Followers, following.

How do I find the list of people I'm following, and my followers?

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How do I find the list of people I'm following, and my follower, (I used to before the site's update)?

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following people

Is it ok to follow anybody on instructables?

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Following members?

Please advise me on how to stop following someone's Instructables. I picked "follow" but I don't like a blanket approach. I prefer to browse.

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Strange Follower

I've just gained my most unexpected Twitter follower to date: Elizabeth Emanuel, co-designer of Princess Diana's wedding dress. Now, I'm not complaining about her following me, I'm just puzzled about why.  I'm not exactly known for my fashion sense. Any ideas? My Twitter. Her Twitter.

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Following groups

We just had a site update, with this you can now follow a group! How is this different from joining? well if you want to just get updates from a group without being listed as a member, click the follow button, you'll get the same updates as people who are a part of the group. we also changed how groups are populated, and you'll see that the recent sort now shows you last added to a group. wayyyy cooooollll! We have an extra special surprise for next week, hold onto your pants!

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Can't find my followers.

I know this has been asked before, but I have not seen a response. (at least, not from anyone working at Instructables)  How do I find the list of my followers?  I have several new followers and I like to look at their pages as well to see what they build, or are interested in.  Can anyone at help me with this?

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How many people followed the instructable and built the item

Hello, I was thinking it would be nice to have a button for an instructable that says something like "I have followed the guide and made this item" Then show a count of how many people have actually made it. It would be interesting to see how many people have made (Which are really good, I suggest you make them!) which I saw in an instructables news letter, which I don't see any more, I wonder why. Anyway, There are also a few electronic items that if someone else has made it, and then makes a comment saying it works or something, that would be good to know. Maybe they can have a little tag like how the author has (author). BK

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spam followers

Hi everyone, just thought I would ask if anyone else has had a rash of followers lately, all with the same profile, that  looks something like this. About:Hello myself Dennis from UK and m 23 years. Me and my father lives in UK and works in UK's famous company j4packaging. We are sale many products such as fragile label,mouth mask so on. If someone need to these product contact on my page. Location:Birmingham, England, UK Joined:Dec 13, 2015 Sometimes some of the details are different, and Ive had 12 of them over that few weeks. More of an annoyance than anything but just letting everyone know in case you want to do something about it. I will email the support guys too. if you look at the last 12 on my profile its the photo shopped guys that are the spammers (these have all been deleted since I first wrote the post)

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Missing Followers/Following

For some reason I can't see my followers list or who is following me. People I had followed are no longer shown as being followed by me. 

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Bug: number of followers is incorrect

Hi there! I just wanted to report what I believe is a bug. I noticed that on my profile, the follow button says i have 32 followers, but the tab in the lower left says I have 30. I counted, and found that I do have 32 followers. I have noticed that it was off by 1 before, but I assumed that the follow button was higher because it was telling me what it would look like if i followed myself, or something like that. However, with the difference being 2 people, it cannot be that. Although it is a little thing, it is kind of annoying. I am running a windows 7 computer, using Chrome.  

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Username truncated if user has followers.

   Example over THERE ------> I have been truncated to 'AndyGadge' in the Info box because the Followers box has displaced my name and the date published to the right.  (FireFox 4.0.1 on Win7) Personally, I am totally against the prominence the Followers feature has been given and would like to see it revert back to the old Subscribers with a less 'in your face' appearance.

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How do you get more views and followers? Answered

How would you do it without being mentioned by some huge person

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Return of the subscription email?

It's been quite some time since the subscription emails* got all buggy and had to be stopped. Any idea when they're going to come back? I miss getting updates on the cool stuff folk make. (*the ones that alerted us to the activity of those we follow)

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I just started making instructables. I have some questions.

Hello my name is Jazmin aka Dready Jazz. I've had an instructables account for a while but I just started making them myself. I really like it and I am working on more, I just had a couple of questions. How do you get more followers, my instructables are very good, They just haven't gotten over 200 views and I know they could, My other issue is that I really wanted to get feed back on them hardly at all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am here as much to show my design as to get involved with a community of artist... Anyway thank you in advance for your help. :) Oh and if you want to take a look at my instructables here's the links:

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Is it rude not to follow someone who followed you?

Hey guys. coolcrafter101 here. This question has been bothering me, so I thought I'd ask y'all. Is it rude not to follow someone who followed you? As a general rule I follow anyone who follows me, and then some. But my friends have been talking about arguments they have been having with people who don't follow them back ect. So is it or isn't it? 

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Following people on Instuctables

How do you follow people on Instructables????????

Asked by MagdaB123 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

cick on follow will not respond

I click on follow  and favorites and get no response

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Follow me on twitter!!!

 Follow me on twitter... i need some followers... my twitter username is xxHalfBakedxx                                   -M

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Following a question not staying.

I noticed that lately when I click the follow button on a question, then go back to the main listing and then go back to the question it is not marked as following it. It does not appear to be something in my browser since I don't get notifications of posts being made in the question. I have re-clicked follow several times and it shows it as following but after leaving the question it resets it back. Is there a limit as to how many questions you can follow? Have I hit the limit since I follow a lot but never un follow them?

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Cant follow someone

I am trying to follow Bricobart through the following page. If I am logged in I hit +Follow and it does nothing. If I am logged out. It asks me log in and then it logs me out but still without following Bricobart. I tried with latest Chrome and Firefox with Windows7.

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robot that follows me?

Hi guys so my question is how can i build a robot that can follow me using my phone or anything else

Asked by omarb22 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Unable to follow someone

I don't seem to be able to follow contributors any more :(  On my PC, I'm using I.E 10.  I've cleared the browser cache, and explicitly added the instructables site to always allow cookies (which are turned on anyway).  I've also logged off and on several times.  If I click on a the follow button, it briefly displays the 'UNFOLLOW' option and the windows timer mouse icon, before reverting to 'FOLLOW' again.  On my Android phone, I have the Instructables app.  It allows me to follow someone, but does not add them to the list of people I already follow.  Is there a limit on the number of people I can follow?  I'm currently following 24 contributors.  Can you help please?

Posted by M!key 3 years ago

line follower robot? Answered

Cn i program my robot to send it to specific location...if yes plss give the code???

Asked by DeepM3 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

preventing being followed?

How do I remove someone from the following me list? Frankly, I am more than a bit uncomfortable with people "following" me with whom I haven't even shared any communication.

Asked by seandogue 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

light following robots

Its like one of the first things any kid lucky enough to take a robotics class learns is how to make a robot that either turns towards or follows a light source the funny thing is the are no instructables that i could find for making light following robotsif i'm correct the robot contest is still going i would defiantly vote for some one who makes a light following robot (especially if its 555timer powered

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Making a Pitch Follower

Http:// I do not know what kind of photocell I need to complete this

Asked by atlas2 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Voltage follower for the INA125?

I need to use a voltage follower that runs off a 9 v battery (actually, two batteries so +- 9V is available), from the output of a Burr-Brown INA125 amplifier to the analog input of a DATAQ data acquisition unit. The DATAQ is running at about 1000 data points per second.  Is there a particular op-amp that would be useful in such an application?  Or would something besides an op amp be more useful?  Thanks!

Asked by Prfesser 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

signal following robot? Answered

Hi community, i would really make a robot that follows a signal maybe wifi signal the idea is to keep a small chip (transmitter) in my pocket and the receiver would be installed on the robot body or the reverse, so the robot would follow the signal,  and im really thinking to use a tank body ( not wheels) with two  motors that will drive body  just as a tank or Caterpillar digger concept So can the community experts help me how can  i realize my dream, and tell me what could be the parts and how it would work?? Thank you so much community you have been always helpful ! 

Asked by vwtm2006 4 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Contest rules not followed?

I was looking at the winners of the Remix 2015 contest  Congrats to you guys who won, You all did a fantastic job. But I noticed some of the finalists didn't follow this part of the rules ( Anything goes for this contest, so long as you give credit where credit is due by linking to the original Instructable, share step-by-step instructions for how you reinterpreted the project, and leave an “I Made It!” comment on the the original author’s project page.)    I guess I'm just wondering how that got past all the judges?

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Follow the bouncing ball!

An article in PhysicsWorld reports on a novel technique for measuring the acceleration due to gravity. The researches used a cloud of ultra-cold atoms and bounced them off a series of upward laser pulses. By measuring the timing of the bounces they could measure g with better than 1 per mil precision.

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Mach3 not following code? Answered

I am trying to mill PCBs, but when i do so, some traces vanish because the cnc moves along the same y-coordinate twice instead of leaving a trace. its always the same traces and only some of them. Does anyone know what's going on?

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Tumblr: Hit 30,000 Followers!

Tumblr Gif for everyone!

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 4 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

how do i send a message to all my followers? Answered

I just updated one of my instructables, and i would like to send a message to all my followers on instructables. how can i do this? do I have to do it individualy, for each person? thanks,    The Poodleo

Asked by the poodleo 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Tumblr suggestions?

So, I'm just starting to get into this Tumblr thing (I know, behind the Zeitgeist, but still...). Do you have any suggestions about who to follow? I'm looking for Makers, crafters, and other creative folk.   Oh, and I wouldn't mind a few followers myself... (These are my "new" goggles.)

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

How do i see my followers list? Answered

Hi, so recently it seems that instructables has updated and im still trying to work out how to use it with the updates... The main problem im facing is trying to view a list of my followers, as its a policy of mine to go through and thank each one individually...  I remember i used to be able to access my 'followers' page through my  profile, this no longer seems possible, any help would be greatly appreciated  :-)

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Need help with Follow Bot

I'm working on a bot that I would like to follow me around. It's going to be bluetooth controlled. Looking for advice on how to make it follow the bluetooth device it's paired to, or another device like a RFID tag. Any help is appreciated. 

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Browse by followed categories and users

Hi all, I am following some categories (such as woodworking, home improvements, etc) and users. Is there is a way to browse only through the followed categories/users instead of the homepage featured instructables? Something like a personalised homepage? Sorry if it is already been asked, I searched in the forum but have not found an answer. Thanks in advance!

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In a step, Images are followed by text

There does not seem to be an option to put the text first followed by the images? I would like to have several lines of text in the introduction followed by the images. It would also be nice to put text before each image such as: text, image, text, image, etc. Is there a way to do this?

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Making a robot that follow a button

Greeting everyoneI was wondering what is the easiest way to link a robot to a botton. so when I press the button it will come. also can I have multiple buttons and the robot will follow the buttons each one after the other ?

Asked by MarwahK 11 months ago  |  last reply 11 months ago

Auto-follow film technology

Does anyone know if technology exists whereby an object can be filmed and followed by a robot camera when moving at speed (i.e. with motion sensors)? Without the use of a tag on the object being filmed (i.e. like those used by Pixio and Soloshot)? Bearing in mind that the object would be contained within a specific radius.

Asked by KatelynP6 5 months ago

Do I have followers?

Is anyone following me on Instructables? I've noticed that most of the same people comment my questions. Thanks if you do. You guys are a real help. Sorry if you're waiting for some of my own instructables. I've just been too busy with other stuff. I'm going to try and post one on my homemade Savonius wind turbine soon. Why isn't there a category to just ask questions about Instructables? Seems like there should be.

Asked by DIY Emilio 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

lazer following display help

I was wondering if it is possible to have an icon or marker show on a screen where you are pointing, as a screen displaying a camera feed and an icon to show where it is pointing. My initial idea is to use a laser pointer and an icon to show on the screen where it points by using the colour of the pointer.  I simply wish to see if its possible in one way or another and what methods there are. (not sure I am phrasing it right so apologies if I need to clarify it further) thank you for any information you can you can give me

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follow-up capacitor Q's ? Answered

I am amazed at all the great responses I got with my last question, thank you all! :D Though now I have a few more: 7) Should I try to learn how to work with complex impedance (capacitors, resistors, and inductors in all sorts of weird configurations) Also, can I treat reactance in general as a resistance when looking at capacitors in series or parallel with resistive loads and stuff? For example, can I simply add up Xc, Xi, and R for a total impedance? Or do I have to worry about phase shifts and stuff?  8) Is it OK to say that "Q" or charge is a more theoretical physics concept and is not too important with practical electronics? (C, V, and I being more of the focus and "ignoring" Q is OK?) 9) I have added a few of the "slides" and sneak-peaks to my upcoming video. If anything is wrong don't hesitate to nitpick and point it out! 10) capacitor fall under 2 major categories, polarized and nonpolarized. 10a) [under the 'polarized' branch] Electrolytic and tantalum capacitors are used for bulk filtering, but are evil and do not tolerate overloads particularly well. Especially tantalums. They tend to be available in huge capacitances, but can be "leaky" and have high ESR and series inductance. 10b) [under nonpolarized branch] Ceramic capacitors are the most common type of capacitors, and come in a few types. Generally used for local decoupling. They are pretty robust and tolerate overloads. Film capacitors find more use in high voltage applications, have lower leakage, better high frequency performance, and certain types have self-healing properties allowing them to tolerate overloads and surges the best. Mica capacitors are generally the most stable, with the lowest leakages, so they find uses for more critical analog applications.

Asked by -max- 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Macbook Pro and Following Heartbreak

I have a problem and the people on Instructables are so smart I am hoping someone can advise me.   A year ago I used my Macbook Pro in my kitchen and happened to leave it on the kitchen table over night. I never did this before.  We had a huge storm that night and my roof leaked.  I had it repaired following Hurricane Ike and it had been fine but then something happened (I got it fixed - kind of like locking the gate after the cows get out)  and that one night was the only time I ever left my computer there or had a roof leak that was pretty bad and covered my entire table with water. When I saw my table and computer I thought I would fall out!  I picked up the computer and water ran out of it!  I didn't know then to take the battery out and let it dry out completely and I don't know if it would have worked anyway.  I whined for a day or two and then bought a new Macbook Pro.  Now I can get it to power up and it seems like it is working but there is no display. First I wonder is there a way to get that computer to work again.....Second - Is there a way to recover my videos and pictures even if that computer never works again so I can have the pictures of my best friend who recently passed away and have the pictures and videos of the wildlife I love to photograph? I am a principal so I take a lot of pictures and videos at school and make videos for students and staff.  Previously I was the assistant principal and my best friend was my principal and I have a lot of video and pictures of all the fun stuff we used to do just on off time or at school.  My best friend and principal ended up with a brain tumor and passed away a few months ago. She was young and vibrant and larger than life. The staff I inherited from her would love to see some of our videos and pictures from the days when she was healthy and our principal.  It really bothers me that I can't get my videos and pictures for both reasons, the loss of the videos that would remind me and my staff of fun times with my friend at school and because of the animal videos I feel I have lost that I would love to be able to see and use again.I spend my free time making videos and doing animal photography. I have 10 game cameras set up on my property in East Texas and I love to watch the animals.  All of my previous pictures, video, on that hard drive. I removed it and I can save to it but I can not open up the picture and videos on it. The new Macbook has updated software and I have not been able to open up iPhoto, IMovie, or IDVD and get my my pictures and videos from it.    I really wish I could get those images and videos back.   I now have that hard drive in a hard case to be used as an external hard drive.   If you read all of this, Thank you! If you have any helpful ideas I would love to hear them.  If you have any interest in the type of videos I make feel free to visit my Youtube channel at  Foxy was my first great dane and I was crazy in love with that dog hence the username!   Thank you! Amy

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how to make a line follower robot?

Asked by saravindvarma 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How do you update followers?

I have an instructable with a quite a few views and followers. How can I send a message / update to followers? What will they receive? Also, how do I send a message / update to people following me directly? Thanks

Posted by andyjagoe 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

how to follow someone or group on instructables?

I want to ask when i follow someone or any group after 1 min its remove from my what is the produce of following someone or following any group?and why its remove from my list..?

Asked by dashinggurl 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

How to make Person following Robot?

I want to make a robot for my digital logic design. This robot will follow the person as person walks it follow him... i want to make it using only logic gates... do plz help me to make this robot happen.

Asked by ypanhwer 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago