Art Gallery

Hi  just went down to the Steve McCurry: Retrospective show in Birmingham i was blown away with his creativity and photography. Just wondered whether any one else had gone?  If not please check out this link to see his stufff! Amazing

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Can anyone recommend a good online photo gallery ? Answered

Hi everyone, I have googled this but, I haven't found what Im looking for. I'm after a place I can store and display my digital photos, but not with everyone. Just with family or who ever has a link or password. I have look at a few sites but they seem to be set up for people who want to sell or share there photos with everyone, which is not what I want. Any ideas? Thanks Update.. Looks like I answered my own question after lot of different sites I went for Pixieset  which is a very nice online photo gallery, and I would recommend it if you want a place to display and store your photos. Ill give downunder the best answer just because he gave me some feed back on the site. thanks everyone

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Make it Real Contest issue with posting to 123D Gallery

I cannot figure out how to link to my design that I posted on 123D Gallery? It took me hours to figure out how to post on there in the first place and I am not even sure that it is publically accessible on their site but since it is part of the contest and they are the "mother ship" can someone post instructions on how to upload files to the 123D Gallery and how to get the link to post back on Instructables?

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Image gallery with diffent categories

Hello, Would it be possible to create something that every user can have an image gallery where you can add different categories? (I know we already have a gallery for the uploaded pictures, but nobody else can see it) It would be Really nice! Thanks, Electorials

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adobe photodeluxe gallery squeeze

I have created too many galleries and now am locked out. must delete some (happily) but no access to delete tab.

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Photos from this year's NRW 2012 Robot Block Party!

Everyone had a robo-tastic time at the Robot Block Party for National Robotics Week at the Autodesk Gallery! On Monday, April 9, the Instructables crew invited the community to check out robot demos, workshops, and enjoy home-made liquid nitrogen ice cream! Here are some images of the party - Thanks to everyone who joined us, what a blast!

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NRW 2012 Robot Block Party!

This year for National Robotics Week, we're hosting a Robot Block Party! Who: Robot fans of all ages! When: Monday, April 9, from 4-7pm Where: Autodesk Gallery, 2nd Floor, 1 Market St. SF, CA What: Robots!  Robot kits!  Robot builders!  Robot-themed activities!  More ROBOTS! We'll also serve pizza, snacks, and home-made liquid nitrogen ice cream mixed live on-site!    Sign ups are now open!   (Please fill out the form so we've got your name on the list for building security.) We've got robot demos and talks from the founders of Robogames, sculptor Nemomatic, and inflatable robots from Otherlab.  Stay tuned for more information - there will be more robots, more presenters, and more robot fun!

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Want to exhibit your work? Gallery spaces availabe

At Hopkinson Gallery in Nottingham we have some fantastic Gallery spaces available for anyone who wants to have thier work displayed. Prices range from £40-£100 for 10 days depending on where you would like your work displayed. We have spaces now until Christmas and in the New Year. If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested please email to arrange a meeting and a discussion involving your art work. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what art work you can bring to this exciting space. The address for the Gallery is 21 Station street, Nottingham, NG2 3AJ Hopkinson Gallery is part of The Art Organisation (TOA) group which shows concern for the regeneration  of derelict property and the support of the arts and the education in art for the benefit of the community

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Robots Are Art Show

In the Bay Area and like robots? Check out the Robots Are Art show!The opening for this event has already passed, but you can still catch the show for another two weeks.The Float CenterPhone: 510.535.1702Hours:Tues-Sat 10-10Sun/Mon By Appt.Location:Float Center1091 Calcot Place #116Oakland, CAThe show runs through Jan 17th, 2008.

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Stan Lee art tribute full of great images

There's a pretty awesome show going on at Gallery1988: LA right now with artists applying their own visual styles to characters from the Stan Lee universe. There is some amazing stuff here and the gallery's own link has tons of images to scan through.Check it out here.See also i am 8-bit.via BoingBoing

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138 Years of Quirky Inventions


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My latest project: Usenet Car Photo Gallery

. I've set up a picture gallery of 1920s-2000s American cars at Usnet Car Photo Gallery. I think I have it config'd so you can post pics, so post pics of your favorite rides (don't have to be American). Have fun. If you have problems, let me know.. . Attention artists: If you can come up with a logo (to replace the Coppermine logo at the top of the page), I'll give you conspicuous credit.

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That cute Instructables Robot... is there a gallery of him somewhere?

I've seen him sawing wood, roasting marshmallows, etc. Is there possibly a gallery of his/her pictures somewhere?

