Hey there i am getting a job as a kung fu instructor? Answered

And I just wanted to see where i could get certified as a kung fu instructor in austin texas? It is mainly to boost my "value".

Question by acidbass 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Can I still master Kung-Fu Wing Chun? Answered

Ok, lats make it quick this time - Can I reach mastery of Kung Fu Wing Chun, if I'll start training at the age of 13? I mean, mastery like shaolin monks - becoming a total killing machine.

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Foux De Fu-Fu Art Design and Craft Show

Cambrian Hall, 17th& Main, Vancouver Saturday 18th April 2009 12 - 5pm Admission: 25 cent or your favourite joke After Party feat local artists The Green Hour Band and Pretty Vanilla Doors 8.30/ $8 in advance from The Wallflower, Main St Foux de Fu-Fu is an art/design/craft extravaganza showcasing original clothing, jewellery and illustration from some of the cities freshest new artisans. With fantastic one-of-a-kind designs, juggling lessons from Jmac, bodypainting and an after party with live painting, supporting local artists has never been this much fun!

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How thick is a katanas blade closest to the handle and how thick is it 1.5 inches from the tip?

How thick is a katanas blade closest to the habaki and how thick is it 1.5 inches from the tip?

Question by the_burrito_master 8 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How do you mini pen gun that shoots far that is fully automatic?


Question by GEEK1 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Will most International Makers be excluded from future challenges?

This seems to be an unanswered question... or it's quite possible I just haven't found the answer. I feel some clarification is in order... please.

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Wrap your cords like a pro

Keep your cables secure and tidy with these cord-wrapping techniques. I've used the first technique quite a bit, but the chain style looks like it's worth checking out.What do you think? Is your cable kung fu better? Link

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can anyone help with a martial arts wooden (wing chun) dummy?

I have been learning about the fighting and trapping techniques of kung fu and would like a cheep alternative to the 'mok jong' wooden dummy as they are verry expensive,i could use any plans and technical details possible,thanks mike1969

Question by mike1969 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

I am a child and i want to know how to make my own bokken?

I want it in basic language and easy to make please

Question by HummadJ 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

What mental disease could cause people to spontaneously swear?

I was down-town last week buying material for a photography back ground when I passed a lady who every minute or so went "F-F-Fu-F***ing C**t!" What would cause this?

Question by Kryptonite 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Battery over ride for electric start on Propane Furnace

I would like to create a battery override for the starter on my propane furnace. We've lost power a few times during some of the major storms. If I could backup the electric starter on the furnace with a battery backup, I could still have heat during any loss of power.

Topic by mmontana 5 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Does this switch exist? Answered

It may just be my google-fu failing me, but I can't find switch I am sure must exist: A sliding switch with reversing (DC) polarity. At one end of the slider, power is full "forward".  Slide the controller, and power decreases.  Reach the centre, and power is zero/off.  Slide past the centre, and power increases again, but with reversed polarity, ie in reverse.

Question by Kiteman 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Video bombing. Stop...it...now...

Unless i constrain myself this will sound like one of Gordon Ramsays shows... ;-) Fu blo he. It's fung time to do something about those bloo videos that stu people are carpet bombing Instructables with. ! Please limit the possibility of posting an unlimited amount of instructables/slideshows/videos per 24 hour period. One (1) per 24 hours are quite enough for anyone that are actually doing something good and not just carpet bombing/spamming crappy videos from Metacafe to get some money. As a temporary solution maybe just banning Metacafe-videos would help remove those obnoxious spammers. Or can you also get payed by videos on Youtube/Google? Talking in friendly manner to these guys doesn't really help. It only fixes (possibly) the problem with one guy, but there will just come more and more of them all the time. (The image of Gordon is stolen from telegraph.co.uk - sorry about that...)

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Please help me, How do I become good at drawling?! Answered

When I was little, I use to draw all sorts of things that came to mind (they weren't that good, but whatever) I would usually draw what I saw, happened, or tried to draw a TV Cartoon. But now it comes to me. I want to become good at drawling because I went on DeviantArt and people have entered their own contests to submit their own Kung Fu Panda Character, and I really wanna draw some good ones. Any suggestions? I want to be good at drawling furries, cats or whatever you call them. I feel really upset right now 'cuz I don't have the natural talent people do for looking at things, I have more good ideas in my head then I do on paper! (P.S This picture is not mine, it's a friend of mine's) And if this might help, I'm 13.

