How do the gears in a car window prevent the window falling? Answered

Whether manual or motorised, I am gobsmacked that a gearing system has been invented that prevents falling that is not a worm drive. Its been impossible to find ANY information about the gearing system that explains this miracle on google. If its not a worm gear, why doesn't the window fall back down when you let go of the crank handle or cut power to an electric window?

Asked by zxen 2 years ago

Large Gears template anyone?

I need to make gears that are approx. 4 feet in diameter for a float in a parade.  The gears will line the perimeter of the truck and are going to be made out of 3/4" plywood with metal bracing on the teeth to prevent the plywood from chipping and attached to a plywood background.  It would be awesome if we could alternate 4 foot gears with 3 1/2 or 3 foot gears for visual interest.  It needs to look childlike - so we are not using sawteeth.  I'm going to try to attach a picture with our logo for ideas.  Any help with designing a template or where I could go to get measurements would be appreciated!  Thank you!

Asked by ttmoon 8 years ago

Would a system of gears increase or decrease output?

In a scenario where you have a waterwheel on a river that was turning a wheel, would adding a system of gears increase the wheel speed or decrease the wheel speed due to friction. I have included a doodle to help visualize what I mean. The left side, side x, doesn't have any gears while the right side, side y, does have gears. The gears are made up of pieces that have a small side and a large side. I am pretty sure that the output would be much faster if friction wasn't involved, but I have a feeling that the friction would actually make it slower if gears were added. So, could anyone explain if x side would be faster or y side and explain why? Thank you

Asked by Sserdna 2 years ago

where to buy differents kind of gear?

Where can I get small to large sized gear (compound gear) ? there they sell the kind I want but id like metal gear instead of plastic. thx.?

Asked by cryptopsii 9 years ago

Make odd-shaped gears

This tutorial by Clayton Boyer covers how to make some really funky looking gears. Start with one odd shape and make a second gear that matches it. Really cool and great for anyone entering the Woodworking Contest who wants to add a special touch. via MAKE

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago

I need to know in detail, how to create a rack for a spur gear?

I have the spur gear, but i want to make cuts in the rack using the shape of the spur gear's shape, but i'm stuck in how to get it up and running.  :( 

Asked by ncrawford1 6 years ago

Good source for small motor and metal gears?

Does anyone have a good source for small motors and metal gears?  I was surprised to find that I can 3D print plastic gears cheaper than buying them at a local hobby store but would prefer metal if I can find them.  I need between 1" and 2" sizes, and not just random pieces.  They need to be the same pitch so they'll mesh.

Posted by walter.warren1 3 years ago

HELP making a 3 speed bike

How can i make a 3 speed gear change bike, instead of 18 gears i just want three

Posted by maccaorgordon 10 years ago

reasons that gears of war 2 will not and should not be bought

As i also loved to shoot the living crap out of locust. it is also come to my attention that the next gears will mostly take place on a humogous train and it sort of looks like it mostly takes place on the train itself. not worthy of being in a collection of 360 games. agreed?

Posted by bommber man 9 years ago

Gears Of War Weapons

I think that there should be more Weapons from games such as gears of war and Bioshock. I tried to make a Lancer, With a motor for the chainsaw. But I ended up making a totally different single shot. Here are some guns to make: Torque Bow Lancer Boomshot Sniper Hammer of Dawn and maybe some more

Posted by HBF 10 years ago

Assortment of plastic gears for sale. 70 in total.

I have an assortment of plastic gears all different sizes on ebay if anyone's interested. Mostly from old printers and scanners. The item is in the UK, but willing to post to most countries. From the listing "This is an assortment of plastic/nylon (not sure what they're made of) gears that I've collected over the years. These are mostly from old printers and fax machines that I've stripped for the stepper motors. Please bear in mind that most of these will not mesh with each other - they're all different sizes, pitches, and different centre hole diameters, and many of them have original grease on them. So don't expect to be able to make a large gear train out of these, most of them won't mesh." The ruler in the picture is 20cm ( 8" ) long

Posted by scraptopower 6 years ago

Where to find medium sized steampunk gears and sprockeys in So Cal?

A friend and I are going to start making steampunk lamps and medium to large sized pieces.  The problem is that there are no bicycle graveyards in Los Angeles.  Any ideas where to go?  I was thinking pic-a-part for some stuff, but I dont know if they have bike parts.

Asked by purrzz70 4 years ago

Where can I find a BASIC tutorial on mounting and installing small gears? Answered

I can program easily because there are tutorials on everything. I'm looking for something similar for dealing with mounting small gears on axles or shafts. I have 12V motors and various small gears and axles salvaged from printers, but can't find anything for someone who doesn't yet know the terminology. For example, where does one buy the little thingies that click into creases on axles to hold them in place? Where does one find axles with part of the edge ground flat? Etc, etc.... Thanks.

Asked by mjtrac 8 years ago

tiny motors& gears

I need someone to convert a motorized tooth brush into a reciprocating needle tool for me,for a fee.

Posted by gag 10 years ago

Small Metal Gears

I'm looking for small metal gears for a project of mine, I don't have the money to pay them to ship to me but perhaps we can make some sort of deal or trade?

Posted by VyreRain 5 years ago

Gears for Servos and Steppers

Hey guys (and gals), I've been researching this a lot, but I still haven't the solution.  When you are working on a project and you need a gear for your stepper or servo, where do you acquire it?  For example I work a lot with TowerPro 996 servos, but I haven't found any third parties selling gears for them.   Same thing for motors.  If you are using a stepper motor, like a NEMA or something where do you find a gear that attaches to it? 

Posted by Deft Punk 3 years ago

what should i make using two yellow large gears? Answered

I just got two cogs for my birthday

Asked by knexinventer 7 years ago

I want to print some gears, but I dont know how to make them

So I'd really like to make some geared mechanisms to be printed out, but the math is a little bit beyond me. Right now I have 123D and it does not have a gear generator. I was thinking that somewhere there has to exist a catalog or database of pre-designed gear stl files. I was hoping that somebody here might know of such a thing, or perhaps another way to easily make gears? I've been seeing all kinds of crazy gears made into really exotic shapes, but I don't know how these are made either. I'm assuming that the people that designed them are super geniuses, or that they have some kind of advanced software. Which is it?

Posted by Tomdf 6 years ago

Multiple gears on the crankset only to make a 3 speed bike. Possible? How?

I have a bike with an electric motor on the back wheel. My bike is fixed gear, so it's hard for me to help the motor when pedaling at medium speeds (>20km/h). On the other hand, once I'm out of batteries and I have a hard time going uphill. I would like make my bike a 3 speed bike without messing with the back wheel. Is it possible to have 1 gear at the back and 3 gears at the crankset to make my bike a 3 speed? My idea would be something like a hub gear, but that stays on the crankset instead of the back wheel.

Posted by dkersting 5 years ago

Would it be possible for two gears--one modulus 0.5 and one 48 dp--to work well together? Answered

The 0.5 modulus converts to 50.8348 dp, so since that is close to 48, would it work?

Asked by BrianA50 2 years ago

Need Ideas for Gears and Cams Project for School

Im sitting in my CAD class right now looking for ideas for this project. anyone have any suggestions? this is a high school project so nothing to difficult (but not to simple).

Posted by REA 7 years ago

Need Help on Orrery gears

Hi, I'm planning on building an orrery and I need some help. I've been doing some research on instructions on how to build one. The main thing that I'm not completely understood with is the gears and how they actually work. I know a bit about some basic principles of gear ratios and stuff but not like the actual mechanism (ps i like to look at diagrams). I'm also planning on making 9 planets (i mean 8 + pluto and the moon and the sun). Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Posted by xelasetahevets 1 year ago

where to get small plastic gears, to OEM spec?

There was once a nice Cyberhome DVD player that was cheap and fast and good, but then the pinion gear on the laser carriage motor split, and suddenly it became a piece of junk. I found many sources for small gears, but not the right one. This one is a 12 tooth, 2mm bore, 6mm dia, 6mm tall item that press fits onto the shaft. Based on other posts on other sites, these players are electronic lemmings, and are all soon destined for the dumpster, mostly for this reason. HELP ME SAVE THEM FROM THEIR FATE! Perhaps we're all screwed, and this is not an off the shelf item.

Asked by Fixerdad 9 years ago

Looking for a Gear Set for 3D printing

A little over a decade ago I spent a large amount of time playing with lego technics. These mechanical legos had a set of gears with them that you could arrange in infinite variations and I loved them (still do.) What I would really like is file with a standard set of small gears that I could easily place into a 3D model and design around just like building something out of technics. The difference being that I get to design the parts connecting the gears instead of using lego bricks. These gears would ideally range in size from 5mm to 30mm diameter and would ultimately be used to make 8 inch or smaller robot things. Now, the obvious solution is to just make them, Inventor has a generator and they can be drawn in almost any program. The thing is that, well, it is over my head. I've used a lot of Sketchup, but am just getting into Inventor and 123D. Also, it turns out gears are incredibly complicated. I've looked at the diagrams and between the pitch diameters and diameter pitches and pressure angles I get lost, I'm not even sure where to start. On top of that, in my research I haven't found any kind of standard like there are with screws and electrical components; one can't just call the robot store and say "gimme some A5 gears good sir." So my questions are: 1. Is there a simple standard for gears? Specifically small plastic gears like those found in toys and clocks. 2. Do you have any advice on how I could go about creating my own "standard" set of small gears, like most important factors or common pitfalls, a magic button? 3. Am I going about this in a weird, round-about, wrong way? I'm learning as I go with 3D modeling/printing and I often fall down rabbit holes, this may be one. How would a professional engineer who is designing a toy go about choosing or creating his gears? Thanks in advance for any insight you can lend. These are the lego technic gears that are so dear to my heart

Posted by Tomdf 5 years ago


I have a motor with an input voltage of 12vDC and  the final drive RPM is 172. i need to create a winch to lift a specific weight at a specific speed. ( 1kg in 70 seconds) from 1 meter off the ground. can someone tell me how to do this or explain gear ratio and drum diameter. i am completely lost and don't know what to do. your help will be very much appreciated and you will be rewarded

Asked by Morganf9 2 years ago


Hello! Convolution is almost done being taken apart, and I will be sorting it and counting it this weekend. Meanwhile, I've started on a new project. As of now, I only have a compact gearbox. I won't say what it does or how it works just yet, to make things interesting... :P For those of you who know, please do not spoil anything. Expect a full update around Christmas.

Posted by koolcoasterkid 3 years ago

Does anyone have an online calculator for small gears/cogs/belts/pullies?

We are building a small CNC machine and were looking into using gearing to turn the lead screws, but we don't know where to start? We use online calcs all the time and just couldn't find what we are looking for. Can someone help? I'm sure there is a formula I can type into my calculator and figure it out myself, but I want easy! Thanks!

Asked by CopperDropDesigns 7 years ago

gears of war 2?


Asked by 9 years ago

Automatic knex gun w/out many gears.

Are there any knex guns which are true full or semi automatic and only use a max of one medium gear and 8 small ones? It also shouldn't use an IMENSE amount of pieces. I've seen many guns but they all use 2 medium gears. I only have 1.

Asked by pmgroundhog 8 years ago

Executive Gear

Check out some of Dale Mathis' beautiful gear art, including this $21,000 Executive Desk, with running gears and integrated desk drawer.Don't forget to check out the video of the desk in action!link via InventorSpot Edit: found some more! Here's another video, this time a coffee table; and a page on HGTV that is almost an Instructable for how to build a cool zodiac astronomical clock!

Posted by Patrik 10 years ago

Stempunk : Where can I find all those gears? Answered

OK, so in a lot of instructables featuring steampunk items require gears and the like to make it look cool. I've tried taking apart things (old plug-in phone, keyboard, etc.) to try and find some, but I couldn't :( So my question is does anyone know of a toy or tool that contains many gears, while still being affordable? Thanks, MrSalvador

Asked by MrSalvador 8 years ago

when making a gear system with a push mechanism, which allows it to move easier? more gears or less? Answered

I am trying to design and build a recreational vehicle with a push system instead of a motor. (similar to one of the old toys were u pushed in a button to rev up a part of the toy and the faster u pushed the faster the speed .) im trying to make it as easy as possible to get the "vehicle" moving.

Asked by curvy77 4 years ago

Clockwork Motors? Answered

I was recently in the mood to make a small robot from scratch, however i wanted to be creative and make a clockwork motor as the driving force behind it. however, i do not know how such a motor functions, nor do i have any idea how to create such a device. also as a secondary topic any knowledge on where to procure gears of all shapes and sizes would be highly benificial to this and other projects i have in mind.

Asked by Oddmanout06 7 years ago

How to make a fast speed clock?

I'm trying to make a clock which its hands move fast, as fast as around 30rpm. Preferably it will cycle like a regular clock, just sped up. Should I attach a motor to the set hand dial on the back? The motor I have at the moment is a DC motor 12v 36rpm except it is really noisy and it needs to be powered by batteries, and I don't think it will last for the length of time I need it to, around 2-3 hours of continuous rotation.  How do I attach it so the motor controls the dial? Do I need to use gears? I'm after the simplest, most efficient solution, please help me!

Asked by theclash77 4 years ago

How to maintain speed of an electric vehicle with an electronic differential when vehicle is cornering at maximum speed

As the motors are rotating at the maximum speed, how to increase the speed of the outer wheel in order to maintain the speed of the vehicle ?

Asked by SachinK114 1 year ago

I want to make a washing machine painting;a hard rectangle board with a round board and you pull a lever.How do I?

I want to make an interactive painting of a washing machine. The person pulls a lever and the round board spins (easy version) or the person puts in a coin that causes the round board to spin. I can't figure out what goes on behind the artwork to make it work. And is there a book or online site to show me how to make simple gears and levers? I'm thinking about going back to school to learn mechanical engineering; that's how much I want to do kinetic art. Something like a wheel of fortune comes to my mind. I get it down simply,now...later I add laundromat sounds! Ok,I like laundromats. There ,I said it! Thanx in advance for your help!

Asked by orangepjs435 8 years ago

Help with making a wind up mechanism for a large piece

I need to make a wind up mechanism for a large laser cut piece measuring 1m by 0.5m. I'm happy to try make, buy out right or re-use one from another item, any suggestions are welcome. I have attached a simple diagram of the kind of motion I am after - the idea being that a a few twists of the wind up mechanism will spin the gears and wheels for 5-10 seconds or longer if possible! The motion is only decorative and the wheels and cogs would be made from laser cut plywood 6-9mm thick. This will go in the background of an illustrative, laser cut sign made up from layers of laser cut plywood, my work can be found here - . I am a beginner at this, so would gladly welcome to any suggestions, resources or alternatives to creating this kind of motion! The only thing is that it needs to be physical, old fashioned mechanics rather than using any kind of motor. Thanks! Martin

Asked by mtomsky 2 years ago

What grinds my gears

You know what really grinds my gears? This forum is made by me you should just tell me what makes you angry or grinds your gears.An example would be" you know what really grinds my gears when people fart in public then don't say anything and they do it repeatedly."

Posted by shawntherobot 9 years ago

Aside from clocks, watches, stores, and the internet, where is a common place to find tiny metal gears? Answered

Im looking for metal gears around the size of a quarter. anybody know where i can find some?

Asked by TimTheScarecrow 9 years ago

gearing Answered

Is low gearing more torgue high gearing is more top speed

Asked by chevy62 8 years ago

Anyone know of a program for designing simple mechanical systems (gears, levers, etc)? Answered

I'm trying to design a complicated wind-powered whirligig that has a lot of gears and levers in it; I would love to design it on a program that would allow me to test out variations before I get to actually building it. Has anyone seen a program that can do that? Much appreciated, Damian

Asked by damianzuch 6 years ago

Can i use all-thread as an axle for pulleys and gears? Answered

I recently used all thread to make an axle for two casters and wheels so that i could adjust how loose or tight the sides of the caster rubbed on the wheels. i made the casters and my dad attached them to the pre-made base that he had made earlier, looking back i probably should have helped out and made an instructable along the way... anyways the method that i used to put the wheels onto the axle made me wonder if i could easily use the same method to put a pulley or a gear onto all thread. the idea is that i would simply put a nut, then a lock nut, then a washer, then the pulley, then a washer, then a lock nut, then a nut and i would tighten the holy bejeezer's out of it until it was firm and steady, the friction of the washer would transfer power through the lock nut to the all thread. would this work? even as a proof of concept? i want to avoid ordering anything off the internet so if anyone knows where to get actual pulley and gear axles here in upstate new york that would be beyond great! also as a side note, i'm thinking about using a hole drilled into a flat piece of steel or even some uber hard wood that's been sitting around collecting dust and sawdust to use as support for the axle, it'd act as a kind of bushing/bearing type deal. the idea is that i would keep it working by simply putting two nuts together on either side of the hole on the all thread and tighten them together until they locked.

Asked by waldosan 5 years ago

Potatobots Take Paris, New York, China and beyond

Ï»¿Tech meets art as students learn what makes machinery tick, and use those parts to anthropomorphize potatoes.  Not only do they make crazy creatures, they write back-stories for them as well.  "Each year, my students and I take apart old electronics (VCRs, computers, clock radios, and the like). We use the parts like the parts for the old-school Mr. Potato Head kits. In the 50′s, you didn’t get the big plastic potato, you just got face and body parts. We use the gears, springs, screws, wires, and other pieces as the body parts for our Potatobots. We photograph them on blue paper, and then I use GIMP to place them into scenes of the students’ choosing." Find out what happens when a Potatobot falls into a wormhole and how Tim got so much camel: Did I mention they can shoot lasers from their eyes?  Who knew playing with food could be so much fun?  

Posted by scoochmaroo 8 years ago

Wooden blender base // power drill to food blender converter

I love projects which use power drills to power kitchen appliances: example 1 example 2 example 3 example 4 I live in a tiny home and the idea of having just one DC motor acting as a multi-functional appliances makes sense to me. Now, what I would love is to use my power drill as a food processor/blender. Actually, people have already made an immersion blender with a paint mixer and a normal blender by sticking the drill bit directly into an old blender blade. This is a great start, but it's not the best for when I need to blend something at high speeds for a long time. What would be great is to expand that last instructable with a base such that A) the vessel is upright and B) secure, and that C) I can safely push my drill against without worrying about twisting or anything. I've attached a potential schematic. Where I get lost is how to keep the rods/gears securely in place in a wooden/acrylic base without causing lots of friction against wood. I have close to zero handyman experience so if someone took this up I'd be eternally grateful! Alternatively, a belt could be used as done in food processors (example). It seems like it would be harder to drill downwards onto a kitchen counter, though.

Posted by rdecal 1 year ago

Where should I sell this piece of art? Answered

I've been working on a piece of art for the last couple of weeks and I decided that I should sell it. The thing is that I don't know of where a good place to sell art would be. I don't want to sell it on the internet because it's very heavy and shipping would be insane. I don't really need a specific place, just a general of where to sell it. Oh, it would be cool if you guys told me how much I should sell it for, based on just looking at it. Thanks, DP

Asked by Dr. Pepper 7 years ago

How can we make a gear at home? (Without a gear making machine)?

How can we make a gear at home? (Without a gear making machine)?

Asked by tilmen 7 years ago

Go Kart - How do I secure the gear to the axle?

I bought a used go kart frame off craigslist, and I am repairing it. The problem is that the brake disc and the two gears for the motor spin freely on the rear left axle even when the wheel is not moving. How do I secure the gears to the axle? Do I use a bolt, or what? Thanks

Posted by sidmani 5 years ago

Working Mayan Calendar Round

title kind of says it all, but a working mayan calendar round, where everyday you turn the day dial 1, then every 13 days it turns the 2nd gear by 1 and so forth. I've seen a couple projects on here containing cnc'd gears and the such. 

Posted by nuentoter 7 years ago

Upgrade gearing on a elderly-person scooter? Answered

Hi guys, I recently a scooter for free on the side of the road. It is one of those sit down grandparent's motorized chair. Since I am have no other use for it, I am planning on making some bada55 scooter from he11. It is electric, and made by a company called "guardian". Oh, and it still works, I'm just not sure of the battery life. Has anyone ever messed around with one before? Any help would be appreciated! *I don't remember instructable's policy on swearing so that’s the reason for the numbers :)

Asked by your dog 7 years ago