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Lion Brand Yarn @ Autodesk Gallery

On Thursday, May 1 Instructables partnered with Lion Brand yarn to host a workshop at the Autodesk Gallery Design Night. We made a Parabolic String Lamp using Lion Brand Fun Yarn.  Check out these pictures and share your yarn related projects in the comments!!!

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Came across this circuit on some gallery and got curious. what does this circuit do?

I found this circuit while on some image gallery but I want to know what it does! I did some research and does this circuit have anything to do with truth tables?  So could you please tell me, what the purpose of this circuit? and whether truth tables are involved? Thanks Dan1001

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Panasonic Palmcorder and Webcamera combined into one?

Hello, I'm slightly new to this site but I love the heck out of it. I was wondering if it would be possible to remove the lens out of an old (from like 1995) panasonic palmcorder and put it into a webcam. I'm into brickfilming and I'm getting tired of my webcam's crappy foucus.Here is a picture of the lens from the palmcorder and all it's connections. [img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img]

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FS: BIG electric motors

've got three 36v forklift steering motors. They're big, beefy, and used. Rated as 1 1/3 HP "special" duty. They draw 4.1A no load at 36v. With the gearbox, they draw 4.3A no load. Speed for the motor alone 3225RPM , with the gearbox is 75RPM. Torque must be something outrageous. They have an optional mating 43:1 Sumitomo-made gearbox which I reckon would make these some great drive motors for a large heavy project. Without gearbox, they would be excellent for go-karts, suicidal ebikes, etc. I even know of a e-car project that used a similar motor. (forkenswift) The motors alone weigh about 18lbs. Not sure what they weigh with the gearbox. You want one. I have three. I'm asking $100 each for the whole motor/gearbox shebang. Pictures:

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Is there a way to use magnets to hang paintings?

We have a small gallery and would like to find a way to use rare earth magnets to hang the art. I'm guessing a sheet of metal behind drywall and magnets with hooks on them. I just don't know if this would be strong enough to hold them in place. :-/

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accountinghomework help

Thanks for this writing . It is the most popular gallery and topic..I really helped.

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If this info is already somewhere else, I apologize ( i.e. dumb question)

When you put up an instructable with pics, do you have to leave your pics in your gallery for the life of the instructable? I.e. if I use a pic in an instructable, then delete the photo from my gallery, does it break the image on the instructable? Thanks for any info!

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Amazing Money Origami

Making a shirt of of a dollar bill is a nice trick, but it's absolutely nothing compared to what Won Park can do with money. Check out his gallery for some insanely cool folding. Even better, he's made PDFs and videos to help you make the same stuff. GalleryFish InstructionsVideo tutorialvia Drawn!

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300 Costume Making Help

I want to be King Leonidas from 300 for Halloween, but I don't want a cheap vinyl costume, or anything like that. I want actual metal..just having some trouble figuring out what all to do.Helmet - I've heard that aluminum roof flashing is easy to cut and work with..any ideas on how to make the skull cap/hair on top?(Mixing bowl suggested by Jessy)Cape - I'm going to take a deep red piece of cloth, cut up an old belt for the straps, and make some kind of clasp.Spear - Probably some conduit with a cardboard or possibly metal tip (how does one paint metal?)Sword - If aluminum flashing is easy to cut, ill cut out a blade, and then a plywood handle. JB weld the blade into the handle.loin cloth thing - I might take some brown shorts and bleach the legs...I think i'd be doing everyone a favor by not wearing a real oneArm protectors - Not really sure about these..any ideas?Shield - A Pizza panIf you have any suggestions on how to improve my ideas/answer questions, i'd really appreciate it. Thanks.Pictures:;_key=0416449&seq;=21;_key=0416449&seq;=67;_key=0416449&seq;=91

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Images and rollovers in Opera

Images often do not work in Opera, the little inline galleries per instructable don't work (can't click on images), and rollover tooltips for images don't work. JS error is thrown:message: Statement on line 3: Undefined variable: HelpBubbleBacktrace: Line 3 of inline#12 script in new HelpBubble({Not sure about the gallery clickables, might be due to the erroring inline script.

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Interactive Art Gallery Installation

Hi, I have an exhibition at the arts centre that I work at and one element of it incorporates music. Currently we have a CD player on loop, and this is frustrating some of the staff who have to listen to it all day.... so, the scenario I want is for member of general public to walk into gallery, when they get to the appropriate section they push a button which will play the CD, it would play the track then stop. If they (or another person) wanted to start from the top again, they either wait til the end or press the button again. (Or another option could be a motion sensor which, 'plays' the CD.... obviously it can't start from the top each time it detects motion! ) any thoughts ladies and gents?