Question by KungFuPandaFREAK4Life 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Where can I find this fuse? need a 2 pin little fuse F2 AL 250 f32 also on the side or a good substitute

This fuse is in a small electric blanket controller, I can't seem to find this one, what other fuse would be a good substitute? Blanket was left on for 12 hours several times, other components are good. This is a small blanket used on a massage table.

Question by corvid503 11 months ago  |  last reply 6 weeks ago

Does heating a sodium hydroxide solution create fumes?

I want to do the chemistry trick where you turn pennies into a silver and gold color. I am looking to do this by heating a sodium hydroxide solution with zinc metal and then adding pennies. I just need to know if I can do this in my garage on my hotplate or if I should do it outside because of fumes. Thanks :)

Question by jarheadwithm16 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Whats an easy and cheap way to clean up a face full of acne in 5 days? Answered

This weekend I woke up to a face full of acne.I have a date with this guy and I don't want to have a face full of zits. I have tried almost everything and its not working very well. I don't have the money for proactive or the time to order it anyways. So can anyone help please.

Question by Amanda101 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

i need help making a military aguilette. so its full of knots and i know knothing bout knots. :) Answered

I make costumes and i want to make the costume of The Duke of Wellington. I have the cloth and the pattern. but he has a complicated gold lanyard/ rope thing on his shoulder and chest. i can get the braid rope.  but id love to know how to tie his knotwork. called an aguilette. any ideas?  

Question by maninamousesuit 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Mook Jong construction free standing instructions?

I am looking for information on building a Mook jong(Wooden Dummy). I would need one that is free standing, not wall mounted. Also, where would I buy the needed wood for the body? I am looking for a rather simple plan not one that is complicated. I am not looking to make one of plywood but rather a solid piece of wood. the leg for the Mook Jong confounds me as well.

Question by wolfofthewhitemt 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Radio controlling the SSC-32 Servo Controller?

I am planning on making a RC humanoid robot (like the ones in the kung fu competition at robogames), and I am probably going to use the SCC - 32 Servo Controller.  I am pretty sure that you can use a ps2 remote to control it, but on the robogames website it says that they want you to use a PCM controller.  How would I connect a PCM controller to the board?  Also is it even possible?  If it is not then would the controller that the robonova uses work with a PCM controller? Thanks in Advance!

Question by JaredsProjects 9 years ago

What is causing the deep cycle battery charger fuses to pop?

Mobile Wheelchair battery wiring: Two young 12v 26AH wired in ceries? is poping charger fuses. with newly accuired controller The chair contoller has been newly doneup and could be the cause Look at Mobile chair battery line diagram operating with newly acuired reconstructed second hand controller it pops charger fuses, the battery's are near new the, motors is not connected yet in fear of damage from a dead short somewhere.The motors operated fine whith previous controller.americantwintowers@gmail.com

Question by Water-for-Africa 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

RoboGames this weekend!

Hi everybody! This weekend in San Francisco, robots and their makers will be congregating at Fort Mason for the fantastic event known as RoboGames. RoboGames is sort of like the olympics for roboticists, featuring events such as Autonomous Fire Fighting, Kung Fu, Bartending, and a crowd favorite: Combat Robots. This will be an epic event, I'll be out there for sure! See you there!Here's a video of the Combat Robots from Maker Faire this year: Also, keep in mind that Instructables is holding its Instructables and RoboGames Robot Contest where you can win a chance to go to RoboGames 2009, among other prizes like a RoboPhilo android kit!

Topic by bradpowers 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Martial Arts !!! Hiy - Yaaaahh !

So as you can see from the title, this topic is to due with Martial Arts. Just a quick Q..., - When do you think is it to late to start learning marrtial arts? Well i mean if you want to be good at it , is there a bad age to start learning. Also When is it a good age to learn a form of Martial Arts? And If any of you do Martial Arts, what is the best type to learn e. g Jujitsu, judo, Karate, Kung Fu......e.t.c Hope you can help....Im thinking of trying one out so i struture my time more lol!

Topic by Baron A 11 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

What mysterious force holds the plastic pizza signage to the top of this moving car? Answered

The attached photo was taken recently at an undisclosed location, somewhere in the Former United States (FUS). In it you can see a plastic sign-thingy on top of a moving car. My question is this: What mysterious forces keep the plastic sign-thingy from sliding off the car due to the effects of wind and inertial pseudoforces. What holds the sign to the top of the car? Is it powerful magnets? Double-sided sticky tape? Is it perhaps... love? Has anyone seen one of these artifacts up close, and/or knows for sure what the physical mechanism is?

Question by Jack A Lopez 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

nokia 800 - front screen significantly cracked - in full working order - can I use epoxy to mend screen ?

My son's friend 'dropped' his phone. Being quoted upwards of £50 to fix. My husband is wondering whether an epoxy could be used to fill in the cracks - as all is working. It's just the shards on front of screen are at present dangerous - I can testify to that as we took off the cling film we had initially covered it in at the repair shop - put it back in my handbag - and I then ended up with small slivers of glass embedded in my thumb. Nice. It's just such a shame. Was an old contract phone, given as a present to my son - and everything works !! Epoxy seems so easy - but will it ruin the phone?

Question by nufab4 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

can home pressed briguets make a reasonable fuel source to heat my home Answered

I  live in a  rural area   and  are  trying to   do my  part for the enviroment. My question is   for  my   wood water stove i was  intending on  installing to heat  my  house has  anyone attempted to fuel  a  stove  with    briquets   made from  grass ,saw dust,leaves,  paper and    other    biodegradable   materials   ina home press  ? I  know i can make them  , but  dont   know  how the   burn time   or    burn heat  would  be.  I am always trying to make  use of  something i throw  away .  I  have teh means to make a press  and    have   plenty fo   bio degradable  materail laying  around   that is normally  discarded.

Question by andy1917 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Instructables in the Institute for the Future's Future of Making Map

I helped The Institute for the Future, an independent, nonprofit research group with nearly 40 years of forecasting experience, create their Future of Making Map, which has just been published and mentions Instructables:Two future forces, one mostly social, one mostly technological, are intersecting to transform how goods, services, and experiences--the "stuff" of our world--will be designed, manufactured, and distributed over the next decade. An emerging do-it-yourself culture of "makers" is boldly voiding warranties to tweak, hack, and customize the products they buy. And what they can't purchase, they build from scratch. Meanwhile, flexible manufacturing technologies on the horizon will change fabrication from massive and centralized to lightweight and ad hoc. These trends sit atop a platform of grassroots economics--new market structures developing online that embody a shift from stores and sales to communities and connections.Check out the full Future of Making Map here.

Topic by ewilhelm 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Left-handed and trying to mod the world around me.

I'm a left-handed person trying to remove obstacles in my everyday *workshop* routines. I've found one Instructable that suggests putting a chalkboard/whiteboard writing space on the *left* side of the desk. That's GENIUS! But it's not enough, and my Google-fu yields nothing more exciting across the interwebz. Do YOU have any lefty-friendly ideas?   My workshop activities--in case it helps give you some direction for responding: -beginning woodworking (I have a drill press, circ saw, and some other fancy toys) -sewing (Singer machine; also by hand) -intermediate to advanced Martha Stewart-esque crafty things Particular interests that have no bearing on my question but might help guide an otherwise vague response: -Making work spaces ergonomically healthier (I'm a 5'2 dancer/writer living with sciatica; husband is 5'11 and 38 years old with no desire to age faster by ruining his back some more) -the art and science of lighting interior rooms for their specific purpose/occupant's needs

Topic by AnnaUndercover 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Picture Quiz - CLOSED

Free picture-quiz! (Isn't this site great...?) Some of you will know this format, others will not. The pictures "spell-out" Instructables user names, either literally or with a bit of thinking. The first is me as an example, the other 10 are the ones I'd like to see a full set of answers for. While this is just for fun I'll patch whoever gets them any of them. While I don't expect people to do this, it would be preferable only to post answers to all10. So far: 1 Red KITE MAN tractor unit 2 ANGRY RED (Fraggle) HEAD (from Full Metal Jacket, where as Marines the toilets were referred to as "Heads" in line with marine terminology) 3 CAN IDA (an asteroid) 4 JAY (E) and Silent-Bob FU (U) Manchu as played by Boris Karloff 5 JESS (Postman Pat's cat) (Y) RAT Barton FINK 6 KENT (county) (S) OK (magazine) 7 (=) S & M ART Garfunkel (=) 8 GOO Tenacious D Tony HART 9 (THE) (Breakfast) BURRITO The MASTER (from Dr Who?, as played by Roger Delgado) 10 Mr BUMP US flag The winners being NachoMahma, Kiteman, n8man & Jayefuu L

Topic by lemonie 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Photojojo hiring photo-lovin' bad-ass to run our online store

Photojojo (www.photojojo.com) is looking for a creative, web-savvy person to join our team of photography lovers in San Francisco. Your job will be to manage and help grow our online store -- a job that requires sleuthing skills to unearth unique and interesting products to sell (via the internet and occasional trade show visits), analytical abilities to project sales and manage inventory levels, and negotiating kung-fu to work with vendors to obtain the best possible pricing.You'll also have a hand in writing appealing product copy, planning and executing photo and video shoots, and planning and measuring promotions and advertising.Superhuman organizational skills and a self-starter attitude are a MUST.Preference given to those who are also excellent writers, understand social media, have excellent people skills, and an innate sense of marketing and promotions. It sure doesn't hurt if you happen to be a great photographer or have experience in online retail, forecasting, or a deep love of metrics and data driven decision-making! (Not knowing things is okay, but you must be a good learner.)If you've got an entrepreneurial bent and crave freedom and the opportunity to learn how to start a business from the inside, this is for you.more: http://photojojo.com/jobs/

Topic by superamit 10 years ago

(newsletter) High Power Bike Lights, Ice Cream Maker, Weave with LEDs...

Nov 20, 2008 Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; } window.open("/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup1","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); } Welcome back! Show us your best creation powered by AA, AAA, C, or D batteries and win a full set of eneloop rechargeable batteries in the SANYO eneloop Battery Powered Contest! The Light Up Your Ride Contest has been extended through this weekend! Enter soon to win one of three pairs of totally sweet Bike to Work Pants from Cordarounds!Coming very soon... our biggest contest yet! Any project using tools will be eligible, so start tinkering now! Paint Your Bike Reflective! by goodgnus My Keyboard My Hands by noahw Single Serving Ice Cream Maker by yokozuna Scroll-Wheel Hack by Plusea Contest extended to Nov. 23! Win a sweet set ofrechargeable batteries! High power LED bike head light by jmengel Cheesy Onion Casserole by Forkable Circuit T-Shirt by Googfan Tiny 9V Clip Flashlight! by Radioactive_Legos How to Make Lotion by wabisabibaby Curiously Strong Bike Light by pobriant Disable an Automatic Seatbelt with Kung Fu by TimAnderson Improve a Watch by Boiling It by bfgreen A guide to the best laserInstructables of all time See who won! LED Candles Moodlight by amaze1 Make Sloe Gin by faraway Bicycle Light Steampunk Style by freek723 Weaving: Clasped Weft with LEDs by Lynne Bruning Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; } window.open("/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup2","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); }

Topic by fungus amungus 10 years ago

What laptop fan do I need, and where I can I get it for a good price in the UK?

I think this is actually my first post here, although I've been following Instructables for a long time. Anyway, I thought someone here might be able to help me find the right parts. I have an Acer Aspire 7520 laptop.  I think the fan might be going south--it makes a horrible noise when it first starts up, then after a while it calms down but it seems to turn on and off more frequently than it should.  According to the computer itself (monitored with lm-sensors on Fedora) the temperatures of the various parts are within the normal range, so my guess is that the fan itself is malfunctioning. I'm a total novice but I think, based on previous experience, that I can take a shot at replacing the fan myself if I can figure out what part to buy and where to get it.  My google-fu seems to be failing me, though, and the only place I see to buy it is some random company called shop1mall, which I don't really trust, or various places in the US.  Acer customer service is useless--they will only book it in for a repair, not tell me the part number. Where can an ignorant person such as myself find a suitable replacement part?  I'm fairly new to the UK so I don't know all the places to look here, but so far Misco, Maplin, and PC World don't seem to carry a suitable part, or at least, I don't know how to tell whether the fans they sell will work with this laptop. Geez, sorry for the rambling message.  Any help is appreciated, though.

Topic by manderw 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 1)

The category is "K'nex Vehicles".Only one thing to remember, 2-16 wheels on your vehicle needed!You can show it in a Forum Topic, a Slideshow, or a Video.The things where your vehicle will be judged on:- Originality- Looks- Added Functions Such As: Suspension, Engine Model, Etc- ReliabilityIf you have made something, post a link here, and i'll judge it as soon as i see it.Enter it before 1 September 2009, or you'll be disqualified.Contestants:- St J - Entry:- Millawi Legend - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Tunes-Puller/- Kairah - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/community/Kairahs-Knex-Train-V01-TNKIT-Entry/- Shadowninja31 - Entry:- Silentassasin21 - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-willys-jeep/- DarthVader - Has been banned sadly enough, so he can't enter anything.- (Atlas) - Entry:- Jollex - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Snowmobile-TNKIT-Entry/- ZakS95 - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-Car/- Knexguy - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/community/TKNIT-entry-and-FN-SCAR-H/- 222222222539 - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/id/TKIT-Round-1-Entry-Every-Terrain-Tank-with-Fu/- Killer SafeCracker - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Racer-TNKIT-Entry/- LordSnipe - Entry:- Owen-mon-82397 - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-Car-TNKIT-Entry/- Cj81499 - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/id/the-new-knex-innovations-tournement/- Dj Radio - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-tank-1/- KillerPanda - Entry:- Heat-Seeker - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/community/knex-gypsy-caravan-TNKIT/- Serial-Cricket - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-Horse-Drawn-Carridge-TNKIT/- Yannyboy - Entry:- Katarukito - Entry:- Ajleece - Entry:- Knex Mad - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/id/KNEX-4WD-TRUCK/- Knexmaster7000 - Entry:- Darth Gecko Man - Entry:- The Jamalam - Entry: https://www.instructables.com/community/TNKIT-I-think-entry/Do your thing, guys!UPDATE:THE RESULTS ARE HERE:https://www.instructables.com/community/The-New-Knex-Innovationists-Tournament-TNKIT-1/

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Support !!

Hi everybody !! i cheked out your website this morning and ... damn !! was so amazed about wath you guys could do with... literally, they would tell this broken... for us , it's treasures!!!((the article was about digging up peices from old disposable camera ... i loved the guy when he said :"talking to people..." it'ts true, usualy, you can get many parts doing this way !!)) i'm living in Rivère-du-Loup, Québec (Canada) ... and this morning i would wanted to tell you : THIS WEBSITE IS SO AMAZING !! YOU GUYS DO BLAZING JOB KEEP IT UP!!!   =D As  i am born here, my english may sound sometime a bit wrong but ... please , if i do a mistake, just tell me : it would be a pleasure for me  make an adjustment =P this worning, i was wondering ... is there anyone who, like me, is living in canada ?? or maybe someone in my town !! would be even better :) because i realized... no one around was like you guys, doing some crazy job!! i mean, this website is gold itself !! If more people knew home made solutions like you ,... i mean , where would junk be ?? NOWHERE AROUND !! it was  re-used at 100% already!!   so no waste !!!!! !!   =D unfortunately, people do change their printers,as it costs less than actualy just fill back the cartridge -_- i mean : BECAUSE it COST LESS than actually just FILL BACK the fu***ng  ********* -_-?? well in some case maybe not but ... you get my point, did'nt you ?? So... is there anyone near me ?? i'm starting my own shop by the end of the year so any advice about computers,electronics, DIY projects and gadgets, Breadboard development : please, lend me a hand if you do so, i woill subscribe the most premium membership and, also, may be giving the instructables a sum of money !! Because  you really caught  my heart this morning i'm only 21 years old, but i do beleivce in my  skills !! i planned to open a computer parts shop... but as i continued my project, is sounded good to me that i should include,,, a workshop part at my shop!! so, i would have loved some advice ,and came here  in my search of knowledge would someone help me out ?? please support !! support!!

Topic by 1312ight-Yan 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

nerf ranges

(NO MODDED NERF GUNS)ok i was wondring what are ALL of the ranges of nerf guns lleave a comment of its lowest range and its highest rangeand what gun it isBuzz Bee:Big BlastDouble ShotLaser Tek Mega Missle Mustang Six Rapid Fire RifleSingle Tek Tek FourTek Six Tek Ten Lanard Blasters:First Shot Big Salvo Blast Bazooka Maxshot Over and Under Sonic Bazooka Speed Loader Triple Shot ERTL BlastersPump Action Shotgun Rapid Fire Pump Action Shotgun Nerf Blasters:Airtech 1000 Airtech 2000 Airtech 3000 Airtech 4000Airtech Jet SquadronArmor Shot ArrowstormArrowstrikeAuto GripBig Bad BowBlastfire Bow N' Arrow BuzzawChainblazerCommlink IICrossbow CrossfireDart Tag BlasterDefender T-3 Disc Shot Double CrossbowEagle EyeEliminatorExpand-a-BlastFireflyGatorHidden ShotHornet Hydro BazookaIron Raptor Laser Fang Lightnin' Blitz Lock N' Load Longshot Longshot Front Gun Mad HornetMagstrike Manta Ray Maverick MonoblastNB-1Nite Finder: min:16' 7" max:23' 4" (thanks to zack scott from you tube)Nitro Quad Pen Blaster Powerclip PulsatorRapid Fire 20Ratchet Blast RattlerRazorbeastRazor Fin Reactor Recon Rip Chord Courtesy of DraconisRoto Track Sawtooth Scout Secret Shot 1 Secret Shot 2 Secret Strike Pocket Blaster Sharpshooter 1 Sharpshooter 2 SlingshotSneakshot Spiderman Dart Tag Gun Splitfire Stinger Stinging Scarab StrongArm SuperMaxx 250 SuperMaxx 500 SuperMaxx 750 SuperMaxx 1000 SuperMaxx 1500 (New) SuperMaxx 1500 (Old) Supermaxx 2000SuperMaxx 3000 (Blue) SuperMaxx 3000 (Green) SuperMaxx 5000 Switch Shot Switch Shots MaxSwitch Shots Super Switch Shots Ultra Tech Target Titan Triple Strike Triple TorchVulcan Warthog Whiptail Scorpion Wildfire Promotional Blasters:Kung Fu Panda Commander CrossbowPirates of the Carribean Flint Lock BlasterSpiderman 3 Blaster Spiderman Wrist BlasterStar Wars Rebel Trooper BlasterThe Batman Light Signal BlasterThe Two Towers of Uruk Urukai Bow Wayne Tech Tri-Fire Blaster Other Blasters:Air BazookaAirzone 8 Shooter Air Zone Arrow StormAir Zone Dual Fire Dart BlasterAirzone Scorpian Bow Halo Ma5c Rifle Kids Stuff Bow n' Arrow Kilroy Magnum PistolLightstorm 2 Optimus Prime Blaster Periscope BlasterPistol Splat PS-800Pool Blaster Roto RocketSplatmatic Thundersplat Spy Gear Signal Launcher Star Wars Clone Troopers Blaster SuperSoaker MaxD2000 Super Soaker 50 20th Anniversary EditionThe Proffesional Trigger FireUSB Missle Launcher Vortex Firestorm Vortex TornadoXxl BazookaXxl Skeet ShooterBlast HammerElectric EelJust Toys CrossbowMarshmallow ShooterMissile StormPreceptorQuick StrikeRam RodRocket StormUltrox Quadra CannonWrist Blitzerthanks for helping! =)

Topic by knexsuperbuilderfreak 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago