Step-by-step Ible preview rendering

When looking at the preview for a new Ible, I saw the following screen (FF 14 Win XP yada yada) Some formatting issue/font size problem.

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago


I use my Droid Bionic for everything, including browsing my favorite DIY site.  Since there is no specific Instructable app for my phone, I would LOVE if the forum was formatted for the popular Tapatalk app, am I alone?

Posted by krichmond0306 6 years ago

Why is the use of bulleted list's glitchy?

I like to use bulleted list's when creating documents, but am having inconsistent results using the HTML tags within the Instructables editor. Initially when editing an intro page if I enter the tags the formatting doesn't appear in the preview, however if I view the full page and then return to the editor the bulleted list is displayed. This doesn't seem to work though for subsequent steps. I have viewed other contributors ibles where bulleted and numbered list formatting was sucsessfully implemented, what am I doing wrong? (yes I'm using closing tags)

Posted by technovative 5 years ago

Creating patches

I see we can upload our own patches to send to other people. What makes a "patch"? What are the size and format limits? Are there any style guidelines (the current patches all have a square border with rounded corners).

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

"Castle Cannons" forge world map Machinima

What I've been up to in Halo Reach recently.  Hopefully my machinma skills don't suck even though it's my first time making a video in this format.

Posted by DJ Radio 7 years ago

Editor change

I've just released a new version of Instructables, with a new updated version of the rich text editor. Also, we set the default for comments to not use rich text, because most comments don't need it; but you can click the 'rich text' button if you want to use formatting in a comment. The new editor looks a little different but works basically the same. As always, Pro users do have a greater range of formatting options.  It has a couple nicer features than the previous one (e.g. you can paste directly into it) and runs a bit faster.  We hope you will find it an improvement too; please let us know of any problems you may encounter with it!

Posted by rachel 8 years ago

A new idea for the video section

Hello all, I have noticed that you can't upload WMV or AVI etc. format videos for the video section of instructables. Do you think that it is a good idea to make a video format like those of Youtube or Metacafe flash windows? I don't know exactly what to call them, but if you had an instructables account, it would be a good idea to be able to upload as ifyou were on youtube. Thoughts? You could also upload them into the everyday instructables instead of having to download them and watch them on Windows media player of the Mac equivalent. If you don't know what I mean, please ask and I will try and explain further.

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago

SmartMedia problem

I've got 4 SmartMedia cards for my camera, but only one of them works, and not for long... Years ago a PC card-reader screwed 3 of them-up, but I don't know how. The one I didn't put in that device has been used too much and now it's starting to fail. The still just about functional card is fine in my new card-reader, I can erase it "CARD NOT INITIALLISED", format as FAT and the camera likes it. The other three are fine in my new card-reader, I can erase them "CARD ERROR", format as FAT, "CARD ERROR" They appear to be identical, except when plugged into the camera Any ideas?

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

New Image Layout Released

Hey everyone! You may have noticed, we have a new image layout that just got released. We wanted something that emphasizes your images in a format that is a bit more contemporary. We did lots of in house testing so you shouldn't see any problems, there is sometimes some cached CSS as well but that should clear up within the hour. if you do see some problems, post them in the bugs forum and we will fix them. We also released a few fixes on PMs again so hopefully they are formatted better for you. Thanks for being a part of the community! -Gregg Horton QA engineer

Posted by frenzy 6 years ago

"Step away from the JPEG!"

So, I decided that I'd make an instructable this week, and I'm nearly done. I've gotten to the point of uploading step icons/images/diagrams to make the instructable easier to follow. The image uploading went smoothly (the flash uploader is nice), but as I was adding the images to the instructable, I noticed something: Y'all still use blasted JPG to store images. Seriously, Instrctables? Can't you do a little better than that? JPG not only looks bad, it has no transparency support, no animations, and is no longer the only picture format supported by web browsers. At least keep the native format the picture is uploaded in. Because something like this just looks ugly as a jpeg icon.

Posted by A P3RS0N 8 years ago

Experiment: Use of Hydrogen Peroxide to induce root formation in plant cuttings

I decided to try an experiment to see if dilute concentrations of hydrogen peroxide could promote root formation in cuttings. A rack of twenty test tubes was set up in the first distilled water the second a 1/100 solution of 3% h2o2 third 1/50 solution of 3% h2o2 fourth 1/25 solution of 3% h2o2 and fifth 1/12.5 solution of 3%h2o2 We see in this image taken after one week that only the control has started growing roots. Conclusion, H2O2 does not induce rooting of cuttings.

Posted by Tool Using Animal 10 years ago

3D Printer use

I was wondering if anyone would do some printing for me. I don't have the item designed yet and wasn't really wanting to buy a 3D printer just for one idea so I would need some help designing it and what format it needs to be in.

Posted by wsround 4 months ago

If anyone owns the iPod Classic....

Could you measure the click wheel? I'm working on a project that involves it, and want my proportions to be correct. The measurement can be in any format (inches, millimeters); I'll just convert it over to inches anyway. Thanks!

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

Screen shot question

Ok, I've seen this before, its like a screenshot of your entire computer screen but so you can go in and type stuff and it will record what you do. like in a video format, any ideas how you can do this?

Posted by bumpus 10 years ago

RobotArm CNC

Could you do a video on how to make a desktop ROBOT CNC milling machine which gets controlled by usb via software and reads STL file formats Using a dremel On lynxmotion they say it can't be done. I don't believe that.

Posted by Curly01 10 years ago

Code blocks not respecting code

So, I got some feedback that my 'ible has some errors in it (which is somewhat expected :D )  I went to the instructable, to do some editing and noticed that the problems are likely coming from and tags that are in the code blocks. I tried to remove them, but they come back when I save.  I noticed this happens in *all* my code blocks.  Changing the format of text in code blocks makes Instructables unacceptable as a way to share code. Considering the amount of code for many projects on this site, this potentially breaks many of them, or at the very least makes it harder for others to copy the code for their projects.   Please make tags repect all formatting within!  Thanks, JR

Posted by jack ruby 2 years ago

how to convert or edit video?

I just have bought a video editting software,but when I use them to convert the format what i want,there is something wrong,I don't know how to settle it,can you give me some advice?Thank you in advance!

Posted by solinda 8 years ago

Video issue

I have a tape run Sony video camera. Meaning it still uses cassette tapes. Is there any A/V to Usb cables out on the market. I know I can use a tuner card but they are too expensive. I need to convert an A/V input to a digital format. Anyone??? HELLO!!!!

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

World's Largest Stop-Motion Animation.

From the people that brought you the world's smallest stop-motion animation, comes the world's largest - shot on a beach, some scenes covered 1000m2. New Scientist TV's video format won't embed here, so you'll have to follow this link.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

E-books not downloading...

Hi there, I can't seem to download any of the e-books in pdf. Th Adobe download starts, ends abruptly, followed by the '..cannot not open file. Either the format is not supported or the file has been damgaged" error. This occurs with any of the ebooks. Waddup? :) Thanks!! G-Farce

Posted by G-Farce 7 years ago

email of 'structables unreadable

I used to like to get the emails of projects.  but for at least 8 months, and even worse now, they are basically unreadable in a piss-poor formatting style.  At least on Apple Mail client.  Stuffed spaced WAY out/apart. Its a miserable experience.  About to just spam filter it now.  its useless.

Posted by anode505 3 years ago

Voltage boost

I'm trying to make a remote shutter release for my large format lenses. I found a solenoid that will do the trick. It's 12v / 36 ohm push solenoid with 3/8" travel. I prefer to drive this thing with a single AA battery. Is there a simple way to boost 1.5v?

Posted by JonLoder 5 years ago

Closed contests not being featured.

I was wondering why closed contests are no longer on the front page, since the most recent format change. Don't some f them still need members to vote for winners? I think members should be encouraged to check out the entries.

Posted by JamesRPatrick 8 years ago

TV-B-Gone Codes?

Hi, So I was wondering if anyone had the TV-B-Gone codes in a .wav or .mp3 format so that I could use them on my ipod like this.Anyone have any idea were to get them or how to get them?Thanks

Posted by joejoerowley 10 years ago

Feature request -- embedded links vs. PDF

Can the links embedded in the text be reproduced in the PDF's? Even a chart at the end would be nice-- like: (pretend this is formatted correctly)TEXT | LINKElec-Trak | supply | and so on.Thanks,James

Posted by Scubabubba 9 years ago

I messed up one sound setting in Vista. And now I can't hear youtube videos...

Can you help me? Trying to tweak the sound, on my laptop running vista, I changed the setting under speakers properties>advanced>Default format. I foolishly changed the default format to another setting, thinking I could always switch it back. Immediately the sound from my youtube windows ceased. I tried switching it back and applying the settings. No joy. I tried restoring default settings. No joy. I can still hear windows sounds, just not stuff I WANT to hear. Anybody know how I can fix this? EDIT: Nevermind, I fixed it...errgh...should've just rebooted in the first place.

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

Must Be Nice Comments.

I've been trying to upload comments to a micro controller forum and it continuously tells me my post isn't nice enough or isn't formated correctly. This is getting vary annoying. This stupid policy of letting a poorly thought out filter program block comments that don't fit a "nice" format needs to go. This is the post I'm trying to make.I'm getting the following errors with the AtMega8. It must be a problem with the giveio driver which I have installed but it's still not working. All the forums say to just install it but that's not fixing the problem. I'd greatly appreciate any help."avrdude: can't open device "giveio"avrdude: failed to open parallel port "lpt1"make.exe: *** [program] Error 1> Process Exit Code: 2> Time Taken: 00:00""

Posted by enxion 9 years ago

Will a hard drive with multiple partitions work in an external case?

As the title says, will a SATA hard drive formatted in NTFS with multiple partitions work in an external hard drive case? I'm upgrading to a new hard drive, and I'm thinking of putting the old one in an external case so I can get my data back quickly. however, compaq has gave it a recovery partition, so i can reset it to factory specifications. will this stop the USB hard drive case from recognizing it? Also, it's formatted as a NTFS file system, will this mess it up also? I don't think so, as FAT32 only goes to 127 GB and you can buy bigger external hard drives, but I'm not an expert so I can't tell for sure. Thanks in advance, -BD

Posted by DJBD 9 years ago

CNC protype service. Laser cutting and 5 axis milling.

Hello. I offer cnc prototype service.Serial work is also possible. Worldwide shipping to any country. Material: any ferrous and nonferrous metals,plastics and wood. Number of axes cnc milling center: 5 axis Laser cutting any ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics and wood. (Maximum thickness  20 mm for steel.) Wire EDM cnc machine processing. Finishing: painting, polishing, electroplating and other. Detail size : any Minimal order: 1 piece. Format for drawing: Any digital format. Better SolidWorks or AutoCad. Shipping: Worldwide (EMS,DHL or other postal service) Payment: any Please contact:

Posted by cnc5axiscut 4 years ago

Today we will all know the anwser to life, the universe, and everything.

Today is 10/10/10, now 101010 in binary format is the number 42. Thus today at 10:10:10pm on 10/10/10 we shall be enlightened to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

Posted by JohnJY 8 years ago

One Terabyte Ipod!

I want to take a regular 3.5" hard drive and make a franken- pod of sorts using an ipod. basically, replace an ipod's hard drive with a terabyte hard drive. its a basic concept i know it can be done  here is a link to one that has been done. but im surprised across the whole internet i could only find one or two... i can get a new Western Digital terabyte hard drive here- this is an ebay link so i dont know if it will work very well...;=item3f04fe94de i know this franken-pod will be a bit of a brick, but im fine with that.  i plan on using this in my truck to play through the stereo, and having it portable for long trips/ other cars etc... QUESTIONS- -can it be done? -im sure the power from the ipod internal battery will be insufficient... what can i do about this? -when this franken-pod is wired up correctly, will it just be a matter of plugging it into itunes and formatting the drive? or do i need to use windows to format the drive to FAT32 or whatever the ipod drives are then letting itunes format it again and add the firmware? help me out please!

Posted by spencercanfly 7 years ago

swarm bots...

I was watching the discovery channel a while ago and on a show abbout robots, the spoke of small robots called swarm bots. the seem to sense distance from each other and are able to trail each other single file, or (i'm sure) other formations. i would like to know if anyone could help me replicate this effect, but on a slightly larger scale.

Posted by nickdisney 11 years ago

I see a few "you have comments" indicators, but they don't show.

Several times now, I've seen indications comments were made about one of my posts, but scrolling down, they don't show. Has the format changed so much we now have to jump through hoops to get to them?

Posted by KellyCraig 9 months ago

Open Source Lase Cutter

I have a project running for a open source laser cutter progress has been quite slow but it seems I can bump it up. The idea is to develop a laser cutter you can actually trust for large format cutting. Check out the project blog:

Posted by dannylom 8 years ago

reuploading a picture to digital camera? how do you do it?

Hi, I'm trying to reuploaded a picture which I have photoshopped to my canon A60 digital camera... However, whenever I try to view the picture on the camera, I get a message: incompatible jpeg format... Anyone who can help?

Posted by sam noyoun 11 years ago

New profile layouts -- good things and bad things

So Rachel deployed the server updates this morning. There are a lot of nice features, but at least one bug(?) and a couple of things I wish were different...Like the bigger patches :-)Like the icon format for my I'bles, favorites, and groups (on the /member/... version)Like the no-longer-present "(0)" in the INBOX link at the top of my pageDon't like the no-longer-present "(1)" "(2)" etc. in the INBOX link at the top of the pagePossible bug: Why are there "short lines" in the icon layout of my I'bles?Why don't the icons have the "featured" or "winner" banners?Would like the icon format on the /you/ page as wellWould like the "icon vs. long-line" toggle buttons for both viewOverall, the changes are light and subtle, but give things a look more consistent with the rest of the site.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

Downloading ebooks

I have a pro membership and when I try to download the instructables ebooks I can´t find the download link. I only get a table saying all the formats. How do I download them? BTW: I am not trying to download ebooks from the store, it´s just the normal ebooks. Att. JOao

Posted by okiedokie 6 years ago

Is it possible to create a pdf of draft Instructable, prior to publishing?

Hello - Another group is reviewing my Instructable prior to publishing.  I sought their permission to use some of their reference material.  They have asked if they could review the Instructable in a pdf format.  It seems like you can only produce a pdf after it is published.  Is there are pre-publishing method?  Thanks, dorybob

Posted by dorybob 5 years ago

Problem with first page of Instructable

Hi, The first page of my Instructable seems to have been corrupted and has lost all its Carriage Returns Anyone have any ideas how this has happened? Don't fancy having to keep coming back to edit it again and again. Thanks

Posted by OracsRevenge 9 years ago

Embedding Videos Appears To Be Broken

I can't get videos to embed for this page: I've embedded videos before and I've tried several different links and two formattings of the iframe tag without success. Simply copying and pasting the embed link from youtube doesn't work.

Posted by yardleydobon 6 years ago

Cannot Edit Existing Instructables and Forum Topics

We launched a new WYSIWYG editor last night.  While we translate all the existing text on the site into the new editor's format, you can't edit old Instructables and forum topics.  We thought we'd have this taken care of by morning, but it's not done yet.  Sorry!  It will be fixed soon.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

How to rip DVD and convert video to ipod on Windows and Mac?

In modern world, we have so many ways to share our feeling, interest, etc. with our families and friends, even those who we have never seen. So the problem rip DVD,put your favourite on ipod come. Our DVD Ripper review experts have tested many similar DVD Rippers and get this result: dvd video reviews The article includes four parts. Part 1: Rip DVD movie to iPod (Windows) Part 2: Convert AVI, WMV, MPEG, RM, RMVB, ASF, MOV, DivX, XviD, MPG to iPod MP4 or H264 format (Windows) Part 3: Rip DVD movie to iPod (Mac) Part 4: Convert AVI, WMV, MPEG, RM, RMVB, ASF, MOV, DivX, XviD, MPG to iPod MP4 or H264 format (Mac). See more informations: dvd video converter

Posted by iphonebooy 8 years ago

Comment post-processing does not respect line breaks in PRE-blocks

I have just noticed that the post-processing done when a comment is posted does not respect line breaks included inside ... blocks.  See, for example, my reply to  The preformatted text is shown as a single line, but entered it as three lines:   The text seen here   is in fixed format,   sort of like source code. Notice the line breaks, which are respected when I type stuff like the above in the WYSIWYG box (so the tags get converted to </> entities).  Here is exactly the same five lines of text entry pasted into the Source interface: The text seen here is in fixed format, sort of like source code. As I'm looking at it now (in the editor), there are three separate lines, all in typewriter font.  However, when I publish this, that is likely to change...

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

New editor does not do proper paragraph breaks without [Rich Editor] option

The new editor has a pretty substantial bug.  If the user leaves the editor in the new "default" (plain text) format, it does not respect carriage returns.  It should do so.  Most particularly, it really ought to follow the convention that two carriage returns correspond to a paragraph break.

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

20 50mm dia x 1m long Cardboard Tubes. Any ideas?

My work has a large format printer, and as a result we have quite a few cardboard tubes lying about. I want to make something with them, but can't think of anything. . . . Its pretty think/sturdy cardboard 3mm thick.

Posted by miserydoll 9 years ago

Test gun measurments on computer before building

I trying to find a program that was posted on an instructable that lets u input the measurements of the gun your trying to build and it tells u how effective it would be. I used to have it on my computer but lost it when I formated my computer. If you know what I'm talking about please post a link to the program.

Posted by ps3_soldier 10 years ago

I'm having problems loading pics- Please help soon!

Im working on a photo instructable every time I try to load a third picture it acts like its going to load but then it gets an error. I'm really confused why it will let me load the first two and not a third. They are from the same camera and in the same format. Please help quickly this is a entry for the sew it warm!

Posted by dreadyjazz 6 years ago

Halo Reach dualtage: Collaboration with the foofinator:

Here's a little something I did with my pal Foofinator last month.  If you haven't seen it on my YT channel last month, here it is. PS If an admin sees this can they fix the embed code, the option to embed video has suddenly disappeared from the formatting.  In the meantime just use this link:

Posted by DJ Radio 6 years ago

Problem with pictures in slideshow.

I am having problems posting my slideshow. I added all of the pictures to my slideshow and none of them will show up. I think it has to do with the format of the pictures (.JPG) but I do not know if there is a difference between .jpg and .JPG. If anyone knows why please help me.Here it is if you want to see the problem for yourself.It WorksIt is happening again!

Posted by n8man 10 years ago

pasting from MS Word does weird things

I had an article i had written in MS word.  i pasted chunks into the instructables 'pro' editor.  formatting very strange.  clicking 'source' shows tons of microsoft html garbage.  then instructables editor seems to ignore most of the microsoft html, but it still is there.  hopefully not causing any big problems with this.

Posted by dan 9 years ago