favourite game

Whats your favourite game on xbox,xbox360,ds and wii

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i have a question where i can download portal game free?

It is cool game for computer

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I can't play any games on my I pod?

It is saying that it can't open the file when I click on it but I was able to play games before this happen

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fave game person

Hows ur fave game person? mine is alcratraz from crysis 2 , cole mcgrath from infamous 1,2 . ezio and altair from assassins creed, sack boy from lbp

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Happy Wheels


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wats better

Wats better? xbox or Nintendo ds

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how do you conect a switch to somthing on g mod?

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Remy Martin game????? Answered

We have been having a bit of a clear out & been selling a few bits on eBay but before I listed this I thought I had better have a go at confirming my idea as to what it is actually for. My better half & I picked it up with a bunch of other stuff when we had our pub, it had no box, instructions or anything else with it & to tell the truth it has sat on various shelves gathering dust ever since. I think it is a connect four type game but I have had various suggestions made with other theories varying from some sort of score counter to an indoor bowling kind of like thing?!?!?!?! Maybe?????! Duh? I have had a bit of a browse around the interweb & found nothing; I looked on the Remy Martin web site, again nothing. As there is nothing in the pictures to give any scale I will say the box is a little over 11 inches long & 8.5 inches high when opened it has a total of  34 balls 17 each of dark & light wood & a tray at the bottom of the slots which releases the balls when removed. So what do all you clever people have to say about it? I am open to ideas & theories but what I would really like is some sort of evidence to back your ideas up.

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Game Maker Game

Here is an AWSOME gmae i made with game maker :)

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Forum for games!

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Game Stop pays you "?????" for games

Hello! I was wondering, how much does game stop pay you for a game? Thanks! (I'm too lazy to go to game stop)

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this game is FUN!

This game is sweet! http://dexter.parsons.edu/%7Erandy/smdf.html

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Favourite N64 game.

What are your favourite n 64 games? Mine is ....................Zelda 64 Ever heard of it?

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Jeopardy Game Board. I am looking for a simple circuit to make a game board.

I need a circuit to construct a Game Board like they use on the Jeopardy Game Show.  My board will have 8 players instead of 3.

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Best vedio game

What do you think is the best video game in the world? What console do you think is the best? 

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Can you copy a PC game on something that allows it to work on another game system? Answered

I would like it to work on PS3.

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nintendo game boy advance

Just found my old nintendo game boy, any ideas what I can do, use or make from it?

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How do you make a real game or website for free?

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who do I contact if I have a video game idea? Answered

I have several ideas that I think would make good games.

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Make your own computer game? Answered

Does anyone know any good websites to make games like age of war as i would like to make my own. Bare in mind the computer game would be 2D and similar to Age of war 1/2. Thank you

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How to make dual barreled weapons in game maker 8 pro?

I am making a plane game in game maker and I am stuck on how to make the rockets shoot from the wings and not from the origin like the minigun does. Any help would be appreciated as would and example. Cheers

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Chaotic Trading Card Game

Hey folks i have expanded our yugioh group to multiple trading card games and one of those TCG games is chaotic as far as i know Chaotic is just about extinct. but you can find cards from time to time. yeah post strategies pics of cards or whatever

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Game in mp5 ?

Dear All.. I have an 4.3 Inch 4GB MP3 MP4 MP5 Touch Screen Video Media Music Player Movie Game TV OUT  (ebay) Just curious ,could you help me  to know  this game (please see photo) use for what and can be saved . Many thank you for your time                                                      Best regards                                                            lam

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"Cracking" a game

Can someone please tell me how to "crack" a game torrent. Is there a certain type of software that I can download for free? If so please list it and can you give me step-by-step instructions on how to do this(cracking). What exactly does it mean to crack a game? Remember I am dealing with streaming torrents that have been downloaded from the internet! Thanks

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wii game?

Because i got into a good high school my mums getting a nintendo wii and she sed that i can pick a game but im stuck i was thinking skate IT and can you use a wii fit balance board with it or do you need a special one???

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Super Mario Brothers

Hi all, it's been awhile since I've played Super Mario Brothers and I the late night gaming desire has hit. Does anyone know which console this game was played on and does anyone know where I can get an emulator and a game image? Many thanks, dla888

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Favorite Apps/games??

Hello Instructables :) i want to know what your favorite Apps/games on iPods/mobiles etc are! what games do you play to pass the time??? what are your fav apps?? Mine are Fruit Ninja Ninjafishing Angry Birds Please feel free to post as many times as you like and update your Favs :D

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Can someone help me with my game?

I have part of the script written but I do need help with some of the stuff: -Engine -Voices -Art -Music Etc. Msg me if you wanna help :)

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Can someone help me with my game?

I have part of the script written but I do need help with some of the stuff: -Engine -Voices -Art -Music Etc. Msg me if you wanna help :)

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Interactive buddy!

This is a really fun game! go play it and tell how you like it in the space belowhttp://www.addictinggames.com/interactivebuddy.html

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Old 64 games for my g-pa

Nebody got some old 64 games out there? i want to buy some more for my grandpa to hold him over while i try to get him a Wii. pretty much any old game will do as long as it runs. im willing to buy but obviously not a lot for old 64 games. oh by the way, im not trying to be rude, but i am not stupid and i am not going to fall for any scams. srry but there are so many scams out there you have to warn people so they will stay away so you dont have to waist your time.

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What is it?????Im a beginer , i want to make video games HELP

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playing old games on my new tv

I have a saga megadrive an atari 2600 and a snes and a nice digital tv but when i put the tv on analog i cant seem to find any of the consoles any clue how to get them to work?

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build a Juego Rana Sapo?

I need material list and instructions how to build a Juego Rana Sapo. It is a Spanish game also popular in Bogata

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psp moding

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how do you think I should go by making my video game concept a reality through a book or through a kickstarter program?

Like I mentioned in a previous question I do have several ideas for a game.

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Batch Randomization Answered

So how do you make randomized scenarios in batch because im making a text based game where i need random scenarios like for example get a random customer for a shop game or random skeleton appearing with a randomized amount of hp that you can set.

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NEED HELP Looking for people to make a video game with me ^_^

Hi everyone! I'm posting here to see if anyone would like to help me create a real steam game! Its something Ive been working on for a long time. Basically its a team based FPS and I was wondering if anyone on here has or is interested in helping me code the game / programmers!  All the artwork and designs and concepts / storyline is completed just looking to make some buddies and create a real team! Let me know if youre interested! Cant wait to start! :D

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Game Help

I need help. I've wanted to make a good 3D game for a long time now, and I don't know what to do next. I've downloaded the latest version of Blender on my computer, but my computer is very laggy, has an inconsiderate graphics card, and I have no idea how I'll be able to play it other than on the blender game engine. I took careful notes, I already have a pretty good idea what I want to make, but the idea is so huge, that I don't think my computer (or any computer) could handle it. I have excellent artistic skills, and I've made a lot of thumbnail drawings, conceptual artwork, and details. But I have absolutely no skills at programming, and I've never made a game before. What should I do now? I'm working on learning how to use blender, but since I just got it today, I might be a couple of decades...If I can't make this game, is there a company that I could sell my plans to in some hope that a game might be made? If I can't make a game, I suppose a good 3D movie would work as well...... But I just don't know yet.

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Looking for Video Game Development Team.

