What was the very first comment you ever posted on this site. The comment that made you part of this great community. For me it was this:"Um... *spits out Good N Plenty and stairs in horror*If You want to eat fewer bugs, Try inspecting each rasberry before putting in mouth. I've found spiders, bettles, worms, etc. hiding in the hole in the middle."on Ah... I was so new, so eager. So many spelling errors. Not really sure of what comments where. Ah Memories.

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 11 years ago

first kiss

Come and tell us about your first kiss

Posted by sharlston 9 years ago

First post!

. Hi, everybody!

Posted by NachoMahma 9 years ago

the first instructable... ever

This is the first instructable ever. you might be surprised that this only has 1000 or so views, but it never caught oncongrats arwen you have the first instructable ever!

Posted by coolz 10 years ago

The first thread!!

After like 10 minutes of clicking the next page button i found it! first threadIt's unofficial because the real first thread could have been deleted. Well that answers one of Patsowers question.

Posted by Easy Button 11 years ago

My first instructable!

I just finished my first instructable. Its about how to make any audio file sound scary like the scary rolls on youtube. Its right here:

Posted by emuman4evr 10 years ago

FIRST Robotics

I am wondering whether anyone else is involved First Robotics. If you are, go ahead and talk about your various thoughts, ideas, etc. If your aren't, then I encourage you to come to one of our competitions to see what First is all about. Check out to learn more and look at the event calender for FRC to check for any and all upcoming events. Also, I'm going to try adding a group for FIRST but if someone already has please notify me.

Posted by Mr. Holmes 7 years ago

Should i delete my first ible? it stinks and only has 20 veus anyway?

It kind of stinks heres the link>..............

Posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox 9 years ago

We really need to be able to see a person's first comments!

Don't you think? I am very frustrated by not being able to see eric's or Kiteman's very first comment ever! You just can't see it if they make a lot of comments. I think that's a shame.

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

Which gun do you want first?

Ok, I am having a difficult time deciding on which v2 to work on first. I am building v2's on all of them, but I want to see which one you want choices:SPEC-9 v2 (i figured out how to make it use less parts so I can finish it now)Jackal .357 v2 (may be renamed if I build it). Also specify if you want a mag on this gun or not if you vote for itRX-bow v2Closing date is this thursday, 12:00 noon central time.THE POLLS ARE CLOSED.a unaminous vote for the SPEC-9 v2 means ill build that (came in form of Longbow v2)

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Notes on Specific Laws - the First Law

First Law On the Instructables website, the use of correct spelling and grammar shall be a constant criterion. Note: Edited Law There are several reasons for using correct English in all of our work on this site, but the most important ones are: It shows that you have taken time over your project, put some effort in and are proud of it. Like a smooth finish is the sign of a careful craftsman, a well-formed sentence is a sign of an Instructable that is worth trying. Clarity - the use of poor grammar or spelling can completely mangle or disguise the meaning of a piece of work, causing problems and wasting time as readers seek clarification. Inclusiveness - Whilst it may be cool to use the most current street slang or message-board abbreviations, there are those (myself included) who do not move in the internet circles where these terms originate. Excluding part of the membership by making the slang impenetrable also cuts you off from a deep well of information and advice. Time - slang dates, and changes rapidly. For instance, the word "gay" originally meant "carefree", then "happy", then "homosexual". Now, to the pupils at my school, it means "annoying" or "sad". Imagine what your latest slang could mean to future generations of readers. The web is a multi-lingual place. It would be conceited of us to assume that all readers speak English as their first, or even their second languages. There are a growing number of members and casual readers that rely on translation software to read this site. Translation software cannot deal with poor spelling or new abbreviations, and will render our words as gibberish.

Posted by Kiteman 11 years ago

What did I do wrong in my Instructable?

I posted my first Instructable and something is wrong - but I don't know how to fix it. the steps show, "Normal0falsefalsefalseMicrosoftInternetExplorer4/* Style Definitions */table.MsoNormalTable{mso-style-name:"Table Normal";mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0;mso-tstyle-colband-size:…"What did I do and how do I fix it?Thanks in advance!!!!

Posted by bearmitzvah 9 years ago

first instructable

What was your first instructable?mine was i cant remember it was a long time ago

Posted by ravebot 10 years ago

who was the very first (non-employee/intern) instructables member

Who was the very first Instructables member who was not already an employee or intern of instructables? are they still around? if yes then what was their last instructable? if not then who is the oldest active member and what was their last instructable/comment?

Posted by budsiskos 10 years ago

I need advice about building my first Arduino led cube.

