Tell me what games you play

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how to burn cd game for ps2?

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What type of games do you like?

Types of the game a little more do not know what to play good the best stand-alone game.

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can i reprogram games to be on other consoles?

Can i reprogram a game from a console to a console that doesent have it

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Who I recommend a program for creating app games ?

Who I recommend a program for creating  app games?

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how do i start game programming?

No need

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what app games can u buy with out the wifi?

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Are there any free programs i can make a game? eg RPG, fps etc?

I want to make a small game and know if its possible to find a free program!

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new video games

Hey my names Dewie im looking to create some new video games and i'd love to hear all of your thoughts for a new video game i look forward to some collaboration.  Anyone who post will get all the credit for everything they do so come on and post away.

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My son pulled out the game cartridge from his NDS Lite w/o pushing it in first to release it.

Bending the prongs and now the system won't read the any game cartridges. What to do?

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First Tijme RPG

Hello, I have an idea for an rpg game and am a novice in the game mechanics. I'd like to do it in the pen and paper format. Does anyone have any thoughts/help?

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Can disabling Avira AntiVirus Shield make your games run slower???? Answered

Hey, So for the past few months i have been playing computer games. But before i start any game i disable antivirus guard. And this week i have been playing with it ON. Games are working atleast 6 times faster. (yeah i know my computer is that bad.) İs this possible or is my computer mutant???

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How do you modify a playstation 2?

I want it to play any game on a blank cd on the console.

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Sick Graphics

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after downloading...

The game files , how do i put them all together as a .dvd or .iso to burn to a dvd and be able to play on my xbox?

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my nintendo advance sp is working properly,but its not charging what is the problem?

The game keep on turing on and off when the charger is inserted in the

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Shooting Games For Kids

Online is a browser-based multi-player fantasy role-playing game with significant economic, diplomatic weapons that have magical components to help defeat your team mates!! Shooting Games present a world in which the character must shoot their way out of dangerous situations. They provide the player with an array of weapons tailored to specific tasks. This unavoidably involves a combination of fisticuffs and gun based fighting that dictates the violent nature of these experiences. Beneath this harsh exterior though is often an intricate tactile game - and this is usually what drives the player. Aim your weapon, and shoot all enemies, terrorists, aliens and strange creatures with the Best gun shot games here for free. Use a variety of guns to destroy the targets in this campaign based on Gun Games, sets you loose in the Wild West, where you can shoot your way through a very brief but entertaining storyline and undertake some decent side missions while you're at it. Free First Person Shooter Games that requires finesse and nerves of steel. Lives are at stake here, people! Along with it There Will Be Blood, But many targets lay between you and your final victim. An atmospheric sniper hitman game with lots of missions to complete, where your job is to assassinate the bad-guy stickmen .Carry out missions such as eliminating targets, destroying the enemies, and standing your ground in the best Sniper Assassin available. Assassin Games includes games which takes place in 1945, at the close of the war. The game focuses on the conflict between Russia and Germany for control of Berlin. The Russian secret service, known as NKVD, is in town to steal the atomic-bomb technology from the German Army. You have to put a stop to that posthaste, because nuclear weapon technology in the hands of Stalin's forces would surely spell big trouble for just about the entire world. You are an American sniper, trained by the OSS to be the best of the best when it comes to covert operations.

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how to download a file in this web site?

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can i get the measurements for the plinko board....PLEASE? Answered

I need the precise measurements for the board..................

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How can I get gold quick?

I want to be able to get gold fast. Help!!!

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what is a website you reconmend for getting past school blockers cause they blocked my favorite website ?

What is a website you reconmend for getting past school blockers cause they blocked my favorite website?

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Call of Duty 4 Help

Just a quick question, how do people get on top of shipping containers in Call of Duty 4? In Wet Work? I was playing Team Deathmatch online(PS3) and I occasionally see people up there(not oldschool mode). I was on Cage Match once and my opponent was on top of one... Can't seem to figure out how to get there... Also, has anyone noticed that sometimes during normal, non-oldschool games, that some people can jump really high? Just jumping around to avoid getting shot? I've saw this, and I'm pretty sure that its not just normal jumping... I googled these a second ago and I couldn't find anything...any ideas?

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XBOX 360 Hard drive gaming - boot disk help

I have this idea, but i want to know if its possible I have a home network of 2 tvs and do just did my xbox 360 update that enables you to copy your games to your hdd. I want to play network in my house on 2 tvs. But only have one disk So with the new software update, you can copy the games on your hdd, but cant play without the disc in your drive. No i know you can force open the drive and do it that way..but in long term it cant be good for your machine. So, i know there is a code on each disc and it picks up that code saying the disk is in the drive. Now my question is...... I want to explore my disc, and copy that code, and put it on a flashdrive or dvd and insert it, so that my one machine will think its the disk becasue i copied it to it, and my other machine i can play the original from. please help if somone know how to get that code..thanx in advance I also tried manually opening the drive while the dis is loaded and the game is on, does not work, as soon as you open it the lazer starts reading the disk. I do not want to chip my box, so i thought maybe there is a pc way of grabbing that code or some files needed to read the disk as a security check, and burn it on to dvd, the question is just..which ones. Another Question: Why do i have on my new desktop only 2 topics..welcome and my xbox. Other people have so many other options. Yes i do not have live, but will this only visible when live is on? Further on..when i put my disc in the drive..i do not get a nice image as what is now currently in my tray...just a stupid cd and the name below it... how do those people get the say call of duty 4 logo ect on it

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Forum for games!

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best game you've ever played (can be all types of games)

Can be board games, video games, etc.

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Best Nintendo DS Games

What are the best games for the Nintendo DS?

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which game should i buy next for my wii? I would aprecciate if the games you guys suggest are rated e 10+ and under. Answered

I would also like the games to be mario games, sports games (no shooting or hunting) and/or racing games. I already have.

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Knex Games

Does any body have any ideas for any knex carnival style games?

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$1000 gaming computer?

I'm planning on building a ~$1000 gaming computer. Give me your best parts list. And no macs. 

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is there a way to play PS2 games on PC?

 Can somebody plz tell me if it is possible to play PS2 games on PC.

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Any good online games?

Does anybody know any good online multiplayer game that is free, fun and easy to download?

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gameboy emulator Answered

is it posible to take a game once you have downloaded it and save it over another game so you can play it on your gameboy.

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Other K'NEX games

In here we talk about all of those different knex games other than wars. Please be polite.

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How do you make a computer game.

That would be sooooo cool!!!!!!!k inda like worlds hardest game or somehting?

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Open world sandbox games (GTA like games)

İ love Grand theft auto san andreas, i love being able to do anything u want in games. but i get bored playing all the time, . if u can help in anyway possible tnx İ WANT A NEW GAME. PLS HELP!!!!!!

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How to burn a pc game to be able to launch on an Xbox 360?

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Do you like outdoor games?

Nowadays lots of people are limited to stay in house and play indoor games because of the tech things like ipad, online games. But not long later, you will feel tired of it and go out for some fun.  For different kinds of outdoor games, what do you prefer?  Have you ever try inflatable games. I find it very interesting and exciting.

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xbox games wanted (free if possible)

hey people just wondering if you guys had any free x-box games (that work please)

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Freeware Games

I'm looking for some fun freeware games, currently all I have is Stranded II, Deathworm, FLaiL, and plants versus zombies, Any more you guys know of?

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What's a good website to buy games for sega genesis 2/sega mega drive 2?

Will these games work on a console from a different country? i plan to use a converter for the console (for voltage and media format) but will the games from here be compatible with consoles from a different country?

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How to download Flash games from a website

Can someone help to  download flash games on this website and tell me how to do that. I tried but no good results.

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steering wheel for computer racing games

My son wants a wheel for his race game and naturally I inquired as to the cost (Gasp!!) ; he then told me that it was way to tech for a person to build on their own. Is he right?

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Who wants to make a rpg video game with me?

Hello all my life I have been interested in video games and always wanted to create one myself. I don't really know any programming skills but I can always learn. Still a great video game cant be built by one person so I support and to work with other people in order to create a great game.

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Who Here Plays Video Games?

A very informal poll for everyone. Do you play video games on a regular basis of at lest once a week? If so, what system(s) do you currently play on and what kinds of games do you play? I'll start. system: ps2, ds games: guitar hero 2, elite beat agents, currently downloading Team Fortress 2

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how can I play games on my Xbox online without having the disk?


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