Supercard Flashcart Help

I'm currently looking at a Supercard DS Two flashcard to run backup roms on my ds (instead of lugging all my originals around). But I here a lot of new games such as Super Scribblenauts and Force Unleashed II won't play on most cards. Anyone here have a DS Two card and if so what is game compatibility like for new games on this cart? I really want to play these games and have them all in one place as I travel a lot with my ds. All help appreciated. 

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I want to build a laptop inside my old gameboy SP?

I want to build a laptop inside my old gameboy SP. I have considered the beagleboard, gumstix, flashcarts, and even the ITX mini. So far, I think the beagleboard wins, because it's self contained  and just the right dimensions. Is there any other sort of board I should consider before I blow $100 on a beagle board? It has to fit withing 3"x 3" and preferably run linux or windows. Thanks for your ideas! -WiLL

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I need to buy an R4i card for my nintendo 3DS to play the new Pokemon X/Y

Hi eveybody, I need to buy an R4 card for my nintendo 3DS XL to play the new Pokemon Y which one should I buy please? Can I play pokemon y and animal crossing with this r4i card please? and what is the FW version 3dsXL is on8.1.0-19u now

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Where to buy gateway 3ds card (in the US)?

Hi everyone, Sorry if this question has been asked before. I'm sure it has at one point. I'm just about to buy a new 3DS XL for my son, and would love to get a flash cart for it. I looked through the forums and Google but all answers appear dated. I've read that the latest 7.1.0-15 firmware is not supported by any flash card out there, though this was a few months ago. Have things changed? Can I grab the gateway 3ds flashcart, r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition or any other recommendations? I rarely online shop and I am looking to buy from a good vendor. Thanks in advance for any help.

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