Hello, I'm am considering building my first led cube. What should I start out with? Are there any other basic arduino projects that I build first? How do you program an arduino? I you have any advice please leave a comment below.

Posted by jackjackboom 6 years ago

care to check out my first instructable? I went for quality.

Hey, I was wondering if everyone could check out my first ever instructable, found hereit's about dissolving an egg shell using only basic household items......check it out, and please comment!

Posted by minimidget 11 years ago

Baby clothes quilt

I am about to endeavor to start making a quilt out of my children's baby clothes which are made of various fabrics, some of which are t-shirt fabric.  I have never made a quilt before and really have no clue.  I'm not thinking it will be perfect.  I'm thinking of making 5 x 5 inch pieces.  First question:  do you think 5x5 or 6x6 pieces are a good size?  Second question:  for the t-shirt material, do I cut the square first and THEN fuse it to make it more stable?  Or do I fuse first then cut into a square?  I know I need to put 1/2 inch on all sides for seams?  But still my main question is: cut then fuse, or fuse then cut?  And really, it only needs to be nice enough so that I can gaze at it when I am older and it is covering my old painful knees and reminisce about my children when they were young.  Thank you.

Posted by LifeLuver558 4 years ago

What should I make 1st?

I don't know what to make .So can you help me? pleaseI like lego and starwars.

Posted by Roger-X 9 years ago

I don't know how to make an instructable

So this isn't actually a "bug," but i really need help! This is my first instructable, and i have no idea how to make it! I don't understand.. so i write a step and then add another step, but what shows up in step two is exactly what i wrote for step one. Am i doing somthing wrong? No one else in my family can figure it out either. Also, how do i put pictures to each step? I don't know how to do any of this. I'd like to post one for the halloween challenge, but i don't know how. Thanks!

Posted by jacqueline. 7 years ago

Total Views Count - 15/05/2010

Here're the results for the first run. Done between 9 and 10am on Saturday 15th May 2010. Count performed on all members of this group. Time to give out patches! canida 3,196,243 Kiteman 1,455,778 Tool Using Animal 1,339,055 gmjhowe 743,801 killerjackalope 721,763 PKM 648,766 lemonie 591,001 laxap 275,235 plane phanatic 227,946 KentsOkay 207,042 Lithium Rain 195,250 Doctor What 175,023 Jayefuu 148,468 AngryRedhead 124,911 yokozuna 119,854 DJ Radio 113,960 Lynne Bruning 101,396 Ninzerbean 70,748 thermoelectric 70,675 Goodhart 67,133 Hiyadudez 66,425 reukpower 61,096 kelseymh 36,354 Shadowman39 16,442 zascecs 13,110 NachoMahma 9,329 masterochicken 7,764 Kryptonite 3,319 tbcross 0

Posted by Jayefuu 8 years ago

Iconic Prototypes

Over at Wired, there is a photo set of early prototypes of iconic products. Here is the story for everyone's favorite summer toy, the super soaker:   Lonnie Johnson was trying to build a better refrigerator, based on a low-cost heat pump that circulated water instead of Freon. But when one of his custom-machined brass nozzles blasted a stream of water across his bathroom, Johnson—by day an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory—realized he had the makings of something way more fun. A shotgun-style air pump and a series of check valves allowed for sniperlike range and accuracy with little exertion. Selling the idea to toy companies, though, was more of an effort. After seven years of frustration, Johnson scrapped his difficult-to-manufacture Plexiglas “pressure containment vessel” for an empty 2-liter soda bottle. It wasn’t slick, but it was easy to make. In 1990, the toy maker Larami brought the Power Drencher to store shelves; it sold roughly 2 million of them in the first year alone. Rebranded as the Super Soaker, the line has raked in sales of more than $200 million to date.

Posted by frenzy 8 years ago

FIRST Group Now Open!

Heads up FIRST Fans! We've got a FIRST Group on Instructables now:  If you're a student team members, coach, mentor, teacher, volunteer or work with FIRST in some capacity, hie thee over to our new group and join in to help build our FIRST creative community on Instructables! Go Teams!

Posted by EurekaFactory 3 years ago

The First Mini Knex Gun

This is the first mini knex gun that I know of on this site I am not going to post though.

Posted by Knex_Gun_Builder 9 years ago

First robotics group

Hi i am from team 60 and i want people involved in first robotics to talk and ask questions here so please post!

Posted by Lego man 10 years ago

who cares?

Im not trying to be rude but who cares if you get first comment, especially if you only say first comment, and say nothing involving the instructable or form? im just trying to under stand the reasoning for saying first comment or second or third, and so on?

