Who I recommend a program for creating Flash games?

I want to create a few flash games and I think I have some knowledge just do not have the program necessary. Can I get some advice in this area?

Asked by pastore michel 4 years ago

How hard would i be to get 100 flash cameras to go off at exactly the same time? Answered

Well im just curious how hard that would be.

Asked by wee_man 9 years ago

Is it posssible to change the regular flash on a game trail camera to infrared? Answered

I have several older game trail cameras that have a bright flash. The newer cameras have infrared flash and do not scare animals like the regular flash.

Asked by descoteau 8 years ago

My Flash Powder won't Flash. Potassium Perchlorate and Aluminum Powder. Whats wrong?

I mixed Potassium Perchlorate and Aluminum Powder and all it did was ball up.

Asked by 8 years ago

Instructable completely flash?

We should have instructables in flash. No more painful waiting for another page to load, it may take awhile to load at first.

Posted by Match Book 8 years ago

Can i drive a camera flash tube by connecting it to a capacitor directly?

Can i drive a camera flash tube by connecting it to a capacitor directly .

Asked by imakethings 8 years ago

Flash Tutorials

So...Theres not too many flash tutorials on this site, so i figured i'd make some. I think there should be alot more, it's a great thing. [http://My flash tutorial https://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_Make_a_Preloader_in_Flash/?ALLSTEPS]. Join my group, post some tutorials, and help some newbies at flash out.

Posted by lawizeg 9 years ago

Flash drive problems

EDIT: I found a flash drive, and it doesn't work. I plugged it into my computer, nothing. I plugged it into a laptop, and it said that there was a power surge in the usb device. Any ideas?

Posted by Aar000n3y 10 years ago

Build a Studio Flash

Hello, I want to build a studio flash on my own. Has anyone ever done this or does anybody know how it works. I don't have any clue Need Help!

Posted by Nickmensch 6 years ago

iPad App when click Explore All, flash back

Hi, I'm new here, I use my iPad App when click Explore All, app flash back

Posted by KenRon 2 years ago

How to download Flash games from a website

Can someone help to  download flash games on this website and tell me how to do that. I tried but no good results. www.turtlediary.com/kids-games.html

Posted by 萨钦萨 3 years ago

Usb Flash drive player?

I've seen some flash drive players through a boombox... where you stick the flash drive and it plays the music files in it. i was looking for something like that but instead of boom boxes , i could change the output or speaker device to use... for example id like a portable speaker or a headphone.

Posted by tanamaze 6 years ago

Flash Menu

I was wondering if anybody could tell me how to build a menu similar to the tippman phenom builder link: http://www.tippmann.com/product_guide/x7_phenom.aspx

Posted by general-Insano 8 years ago

how to copy to my flash automatically and sliently?

If someone has a flash disk plugged in their computer and i want to plug my flash disk in the same computer, keep it there for a second so that it copies all the contents of the other flash AUTOMATICALLY AND SILENTLY, AND OF A SPECIFIC FILE TYPE ONLY, or maybe some other criteria (like: copy all pdf or ppt files from all over the computer whether from another flash or from the hardisk itself), how can that be done? i've already seen THIS TUTORIAL, and tested it on windows 7, it's not silent and it's not automatic and it doesn't copy from another flash disk but from the user's profile only

Asked by thehj 8 years ago

I need to get a program for my flash drive that i just plug my flash drive in and it promps me for a password- Answered

- then once i enter it i get acces to my files. Does such a program exist thanks-Drew i need this program to not need admin rights like true crypt does.

Asked by dtoma 9 years ago



Asked by TTANGO 6 years ago

A 5 gig file won't fit onto an empty 16 gig flash drive?

I have a 16 gigabyte flash drive that's relatively empty (13.7GB free space), and I was trying to put a 5 gigabyte .ISO file onto it.  However, when I try to copy the file to the flash drive, I get an error saying there is not enough space to put the file on the flash drive.  I know this is not true because I have over 13 gigs of free space. Is there any reason for this weird error and is there any fix? This is kinda important.

Posted by DJ Radio 6 years ago

I would love to know if there is a way to create a xenon flash unit that can be used over and over for the Print Gocco?

At present the Print Gocco requires a flash with two single use bulbs for every screen to be created. Obviously, since Gocco's manufacturer is no longer making the bulbs, a new flash unit is needed to replace them and also eliminate the waste of each bulb.

Asked by diana_11_6 9 years ago

New Flash uploader... WIN

Well, im sure you have all noticed some new changes to the website.. layout changes and what not. But i just found something magical The flash uploader... The main thing i like about this, is being able to add multiple files to an upload list! instead of doing them one by one. So, just to say Thank you instructables, you have made my week!

Posted by gmjhowe 9 years ago

Idea to improve

I got a idea to improve ibles.... I always liked that you can ambed ibles by adding ?embed=flash at the end of the url, but what I don't like about the flash player is that you can't change the size (I also tried by modifying the HTML). It would be awesome if you guys could make that.

Posted by Sorunome 6 years ago

How to retrieve files from a SanDisk cruzer that has quit working?

ScanDisk flash drive worked great for a while but now it doesn't show up nor does the light comes on.

Asked by jbt1965 6 years ago

Help Finding an Old Flash Game?

It was a 2d graphic sidescroller. It started out with you flying in an escape pod in some city. With other hover vehicles flying around you. You could press a button and you would exit the escape pod as a blue orb and you could take control of another vehicle? I known its not many details but I hope someone can help me. 

Asked by Brooksthebrook 2 years ago

Why doesn't my computer recognize my flash drive?

I have an 8GB Kingston Data Traveler G3 that my computer, operating on windows 7,refuses to recognize. The Auto-play option doesn't start when it is plugged in nor does it show up in any of the available drives in My Computer.  I've tried to assign it a new drive letter through Disk Management but it doesn't show up there either. Can anyone explain what might be the problem and how i can fix it? Thanks.

Asked by jshhndsd91 5 years ago

My U3 thumb drive won't work at school, how can i fix this? Answered

I'm sure anyone familliar with U3 knows it brings up a menu, my regular flash drive works, because i can skip installing the software, but my U3 won't, and i can't acces it because of this. I have tried almost all of the admin hacks, is there another way to do it?

Asked by XOIIO 9 years ago

How to Design Flash Games?

Hey Everyone, I have recently been made redundant from my job and have decided to work on my IT Skills.   I have a huge interest in website development and have joined the freelance.com and peopleperhour.com websites which are for people who want to post projects and look for work.  To enable myself to get any clients I will need to build up a portfolio - I am fairly new to web design and have been using the Serif applications as well as general html coding in notepad and a have some experience in MS FrontPage and Dreamweaver.  I am working on a website for myself which will be used as a sample site for my portfolio - It is for an animal welfare charity and will include competitions, product info, events etc.  I want to aim the website at children and young people, it will be an organisation that can help children develop their key skills such as communication, team leading, motivational and discipline.  Sorry for the long introduction - Anyways I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me some guidance on how to create multimedia games - simple flash games that can get children to interact and learn Thank you Kind Regards Michelle Edwards

Posted by medwards14 6 years ago

Sandisk cruzer micro (2gb)

Well, my flashdrive just quit on me and I was wondering if this happend to anybody else. It does not light up or anything when I plug it in, anybody have any advice?

Posted by bwpatton1 9 years ago

Make a Ghetto Simple LED Flasher :)

No programming or 555 Timers are required for this incredibly simple project.Using a pop can, a small motor, and 2 LEDs you can create an LED flasher. Full write up: http://www.hacknmod.com/displayMOD.php?hack=630Video:

Posted by Joe426 10 years ago

can someone help me make an LED Light line

Hi guys, im doing  ahistory project and im trying to make it so that i can have a line of LED's that will make LED 1 turn on, and as LED 2 turns on LED 1 turns off, LED 3 turns on LED 2 turns off, and so on and so forth, and activated by a switch? Can someone Help me?