Hello, my name is Christoffer Asp, I'am 19 years old and I'am developing a first person shooter game on unity on my own and have come to the point where i need to grow a bigger team. 1. i need someone too do the first person arms animations, so that means a good animator. (in any program, whatever works in unity) 2. someone to help me code multiplayer and all the other functions. to give you an idea about the game idea, this game is going to be like "rust" a online multiplayer, survival, shooter, building game. 3. a better 3d modeller than me. 4. sound designer. if you are good at anything of these things please contact me on my email and ill get back too you shorlty. remember, if you have ever wanted to get big in this buisness, then this may be your chance! my email is: Christoffer.asp@live.se

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Life Size Operation Game

I am making a life sized operation game for a fund raising event in my village. You know the kids game where you have to removed plastic bones from a flat cardboard patient without making the buzzer sound or making his nose flash? I am fine on making the game but am in need of help re the electronics. I want to make it so that if the person handling the tweezers closes the circuit the nose flashes for two or three seconds before swirching off, and also at the same time I want the buzzer to sound for two or three seconds before switching itself off. Can anyone please help re this? I need a circuit diagram that will do this. I intend to power the project with batteries. Thak You in advance. Jonesy

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How can you build a jeopardy type electronic game switch that locks other players out when a player answers a question?

I want to build a jeopardy style game switch. I am going to use it at a school for kids, but also for some team building for adults. I want the buttons to light up when the first player hits their "key" and lock out the other players. I want to be able to reset it from the master control as well.

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Help make a video game

This is for all of you who want to (or already do) make video games for a living. Right now me and some other people are in the process of making a video game. We don't really know much about what it's gonna be. I don't even know if my coworkers know what they're gonna do to help make the game. All i know is that we need more people to help us. If you're interested, then just email me at benyamin135@gmail.com. Include in your email what you can do, previous work ( you don't really need to be experienced), and for 3D modellers, i'll need to see some of your work. I'm in charge of the 3D modelling so make sure you know how to make models because i'm not just gonna take someone who can't do the job in. we're only excepting people who have a good understanding of how to do what you want to do. You can also email me if you have any game ideas. We will include you in the credits and such.

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Ok So I tried to get into instructables today but instead got this crazy robot game. As you can see my high score is 0, 1 can you beat my score?

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How do i make npcs to put into garrys mod?

How do i make models and objects and input the files into gmod files to run the objects and models in the game?

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video game vids without being sued

For any body out their who can help, me and my freinds planing on making a video game video series (like RVB but not the same, game, storyline, characters ect., or bob and steve) and we have everything planned out, script, characters ect., but we are worried about the rights to the game. My question is how do i get it on the internet without geting my pants sued off? just throw it up, or should i contact the company or somthing? thx for any help, ps. oh yah i forgot nebody know what type of capture card i should use, should i run my XBOx through my computer and use a usb capture card, or should i just use one of those rca jack ones? from my understanding they should just hook into the output of my tv right? that would be great if someone coul help.

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Online Game Recemendations

I have 2 games (and a half), first: runescape.com this is an adventer MMORPG. You battle different types and levels of monsters and characters. You can strive to be the richest or to be the strongest. Second: hflhotel.4t.com this is a habbohotel.com fan site with its own habbo like interface. You log in and you automaticly get 800,000 free coins. In habbohotel.com you have to buy you're coins for 10 cents a coin. That can add up! 50 coins is $10, so I recomend what they call, a retro habbo. (I am sorry... this website had been moved to a different server or deleted. I am sad too) In a half: habbohotel.com I dont recomend this game unless you have 500 dollars laying in a dust gathering pile in you're tool shed or you will have the least of fun!

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Help Finding an Old Flash Game?

It was a 2d graphic sidescroller. It started out with you flying in an escape pod in some city. With other hover vehicles flying around you. You could press a button and you would exit the escape pod as a blue orb and you could take control of another vehicle? I known its not many details but I hope someone can help me. 

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looking for designer for graffiti themed video game/app

Must be in Los Angeles area.  Please email substanceabusemcees@gmail.com for more details. I have included a song from the soundtrack below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1zIHbOzW3Y

Posted by witchdoctorseuss 4 years ago

Has anyone seen or used this before? Called a Sonic Slam

   I was wondering about this game I saw in a catalog I get (email) called Sonic Slam (just out of curiosity) and if anyone has any experience with it.

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