LIPIZANNERS ftw !!!! - updated

WOW!!! what a show!!!! I have to share some of the pics with you that I took, even though many of them are not very good....and then I will include a video someone else did, that summarizes what I saw tonight (it was a 2 hour show). These are magnificent animals, and as they performed, they appeared to really enjoy it...wanting to get "into" some of the more difficult moves,  sometimes a bit earlier than they were supposed to :-)  Enjoy the pictures, if you can, as they are a bit small. UPDATE:   A friend of mine, online was questioning me about how "happy" the horses were "performing".  Well, other then the fact that they seemed to bask in all the applause they were given,  the horses brought out to perform Airs Above the Ground were literally frolicking to get on with the show.  They seemed to most want to do the move called the Capriole the most.  Earlier in the show too, we could see them, as they sat in a line waiting to come out, pawing at the arena floor as if to say "lets get on with it !"   :-)         

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what is ftw? what does it stand for?

 I have seen alot of peole say ftw. But i just don't seem to get what it means. Can u please help me?

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SunBanks Has Seen The Light!

Have you?Firefox 3 FTW!

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A true K'nex challenge.

Well, I have it. Something...epic. I need you guys to design a shell ejecting, handle mag, semi-auto K'NEX gun. Try it!

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One Year on Instructables FTW!

Hey guys, just letting you know that today is the day I jioned this site one year ago, Ive come along way, just look at the first thing I posted (I should really take it down, but I can't for nostalgia reasons) and now things like the war collab, the logic bow and PP19 well I can't think of anything else so BIYEEEEEEEE 

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I'm Liking These Ads..

Much better than Iranian singles! :D

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I, Skunkbait, am a Moron!

Ok, I'm not really a big "chat guy". Occasionally I have to look up acronyms to know what you kids are saying. I know LOL, WTF, STFU, and IMHO, but a few others just go over my head. So today I looked up FTW. You have to understand, that even though I am a pretty conservative Christian, I'm hardly "sheltered". Basically, I come from a biker background, and amoung us folks FTW means.... Well, you know. ANyway, When I saw Adrian Monk (usually such a good girl) use the acronym FTW the other day, I was dissapointed with her. I thought she needed her mouth....uh keyboard washed out with soap! ANyway, I looked it up and now I know better. Sorry I ever doubted your squeaky clean image Adrian!

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Electronic Stores in US? Where!?

Are there any electronic stores in US that I could actually walk into and buy Arduino boards or components? Other than radio shack. Are there any in say... Massachusetts?

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I'll be gone Monday to Wednesday. 12 hour premature return FTW!

For reasons that I am to lazy to talk about, I won't be able to get on a computer from Monday to Wednesday.  I will return Thursday. That is all. Oh, and I still will be here for the remainder of Saturday and Sunday. EDIT:  I'm back, 12 hours early.

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Instructables = win?

Somebody says instructables fails. So i decided to create  a topic to see how many people agree with me, And say instructables is win. (FTW)

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I'm Back!

I'm Back too building! YAY! HAPPY! So.... I'm working on a ball machine. sort of......... So yeah. Axiys. Scooby doo FTW!  

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Can you get Internet Explorer for a Blackberry Tour 9630 thats flashed for Metro PCS?

Well, I want to start downloading apps for my Blackberry Tour, from App World that is. However whenever I go to download any app there is a page that shows up and it says, "This webpage uses ActiveX controls that work only in Microsoft Internet Explorer. To ensure that Blackberry App World is correctly downloaded to your Blackberry, this site is not designed to work wih any other Internet Browsers. If you cannot use Internet Explorer, you may be able to download the software directly to your Blackberry smartphone". And theres no download link or anything there to help me out. I have also already tried to change my browser options/configurations from Metro PCS to something else like IE. But there are no other options other than MetroPCS. So, please, if you know how, or if you think you can help do so. Thanks a plenty, Alex8171

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Nvidia Graphics on Ubuntu?

I recently switched from Windows to Ubuntu, and I live it, but there is one problem.  My Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 FTW 3GB does not work.  When I installed the drivers from the extra drivers program in Ubuntu, Nothing worked, and I had to reinstall. Does anybody know how to fix this?  Thank you.

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Neat Little Lamp

Check out this neat little lamp I found at Lowes. It's got pencil and paper holding "hands", LED bulb "head", and fully adjustable joints. Impulse buys FTW! I was supposed to be looking for a ceiling fan :P An Instructable on how to make one of these would be cool.

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Armor Help

I am looking to make a paintball armor.  I do not want to buy anything already made, DIY stuff FTW. I am looking to make it out of aluminum from aluminum cans.  I would cut off the top and bottom leaving a repectable sized piece to mould into any piece i want making it into 'scales'.  Using the bottoms of the cans as shoulder pads and other parts. My question is: What should I use as an anchor for the 'scales'? What type of material would i use as a place to mount them? And as always; if you have suggestions do tell.

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Ipod laser pointer hack...

bought a laser pointer that plugs into a 2nd gen iPod nano (hey it was $2), and since I don't own one, (3rd gen FTW) I took it apart. Now I've got some problems: a) How much power does an Ipod put out? I cant just hook this sucker up to a AA? I don't wish to power it through an iPod. b) The negative wire wasn't soldered, I think i know where it goes but I'd like to be sure All I know is it's a red laser pointer laser, and there wasn't any info on the packaging other than don't shine in your eye...

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How do I connect to DSL through Ethernet? Answered

This may seem like a silly question, but keep reading. I have DSL service from the local ISP. I have a home wireless network. I also have a new computer. (Well, new to me.) It's a 5-year-old Compaq desktop. (Read about it here.) In the room that my computer is in, all there is, is a regular phone jack. Would I be better off buying a wireless PCI adapter, or a cheap router to plug into the wall, so I can use a Cat5 to connect to my comp? Thanks Much! Instructables FTW!

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why does my PC shuts down USB ports? Answered

My PC (a new HP, recently installed windows 7) shuts down the USB ports on an irregular basis. when i dont use it for a while (say 5 min) it shuts down the screen and such to save power, but it doest shut down USB ports. then, when i move my mouse everything starts up again, with one problem, it stops USB stuff after 5 secs. becouse i dont have PS2 ports on the PC, the only way to get USB mouse/keyboard back is turning the PC off and on. this problem always was on the PC, worse with vista (like everyday once or twice) but now with windows 7 (free upgrade FTW) it happens alot less. fact remains that it is frigin anoying since ive gotta restart everything and i cant even save stuff. (thank god for auto save) why does this happen, and how can i fix the problem?

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Oh boy, Instructables.... It's happened again. My Mom asked me if I want to change schools next year. I have no idea on this one. Usually one school sticks out above the rest, but this is tough. At the school I'm going to right now, I'm all settled in, it's a decent school, and I've got friends here. My only complaint is that there's no band. The school my mom wants me to go to is the 60th best school in the US, plus it's a public school, so that saves us a bunch of money by not having to pay tuition. If I go to this school, Mom said we'd have enough to get me a new computer and a decent car, both of which I could really use. Also, there's a band, and let's face it, school just sucks more without band. This potential school sounds like a dream school to me, band, great academics, small class sizes, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to leave a place where I've got friends. I mean, it's not like I've never done this before (5 schools since middle school, FTW), but that doesn't make it suck any less. So, thoughts? Anyone else been in a fix like this before? Help me out, here, guys ;-)

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What Does Your Average Day Look Like? Answered

Just a simple question, i wanna know what you other Instructablers do in your average day. Here is my average day: 06:55: Getting up. 07:05: Doing my usual stuff, making sandwiches for school, doing my hair, getting my books etc. 07:35: Going to train station Veenendaal-West (my home town). 07:50: Getting in the train. 08:10: Get out of the train, and getting my bike from station Driebergen-Zeist. 08:30: Getting teached about technical stuff (stripping cars, learning to weld, etc). 14:30: Schools out! 14:35: Going to station Driebergen-Zeist. 14:45: Waiting for my train. 14:55: Getting on the train. 15:15: Getting off the train in Veenendaal-West. 15:20: Back home (yay)! 15:25: Doing homework. 16:30: Stop doing homework. 16:35: Gaming (PS3 ftw). 17:30: Dinner. 18:00: Checking mail, Youtube inbox, Ibles inbox, etc. 19:00: Gaming. 20:00: Gaming. 21:00: Gaming. 21:05: Getting punished for gaming too much. 21:10:K'nexing. 22:00: Taking a shower. 22:15: K'nexing. 23:00: Going to bed. The end.. So.. how was your day? -Viccie.B1993-

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