no fog

  I dont know the mechanics fog machines,so heres a problem u probably already heard,or know about.. I have a cheapy  400 watts Gemmy (about 6 or 7  years old). I pulled it out of the attic thinking it needed a good cleanout before halloween. I mixed up a 50/50 bottle of white vinegar and distilled water - turned it on and got one good 20-30 second burst from it.On 2nd burst a little leftover came out then nothing.Still heats up hot and I can hear pump humming when i trigger the remote. Next, I empty the tank and tried straight fog juice and still nothing.I emptied the tank  and cleaned the tank filter tried it all again and still nothing...Could it be somewhere in the solid copper tubing from the pump to the heater and how do I clean that?   I did however store it without fog juice in it..(empty),could that a cause of problum ?  Please help.. TKS.

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fogging candles

Recently I had bought a foogging candle but it does not work as well as I had hoped, so I want to know if anybody has a idea on how to make one that fogs really good. Any ideas would be apprecaited.

Topic by steven123 8 years ago

Fog Machine?

Hi! I would like to make a small, cheap fog machine, but I have no acess to dry ice. Hmm. What a pickle... Any Ideas???

Question by Warlrosity 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How do you make an ominous fog?

Ok, I need to make a fog. Problem is I don't have a smoke machine, and I don't want to get one. I am trying to figure out a way to make the fog with a chemical reaction. I can only buy so much, and don't have very useful shops near me. So all I am asking, I want to know if there's a way to make a fog, easily. Also, if the fog is ominous, it makes it all the better. Also, ominous fogs hug the ground and billow out. ANY help is appreciated.

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How do i make fog machine fluid?

Can find it locally. Make it myself?

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Can I fix my 400w fog machine?

I dont know the mechanics fog machines,so heres a problem u probably already heard,or know about.. I have a cheapy  400 watts Gemmy (about 6 or 7  years old). I pulled it out of the attic thinking it needed a good cleanout before halloween. I mixed up a 50/50 bottle of white vinegar and distilled water - turned it on and got one good 20-30 second burst from it.On 2nd burst a little leftover came out then nothing.Still heats up hot and I can hear pump humming when i trigger the remote. Next, I empty the tank and tried straight fog juice and still nothing.I emptied the tank  and cleaned the tank filter tried it all again and still nothing...Could it be somewhere in the solid copper tubing from the pump to the heater and how do I clean that?   I did however store it without fog juice in it..(empty),could that a cause of problum ?  Please help.. TKS.

Question by ron de 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Hey can u help me with a fog machine issue?

I have a fog machine that I purchased for $14 at menards. It worked great! I had it hooked up to my fog chiller last night and it started making a weird noise. It was spitting out fog every few seconds instead of continuously like it was before. I ran the cleaner (80% water and 20% vinegar) through it like the instructions said. I took a closer look at the hose and it was vibrating like crazy and had air in it for the most part instead of the cleaner. Is it worth trying to fix or should I exchange it for a new one? I was running the target brand fog liquid through it. They containe the same liquids in them. The menards one is clear and the target one is purple. Can You help me?

Question by TOCO 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How could I build a mask that can breath out fog?

I am wondering if there is a way to make a mask with some sort of built in 'fog machine' of sorts. A way that I can breath out a fog like vapor from the mouth of the mask that is safe to breath in. I intend on making the mouth of the mask able to open and close by attaching the bottom jaw to my jaw to allow it to open when my mouth opens and close when it closes. I already fairly certain that dry-ice is entirely out of the equation as breathing in the vapors produced can be harmful.

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Does a clothing steamer work well as a fog machine? Answered

If I was to put fog juice in my clothes steamer would it work reasonably well for creating a slow stream of steady fog or just destroy my steamer?

Question by jj37 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Request: Fogscreen

I read an article about these screens that are made from dry fog that can be used in your home as a 100" projector screen, just thought that some one on instructables might fancy building a homebrew version and sharing the knowledge. is the official site. I don't have a few grand to spare though!

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Fogfree mirror

Hello Is there anyone that knows how to maka a fogfree shaving mirror. I would love to make one myself. I tried to find a howto here but struck out. EDIT: I would like to shave while IN the shower.