Posted by i make shooting things 11 years ago

1 Year Pro for Your First Instructable (ended)

I'm  giving away 1 year pro memberships to the first five people to take the leap from using Instructables to becoming a contributing author. Post your first instructable and provide a link in the comments below. If it's  good enough to be featured, you'll  also receive at least another 3 months pro from Instructables. Now, get to making. You can do it!

Posted by Brooklyntonia 3 years ago

the worlds first fishertecnik gun

Well i made a rubberband machine gun. it uses a new macanisem i thought op. the motor turns string. the string is connected on one of the berrals. to load it you pull the string over the berral and put a rubberband on top of it. when you pull the triger the string pulls the rubberband off the berral shooting it. i also put the gun on a universal joint so i can turn it. i just noticed in the picture the string is not connected to the berral. sorry.

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

Project Euphoria~~The first (that i am aware of) Propeller Driven Knex Boat.

Well, I just thought I would let you guys know about Project Euphoria. It is the first, that I am aware of, knex propeller driven boat-If there is one, please please PLEASE, correct me. I hate making False claims. It is a grey trekker motor, driving two counter-rotating two-bladed screw propellers. Thanks to everyone who posted on This topic, and the many Knexer's who have wished me luck, if only in thier heads (If you were one of these, thank. but next time put a comment on?) I will have pictures, maybe a ideo, and possible an Instructible soon. Hedz

Posted by hedzup456 7 years ago

Lego FIRST competition

Well, today I went along with Caitlin's school robotics club to see them participate in qualifying rounds in order to advance to the New York City city-wide champs. Woot, they made it enough in the rankings to advance and fun was had by all. It was my first time at one of these things and it was pretty well organized considering the number of teams shuttling back and forth between rooms to do the robotics challenges/missions and presentations to judges. Kids use Lego Mindstorm NXT robot kits and build/program them to accomplish a list of tasks to be performed in the "pit". Of course, everything can go wrong from your batteries not being charged, pieces falling apart, programs not working, forgetting the laptop charger, and worrying about the school bus making it home before the snow storm. Fourth graders did research projects and presentations on how robotics impacted environmental issues. Fourth and fifth grader teams did the robot challenges and presented their robots to the judges. The FIRST program is really to have fun while using technology, learn something, and to develop teamwork and good sportsmanship. One of our teachers even wrote up a school cheer and song just for Robotics. The second pic is of another school who happened to have a live team mascot(where else can you wear a propeller beanie and be proud?). The amount of geek-strogen present was incredible. This happened to be Tetranitrate's stomping grounds but I didn't find any evidence of charred walls. I might just have to make Robohoodies for all the kids when they compete again in March. Anyone else out there doing Lego FIRST robotic league?

Posted by caitlinsdad 9 years ago

My First Tesla Coil!

I just made my first tesla coil, it stands only about 6 inches tall and has a diameter of ~1". The tank capacitence is ~940 pF. The wire gauge is 30. The topload is 6 inches in diamerer and 1 inch tall. the power supply is a 7.5kv, 60mA NST with a terry filter. It's a static spark gap. The primary has 13 turns of 14 gauge wire, it's a 30 degree cone.It gives out nice arcs and cornea. I will post photos and video soon, as my workshop reeks of ozone right now.I can probably get better preformance with using thicker (or no) aligator clips (prototype stage right now) and if I change the primary. The wire got too hard to turn, so near the center there's like 2" of leeway on all sides of the secondary... sorry about sound quality in the videothe rod in the video is kinda grounded. The rod you see is a thin copper pipe taped to a 3 foot, 1/4 inch thick dowel rod that I'm holding onto.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

First Solar Powered Speedboat

Via The UberReview"It is not too often that we associate solar-powered with anything fast and or furious, but perhaps it is time that we start. The Czeers MK1 is a 10-meter vessel covered in photovoltaic cells that is capable of hitting speeds of up to 30 knots (55.5 km/ph to you non-nautical folks out there). While there are certainly faster boats on the water, those tend to use obscene amounts of fuel. The solar-powered Czeers MK1 is naturally going to be a lot quieter than its gas guzzling cousins, which would make it great for sneaking up over fish (though there is limited space to put them if you catch them. I would like to see a similar model with little bit more space for passengers, even if it did mean sacrificing some speed. Speedboats are so limited in what they are able to do, but if this had a little extra space, it could do so much more."

Posted by laminterious 10 years ago

quick question about dating

Anyways I ran into one of my highschool friends on myspace. We dated once in college, we both went to two different schools, (6 years ago) and pretty much went our separate ways. Anyways i asked her out on a date to the movies on 13 FEB and she said sure. My question is I can get chocolate real cheep from work (at cost) should I give her a box of chocolate or will that be too romantic. Valentines day is on the 14th and I dont want to be too romantic, incase she turned into a psycho. What would be an appropriate gift (if any) to give someone that you havent seen in 6 years.?

Posted by thematthatter 9 years ago

First robotics

Hi im lego man from team 60 and i set up this form topic for people to see who from instructables is on a First robotics team. you can also post your questions here too. See the group:first robotics

Posted by Lego man 10 years ago

First Word That Pops Into Your Head

So I saw this on Amazon, so I decided to start it here. One word or short(One sentence or less) phrases, please, and you may not post another time until someone else adds to yours. The word is(what a surprise)---- K'Nex Have fun!!!

Posted by builder968 8 years ago

My First Instructible, please critique it

Hi, I just published my first Instructable.  I should be very pleased if anyone would like to take a look and critique it as an Instructable.  I don't mean what do you think of the idea itself, I mean what do you think of the layout, have I explained the steps carefully enough etc. etc.  Have I done anything well?  What aspects could I improve on? It's here: Thanks

Posted by Periwinkle1 5 years ago

What was the first food-thing you ever made?

Memory is truly the most precious and valuable gift we possess.  Love, contentment, spirituality are all up there in the top 10, but without the memory of these things, they cannot be appreciated. As I was taking an enjoyable stroll down memory lane this morning, thoughts of my childhood BFF came to mind... which lead me to this topic.  I thought would be a great brain exercise and a fun discussion for us foodies. ;-)  So what's the first thing you ever made?  (Mud pies don't count. ;-) My first almost-solo (no bossy mom!) was a Cheese Souffle. I remember my bff had a duck... and the duck laid eggs... lots of them!  We found a mouth-watering Cheese souffle in some illustrated cookbook and the plan was hatched. ;-)   Like good little 11 yo girls, we waited for her mom to go to work before commandeering the kitchen.  Our creation wasn't nearly as beautiful as this one.  I recall being quite disappointed as I watched the whole thing droop miserably when it came out of the oven. lol... souffle FAIL, if there ever was one... but ya gotta start somewhere! ;-D So what was your first cooking project?

Posted by bajablue 5 years ago

Can't view the last picture of a instructable

In this Instructable the first and last pictures are the same. I am unable to view the last picture though, it just hangs on the picture i was viewing before (click on the second to last photo then the last photo and it stays on the second to last.) If this isn't a bug it would be somewhat annoying if it was in a larger instructable. System Specs:  Windows 7 home premium Service pack1 64bit Browser: Firefox 8.0 This bug is repeatable

Posted by kojero 6 years ago

Two Hands Project First Flight

And we're off!At 3:30 this morning I began making the WOD's [waffles of departure] and gathered my friends. This was it, I was having my goodbye breakfast. We sat around a giant LED display that was playing tetris on autopilot like we were at a sports bar and called the AI engine out on it's bad plays. Choice is the name of the game in AI, how do you make the optimal choices with limited knowledge about the present and doubt about the future?I drank my cocoa considering the choices I've made to hit the skies and shoot a documentary on hackerspaces, and it filled me with exhilaration. What could be more critical than doing something that gives you the energy to do the thing you want to be doing? There has to be this ignition point to push the chooser into action, creating this snowball of awesome gathering steam as it goes downhill. Rather than chilling with Sysiphus on his uphill downhill journey. Feeling energized, feeling pumped, I called my friends around me and we ate to good health and poured generous libations of yogurt smoothie [Spilled the contents of the blender on the floor].

Posted by lamedust 9 years ago

First Bike

What was your first motor bike you learned to ride on, do you think it is a good idea to introduce your children to motor vehicles at a younger age. My first bike was a 1980's Honda z50, i first learned to ride when I was 5 or 6

Posted by Steamdnt 10 years ago

I put the first ever knex gun on EBAY!!!

Here is the first ever knex gun on ebay. All credit goes to killer k for the instructions. Tell me what u think.

Posted by TeacherOfTheWays 11 years ago

Paracord contest Prize

I see the first prize for the paracord contest in "Leatherman Juice". What is Leatherman Juice? Thanks!

Posted by kcls 8 years ago

Instructable SPAM combat

I looked around a bit in the forums and didn't see anything on this topic, but I may not have looked far enough... I keep tabs on by watching my RSS feed, and I'm frequently annoyed by seeing blatant SPAM coming up in the feed.  Usually SPAM instructables have a photo/video with hyperlinks to an external site, and they're the very first published instructable under an account that was created only hours (or minutes) earlier. Is there a way that new accounts would be put on probation, requiring that their first instructable pass the sniff-test before being published in the RSS feed or elsewhere?  Perhaps long-established or trusted members with good karma / reputation (yes, borrowing concepts from other sites here) would have the privilege of giving a thumbs-up to non-spam instructables? Now, I'm not suggesting that this be a complex moderation system or that the instructable even be halfway decent -- just that it's not blatant spam.  If a first-time publisher posts spam, they get a thumbs-down with a boilerplate explanation of why their post isn't in the RSS feed.  They continue to be on probation until they post their first non-spam Instructable. Now, of course I realize that logged-in members to Instructables have the ability to hit the "SPAM" flag on an instructable, but in my opinion the damage has already been done.  At the very least, these users can be directed to the Marketplace forums.   I look forward to your constructive criticism. :)

Posted by Kozz 7 years ago

My First Arduino Object Avoiding Robot!!!

Hey guys I am making my very first robot and have been researching for a while now......i have the parts but i am blank on what to do with them. I have:  2 DC motors 1 Ultrasonic sensor Arduino Uno 1 L293D (IC) 1 breadboard jumper cables 1 mini servo a power source for 4 AA batteries Robot chasis I want that the robot goes front and stops when object is near then looks right and left and moves accordingly..... Now keep in mind that i have 2 DC motors and NOT SERVOS so how should i program this or connect all the parts so that it works......PLZZZ do help its urgent.

Posted by mani_97 3 years ago

Knex coaster, The Avenger.

This is my first knex roller coaster I am currently working on, I will make a slide show of it when it is completed. Please tell me what you think! Oh yeah and, can you guys help me with the name, it must be the best you can think of?

Posted by Vynash 8 years ago

My First Semester Drawings

Hello!            Every school semester there is some downtime when I just draw cars. I don't have my normal critics this year because I am at college now so I figured I would see what the instructable community thinks of my cars. If you like aerodynamics and fast looking cars you should like my style. Also as you can tell I made up a car company to put all my cars under called Veloci. If I do have that car company in the future that's what it would be called. Anyway more to the point let me know what you like or don't like about any of these and I will try making a better batch this semester! Thanks! JonnyBGood [Please note not all of these cars are finished drawings! Some I just ran out of the inspirational drive to finish them.]

Posted by JonnyBGood 5 years ago

First image uploaded to web - subjects of photo splitting up (don't tell Kelseymh!)

From the BBC: An all-female doo-wop band whose image is believed to have been the first photo uploaded to the fledgling world wide web is to play its final gig. Les Horribles Cernettes take their swansong at the Hardronic Festival at the Cern laboratory in Geneva - the birthplace of the web. A picture of the women was uploaded to the web on 18 July, 1992, by web creator - and fan - Tim Berners-Lee. He wanted it to test out the version of the web he was working on at Cern. Press tornado The band was founded in 1990 by Michele de Gennaro who worked at Cern as a graphic designer. The Cernettes get their name from the initials of the giant particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, used at Cern to investigate fundamental physics. The group has won fame in scientific circles by performing at Cern social gatherings and physics conferences. The women sing classic 60s pop songs, as well as their own compositions such as Microwave Love, Collider and My Sweetheart is a Nobel Prize. The gig on 21 July at the annual Cern music festival will be their first performance for five years - and is billed as their last. Jim Halley, manager of the band, said there had been a huge upsurge of interest in the band because of the anniversary of the image being uploaded to the web. The band was even featured on the US talkshow hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, said Mr Halley. "This photo was one of those that changed the web, from a platform for physics documentation, to a media for our lives," [the band] said. Les Horribles Cernettes.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

knex keyblade (LOL)

Well we all know kingdom hearts and im a big fan so i came up with soras kingdom key keyblade tell me to post or not

Posted by combatknex 10 years ago

What was your first knex gun?

I want to knex what all of u knexperts first knex gun. like, the first one you ever made. doesn't have to be ur desine. my first wad a true triggeer rbg with no handle got instuctions from utube

Posted by benfoxg 10 years ago

what came first?

What came first the chicken or the egg?

Posted by alexlord1 11 years ago

anyone know what the first instructable by a regular member is?

We all know the first instructable.  But what is the first instructable by a regular member?

Posted by bravoechonovember1 2 years ago