how to fish?

I want to know how to rig my pole to catch a fish. And different ways to fish

Asked by Fawn Sunday 8 years ago

How do I make a tuna lure to use when sailing across an ocean?

Most sailors who fish use a 200 pound hand-line. Making lures looks easy but I bet there are things a newbee won't understand about hooks, skirts, lures, crimps, etc.

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Fishing Lures

After seeing this, it has me wonder if anyone has anyone else experimented with making fishing lures? Particularly, has anyone tried making any unusual fishing lures? With any success? I recall, when being dragged on fishing trips as a kid, that outdoor stores would often have some crazy gimmick lures that never seemed like they would work, but claimed to be the greatest thing that ever happened to fishing since the beer hat. I think it would be a fun challenge to not only make an incredibly bizarre fishing lure, but to get it to work.

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

Any instructables on makeing catfish floaters?

I would like to make 9",10"and 11" slide type floaters for night fishing.

Asked by EZPATH 8 years ago

I love to fish but have no money for soft lures. I would like to start making my own. Answered

Can i melt old plastic like milk jugs, old toys, etc? And to color them I read on the internet that someone colored plastic by melting crayons can I do that?? Or can I use food coloring? Thanks for the help.

Asked by BoycottBP 6 years ago

What material can be used as a binder that would slowly dissolve in sea water?

There is an on-going problem in the fishing industry concerning bait in the crab fishery. Bait is becoming almost as expensive as crab. At the same time, there are by products in the seafood industry that are just being wasted that would fulfill the required needs if it could be combined with a sea water soluble material that could be adjusted to dissolve within set periods of time such as 3, 5 or 7 days. Anyone have any ideas? No soap or any material that would disturb the natural balance of the environment would work. 

Asked by Oregonbythesea 1 year ago

concentrating fish oils?

Is there a way to concentrate fish oils? or even an effective way to "harvest" fish oil?

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago

what is the best fishing bait that works ?

What is the best fishing bait that works.

Asked by jbend 6 years ago

Introducing your Kids to Fishing

Introducing your kids at a young age to fishing, hunting and the great outdoors. Here is a short clip of a family trip we took with, then our 1 year old son.     

Posted by ridgeline16 2 years ago

Fish? Answered

Dose anyone have a good recipe for Fish and chips using Haddock   

Asked by emit 7 years ago

What is the best technique for spinner fishing for trout in streams and rivers? Do you cast upstream or downstream etc?

Do you cast upstream or downstream etc? Any other stuff i will kneed to know.

Asked by tom-mot 8 years ago

Phytoplankton and Zooplankton to attract fish?

I have recently heard things about using Phytoplankton/Zooplankton to attract minnows and other small fish. Can anyone explain how one would go about doing this and how long would the process take? Would this be a practical way of attracting minnows to catch and use as fishing bait?

Asked by justcuriousat46 9 years ago

Inventing on Vacation: Wounded Fish

This idea came to me after a day of fishing (I lost my best lure, but through the miracle of snorkeling, found it.) This seems like a simple idea, and I'm surprised it hasn't been invented yet. It is an improvement on the lures that supposedly look like a wounded fish.The idea is simple. A small, sealable "refill tube" connects to a hollow area inside the lure. This is the reservoir for fish blood. A thin membrane on one side of the lure allows the blood to seep out. You refill by filling an eyedropper with blood and inserting it into the refill tube. (I'm being brief right now because this is the third time I've typed this and I'm getting tired.)

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pike fishing lures? Answered

Hello i was wondering what kind of lures to catch pike. like cheaper end ones "wal-mart" kind. its spring time i want to catch a big one this year. please post picture or links. thank you!!!

Asked by joelr97 7 years ago

how do i stop freshwater turtles eating my bait when fishing? Answered

Hi, I recently discovered a creek running past woolworths in sarina, becomes extremely large and ive deduced it holds sufficiently large and quanitity enough fish for fishing. I went there last week using raw chicken as bait, being as it catches essentially everything everywhere, and i got an extremely big bite, which would have likely have been something like a perch or maybe even a barramundi, its possible given the creek does eventually turn to saltwater. however, i found it to be a big nuiscance, because i was constantly reeling in turtles! a nuiscance because if i left the bait in one place for more than 5 minutes a turtle would gobble it down, fortunately i was able to remove the hooks on all the turtles, but it was still anoying, because turtles arent fish. How do i fish in a way in which i minimize, or considerably lower the likelyhood of catching turtles, whilst bait fishing? ideally ide like to keep suing chicken as its cheap and just works everwhere.

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 5 years ago

hello there people,,,could any of you guide me on straightening bamboo poles,,, Answered

,they are 1/2 inch thick and unsplit...air dried for 6 weeks i need to soak them in water before heating them on gas flame???? i need to make my custom fishing pole and i am from india?   well i forever tried to have my own fishing pole with a reel...all handmade,,,i made  a reel already...just need to make that pole...i tried straightening a piece but ended up scorching it

Asked by sbdash11391 5 years ago

New World Record Largemouth

If you're into fishing you might find this report of a new world record breaking large mouth bass from Japan weighing 22 Lbs 5oz. This would beat the long standing, and controversial record of George Perry which has stood for 77 years by one ounce. But the record keepers require that the record be broken by 2 ounces. So Close.

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So Bizarre, You Had to Know About This

My Dad sent me this. I suppose it's Halloween appropriate? Weird. Have you ever heard of "Bat Fishing?" Kids out in the countryside come up with creative things to occupy their time. This fellow called in to a radio show ... you have a very light monofilament line on your fishing pole. Tie on a very small hook like you would use for small trout, put a small weight just above the hook, and bait the hook with a little bread. You then toss the hook up over a wire or tree branch in an area where bats are flying around at dusk. Kind of tug or wiggle the line so the bats strike at it. Be patient ... eventually one of them will grab the hook. Then you can fly your bat around in the sky ... kind of like a kite. When the bat becomes exhausted, reel it in, remove the hook, and let it go.

Posted by royalestel 10 years ago

how to make some thing intresting out of a beer cap

I need something cool to do with beer caps cause I have so many.

Posted by balls to the wall 9 years ago

If there is 1 bass in a pond is there more? Answered

I have a pond that is 1 and 1/2 arcrs. And has 5% weeds. Yesterday i caught a 3lb bass on a 4in charcuse banjo minnow. So is there more bass.

Asked by jbend 5 years ago

electric kontiki - electronic fail safe

Has any one come up with and electronic fail safe - return to beach/ gps type system for the electric fishing kontiki's that we have here in Newzealand - and i am sure every where else... currently i understand the only controls available are timed engine run to get it to the desired distance off the shore, and the latests ones have gps correction for tides and surf out to a way point, the trouble is when the long line anchored on the beach becomes separated from the unit ( and the commercial ones are freaking expensive) you have just lost it... surely with the wizardry of electronics and the people that hang out here some one can create a system even better if its gps waypoint based ( beach) that on separation of the long line will automatically turn that hardware around and send it back to the beach, to some where near where it set off from?

Posted by agatornz 6 years ago

Housing Betta fish information?

Is housing a Betta fish with other fish (of other genus and species) in a pond with no borders advisable? If so, with what other fish can they be housed with?

Asked by h4xx0riffic 8 years ago

fish tank decoration

In my fish tank, is it ok to put in fired clay pots as decoration and fish hiding places?

Posted by carrierpilot1357 10 years ago

Who here has fish ?

Who here has fish? if you do have fish, what kind? I have two panda corydora catfish, a betta fish, and a gold mystery snail in a twenty gallon tank. if you do have fish what are there names?

Posted by iman 10 years ago

How do I make a water tight fish tank out of wood? Answered

It must be fish friendly

Asked by Marzfisch 5 years ago

fish? Answered

If you keep fish in fridge for one month dose the taste goes ,how many days can you keep fish in fridge

Asked by Jastab 1 year ago

I can't identify this fish. Please Help!

I have a question about fish....I don't know if anyone can answer it though... I found a fish once while fishing in southern Indiana, it looked very similar to a pike, I was fishing with a dry fly on the top of the water, the fish went under it and sucked it in. Does anyone know what kind of fish it was. And I already know it wasn't a catfish.

Asked by pagosapig 7 years ago

how do you tan a fish skin as in turning it into leather?

Looking for ways to tan a fish skin as into leather

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What are some good Australian Freshwater bass baits?

Hi, I love fishing for bass (freshwater Australian) and i have been using baits such as worms, grasshoppers, crickets (black), butterfly's , moths, cicadas, shrimp, yabbies, small fish, bread/dough and lures, But i was wondering if anyone else has any ideas of a good bait? I would love any ideas so thank you very much for your answers, From CrazyBassfisherwoman

Asked by CrazyBassFisherwoman 5 years ago

Slow Release compound in Water?

We are trying to fabricate an artificial bait for crab fishing and we are searching for a compound that we can mix the attractants in and that will dissolve slowly in water - thus releasing the bait-smell over a long period of time. Preferably over a period of 48 hours at the minimum at not too cold water temperatures. Does anyone have any ideas what type of compound this could be?

Asked by perrap 4 years ago

Butterfly knife-like pliers? Answered

Hi everyone, i got this idea while fishing, and couldn't open my pliers with one hand(i was holding a kinda big pike in the other one). what if you could just flip it open like a butterfly knife? but i dont know how i could loosen those rivets.... so that's why i need some help. Pictures:

Asked by rallekralle 3 years ago

Foldable floating house for two

Hello everyone. I have plans for foldable and floating house fit for 2 people with WC, 2 beds, 2 fishing chairs with tables and maybe a bbq :) I dont have the money to build it but its a dream of mine. I'll be happy if someone is interested and actually build this thing. when folded its 250sm / 150sm / 50 sm h. For the materials i can use steinless steal squares for base, old inner tires for support, light aluminium rods for the roof, some watter resistent fabric for the walls and some custom made beds and tables. I'm working on pictures with some lame architecture program and i'm posting them as soon as i can. I also have schematics of the joints and locking systems ... well if anyone is interested let me know

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how to make a fish tank?

What is the standard size for the fish tank glass that sold in the market. how to cut the glass into pieces. how to glue them up. calculation for the require strenght of glass if posible.

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Where can one fish for invasive snakehead fish around Roanoke, Va ? Answered

I have heard that the invasive Northern/Giant Snakeheads are prevalent in Virginia and I was wondering where near Roanoke, Hardy, or Salem I could possibly fish for one. I have also heard that they are delicious, and might get one taxidermied. It's not me in the picture.

Asked by RedneckAsian 8 years ago

Fishing Techniques/Bait/Lures

Its that time of year again! The beautiful days to go fishing are here! For all you fishermen, I just wanted to know your techniques, your baits, or your lures. This can be for any type of fishing. Surf fishing, deep-sea, fly, in the river, ice, anywhere! I am curious to see what others are doing for their fishing trips!

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How much space does a betta fish need? Answered

And do they need heaters

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I went crazy looking for new fish net for my wedding.I finally found it at yahhh

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How do I catch majuas (smelt)? Answered

I live in miami Florida and they're every where any suggestions on how to catch them?    

Asked by antrobus 7 years ago

How do fish drink\urinate?

I now it's a dumb question but I was wondering, if they live in water, can they drink ?

Asked by Quest for Questions 8 years ago

Obtaining Used Fishing Nets?

For my [http://http// rRaft] I need a way to lash all the bottles together. I've been thinking used fishing nets, but can't seem to find a cheap source of them. Any ideas?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 10 years ago

anyone know much about fly fishing reels?

Ok so i have a okuma fly fishing reel that ticks,i once stopped it from ticking but forgot how anyone have any suggestions? off on a fishing holiday soon and need info asap

Posted by sharlston 7 years ago

How do u take care of a betta fish ?

How do i keep the water the right wormth

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