I poked a hole in my mini fridge freezer and I tried to fix it with superglue, was that a bad idea?

I was trying to pry ice off of the freezer because the ice was stopping the door from closing. I was using a Flathead screwdriver and a hammer. I hit the ice and started hearing a hissing noise, so i got scared and immediately unplugged it. I tried super gluing the hole shut, and i'm wondering if that was a terrible Idea or if that will fix it, and another important question is will the gas that came out poison my food/ drinks. Also I don't know the model but it is from black and Decker.

Asked by les8 2 years ago

leaking fridge?

Can anyone help my flooding fridge problem. I have a whirlpool and its only 4 years old. There is no build up of ice and the drain hole is not blocked. There is no water in the drip tray and the fridge seals are all good. The fridge is working fine. I have run out of things to look for????

Asked by paulmm 6 years ago

retrofying a fridge

I want to get an antique fridge for the kitchen in my new place but everyone keeps telling me the electric bill will be crazy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to retrofy a new fridge, I'd like to go a step further than just buying an old handle for the fridge. I'd like to maybe paint it teal and figure out a way to round off the corners in that 1950's style. The fridge in the picture will probably be the fridge I buy for this project.

Posted by commiejay 7 years ago

Recycling stuff for cool fridge magnets!

Recyle your old broken hard drives. Take them apart and scrounge the powerful magnets out. They make great ways to attach anything to your fridge or metal surface. See my 64 Corvette Stingray Fridge Magnet Instructable. It has flashing tailights! As ever -TRIUMPHMAN.

Posted by triumphman 10 years ago

how do I make a air brush compressor from fridge? Answered

Hi, how do I make a compressor to run a air brush spray gun from a fridge compressor,  Iv'e taken a compressor from an old fridge, which  of the pipes do I need to block?  Any help appreciated         micky g 

Asked by mickyg88 5 years ago

how to make a Fridge alarm?

Hi All, http://i67.tinypic.com/kwbhe.jpg I want to make a fridge alarm, but i dont know the right configuration or maybe I need to buy a different time delay module?  Please help me Kind regards, Jonathan

Posted by JonathanH243 7 months ago

Fooling the robot by putting a very long question header instead of my original three words that I put up two days ago? Answered

I read somewhere?? that to put fridge magnet on the side of a fridge causes it to use more power. (Magnets are OK on the front). Is this true? If it is.....; why?

Asked by Z.. 8 years ago

help, where to start please? 20*20*20cm fridge

Hello, First post, please be nice =) I unfortunately know absolutely nothing about electronics, or soldering... you get the idea. Clueless. But, I need to make a 20*20*20cm fridge out of perspex (something to do with my photography, see http://www.flickr.com/photos/jingleslenobel/ I gather that a Peltier with heat sink might do it? Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction please, in terms of making such a thing? Many thanks

Posted by ingleslenobel 5 years ago

Where could i buy a peltier/heatsink unit?

I want to make a USB mini fridge and i don't know where the best place to get a peltier/heatsink unit would be.

Asked by robertcrosscountry 8 years ago

Cheap Room Air conditioning

Hi, I have a burning question, I thought about combining a small fridge I have with a floor fan for cheap in room air conditioning. I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on how to combing the two without hazards. Tho the fan is a bit bigger, in concept would do as well.   Thanks, Chen Cohen.

Posted by DragonFX 8 years ago

I accidentally poked small hole in freezer cooling line, can I patch it with flex seal or something like it?

Was de-icing my haier mini fridge, when I accidentally punctured a tiny hole in  freezer wall cooling line, it hissed for like 2 seconds. Is it safe to plug back in? and can I patch the hole?

Asked by brandon.salinas.319 3 years ago

Something is making a mysterious noise.

So it's been awhile! Between school, homework, work, and playing with gadgets and such, I haven't gotten the time to post or make an instructable for quite a long time. But now, I'm back with a question. I see lots of new users here, and to them I say welcome to the community! You are going to love  it here, everyone is helpful, and you'll find answers to just about everything. I also see some members here that were around when I still used instructables. Remember me? How are things? :P Ok, so now for my question. A few weeks ago, after flushing the Toilet, a strange noise began behind our refrigerator. It was king of like a rattling, but not so much that as say, a prize wheel at a gameshow spinning and hitting something heavy. It's really quite odd. The refrigerator is a model with the built in water and ice dispenser. I googled it, and many seem to say it is something called "Pipe Rattling", but I don't think that is what it is, because it only started a couple of weeks ago and we have had this fridge for a year. I have drawn a diagram of the first floor of our house to help you get a better understanding of where the fridge is in comparison to the bathroom and the toilet. Like I said before, the noise only occurs after we flush the 1st floor toilet. Another odd thing about it is when the noise occurs. It can make this rattling as the toilet is flushing, directly after the toilet has flushed, and it has happened up to a minute after the toilet is finished flushing and refilling the bowl. The noise goes for about 5-8 seconds each time, and it only sounds once after each flush. We have not made any additions to the house before or since it started, have npt experienced any severe weather, and have not modified any plumbing in the house in quite a while, and never in that area of the house. In the incredibly bad sketch I made, you can see the bathroom, and the incredibly bad drawing of a toilet. The fridge is indented in the wall so there are cabinets surrounding it. Any thoughts on what this noise can be?

Asked by kcls 6 years ago

What should I do with this old fridge?

I was thinking about using the coil on the back for a solar heater. Any other ideas on what parts I could strip and make something out of?

Asked by iPodGuy 9 years ago

Wine cellar

Hello Internet community. I have a problem/challenge and need some segestions. we have recently moved the family wine cellar into the cupboard under the stares. however, we also have a small fridge in there for things like lemonade and beer, the fridge`s compreser is heating up the cellar so it is too hot to keep wine in. we can`t move the wine or the fridge because there is nowhere else to put them. All segestions gratefully accepted.

Posted by HP psc 2110 all-in-one makebot 9 years ago

How can you make a fridge more efficient? Uses of solar, heat exchangers, etc. Any ideas?

I was thinking of a heat exchanger, on one end a constant stream of cold well water, on the other end, the fridge coils. Or maybe use solar to cool it with peltier effect device? To keep it from coming on too often. Throw out any ideas, just though of this but have not seen it around, probably for a reason. It would be nice to use this idea at a cottage or camp eventually with little to no power, but at a cost worth building. The point would be to save money over the long run, so like a full blown solar would work, but it would cost a lot. Thanks again

Asked by newinvestor23 9 years ago

Refrigerated Dog Bed

Ahoy-hoy, My first post on Instructables! Anyhow, we own a 10-month old Great Pyrenees and live in the drought stricken and warm Southern California climate. As summer approaches we have been looking at options to help keep her cool and we haven't had the greatest of luck with cooling beds available on the market, our Coonhound tore up the first one as a 50 lb pup during his first summer. I was thinking about potentially re-purposing an old mini-fridge coolant system into a cooling bed. My very initial thoughts are as follows: 1. Salvage working mini-fridge 2. Disassemble cooling system 3. Create bed surface using sheet metal (our Pyr won't sleep on the any of the multiple plush beds available to her, only concrete or dirt) 4. Create mount base for bed, ideal scenario would have a force sensitive switch that would only turn on refrigeration unit when dog is on the bed. 5. Thermally attach refrigerator expander coils to the underside of the bed, most likely via solder but could bolt together with thermally conductive paste 6. Rig up an enclosure and support structure for the compressor, heat exchange coils, and electronics. I imagine the bed surface resembling the weight scales at the vet but with some provisions to attach a padded fabric cover. Things to be addressed: 1. Ensuring proper temperature regulation...she has a thick durable coat but don't want to over due things. Temperature feedback shouldn't not be too much of a hurdle using an Arduino or using the existing "twisty-turny" nob in the fridge 2. Properly disassembling the salvaged fridge, don't want to unnecessarily release the refrigerant and defeat the whole purpose 3. Make this thing sturdy enough to survive the wear and tear of one and/or probably two 85 lb plus dogs Is this too far fetched (no pun intended, my dogs aren't retrievers)? Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rich 

Posted by richardwdyer 3 years ago

Re-purposing a refrigerator

I am re-purposing a refrigerator to make an egg incubator. What crossed my mind was that perhaps rather than using another source to heat it, perhaps the chiller system (which is fully intact and working) could be reversed? Has anyone on here undertaken a project which involved deliberately causing a refrigerator to work in reverse and so heat up inside? Any information would be gratefully received.

Posted by grumpydad 4 years ago

fridge cycle logger

Hello all, I'd like to know how efficient my fridge is. To do this, I need to have a record of the on/off cycling that the fridge does: I need to know how frequently it cycles and how long it stays on for. Does anyone know if this gizmo exists? (in the UK) If not, how would I go about making one? Thanks, mm

Posted by marquee.moon 6 years ago

Fridge freezer to kegarator fermenter combo?

Gooday all, One for your Homebrew/refrigeration techs out there. I've got an old fridge freezer that I have decided to try put to some use by converting the freezer compartment to a fermentation chamber and the fridge area into a kegarator. I'm pretty confident I can do the necessary work for either of these jobs (with instructables guidelines!) but not sure about a fridge freezer as it's running off one compressor so (and I'm guessing here) if I have the freezer only kicking in occasionally to cool my fermenting chamber will that mean the fridge only kicks in occasionally too?? Will I not be able to have cool kegs and warm fermenters??? Help please, I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it!

Asked by AshoBo 5 years ago

Can I mount a fridge from the ceiling? Answered

My parents are moving into a home about a fourth of the size they live in now, since the kids are at college. The kitchen is a sad affair and needs to be torn apart. Even with a fair amount of work, the kitchen will be under 120 square feet. A standard fridge cuts the usable space down drastically and stick out into walking ad working areas.  Under cabinet fridges are being considered, but the below counter cabinet space is limited enough as it it, at best around, 200" linear of 32" deep counter and 90" of 24" deep counter.  The idea hit me when I was searching for fridges that fit under counters when I saw commercial display fridges, and mistook them for ceiling units.  So, is there any way to hang a small fridge from the ceiling? What kind of joists/beams would be needed to keep it from crashing down? Or is this a crazy pipe dream?? Are they just too heavy with all the copper coils and insulation?

Asked by eggplanthunter 7 years ago

Where can i find peltier units in my house? Answered

I want to make a mini fridge so i need peltier units. I can post the mini fridge instructable when I'm done but i neeed peltier units!!

Asked by sky0 8 years ago

Ganache - It isnt setting in the fridge? Answered

Well I have tryed this recipe https://www.instructables.com/id/E6GFU1NWXTEVYDYEQA/ and have done everything. Though, i used single cream instead of whipped cream, and i didnt put sugar syrup. I didnt think that these would make a difference (i didnt have these), so, do they? I have put it in the fridge for 15 mins, taken it out, stirred, and put back in x2 and it still isnt thickening. Does anyone know why?

Asked by Carostar680 8 years ago

Powering a 12v DC fridge ?

Hi, I have a 12VDC fridge and am trying to convert a computer power box to supply power to it. I started with a ATX type and have problems with it resetting itself after the compressor restarts itself after reaching temp. I have a 10Watt resistor connected to the 5V wiring to keep it running during full temp switch off, but when frigde restarts itself the power supply resets. I am now trying a AT 230W box and it does not reset but under load I only get 10.4v, not enough to operate fridge for cooling. Any sugestions how to lift voltage as when connected to motherboard and 4 hdd's it generates 12v. Sorry I should add that the fridge is 12v 4.2amp and the power box is 12v 8amp. I have tied 2 x AT type boxes with same result. Thanks Tim Thanks

Asked by timbont 8 years ago

making a mini fridge. need help!!!

 well i've decided to make a mini fridge out of an old computer case but i still dont really understand how. i know i need a peltier, heat sink, and a fan. but in what order? do i need a cold plate? how do i arrange all of the units to make the inside of the case cold? i'm not too techy so please be descriptive. :) my inspiration for this project is from this post, inventgeek.com/Projects/Minifridge/overview.aspx

Asked by carly_gurl101 8 years ago

Where can you get a AC to AC adapter?

 I need an AC to AC adapter for the LED fridge light project. I however only known and have seen of AC to DC adapters for cell phones etc. Where can I get one? I have found websites that allow you to buy a customized one but only for batches of hundreds.  Specifically, I need 4.5V 500ma. Thanks in advance.

Asked by kevincheng88 8 years ago

Locker Size Mini Freezer

I have an empty locker in my office (2.5 cu. ft) and it gave me an idea to use that space as a freezer. I know how a freezer works, but my question is it is feasible to gut out a used mini fridge and reassemble it in a small space? Since there's a shelf in the locker,  I was plannign to run the evaporation coils underneath it,  line the edges of the locker with Dow foam, fit the condenser in the corner, and the condenser coil on the inside of the door.

Posted by wbgeek 6 years ago

I don't know my peltier unit's specification, Help needed to identify

I have extracted a peltier TEC unit from my small USB fridge. I intend to put the cooling unit into a bigger and more better casing so it'll cool other things rather than a can softdrink. The problem is, it's just getting 18' celcius and I need it to be lower than that. I've tried using a USB charger that outputs the usual usb 5V but 1 amp, the temp just goes down 1-2' celcius.I want to put a higher voltage power into the cooling unit, but I'm afraid that I'll just burn the thing out.But the problem is, I don't know the spec of the peltier unit that I have.So, can anybody tell me the maximum voltage and amps that the peltier unit can handle?The cooler loooks like this http://www.everythingusb.com/mini_usb_fridge_12625.html

Posted by hafizan89 9 years ago

fridge? Answered

Dose the fridge have to be cold

Asked by REDWOOD123 1 year ago

can i turn a fridge freezer in to just a freezer?

I have and old vertical fridge freezer.( freezer compartment on top).  the seals have pretty much gone on the fridge part, so i am wondering if its possible to completely disable the cooling of the fridge part, while the freezer carries on working. i am assuming also that this will reduce the running cost of the unit if only the freezer5 cheers will

Asked by agatornz 7 years ago

Making a mini-fridge for my locker?

Hi, I am trying to build a fridge for a my locker at school to keep my drinks cold. I am going to construct it using the method in "$5 Mini USB Fridge!", but since it's in a locker I obviously can't use USB power. I thought about powering it with a 9V, but I don't know if that will last very long. Any ideas on how I could power it? Thanks! Adam

Asked by Adambowker98 5 years ago

sub mini fridge

I just got some soldering paste and I need to keep it cool. The temperature has to be above freezing, but still cool. Currently I'm keeping it in my fridge, but I don't want to keep it there once I break the seal (for safety reasons). I can't do that one mod using the 12 volt camper cooler, I don't have a camper cooler. I can't afford a mini-fridge. Just seeing if anyone here has any ideas. If nobody has any then I'm going to buy this USB micro fridge wwhich will keep it cool for $15.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Can I add a DIY freezer compartment to my fridge?

I've got a large fridge, without a freezer compartment. I only use a small fraction of the space available in the fridge, so I was wondering if I could add a small freezer compartment to the top of it. The filament (or whatever it's called - the cooling bit) takes up the entire back wall of the fridge. It's built into the back, not visible. This is always getting covered with ice, even on low settings (probably because I only really use it to chill water - something to do with condensation, perhaps?), which I take to mean that it's capable of freezing stuff. And sometimes I leave bottles of water too close to the back of the fridge, and they get frozen solid. I was thinking I could maybe attach some kind of drawer to the back of the thing, just to keep ice cream, etc... But what could I make the drawer out of? Would it need to conduct the cool-ness from the filament at the back? Would I be okay to attach it by screwing into the sides of the fridge? (away from the cooling filament) I've spent all day googling for an answer. You're my only hope.

Asked by 9 years ago

Problem: can't erase on whiteboard

I recently decided I needed a bigger whiteboard and so, in true instructable style, made one out of a fridge door. Unfortunately the fridge door had some stickers on it and I removed them with orange oil and some other cleaners. Now when written on, the whiteboard marker will not erase. Instead it smudges and cannot be removed even with water. What can I do to make my whiteboard usable agian? I've heard car wax can be good, should I try this? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted by TobyRhino 10 years ago

What lubricant to refill a fridge compressor with?

Hey all, I just grabbed a compressor from a fridge that had been badly mangled by a bulldozer at a demolition site, planning to make a vacuum pump or airbrush compressor (or both!) Trouble is, I thought the liquid it contained was leftover refrigerant, and drained it all out. I didn't really have a choice, as leftover freon was gassing out of the compressor (thought it had lost pressure, but there was still a little in the compressor) and it was sputtering the oil everywhere. I held it upside down while carrying it home, and when I got it here, it was apparently empty. Then I found out that what I poured out wasn't liquid freon, but actually vital oil that keeps it alive. The compressor runs fine, but I only tried it for a few seconds for fear of destruction. I have many lubricants here, motor oil, 2-stroke oil, bike chain oil, etc. If I'm to dump an oil into my compressor, any ideas on which is the best call, and roughly how much should it take?

Posted by Rectifier 10 years ago

Fridge Magnet Challenge Results

Results of the Fridge Magnet Challenge are up here!

Posted by canida 11 years ago

Anyone how knows how I can make a mini refrigerator?

Anyone how knows how I can make a mini refrigerator? It has to keep two cans of coke cold. It's for a school project and can't be to expensive, max. 40$. I have acess to special tools if needed. About my english, I know it's bad ;) Thanks for all answers!

Asked by murkas 9 years ago

Fridge CPU cooler? Answered

If you got to the ible on making a usb fridge https://www.instructables.com/id/5-Mini-USB-Fridge!/ it tells you to find an old camping fridge and take out the peltier/heatsink unit, can you use that unit to place on a CPU of a computer or laptop to cool it down?

Asked by jibatsu 8 years ago

Making a mini fridge. How many peltier units do i need?

I want to make a mini fridge rather than spend the $80-100 for one. I wanna make it 3'x2'x2'. How many peltier units would i need and do i need heatsinks for both sides (hot and cold)? Also do i need a converter to change the 120v down to something the peltier units can handle?

Asked by sj898 8 years ago

Is it possibly to take apart a fridges Cooling element for use elsewhere? Answered

I am hoping to make a fog chiller for smoke machines. From the designs I have seen they have been using ice although this isn't very effiecient for the how I am going to use it. So would it be possibly to take out the cooling element from a fridge (I have one lying around) and use it to cool other things? All comments are welcome Thank You Oscar

Asked by oscarthompson 7 years ago

Hauling a Refridgerator

I have heard you can haul a refrigerator on its side as long as you let it stand vertical at least 24 hours before plugging it in, is this true or not?

Asked by baudeagle 7 years ago

What fan can I replace this one with?

I've just took apart my noisy micro refrigerator, it's an insulin cooler that keeps medicine at a temperature of 2-8 degrees celsius. It's good apart from the noisy fans. Now I was confused when I took it apart as I'd never heard of a DC brushless fan before. So I'm now wondering what can I replace it with? Can I replace it with a standard fan that's the same size as it? Or do I have to replace it with another DC brushless fan of the same specs? I want to find a near silent replacement, will this be possible? Is it the fan that actually makes the noise? Here's a few pics of the fan and motherboard: http://oi61.tinypic.com/o8ij52.jpg http://oi62.tinypic.com/14dezqx.jpg Thanks, really appreciate any help.

Asked by Tickles14 4 years ago

Can I use a fridge as a freezer? Answered

I have a two door fridge with a top freezer that I would like to use in the basement, but crank the fridge part down to use as a freezer, and turn up the freezer to use as a fridge. Do you see any problems with this?

Asked by rjlynn 8 years ago

With ebay I am protected when I buy internationally because if I don't recieve it I can just say I didn't get it, right? Answered

I want to buy a peltier module to make a fridge for my locker to keep my lunch cold, but the only place to get one cheap is on ebay, from Hong Kong.  This is what I am looking at: Peltier Module.

Asked by furrysalamander 7 years ago

HELP please? ANSWER questions on USB fridge.... ♥

Hey guys. I'm planning to make this for my science project and I was wondering if anyone can explain some parts... https://www.instructables.com/id/5-Mini-USB-Fridge!/?skipPro=true 1.) where can I buy a cheap peltier cooling unit? or the 12V camper cooler (coz I really can't get how you stick that to the unit... explain please? sorry. I'm such a rookie...) 2.) how to make the fridge light up when you open it? (which is better lights when closed doors or lights when you open the door? please explain how to do this too) 3.) can this fridge be cool enough that the can (or bottle) be cold enough to drink lets say if you place a room temperature can inside? and can it be cool enough in less than 5 hours? (I read your comments to get insights and some of you said you have to wait for 5hours for it to cool?) 4.) can anyone help me how to make the room temperature can COLD rather than just keeping it cool? ~~Please help guys.... Thanks in advance! ~~ P.S. I'm only a senior in highschool so I'm really tight on budget..... 

Asked by not_all_that 6 years ago