 

Asked by the modder 11 months ago

fabrication of fire fighting robot?

How to built a fire fighting robot using ardiuno uno;and also can you give its coding....

Asked by kartikk28 1 year ago

Ps3 Rapid fire?

I was thinking of using a 555 timer to make my ps3 controller rapid fire, what do you think?

Asked by tom10122 5 years ago

is there a gun i can make that fires from a far and powerful distance?

A gun that can fire really powerful and from a far distance?

Asked by pikathebudgie1234 9 years ago

knex paintball marker

I have made a paintball marker right now im working on a firing and clip ima prolly make it a airsoft shooter and use a firing mechanism ( TOP SECRET ) one, that when you fire the bullet the firing pin recocks so alls you do is pull the trigger the rod goes forward and back every second so the firing rate of the gun will be 1 pellet/sec. but i will not post because of the top secret firing mechanism

Posted by ClemensY290 10 years ago