Anyone want 2 free tickets to Berlin Maker Faire this weekend?

I won 2 tickets to Berlin Maker Faire this weekend this weekend but cannot go. It's for two people and includes 2 days.  If anyone is interested all ou have to do it be the first person to let me know you are interested and promise to enjoy yourself. PS I will be jealous

Posted by world of woodcraft 2 years ago

Freecycyle Website...

This website is a collection of groups that lists free stuff of all kinds. look for the groups in your area. you can sign up for multiple groups. there are always some computer or electronic things that you can pick up from peoples homes for free, and you can list stuff that you want to give away as well. lists can be sent to you in your email. i am going to a house near me tomorrow to pick up a working inkjet printer and 2 working laserjet printers. they should yield some mice motors and stuff. cheers all.

Posted by Hurdy Gurdy Man 9 years ago

What to Build

I have a bunch of parts here and no clue what to build, I have a: - EZUSB HX2LP LP USB 2.0 HUB 4PRT P/N:CY7C65630-56LFXA - NO DECRIPTION HERE P/N:CYDM128B16-55BVXI - LASER SENSOR TECHNOLOGY ONS1 P/N:CYONS1001L-LBXC - I have 2 ATMEGA168-20MU - I have 2 ATMEGA8-16PU What should I do btw I got all this for free

Posted by icanryme2002 10 years ago

Free LED

Where can I find a lot of free LED lights with free or cheap, but quick shipping?

Posted by metalshiflet 4 years ago

Free Volunteering

Volunteer south america for free- Participate in a GIC Volunteering in Argentina program and make your time in South America an unforgettable experience! Free Volunteering

Posted by andydavidson 7 years ago

Giving away a free membership

I have plenty of free membership I have claimed. I also have a 1 year free membership I have not claimed yet how do I give away the one year free member ship.

Posted by Josehf Murchison 6 years ago

xbox games wanted (free if possible)

hey people just wondering if you guys had any free x-box games (that work please)

Posted by 2hot2hack 7 years ago

Thanks for the free t-shirt, Instructables!

Got my free shirt in the mail today. Cheers! (I think i filled out an author survey or something.. I dunno. :p)

Posted by ajleece 7 years ago

Free Shipping

Does anybody know of a website that sells electronic components with free shipping? Usually the biggest thing that holds me backfrom ordering a lot online is shipping. If anybody knows of any good websites post here!

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

How do I get my free Sugru

I joined for 2 years so I could get the free SUGRU and have not received instructions on how to redeem it!!!!  Help!!

Posted by Johnny2guns 6 years ago

Good place to get parts and stuff for free.

If you go here you can do offer to get points to spend on stuff on amazon.

Posted by BradCush 8 years ago

How about a 'gluten-free' channel in the food category?

Well, all is in the title... it's a good thing to just click in the menu to see the vegan recipes, but it would be even better to select the gluten-free recipes (dessert AND other dishes) great site, by the way...

Posted by blurpblurp 5 years ago

Need free PVC for new projects THANKS

I really need some PVC for free for a lot of my new projects including: full auto nerf gun and a  retractable knife. Thank you guys SO much for all your help it really means alot.

Posted by Mastercoolguy123 6 years ago

Dubious instructable: free energy???

Have a look here It doesn't scream "free energy" (thus contradicting the first law of thermodynamics) as loud as other weird projects of this kind. Yet I think this instructable either needs some serious TLC or removal. It reads like an advertisement in some parts.

Posted by TomK32 4 years ago

Miscategorized Wanted/Free posts

I understand that people want to ask for things, and want maximum exposure of their request but, to the best of my knowledge, that's what the Wanted category is for. The free category is for things you are giving away, not things you're asking for. The forum is all messy with Free Pro Membership Giveaways, and Wanted posts, and it's difficult to sift through to see any actual posts for free items. Is there a way we can better avoid this, or be more strenuous about enforcing or self-enforcing this? Thanks! Sorry, not tryin' to be a jerk, but if you can put any kind of post in the free section, it shouldn't be a separate section, ya know? -Mike

Posted by mikemenzie 5 years ago

Share your websites for free samples

A while back I was doing an electronics project and needed some components. I found that you can get free samples of components from some companys if you ask nicely. There are some good instructables on that that I will link below. I am now trying to experiment with different metals and am trying to find some websites that will give out free samples. But please put all the good websites for samples here so that anyone can find them if they have a project they want to do. The website I have found so far but I have not ordered from them yet: Some of the instuctables i found:

Posted by Nedla2000 2 years ago

Too Short for an Instructable- free water

A friend showed me this trick at Safeway. If you are thirsty, but either 1) Don't have money on you or 2) Don't want to buy a whole bottle just for a few sips, most food stores are required to give free water to anyone who asks. There will be no signs advertising this fact. Simply walk up to the counter (we did this at a small Starbucks stand by the bakery) and politely ask for a drink of water. My friend received a clear plastic cup filled with water and ice, no charge. Then I walked up and bought a Dr. Pepper, not free of charge.