Posted by Demont 7 years ago

Kingston DataTraveler 32Gb USB drive which is suddenly not being recognized in my iMac...... Help!

I have a 6 month old Kingston DataTraveler 32Gb USB drive which is suddenly not being recognized in my iMac Finder. There has been no abuse whatsoever to the drive, and the best the Kingston tech people can say is that it might me the 'controller' since the green activity light comes on sporadically. I've been quoted $hundreds to rescue my data. Kingston (kindly) will replace it for free. Help, Mileman

Asked by Mileman2010 7 years ago

Flash instructables

==HIGH DEMAND NEEDED==That says it all.If there is high demand, I will make instructables for flashEG: Preloaders, Animation, Web Design, Games, etc...

Posted by HBF 10 years ago

I need a schematic for a circuit that flashes two LEDS (or more) but while they flash they strobe? Answered

I'd like them to flash kinda like the lights on a school bus. Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHd6ridi_dw&feature=related

Asked by master key 6 years ago

how to install adobe flash player on the wii?

It says you cant but there must be a way around it

Asked by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

Russian Steampunk Flash Drive

Here's a nice flash drive mod which seems to be accomplished by sticking ye olde standard flash drive inside a lot of other metal bits. OK, that sounds simple, but the results are quite nice. Check the link below for lots of build shots.Link via bbgadgets

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

how to download from a flash drive to my music?

I have a flash drive with some talking books on it. How do I download it to my music so I can get it to i-tunes.

Asked by 9 years ago

Devil Ducky Flash Drive mod

I've been searching the web for a tutorial on how to mod a rubber ducky or, preferably, a Devil Ducky to hold a flash drive. There was a lot of chatter about a website at freshlysqueezedflash.com but it and its tutorials are now defunct. Anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by bcr8ve 10 years ago

is it possible to embed your flash tutorial to a phpbb based forum? If yes how?

I have a greek diy forum www.idoitmyself.gr and i would like to embed these fantastic flash tutorials you have for the projects. Is there a way? Can you show me?

Asked by marinos.a 9 years ago

Make your own Flash widget quickly with Sprout

If you want to create your own Flash widget and don't want to do all that messy learning Flash stuff, then the answer might just be a few weeks away. A browser-based WYSIWYG editor called Sprout has just launched into private beta and the open beta should be coming somewhat soon. via TechCrunch

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Looking for a (flash) weather widget?

A colleague needs a software thingie "that can be embedded (HTML), or SWF Flash file that can be downloaded and run locally." Ideally he's after something with similar (animated) aesthetics to this (see also image), that can can be modified to suit the needs or whims of those above my paygrade. Thanks, chaps.

Asked by Kiteman 5 years ago

Triggering a flash circuit with a voltage pulse across a transistor

Hi All,        question from a newbie. I'm working on a project for my (steampunk) daughter. For part of it I've taken the flash circuit from a disposable camera (PDF 1:Flash+MechanicalTrigger). This works just fine when I close the trigger mechanically. What I want to do is trigger it with the same pulse (from a 555 timer) that I'll be using to do other things at the same time. To this end I added a transistor as shown in PDF 2:Flash with transistorTrigger. My intention is to feed the 555 pulse to base, saturating it and triggering the flash. Result, abject failure. Help! The proposed triggering transistor is an MJE340(NPN). When set up as shown the indicator LED glows but voltage across Emitter-Base produces no result. When testing I noticed that if I mechanically make the collector-transformer connection it triggers a flash, even with no voltage across emitter-base. I'm stumped. Any ideas very gratefully accepted. Thanks, Fred.

Posted by fredstein 6 years ago

old FLASH dismantle

Hi to all hoping that someone can help me to dismantle old flash unit i have. i need to do it, so variable resistor can be inserted inside, and to get some speed :) the model is VITACON 988, very similar to this one: img4.imageshack.us/img4/5867/b4bmgfqbwk28kgrhqfhseyc.jpg I found only 2 scres on the very bottom, and still not succes to open. PLEASE HELP ME !

Posted by zsbreaker 6 years ago

How do I clone a USB flash drive to another one?

The premise- The school gave us USB flash drives that have special software in them as a test drive. The software will automatically open when plugged into a computer. I want to transfer all the files in that drive to an Ativia flash drive for 2 reasons: 1- The Ativia drive has more memory2- I will have to give the flash drive back later onI have tried simply dragging and dropping all the files, but this does not work. One thing I have noticed is that the USB drive the school gave us was read as 2 separate drives: Drives J and K. That should help some. In case you are wondering, the flash drives the school gave us are the blue and green bracelets in that picture.Thanks for your help!

Asked by DJ Radio 8 years ago

What's the most cheapest way to flash programs onto a DSP chip?

I'm thinking of using the C5000 series, or possibly some other low power chip. Would taking something like the eZDSP USB tool, removing the soldered chip and putting a socket in it's place be a good idea? Thanks!

Asked by AntiG3 7 years ago

how to recharge my led flash light using 3 AAA battery from a usb laptop?

I have a led flashlight using 3 AAA rechargeable batteries. i want to make it to be able to plug in to my laptop's USB so that i can charge with my laptop.

Asked by iamsinned06 8 years ago

double blink LED control?

There are three sets of LED I want to control, one function is dimmer, another is simple flashing LEDs, then I want two double blink LEDs( like a firetruck, blink blink pause blink blink pause) the simpler the better..i can find the first two circuits pretty easily , the third double flash is harder to find. is there a simple circuit that would do all three?

Asked by NMSquirrel 4 years ago

How to make a video with a face?

I would like to experiment with making movies that have a custom face in them, like SpaceyourFace.NASA.gov and gominimango.com/miniyou. I assume this uses flash, but if there is an easier/cheaper way to do it, I would like to check that out as well. How can this be done?

Asked by The Nate Dawg 9 years ago

starting circuit for programmable sequence, for flashing LED?

Hi- I am interested in suggestions for starting points to build a programable flashing LED.  The intervals of dark/light should be configurable, kind of like morse code.  But not subject to what I recall as requirements for Morse- dashes are 2x as long as dots, or something- duration will vary for both.  Maximum total length of sequence is 10 seconds. There are a lot of flashing LED circuit Instructables, some very old and referencing 7 yr old chips- unsure if I can get those chips. In an ideal world, when I am done, I could have multiple EEPROMs that I could switch out to configure the flash sequence I wish.  One sequence per EEPROM.  Or another means to accomplish this. My background:  I can solder a little, I can program and shell script a little, I have not much idea about electronics at all. Thank you for pointers to a jumping-off spot for me!

Asked by bmcewen 2 years ago

Help! Flash/fiber optic wire question

Help help! I was following the instructions at http://tutorialgeek.blogspot.com/2010/11/fix-flash-on-nikon-d70-dslr.html to fix a flash on a camera I got on ebay. All was going great until the black wire came out. I tried putting it back in and got a terrible shock, and the flash no longer worked. So I thought it was a grounding wire. I tried to strip it and put it back in its little holes, but it did NOT want to strip. Downloading the service manual later showed me that it didn't want to strip because it's really fiber optics in there. In trying to fix it some more, I got shocked a few more times, pretty strongly (with the battery out, even). I'm not sure if I've fried a component or not, but at least nothing smells bad. I'd like to try to put a new fiber optic wire in there, but I have no idea where to find one. Can anyone help me? The gauge of the wire is pretty standard for small electronics. Please let me know!! Susan

Posted by susanrm 7 years ago