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Anti-fog Mirror System

First of all, thanks to this comunity and all the DIY it has. Its a great group and has many interesting ideas. This is my first post, after one week reading all the projects, so hello to everyone. I want to make an anti-fog system for my bathroom mirror, because every time I bath it creates fog and makes difucult to shave after. I know about anti-fog sprays and DIY detergent solutions but there is also an electrical solution. The one I have in mind is a wire attach to the back of the mirror and conected to the electricity, so it generates the hot enough to avoid the fog. I saw one that also covered the zigzag wire behind with aluminium foil to (I thinkk) spread the heat more uniformly. What for sure I don't know, is about anything I should put to transform the electricity and resistance or whatever, because I thinks I can just conect the wires alone behind it. Can anyone help me with this? Two more things, in my country (Argentina) we use 220 voltage current instead of 110 like USA. Second, excuse my english and mistakes as it is not my native language. Thanks in advance to all the comunity !!!!

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how to make an Ultrasonic Water Fogger for those creepy witch's cauldron effect?

Also known as ultrasonic fogging devices, these consist of metallic plates which vibrates with ultrasonic frequency to nebulize the water molecules to form a vapour which appears as thick low lying fog. For the effect they are simply placed below a water body. Please provide complete details.

Question by adilqaiser 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Remote Valve?

I have an idea for a project, and I am trying to figure out a simple mechanism or valve that will be able to release fog produced by water and dry ice into a relatively small diameter tube. I would like it to be activated via remote, but other ideas are appreciated. My plan is to have a sealed container with water and dry ice on my back. Tubing would lead from the container to a mask I'm constructing. I am just trying to figure out a way in which I can control the release of the fog.

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How do I make a fog machine inside a 2 litre pop bottle?

How do I make a fog machine inside a 2 litre pop bottle? It's for a Jetpack. I want to know how to get it to shoot out the a hole cut in the bottom of a 2 litre bottle. Please comment.

Question by lostarms 7 years ago

What sort of temperatures can a fog machine reach? Answered

I'm looking to create a full-body fog/smoke cloak, but need to know the kind of temperatures I'd need, since I don't really want to actually smoke myself! If traditional fog machines run too hot, can anyone suggest anything cooler? (and I'm NOT going the Dry Ice route!)

Question by karlpinturr 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Intact fog light wiring and switch going to waste, what else could they be used for?

I'm 16 and have a '83 Toyota Tercel, a bit of a junker, but I'm trying to learn everything I can from it. The previous owner removed the front turn signal assemblies and replaced them with fog lights which isn't legal to drive in MT. I bought and installed the new turn signal assemblies, and almost removed the fog light wiring (plus the switch inside the car to turn them on), but I would hate to waste all that wiring already set up nice and neat. What else could I hook up to them? Any ideas?

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for the ultimate budget fog chiller, would dry ice perhaps raise the affectiveness of the cooling?

Because dry ice is coolder than ice, if you sort of,..shaved it doun to about icecube size, would it cool the fog faster than the ice? and it would last longer too right?

Question by isiansum 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

I need help creating a light circuit for my car. can anyone help?

Lately, I have felt that when driving at night that Im having a hard time seeing things. Ive put 8000k HID bulbs in but yet im still having problems seeing. So I figured if I put in OEM fog lights then I could have 4 8000K HID bulbs rather than 2. twice the bulbs twice the light. my problem is that I already have LED fog lights on my car. They are offset style which I prefer over having fog lights under the head lights. I want to keep my LED fog lights and add new OEM fog lights. I only want the OEM fog lights to light when when the head lights are on and the LED fogs to light any other time only if the head lights are off ive already ordered the OEM fog lights so how can i design a circuit that can do this?

Question by fastcar123 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How do I wire a fog machine to be triggered by a motion sensor?

I have a couple fog machines purchased at Target around Halloween last year. The model has a switch on an extension cord which when pressed triggers the fog machine to produce fog for 5-10 seconds. They work great but I want to use a remotely placed motion sensor, like from a motion sensor flood light to trigger the fog machine when people walk past. I purchased a replacement motion sensor module for a flood light and looked at the wiring of the switch and the fog machine but haven't figured out how to properly wire it. The motion sensor module has a "test" setting which would turn on the light fixture for 5 seconds, I want to use this to trigger the fog periodically as people walk past. Any help would be appreciated. A couple photos to show the pieces are included. If more detailed information about the wiring is needed please let me know.

Question by cbulloch 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Does anyone have any guides on how to make a dimmer for halogen lights? ?

I'm trying to install a dimmer in my car for 2 fog lights. they're about 40 watts each. I would like to be able to dim these bulbs. Thanks.

Question by krazieboy 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Do they sell tiny little steam/fog/smoke generators?

I'm not sure what to be looking for. I would like a tiny little thing that makes fog/steam/smoke. I think they are sold for model trains. What are these things called, and where could I get one? There is one in this instructable here.   

Question by Warlrosity 7 years ago

This is some weird weather

I live in (near) Windsor, Ontario, Canada. As we all know its January. I took these pictures of my back yard today at 151pm on January 7th 2008. the temperature outside is 69 degrees ferinhiet or 20.5 degrees celsius the same temperature as Phoniex, Arizona. this is pretty weird, Eh?

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Cool Misty Morning Simulation

Here's an idea: Yesterday I was out on my motorcycle and it started to drizzle or mist very lightly. Helmet starts fogging so I open all the vents. The cool, clean and misty air rushing through the helmet was like a sort of inner piece. Like those mountain mornings or early fall mornings by the lake. Just gave a great feeling and I instantly felt refreshed and energetic. Anybody have an idea for recreating this feeling in a small space, say 10 x 10 room. I do have a cool mist humidifier for when I am sick but it is not nearly the same feeling. I've tried searching for some sort of product but have come up mostly empty handed and imagine it would be rather pricey anyways. Examples of said feeling: If you have a thought or idea I thank you plenty!!

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Running a fog machine and LEDs from battery pack

So I have this idea that will require a fog machine, some LED's, and a switch to turn them both on at the same time. The mechanical issues I have figured out, I just need a little help with the electronics. I plan to have this rig be mobile, as in backpack mounted, and I have no problem carrying a 12 volt battery on my back to accomplish this task. I need help on the specific electronics required in order to rig it together. To the best of my understanding, I need a 12 volt battery, an inverter/power outlet, and POSSIBLY a microcontroller, but I'd like to avoid the later at all costs, haha. Fog machine I intend to use would be 400 watt since it seems to be the most viable. If I can swing a KW one that would be awesome. And the LEDs would be either red or blue. I'd like a switch in the set up to allow for the fog/LEDs to be activated at the same time. URL to machine below: What I really need to know is how to set up the 12v to accept the 400w fog machine, if it's possible, and what type of gauge wire/cooling systems I would need if I chose to run this on my back for safety. And if you could help with the logistics of recharging the battery, that would be sweet as well. Thanks!

Topic by ItalianLou 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

what are the specs to making a fog ball cannon from a rubbish bin, fog machine rubber band and garbage bag? Answered

hey, a while ago in high school out teacher was showing uss tuff to do with the transferance of energy and stuff like that, what he brought into class one day was a rubbish bin, with a hole cut out bottom, and on the lid, there was a rubbish bag(the big black ones) , on top with a rubber band taped to it. basicaly the way it worked was, the band is taped to the bag,m when you pull the band back, you pull back the bag also, which pucks in air into the hole in the bottom of the bin,but at this time the hole is actually the top of the cannon, as thats where the air enters and comes out. now when the air is being sucked into the bin, our teacher also had a hose from a fog machine attached to it, which made the bin suck up air, now when he let the band go when the bin was full of air, a ball of air shot out, and the fog remained inside that air ball so we could see where the ball went, which was around 20 meters, anyway, the fog ball could nock over polystyrene cups from 20 meters. i want to know exactly how to build one of these as i cant really remember how they look like as i have forgotton, i was reminded of these once when i saw one being used on rollercaoster, in the minishow, elliot and the surfing scientist.

Question by oldmanbeefjerky 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

steampunk minifogger problem?

Okay, I'm working on a steampunk Project, and It would greatly benefit me to have a Tiny fog machine to make a small exhaust stack billow smoke.  I have come across similar questions asked, and I have no real desire to go to the hobby shop in the city to buy an overpriced steam generator.  I have a Small hot glue gun that sufficiently reaches the heat needed to make the Glycerin into the fog, it's apeture is wide enough for the tubing I would want to run throughto fit, so my big concern here is that  I need to take it and make it Portable. Ideally run off of a 9volt, or maybe a few AAAs.  what is the safest way to do that, I really don't want to cause a dangerous short in the prop I am designing, as it is worn close to the body.

Question by rantipole 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Is it possibly to take apart a fridges Cooling element for use elsewhere? Answered

I am hoping to make a fog chiller for smoke machines. From the designs I have seen they have been using ice although this isn't very effiecient for the how I am going to use it. So would it be possibly to take out the cooling element from a fridge (I have one lying around) and use it to cool other things? All comments are welcome Thank You Oscar

Question by oscarthompson 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

hi there. i want a gun can fire gas like Co2 fog which used to shoot on people for fun.

Just LIke those guests blew by on some TV shows. It dosnt have to be portable,not have to be CO2. can somebody offer me a solution. Thank you.

Question by zeebiz 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

240 volt timer ?

Hi all I have a 240v fog machine makes fog like a disco I wish to run it on a timer. For an outside dragon smoke display. I can easily time it purely off /on with a basic 24 hour  household socket cheap timer MY PROBLEM The fog machine after getting power needs a press of a button to activate it. I need a circuit / timer  so  that when it gets 240v power can then "press the button "ie activate I bought a hi tech machine to try  but it loses it's memory setting when timed out on  240v. I need something that keeps its timer cycle intact. Maybe an expert out there can help? Happy to modify something etc. Nick Tasmania

Question by tassie2 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how do you set off the smoke fluid?

Once you make the fluid how do you set if off ? Do you put it in a fog machine

Question by warrant 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how can one clear double pane windows after their seal has broken?

 the windows in our house have fogged between the panes. is there any way to clear them short of replacing them?

Question by patchroper 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

I have foggers from various mfrs which, even when brand new out of the boxes, do not fog properly.

I have followed all instructions for use and cleaning of these machines, but the most I get is a few wisps of fog. I removed the pump discharge tubes from two of the foggers, and the pumps do move fluid. I reinstall the tubing, wait for another time/heating cycle, and I get those few wisps. Do you have any suggestions ? I have been using foggers for many Halloween seasons, and last year's was a disappointment.

Question by gmsludge 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Illuminated Strip? I need a strip of material (3x9cm) that illuminates via electricity.

I need a strip of material (3x9cm) that illuminates when an electrical current is somehow applied. Does such a product exist? Or would I need to fashion one out of a semi-translucent (fogged) material with LEDs?

Question by ericsnapple 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

X-ray scanner + 120 film

So tomorrow I'll be flying with a bag crammed full of cameras/lenses and just wondering as I've got an old exposed 120 film should it be okay going through the x-ray scanner, and not end up all fogged out or something. tia.

Topic by ll.13 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

recommendation for LED brightness? Answered

I am making an LED suit that has to be visible in low-light environments, like night or in a cave. (fog, smog, and rain not taken into account) any recommendations for a good brightness? how many lumens? it has to be visible so a car can see the wearer of the LED clothing, so the wearer doesn't get hit.

Question by Gaudnarok 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

I need to make a wedding reception a BIG ONE!?

My parents agreed to let me have $1,000,000 for the reception party, does anyone have any good ideas for a SUPER reception? Like a disco floor, jumping fountains, fog, tabletop fountains, etc.??? please let me know!!! THANKS!

Question by led235 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Miniature smoke machine for a briefcase anyone?

Ok. So i ordered this really cool briefcase on Ebay and I'm just dying to put a smoke machine in it. Got any idea's? It would have to battery powered and obviously small enough to fit in a briefcase. I was thinking about chucking a few LED's in there as well but that shouldn't be any problem.

Question by nicholasfmccarthy 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Old binoculars - What next?

I find myself in the possession of some slightly used binoculars that were damaged in a water storm so there is some fogging still but that can be worked with. I have thught about making monoculars out of them for birding but was wondering what otehr ideas people might have? Looking forward to reading your thoughts/ CheersJ

Question by jjbdiy 11 months ago  |  last reply 11 months ago

Waterproof Ultra Sonic

Does anyone know of any type of ultrasonic that is waterproof and can go underwater? cause im trying to make a fog machine using the ultrasonics pieces and water since my dad bought something that worked like what i described. anyone know of any that can be underwater or some design that will work underwater using a regular ultrasonic you see on robots?

Topic by KT Gadget 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

How can I get a ventilator to suck air from a smoke machine and trap the smoke?

 Hi, I`m making a 2meter laser etched cardboard dinamic sculpture face of a girl inhaling smoke with a smoke machine on the mouth, and I want to imitate this inhaling effect!:  2 Q> what can I use to get the "nose" to absorb the smoke? :  {"A fan or blower can be used to suck the vapor in. Then if you have a long enough duct or large enough chamber let the vapor evaporate/dissipate. You can also run it through a furnace filter to help condense the water vapor faster. "} I got the fog machine 2.1 Q> -I am looking for a strong fan or blower that sucks the air in like a nose (and some machine that traps the smoke particles coming from the smoke machine), but What am I looking for more specifically?  

Topic by DIAGONALLIS 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Twist open plastic balls

Hey all, I'm looking for milky/fogged/hazy (I'm not sure what the right term) twist open plastic balls, like the one on the first picture. My plan is to put some LEDs in them to make glowing balls, but all I can find is clear plastic, as in the second picture. Any suggestion where can I get something like this? The size should be about  2" (diameter). -Greg

Topic by shinjin 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

High tech smoke signals

Daniel Schulze is an industrial design student in Berlin who is working on a sweet smoke machine. The plan is to have a 7x7 grid of holes that shoot little clouds of smoke into the air. The smoke comes from a fog machine and is shot up in the air with drivers. Check out the video below to see a test of one row. The full setup will be shown next week at DMY Berlin. A Modern Take on Smoke Signals: "For Those Who Can See" via engadget

Topic by fungus amungus 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Hologram Skull, How to Date Out of Your League, Farting Boss Detector...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Oct. 18, 2007 Welcome back! The big news this week is that our Laser Cutter Contest is back! We will be giving away a 40-watt VersaLaser worth over $15,000! This is one of our favorite tools and we want to give it to the best Instructable that gets entered in the next couple months. So check out this batch of cool projects and get started on your project! Steampunk Airship Goggles Often times after piloting my steam dirigible, I arrive at my destination only to find my eyebrows have collected a mass of gnats, fleas, and small birds. What to do?posted by aintMichael on Oct 16, 2007 Free iPod Touch Dock All the parts you need come with the iPod and it is very easy to construct. posted by ari6126 on Oct 14, 2007 How to date a girl who is way out of your league. Learn how to date girls even if you're not the life of the party.posted by Gamer6460 on Oct 15, 2007 The Laser Cutter Contest is Back! Improve your digital camera extremely With this simple modification you will be able to take extreme macro images with your simple amateur digital camera! posted by isr_Raviv on Oct 13, 2007 Make a cool hologram illusion! How to easily make a convincing floating head hologram. It's a great addition to your Halloween decorations! posted by NK5 on Oct 11, 2007 Look Like Your Enemy: Create signs that confuse, astound and parody! Using these methods to temporarily borrow the legitimacy of a company or organization tin order to deliver a different message.posted by slambert on Oct 16, 2007 Super Cheap and Easy Fog Chiller A fog chiller cools down fog from a fog machine so that it stays low to the ground. This one costs around $5-$10.posted by admanrocks on Oct 12, 2007 Win a free trip to Maker Faire 2008! Flatulant Boss Detector Use the power of embarassment to keep your boss from walking in on your cubicle undetectedposted by el_roboto_loco on Oct 16, 2007 Solar powered fountain/herb garden Here is a simple garden fountain utilizing a $20 solar panel/pump combo, some sewer pipe, bamboo, and a strawberry pot. posted by sleighbedguy on Oct 15, 2007 Lost Your Charger? How to Charge any Battery Survival-Style Charge any battery enough to keep doing the important stuff. posted by TimAnderson on Oct 17, 2007 Now go build something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

Topic by lebowski 11 years ago

question about thermal fuses

I have a blown thermal fuse in one of my fog machines,it is 10 amp 250 volt 133 degrees c.can i by pass it safely?(there is high temp limit switch on heating element)or can anyone tell me where i can get one or its equivalent?i found some online but they in thailand.hoping someone who knows more than me can tell me where to get this locally.the blown fuse has some numbers on it :se fuse sf129 e tf 133 degrees c please help

Topic by hvacmac 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Help With Resin

I don't know very much about resin's & need help on what to look for & in detail how to prepare it. What I want to do is fill a small vile with a clear resin & a black ball in the middle.  I tried filling one of these bottles with a two part resin & it nearly shattered from the heat. I tried using a clear hot glue, ether by gun or just melting it in the glass vile, ether way the glue fogged up. I need something like those awards you see on TV, solid acrylic with a face or globe, whatever the object may be, in the middle of the transparent award.

Topic by elkaddalek 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Does anyone have an instructable on how to make an LED video curtain?

I would relly appreceiate it if someone could give me some insight regarding creating my own LED video curtain. I have a small haunted attraction and would love to be able to make a custom curtain in order to display different video effects, blood running down walls, cockroaches running accross the wall etc. I realize that I could use a projector to get the effects that I want but projector placement can be a REAL hassle when adding people, fog and simulated lightning to the mix. Thank You in advance, L0G1C0N

Question by L0G1C0N 7 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago