Garden solar lites

Where can you buy ni-cd AA400 600-900mAh batterys ???

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Can I use a solar panel, a lawn garden battery and some sort of copper wire to warm my garden soil for earlier planting?

I have a cloche set up but want to keep my soil warm at night inexpensively.

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How do I build a vertical barrel strawberry garden?

 I want to build a vertical strawberry garden using a plastic 55 gallon barrel.  How do I cut and shape the little oval holes in the side of the barrel?  I see these in photos but don't know how to get them to retain the shape.

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Contest ideas

I cant think of a idea for the garden contest, or pocket sized, whats something you guys would like to see?

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Ideas for small light-grown indoor mini gardens?

 Im looking for an idea similar to the new "light-grown  aerogarden" type things that i can grow right in my room. Its quite dark and not really appropriate for growing things in, and the aerogardens are expensive. can anyone help?!

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What plant is this? Answered

It has soft, fuzzy leaves.

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how do i make a upside down tomato planter?

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Https://  This may be a project for me soon. Steel, tho. Not plastic.

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how do I grow lettuce from seed for a hydroponic system?


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how can i get rid of gophers?

I have gophers everywhere and nee to get rid of them.

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Does anyone know of a hand held seed planter?

We'd like a seed planter which spaces different sizes of seeds for easier and more consistent planting.

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dogs in the vegetable garden? How to keep them off?

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Bottle garden

Design*sponge has a cool and beautifully shot tutorial on how to make your own bottle garden. Cut up some bottles and create a wicking system and you have some pretty objects to put in the windowsill. Nice. we like it wild: bottle gardens

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How to make a easy roof for fairy garden house?

The house is 1/2 of cinder block

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Deer eating garden

My wife and I have been invaded by deer. We are trying to keep the garden safe and were wondering if anyone has any ideas for a repellant that can be made at home. Any ideas are welcome.  

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Coming Soon: Garden Contest - UPDATE

It's spring! That means that it's time to be excited about doing some gardening and helping plants grow grow grow. To help get you in the spirit we're going to be having a Garden Contest coming soon. We don't have any further details about prizes and dates and such just yet, but it's not too far off in the future. So if you have any garden Instructables you've been thinking about publishing, hold off until the contest begins. UPDATE Garden Contest will begin this Wednesday. Prizes include some sweet and handy tools for the garden including a camera that helps you make timelapse movies of your plants growing!

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can you use these drums for garden watering once it is clean??

I have a 55 gal metal drum with a lining that had motor oil in it.  I wanted to use it for watering the garden if it can be  cleaned. does anyone have any ideas?  Thks, mary ann

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How do I make a garden hose hanger for a 200ft hose to hang on a 4X4 post? Answered

I need it to be somewhat easy to make. The storebought hangers eventually break.

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How do i take a outside garden that has gone wild and make it ready for next spring?

 with none of the weeds, grass, Creeper, evergreen shoots currently inhabiting the space, but still have the soil fertile for new (prettier) inhabitants?

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For us garden composters,

Is there some genius out there who can devise a hand (or foot) powered leaf  and twig chopper?   I'm groing old cutting this stuff by hand with scissors or shears.   It must be rugged, and able to chew up wet stuff as well as dry, brittle or stringy.   Mother Earth needs you!!

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Help Making Papercrete Garden

Hello, I was thinking about ripping out all the rotted wood in my backyard garden and replacing it with basically a waist high garden area to grow herbs and I stumbled upon papercrete one day. I've never used papercrete let alone concrete in general. I was just wondering if I could get some general help on where to start. I'd like to make this out of papercrete block and papercrete mortar if all possible but I don't know what amount of newspaper, water, and portland concrete I need... or even how to make molds. -Jimmy

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can I paint plstic plant containers with yogurt to make them look old?

Painted garden plastic pot using yogurt?

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How are contests voted on and judged? Answered


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Need help identifying a tool!

We're cleaning out my late grandfather's house in Caseville, MI. We found what we think is a garden tool but none of us could identify it. I need help identifying what it is and what it is used for. 

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WANTED: tabacoo seeds

Iv always wanted to grow some and i will PAY

Posted by lil jon168 9 years ago

How do I make a loveseat from an old baby crib?

Does anyone remember seeing a show years ago on HGTV where a guy used an old baby crib to make a garden settee? I've been saving a crib for years, and can't remember how to do it. Thanks!

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Is it possible to weatherproof one of those large art prints to go on an external wall?

There are some fairly good large printed pictures of say, a large Frangipani or Rose in the stores at a reasonable price. If I could treat them in some way to withstand the weather on a South facing wall (Oz), they would be perfect for a garden art work. What do you think? Can it be done?

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1 inch glass rods

I have 8 glass rods, 1 inch diameter and 4 to 6 feet long.  Believe it or not, they were rods in the master closet of a 60's house we purchased 10 years ago.  I still can't think of anything to do with them, but would love to make some kind of garden installation.  We are VERY skilled.  Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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Eco buildings for free?

I'm organizing a community lead market garden project within Wales (UK) to help those most in need within our community. We have little to no money for this project as almost 90% of the volunteers are unemployed, privet funding for our project is hard to come by  we have only found about £400, so we are intending to use as much recycled stuff as we can. I really need plans for a con and tire or wattle cob storage shed/ shelter for myself and my volunteers to hide out in when the weather turns bad And also some plans for a soda/plastic bottle green house. If you can help please do as i've not done anything like this before!

Asked by brambles market garden 4 years ago

Yeast fermentation for composting solution?

I threw some hay off my lawn and some green weecds into a garbage can, some sugar and yeast and formented it to slug beer but the slugs did not like it. It then fermented further to vinegar, and a crust of green "Mold?" covered it. seems to have protected the vinegar from further fermentation. I tried a second bigger batch ( morning glory weeds) with less sugar but after a few days of good fermenting it went rotten and stinky. So there are probably thresholds for sugar content. Would the yeast be a way of adding fertilizer to organic gardens? Yeast can (I think) convert urea and nitrate to protein. Perhaps some green stuff has enough sugar to work without sugar addition. vine prunings? maybe. The first batch, i put bleach in to kill off microbes before I added water and yeast. Perhaps hydrated lime would work instead of bleach and also get the ph good for yeast fermentation. This might be a cheap way of liming your garden. (Here in victoria, hydrated type s lime is cheaper than limestone for garden addition. (But it contains more calcium!) The "yeast tea" or vinegar tea could be used on the garden and the weeds could then be transfered to normal compost or used as mulch. It might be an alternative way of using diseased materials of composting seedy weeds to kill the seeds. Brian

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I got a barrel but am unsure what was in it. If I take it to a car wash and hose it out, will it be safe to use?

I am setting up a rain barrel collection system to water my vegetable garden. It is a very large white barrel. I received it from the composting/recycling center at work and they weren't sure what was in it. They already used a pressure hose to rinse it out. I am planning on taking it to a car wash and spending quite a bit of time hosing it with soap and then rinsing. Is this a good idea.

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Any ideas on how to fold newspaper to make temporary pots for germinating seeds?

Currently I take 4 sheets of newspaper about 8" x 8" lay them flat and place a drinking glass in the middle of the paper and "wrap" the glass and secure with tape.

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Should I post an Instructable which is very similar to one posted a year ago?

 I came up with a 'fantastic idea'; I made it, I took photos while doing so, I uploaded my photos, and had just started to write up the steps...when I decided to use the Instructables "Search" so I could root around previous submissions to come up with a great title for my 'great submission'. That's when it happened, I found a submission really similar to my new unique and great idea. So this is the dilemma --do I post or do I abandon? Thank you!

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rid gophers from garden?

How do I get rid of Gophers from my vegetable garden?

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When will the Indoor Gardening contest close? Answered

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Fix solar garden lamp?

I have a couple of garden lamps that should be solar powered, but after a few years, they do not work. Is there a way to fix them? Can I make my own?

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GREY WATER GARDENING. New gardeners in San Francisco need help.

We would love to know a legalish, inexpensive, and DIY way to divert some of the grey water in our household out to our new garden.

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My Garden is full of roots from a tree next door. Is there any way to get worms back into the garden?

 My garden is full of roots from a tree. What ways can i get the dirt back?

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How do I dry jalapenos from my garden?

I want to dry some of the jalapenos in my garden so that they last longer.

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