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

Free Fruit from your Neighbors

This nytimes article shows just how easy it can be to get free local fruit from trees in your neighborhood. If it's hanging over onto public property, you can go for it. Of course, it's even better to meet the owner and even trade some of your own bounty.I do this pretty often. In my own backyard I get free figs from one neighbor's tree that extends into our space, raspberries off a vine on our fence and oranges from a tree in our yard. Neighbor, Can You Spare a Plum?

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Free 3 months for anyone else?

I have just recieved this message from an Instructable intern, saying I got 3 free months of Pro!    "When we introduced Instructables pro memberships a year ago, you were one of the first to sign on. Thank you very much for your support -- we appreciate it! To say thanks, here's a 3-month pro membership coupon you can use yourself, or giveaway to someone else. " Anyone else get it?  

Posted by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl 8 years ago

Gluten Free Category

I believe there should be a gluten free category in the Food section much like there is a Vegan section. Having to go through hundreds, if not thousands, of recipes to see which I can and cannot make for my gluten intolerant family and friends is a little disappointing, considering how widely spread such an allergy is. I still do it of course, and I enjoy seeing all the delicious looking things, but still slightly bothersome. Thanks for the amazing site that has entertained me and given me wonderful ideas for years.

Posted by Shindou 6 years ago

Free offline RPG?

Does anybody know of any free offline RPGs? It has to be offline be cause I mostly want one so I have something to do while I download my podcasts (can't play games online and download at the same time). Also, I would like it to not be really gay.My friend plays a game called Conquer Online, I thought it might be fun to play, but it's an MMORPG, the key word being online, so I can't play it, because I'm on dial-up and I get disconnected all the time. I guess I'm looking for something similar to that.I know I'm kind of asking a lot of a free, offline game, but I can't play online ones.KTHXBAI

Posted by Aeshir 10 years ago

FREE GIFT!! Get a 3’x4’ b&w Engineer Print!

Hi everyone, I’ve got a good one for you today! Our friends at Parabo Press are giving 1,000 people in the Instructables community a FREE jumbo 3’x4’ Engineer Print ($25 value), printed from your own photo! Order through their app, just pay shipping. Get the app at and use promo code MAKER. Then post here to share the print you made! **First time customers only, limit one per person.

Posted by Carleyy 2 years ago

How to get free laundry with a card operated machine

I moved into a new apartment with a washer/dryer in my place. The only problem is I have to pay to use the washer/dryer. They use one of these new credit card things that has a chip in it that gets read by the machine. I want to know if there's a way I can trick the machine or trick my card so I can get free laundry. Normally I don't like doing stuff like this, but at 2.00 to wash and 1.50 to dry, I feel ripped off.

Posted by runner_chick 11 years ago

Necklaces, Journals, Candle Holders and Paintings!

I make all kinds of fun stuff out of hemp, polymer clay, CD covers, etc! Check out my site for pics and descriptions ---> http://thickneckarts.etsy.comFree shipping on most items! Mention this ad and get 25% off!

Posted by thickneckarts 10 years ago

old candles un used or half used bad condition good condition

Im looking for old candles un used or half used bad condition good condition as they are items of not much value i would like them for free

Posted by JACKBARRY 5 years ago

Skip Treasures

So, what's the best thing you've ever found in a skip/rubbish bin?

Posted by Jayefuu 9 years ago

Free Software Sources

. I'll kick this off with my all time favorite, SourceForge. "The world's largest Open Source software development web site.". No matter what you want to do, you can probably find a free program that will do it at SourceForge.. Quality of the programs varies widely, but if you pay attention to last revision dates (be wary if it hasn't been updated in a few years or hasn't been updated since it was posted) and the number of downloads (more is usually better), you can skip over the lesser stuff.. Not sure how they handle malware prevention, but I've never been infected by any of the plethora of stuff I've downloaded.. . 2008-04-26. Here's the sources others have contributed, in a handy list with links. MS Visual BASIC (Brennn10) Softpedia (LinuxH4x0r, ll.13) MajorGeeks (Goodhart) (CNET/ZDNET) (Goodhart, ll.13) The Pirate Bay (ll.13)

Posted by NachoMahma 10 years ago

whether this work? whether thiss is possible?


Posted by Gvozdenovic 6 years ago

More FREE Cookies!

Aha, now that I have pulled you in here, its time for me to explain exactly whats going on.Fungus Amungus, has been giving out alot of cookies. Hundreds almost. Its easy for one person to give out lots of cookies. But it easier for loads of people to give just the one cookie.So here is a call out to all you people out here able to give patches. Its a simple task.GIVE FUNGUS AMUNGUS COOKIESHis profile can be found here - Fungus AmungusCookie pictures can be found here and here, as well as hereI have already sent mine his way! Lets see just how many cookies we can give him.

Posted by gmjhowe 9 years ago

Free Energy... NOT From Saltwater!

This one's for Kiteman. Right after an independent cancer cure researcher in Ohio discovers that he can make saltwater burn, we get a story from the UK about a water heater with an efficiency of 250%-300%.The device seems to break the fundamental physical law that energy cannot be created from nothing - but researchers believe it taps into a previously unrecognised source of energy, stored at a sub-atomic level within the hydrogen atoms in water. The system - developed by scientists at a firm called Ecowatts in a nondescript laboratory on an industrial estate at Lancing, West Sussex - involves passing an electrical current through a mixture of water, potassium carbonate (otherwise known as potash) and a secret liquid catalyst, based on chrome. full story

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

Microsoft gives away 1000 song titles away free

Free mp3s (or mp4s if you roll that way ;) ), yay!! I can't remember for the life of me where I first saw this, or I would surely credit the source (lifehacker? gizmodo?), but in any event MS [is giving away 1000 + songs] fo' NO MONEY! You can download them and also listen to them online. What's the catch? Isn't one, just ads on the site. Cool beans.I know. It's Microsoft. I know. Shhhh. I know.But. There's actually some good stuff there! There are some artists you've never heard of in your life, and some more well-known ones (like Lemonhead, to name the only example of a few that I could've thought of ten minutes ago. :-\ ). I love some of the songs I found in their electronica/dance section - I love ((HYDE)) by ORGAVIN and A Foresaken Few (no, that's not a typo) by OC Lovely. There really does seem to be something for everyone, though. Get them here!

Posted by Lithium Rain 9 years ago

Taken - Free Boat - Blaze of glory, 24ft wharram-style hull trimaran

The boat has gone on to its new home now, hopefully they'll post their adventures and mishaps!here's the history of the boat. give away to good home, or rather for sale for $2 (two u.s. dollars).It comes on a roadworthy trailer but you'll need your own trailer plate.It's in Alameda in the comments as to why you'll actually have a use for it and how soon you can take it away. Include your email address and phone# so I can contact you.Don't be discouraged by the proposals already here, none of these people has managed to take the boat yet. Get permission from your wife or girlfriend ahead of time.thanks,tim

Posted by TimAnderson 10 years ago

What free ebooks should I check out?

I'm going to be hiking in Japan for a week soon. The last time I did this was about eight years ago and I hauled a few large paperbacks along with me which I devoured in the first few days. It was far too much dead weight and took up too much space in my backpack.This time around, I'm going to be borrowing a Sony ebook reader from a friend. Since many ebooks cost more than real books and there are a ton of classics I haven't read yet, I'm going to load it up with reading from Project Gutenberg and far I have selections from Mark Twain, Jules Verne, Nietzsche, Cory Doctorow, H.G. Wells, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Those are already be more than enough, but I want to have options!What other free classics should I check out? I normally geek out on too much non-fiction, so I want some stuff with wonderful language, characters, and stories. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Everyone Post your favorite sites!

Everyone post your favorite sites all in one place, il go first!\ ;)

Posted by CrazeexGood 9 years ago

Instructable ideas from me

You know that Kinetic sculpture contest thats on now? Well, I've had a number of ideas for it and there are some I don't really want to do, but that doesn't mean they're bad ideas, it just means I can give some ideas away. Here's the idea: * { } * { } * { } * { } * { } * { } * { } * { } Build a giant bristlebot! Its a fun idea for an entry, it could be big enough to add a chair to and ride or it could be so big that its taller than you. The idea is free to anybody to use, take it and run with it! (also I'll be giving away more ideas in the future as I have so many floating around)

Posted by The Ideanator 8 years ago

CLOSED - FREEBIES! Giving away FIVE 3-month Pro Memberships!

Though this particular offer is expired, I'll soon be offering another. :-) It is that time again, to pay it forward for all the wonderful experiences I've had on this site. I'm giving away FIVE 3-month PRO Memberships. Please allow those who do not currently have memberships to take advantage of this offer. Enjoy! Leave a comment to request a membership, and if you are not currently subscribed, I'll send a link to you for a free 3-month PRO membership. If, once you are a member, you create a published Instructable in the next three months, I'll give you another 3-month membership. First five only, please. :-)

Posted by WUVIE 2 years ago

How do I splice 2 cell phone voice cables together

I have a Palm Treo 700p and a PhoneLabs Dock n Talk that I'd like to connect. Currently, the only way to connect them is via Bluetooth, which stinks, as there is a long lag between placing/answering a call and making the actual connection. Some phones connect via cable, which has no lag (these cables carry voice, similar to a handsfree cable). I've got the cable that plugs into the Dock n Talk box and I've got two different cable choices for my Palm (2.5mm headphone jack for voice/handsfree, and a Palm/USB data cable: Can I splice anything together to connect the Dock n Talk to my Palm via cable? 

Posted by jwminer 8 years ago

free slurpee day^^

Free slurpees today make sure you grab one.. thats really all..

Posted by tubanator-2.0 8 years ago

Free Help !!

I offer free help in the scouting and outdoor and computer a and some electronics sector, leave a comment or pm me, and anyone wanting to help help people please just start answering questions, this is like the answers area on one page, if babbled on to much, haven't I...

Posted by sboy365 9 years ago

Free Patch!

 Who wants a free patch? Tell me why YOU think you should get a patch. Then I shall choose the soppiest story and reward that person with said patch Have fun

Posted by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl 8 years ago

Can any one give me a free arduino ?

I am a electronic lover and I am 13 years old I need a  arduino(new or old). but I have no money to buy it so can any one give me a free arduino. please help me Thanks you

Posted by Soumojit 2 years ago

Free pro memberships for "I made it"

I have 8 free pro memberships of 3 months to give to anybody who made something of my ible, click on the "I made it" button, upload a best picture and leave any comments. 

Posted by babybayrs 3 years ago

Free Boat Building Classes in Berkeley Marina

Free Boat building Classes for Youth Mon.-Wed. from 3 to 7 p.m. at Berkeley Boathouse, 84 Bolivar Dr., Aquatic Park. Classes cover woodworking, boatbuilding, and boat repair. 644-2577.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

ideas for where to get free barrels

Steel or plastic i do not care what they had in them i am not using them for water or food

Posted by the troll king 324 5 years ago

Wanted: Working Electronics

Wanted: Unwanted Free Working Electronics. Thanks- Jadyn 

Posted by Jadyn Langer 2 years ago

FREE graffiti drawings

FREE graffiti drawings, yes, I said it :-P Anyway, I like drawing gaffiti so I decided that I will do it for people, below I have pictured some graffiti's I have done for DJ Radio and Kiteman. If you want one, just comment below and I will put you on the list :-)

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

Free Robot? _ huh?

I have a little dilemma, i want to get into robotics and programing, but first is need a microcontroller, I remember seeing an Instructable about building a robot from a PIC sample. I can't find it! Maybe you you know where it went! or maybe you can help me find a free sample of a PIC microcontroller! anywho, Thanks!

Posted by Sandisk1duo 10 years ago

Free Pro Membership

Hi, I was luck enough to be given a free pro code for my recent instructable Here it is for the first that would like it. flag36fewer If you feel you want to say thanks please pop a comment on my blog Cheers!

Posted by G S Haydon 4 years ago

Free Guitar Neck Radius Gauge

At times we need to know the radius of our guitar neck and this site has a free download template with all the options on, I have made a couple before and they are easy and acurate. Go here   I used an empty plastic ice cream tub to transfer gauge onto. Pickguardian%20Neck%20Radius%20Gauges.pdf

Posted by fenderphil 7 years ago

Anyone use or play around with free to air tv?

My family and I do a lot of camping and I am interested in this technology, but I don't want to waste the money if it isn't going to work that well. Any information would be great, Thanks!

Posted by rdnkjeeper 10 years ago