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These are nice - micro photography;=0

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Applied Kinetic Arts Show

What: Applied Kinetic Arts Show mechanical/electrical/industrialWhen: Opening reception is Friday, November 21st, from 6-8pm. Normal gallery hours are M-F 1-5pm. Show runs November 21st through January 23rd.Where: Y2Y Gallery at 251 Balboa Street, San Francisco,CA 94118Featured Artists:Nemo Gould Instructables memberChristopher Palmer Mark Galt Benjamin Cowden Reuben Margolin

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im looking for a free simple website builder

Anyone found a good one I'm going to build a website for my dads company it will be a pretty basic design with a photo gallery and maybe a q and a.

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how to drive 100v 50/60hz el motor? Answered

How can i controll/drive this motor my source power is 220v 50/60hz

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(urgent) Need help uploading from 123d?

I am trying to upload a file to to the gallery from 123d beta (for the contest) but i keep getting publication error  what do i do

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Does anyone have ideas for a DIY catering menu for a public reception at an art gallery?

Hi there, I'm having an exhibition next month and I have to do the catering myself.  I'm a good cook, and I can follow a recipe.  I'm hoping some of you out there may have some fun, funky and inexpensive ideas for offering my guests a few (3 tops) morsels (vegetarian options are preferred), and a cool beverage (non-alcoholic).  I'm open to themes or just out in left field.  Thanks for your help!

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loosewire made the first turret!!!!

Here is a link of loosewire knex gun it used a turret system and was published on the 11-09-08

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123D CREATURE launched - remodel the Instructables Robot and get a T-Shirt!

Hey Everyone! 123D Creature just launched in the iTunes App Store! - download it here for $1.99 (limited time). To celebrate, we're giving free Instructables t-shirts to the first 5 users to successfully re'model' the Instructables Robot in the app and share it in the gallery.   Simply save your Robot Creature to the 123D Gallery and post a link in the comments section.  You should be able to grab a link from the 'Embed' feature on your model's Preview page. (Special Bonus HINT: We do not condone the terrorizing of your peers, but use the camera in the Render room to your advantage!!)

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Kris Kuksi

Are any of you familiar with the artist Kris Kuksi? I had the fortune to see some of his work in person at a gallery...incredibly intricate. I'm pretty sure he's making off of this using a 3D printer:

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Is there an affordable way to take old fashioned slides from a jpeg file? Answered

I have a small non-profit network of galleries but it is getting so expensive to have the slides made. I need help or it will stop.

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Is there an affordable diy way to make old fashioned slides from a jpeg file? Answered

I have a small non-profit network of galleries but it is getting so expensive to have the slides made. I need help or it will stop.

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How do I enlarge a picture to a door size from an 8x10 size How do I make a door size picture from an 8x10?

I am redoing my sliding glass doors. I use Gallery Glass paint to make images on them 

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Strange Mutations

Artist FilthyLuker has been making some fantastic installations. These tentacles are over the top and bring to mind some octopus invasion. Meanwhile, the other pics show that just adding a couple of eyes can make any object much more fascinating. FilthyLuker's galleryvia Wooster Collective

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The Best of Instructables Preview: Moleskin Notebook Mods

Check out this preview of Moleskin Notebook Mods from the Best of Instructables Book. It's one of many galleries in the book that explore Instructables all around a certain theme. See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.

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can't see my instructable published ?

Hii there i cant see my instructable pubblished to explore gallery  url address is : hope it get published soon !! i even added it to competition still not able to see it in listings  kindly help me

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Computer screen problem Answered

I've got windows vista home premium 64 bit with an HP w2338h display. Whenever I open a picture in windows photo gallery or sometimes when I maximize a youtube video the picture goes black and white, with verticle lines, and out of resolution as well-- help?

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Storing Digital photos?

What is the best way to store digital pictures? The dates are usually automatically downloaded in a date folder using Windows Live Photo Gallery. I would like to be able to access them easily however they are taking up room on my laptop. I've considered CD/DVDs or uploading Shutterfly, Flickr, etc however not really a permanent solution.   

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Is there such a thing as Motion-detecting Dimmer Switches?

HEllo. I am wondering about either dc or ac auto dimmer switches. What I would like to do is make a series of auto on and auto off dimming blacklights for a gallery. I haven't found much of anything online. I wondered if there is a diy workaround possible?

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That one weird half laptop thing?

What was that weird thing that looked like half a laptop with parts of it chopped off, it had a full qwerty keyboard and whatnot, like this I have no idea what this thing was called, although I'm interested in them

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I need to make a portable wall, something light weight but sturdy, relatively free standing..any ideas?

Just the basics, was thinking about using felt for "wall" but need ideas for the frame. It will be used to block off the light from a projector, but it needs to go into the gallery space and out easily. Something light weight/portable but  needs to be free standing.

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50 papercraft robots

Holy moly! It's 50 papercraft robots in one place page! Check out this pretty sweet gallery of loads of future potential projects. I'm loving the R2-D2 myself, but many others look worth the time as well. Oh, if only that Obama one wasn't a one-off. Ah well. 50 Awesome Papercraft Robots via GeekDad

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55pounds thermojet

 Now my aim is to fix the engine(55pounds) to the tricycle(designed by me) and drive it to accomplish my dream.. here is the way how i designed the engine,after a deep research on the acoustic resonance taking place inside the engine i was able to tune the engine in such a way that it produces 40 pounds thrust then after adding an augmenter to it i was able to achieve 55pounds of thrust..This took me some 2days to design the engine.. special features:- the engine is hollow with no moving parts and produces an thrust of 55pounds which is capable of pushing a man of 70kg+kart+20kg gas cylinder..The main advantage of my design is the TSFC(total specific fuel consumption) is reduced when compared to other designs..this has got an excellent air fuel mixing capability.. here are some pictures drawn by me about the engine..

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successful 5th pulsejet

Hello everybody,i think you all remember me "the pulsejet guy" atlast made my fifth successful pulsejet engine after doing some research on the design. so you all remember that i made this engine before. the above engine is a 4 inch dia engine,so now with the same dia i made a highly tuned chinese type which produces more thrust when compared to the previous design..At first i failed at starting then i made some changes in the tailpipe and got it running successfully.. here is the engine. And the sound produced in this engine is comparably high its annoying annoying irritating ear bleeding and produces high should be little careful wit your ears.. and finally here is the video take a look at it..see you all in next pulsejet video,a bigger one..  

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we need a show and tell section!

To the administration of the website, we need a show and tell section for people who just want to show off there finished projects. Some people are not interested in making an instructable, they just want to showcase their craft. There a lot of "check this out" ibles, I do not find anything wrong with this, it just needs to separated from the DIY projects. Like a blog ish gallery, or something.

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JUNE 2013 Build Night - 3D Printing with 123D & Tinkercad

EVENT IS FULL - NO SPACES AVAILABLE Instructables is sponsoring monthly build nights at makerspaces and hackerspaces around the world. Each month is a different theme and we will send you materials to run a workshop at your space. In June we are running 3D Printing Build Night with 123D and Tinkercad. Experiment with these free 3D design tools and receive $150 worth of printing credits from Shapeways! Details below (please read all the information). How to Participate: Host a Build Night: pick a night in June (any night) to host the 3D printing build night. At the event play around with 123D, Tinkercad, or both. Share your work: 3D Models in 123D Gallery: Post all models created at the build night in the 123D Gallery or the Tinkercad gallery. We want to see all experiments with the 123D products and Tinkercad from beginner models to more advanced uses. These must be posted 2 days after the build night. You will receive $150 in 3D printing credits to Shapeways after posting these models. 2 New Instructables: post 2 new Instructables from the build night that incorporate your 3D models and/or prints. These can be posted after you receive your printing credits. Sign up for an Instructables account here. Instructables Sponsorship: use the build night as a launch pad to bring your makerspace towards Instructables sponsorship. Individual projects can be included towards the sponsorship AKA get people to post new Instructables to count towards sponsorship. Brownie Points: After the build night post a forum topic on Instructables about how your event ran. Include pictures, stories, etc... This is an example from the May build night @ Noisebridge. Sign Up: we are limiting this month to 25 spaces so it’s first come first serve. No more spaces available. Resources: 123D Gallery 123D Group on Instructables Tinkercad Tinkercad Instructables Future Build Nights: If you are interested in being directly notified about future build nights fill out this form. You will receive an e-mail when the events are announced in the forums. Questions? post in this forum if you have any questions

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Rope/Cord Bracelet

I recently saw this:;=4 ... and thought that someone could whip it up in next to no time, saving a fair few pennies. I'm not so hot on jewellery making though - does anyone know what the finding on the right hand side of the bracelet, the cylindrical one, is called?

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