Anything you want to give away?

I will accept almost anything you haveto offer. In return I might send somthing to you.

Posted by Loganbo 6 years ago

10x 3 months Pro membership give away for free- (All given)

I just realized that I have loads of pro membership to give away. I’m giving away 10 x 3 months pro memberships. Anyone interested   please leave a message here. I’ll  send you the gift code by private message. Only to those who have posted at least one instructable and not a pro.(Will be giving away more soon)

Posted by 786Ayesha 4 years ago

Give the gift of making a bit less often if possible!?

I know Xmas is coming fast and people might still need gift ideas, but I could really do without a popup reminding me that I can give the gift of making every time I load the page. Seeing it once is fine, seeing it twice might help if you missed the first one, but what are the other times for? I mean, I got it now, I really do so how do I get rid of this "reminder" on the screen?

Posted by Downunder35m 2 years ago

4 X 1 Year Pro-Membership Giveaway! (DONE)

Anyone want a 1 year Pro Membership for free? I'll be giving away 4 X 1 year pro memberships to 4 different members of instructables who are not pro and have posted at least 1 instructable (ible). Post a comment on this forum and I'll PM you the gift code :)

Posted by Muhaiminah Faiz 4 years ago

He won't give free cookie

He won't give free cookie!

Posted by lil larry 7 years ago

I am going to give up Instructables...

Hell no! I will never give up Instructables! However, I am getting far too addicted to Instructables and I cannot concentrate on my projects... So I need to take a break from instructables, that means I will be inactive for a while, maybe about a week or two.. I will begin being inactive when it passes 12:00 AM in San Fransisco.So, bye to everyone who likes me... ;-(UPDATE:I am back!

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago

Have a heart and help Abigail heal.

Long-time Instructables member supersoftdrink and her family have been through a lot the past six years: her daughter has had four open heart surgeries and her husband suffers from anxiety & depression. A GiveForward campaign has been set up to help them get back on track and we hope that you consider donating.  If you'd like to learn more about congenital heart defects and how they are treated, visit her Instructable on how doctors treat a hypoplastic heart. 

Posted by tinaciousz 3 years ago

Give Away "won" Membership Passes?

So I keep getting free memberships thanks to the guides I'm writing. Heres the problem.  I think I have like 8 years built up at this point.  I was wondering if I could "gift" one of the free memberships I received today to a student in my class?  I've got a code for a 1 year membership and a 3 month membership for the most recent guide I wrote, and I've not redeemed either of them. Just trying to spread the love to a middle school student in oder to encourage him to use the site. Thanks! Joshua

Posted by BrownDogGadgets 5 years ago

Proper Etiquette for Giving Away Free Pro Memberships?

I am genuinely curious... What is the "proper etiquette" for giving away free Pro Memberships that you have to someone else?  Should you just give them away at random? Should you ask your followers to share your 'ibles and once you get to "X" views then you will select a person at random to give a 3 month or 1 year pro membership away to? Do you try to promote your YouTube channel, website, or Facebook page in exchange for a random drawing?  What is the best or most respectable way to approach it? I don't want to be discourteous to others (or my followers) by presenting a "rude" or "distasteful" request for giving away some of my Pro Memberships. Thanks in advance for the wisdom and tips! :)

Posted by Meglymoo87 2 years ago

Film Canister LED Flashlight Kit

I am selling my Film Canister LED Flashlight Kit. The Kit Includes: #Film Canister #5 ultra-bright white LEDs #Push switch #3V battery #wire #solder +instructions on building the flash light You will need: #soldering iron #electrical tape #wire cutter Cost: The cost of each kit will be $12, whit out the cost of shipping! When you tell me your location I will calculate the cost of shipping. Payment: I DON'T have PayPal so you just send the money to my address. When I receive the money I will send you the kit! What to include in PM: # Name # Amount of kits you wish to purchase # Email address (legitimate email address please) Once I receive your PM, I will send out the request to your email, and then you can purchase the kit. Once I receive the payment, I will ship the kit. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message. Thanks!!!

Posted by comodore 10 years ago


Why is ibles going downhill i can stay loged on even for 5mins and cant post on orange borads or even join a group!

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 9 years ago


One day I decided to host a FSX(Flight Simulator X) party for the Instructables community.The party will be named "Instructables" in the GameSpy list.Use your Instructables username.Times:16:55:38 Thursday July 25, 2009 in GMT11:56:00 Thursday July 25, 2009 in EST09:57:08 Thursday July 25, 2009 in PST8PDT16:57:37 Thursday July 25, 2009 in Zulu16:57:54 Thursday July 25, 2009 in UCT11:58:11 Thursday July 25, 2009 in US/Central09:58:36 Thursday July 25, 2009 in US/Pacific16:58:59 Thursday July 25, 2009 in UniversalIf your time isn't listed, use this.All times in 24hr.The party will go on for 10 hours.SF International Airport is recommended for flight departure and arrivals,but you are absolutely free to spawn anywhere you like.Just don't spawn on the runway.I will be providing ATC,along with whoever wants to do ATC.GO FORTH AND FLY FELLOW IBLERIMPORTANT NOTE:THESE DATES ARE FOR THE CANCELLED PARTY. OBTAIN FSX BEFORE THE NEXT PARTY

Posted by Derin 9 years ago

Any one can give me a free raspberry pi ?

Can any one please give me a raspberry pi or any other fruit board ? I want to learn programing and I will happy if any one give me

Posted by Soumojit 1 year ago

Helpful tips giving gift christmas and new year are environmentally friendly

Christmas and new year is near. What have you prepared? hmmm … christmas and new year celebrations are usually synonymous with giving gifts to family, friends and people we love. Here are some tips for gift-giving is still ‘green’ in order to maintain sustainability of the planet  more details : tips giving gift christmas and new year are environmentally friendly

Posted by ling-ling lia 6 years ago

How do I give instructables patches?

There are some really good instructables around here, but I can't give out patches. I don't know how. Help?

Posted by papris 7 years ago

I will give out Homers!

I am giving Homers to EVERYONE,and here are the options:PEOPLE THAT ORDERED:BartboyAnarchistAsiannote:this started off in the chatroom

Posted by Derin 9 years ago

6 months pro membership to give away to the first subscriber to me

I have two 3 months pro membership to give away to the first person who subscribes to me after reading this.

Posted by babybayrs 5 years ago


Give me an idea and I will probably build it, name your favorite replica or something innovative and i'll give my best shot at it.

Posted by TheAwesomestDude 4 years ago

Knex Freeslinger review

Well,he wanted me to make a review,so here it is!: piece usage: it use not realy a much,but i use 3(or 2) broken piece.i give it a 8/10! ROF:pump action guns have always a high ROF,but if you use 64 or thicker elastic then the elastics cant go under the bullet.I give it a 7/10 power: its not powerfull,that says knexfreek self. i give it a 6/10 comfort:the handle is realy comfort,and the pump too! i give it a 9/10 strenght:its realy strong,but it have some weak points. i give it a 8/10 Mag: i never seing this mag before,but it use one broken piece,and its one of the weak points of the gun. i give it a 7/10 elastics:you can only use 1 string of 64 size elastics,but you can add a much of 32 elactics! i give it a 8/10 reliability:its very reliably,but a rachet is always reliably. i give it a 9/10! size: super small for a pump action,i think its 4 times smaller then the knexsayer.... i give it a 10/10! range:i get great range with it! i get 40 feet with only 1 string of 32! i give it a 10/10 looks: not realy cool looking,but i like the looks. i give it a 8/10 innovation:this thing is realy realy innovation! i give it a 9/10 accuracy:not the best accuracy for a gun.but its a oke accuracy.i give it a 7/10 capacity: the mag can only hold 4-6 shots,but you can make a bigger mag. i give it a 6/10 i hope you like my review,and if you build it and like it ,THEN YOU NEED TO SUBSCRIE HIM. BECAUSE HE MAKE AWESOME STUFF! hope thats clear enough! here is a pic of mine

Posted by cool bas3 8 years ago

More FREE Cookies!

Aha, now that I have pulled you in here, its time for me to explain exactly whats going on.Fungus Amungus, has been giving out alot of cookies. Hundreds almost. Its easy for one person to give out lots of cookies. But it easier for loads of people to give just the one cookie.So here is a call out to all you people out here able to give patches. Its a simple task.GIVE FUNGUS AMUNGUS COOKIESHis profile can be found here - Fungus AmungusCookie pictures can be found here and here, as well as hereI have already sent mine his way! Lets see just how many cookies we can give him.

Posted by gmjhowe 8 years ago

Giving away a free membership

I have plenty of free membership I have claimed. I also have a 1 year free membership I have not claimed yet how do I give away the one year free member ship.

Posted by Josehf Murchison 6 years ago

Pro membership give-away, 3 months

Because my Halloween-costume was featured I had a Pro membership to give-away, 3 months. Take note that doing something good can reap rewards. I gave this away because I can afford to pay, nominations (or begging) were few, but I gave it to Molo because he's done some good stuff. L

Posted by lemonie 7 years ago


This is soley for giving ideas to people!!!!!!

Posted by teh_pyroazn 11 years ago

Giving Credit for a Recipe

I have a recipe that I really like and on which I would like to do an instructable.  My question is about giving proper credit.  I looked around at some recipes on here and didn't see anything about giving credit.  So the recipe I want to use is a common basic one, but the one I use, I found on a blog.  So do I reference the blog in my instructable?  Is it different because I'm just teaching how to make the recipe?

Posted by cfremming 2 years ago

A Give-A-Damn box

I want to make a give-a-damn box. A small box with a 3 way switch that accomplishes absolutely nothing... the switch will simply display a green LED in one direction, red LED if flipped in the other direction, and breaks the circuit entirely if the switch is in the middle. The downside is I know virtually nothing about which resistors I need for which LEDs for which batteries I use. I'd like a single AA or AAA. I know overkill for powering a single LED, but I'm ok with that. The premise behind it is there is an inside joke that a handful of us at work have. Our give-a-damn is broken. So if they see this with the red LED, they know at that moment, I don't really give-a-damn.

Posted by Erind 9 years ago

Some FREE Patches

I will be giving away free patches to any of you guys who haven't got any patches, you just need to give a good reason to me why! *Update* 22 Jan 2011: Canida gave me some patches and I now have 100 to give away! Thank you so much :)

Posted by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

More patches/delete some patches.

Is there anyway that I can either obtain more patches? And if not, is it possible for me to delete some that I have give to give new ones?

Posted by KnexFreek 8 years ago

good non automatic spitball gun ideas

Please give me some non auto or semi auto spitall gun ideas will give idea credit

Posted by blah42 8 years ago

Can any one give me a free arduino ?

I am a electronic lover and I am 13 years old I need a  arduino(new or old). but I have no money to buy it so can any one give me a free arduino. please help me Thanks you

Posted by Soumojit 2 years ago

Not a fan of Hilary for President? Give me a hand!

Are any of you guys against Hilary for president, and interested in helping me with a little project? If so, please leave a comment.

Posted by Weissensteinburg 10 years ago

Serious Bass

It's finally time for me to give something back to you guys with me always asking questions ans all, I give to you the loss of hearing for 24 hours, enjoy.

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago

basic pic programing

Hi can some one give me recemendations on a book or site tht will give me insights as how to program pic microchips for robotics nothing adavance just something simple and for beginers

Posted by yerok16 11 years ago

If you had $1,000,000

If you had $1,000,000 that you couldn't spend but had to give away (to a non-realitive) who or what would you give it to. Whether its a charity or a company or whatever be creative.

Posted by ThePregergater 5 years ago

Websites that give you info about the care and growth of many plants.

I need a list of websites that give the following info about a few plants (mostly veggies and fruit.) 1) zone 2) uv light needed 3) water needed 4) growth period and some care tips Thank you in andvance

Posted by crc09 8 years ago

Can you give me a project that use A29040-90pc

I find this IC when I'm finding a tact switch from a scarp. I get this from a old cd /vcd player. Can you give me the use of thing and a project. ☺☺☺☺ Thanks In Advance Have a nice ☺☺☺ God Bless Sorry for my bad English

Posted by RYM3U4JTJDFKZXHPLZTKAR 3 years ago

Patches giveaway (finished)

Signing up (and paying) gives you patches to give away. And a lot of people have been hungry for cookies...Post a sound clip I like better than these, name your patch (within reason), and I had 3 to give away, done now.L(I don't know why the images appears twice, it's only loaded the once?)

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

Can I give out my 3 month Premium memberships to my students?

Hello everyone, I'm going to host two workshops in my college, one on CAE n collaboration with SimScale and another on CAD in association with Autodesk. Can I give out my premium memberships to the top participants of my workshop? Will it be a good idea?

Posted by alamtania 9 months ago

Plexiglass needed

Anybody giving away plexiglass

Posted by Loganbo 6 years ago

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Posted by Derin 10 years ago

What gives with the FEATURED column?

It's coming up with stuff that's 3 or more years ago! Like this one from 2006!Are the new ideas so bad that they're stuffing old (and tired) 'ibles in there now?

Posted by sign-up 9 years ago

Giving out advice!!

Hey I just wanted to post on this thread IF anybody wants some personal advice please feel free to PM or join my group! Thanks! My group:

Posted by SupremeAT 6 years ago

Give me something to make out of K'nex.

Just post your ideas and i promise i will make the best one. If i dont i will acctally give you my address so you can come round and stab me with a foon. EDIT: I'm not making anything that has already been done. EEDIT: I will (try) make Kairahs idea for a cuckoo clock. EEEDIT: It is really hard making one.

Posted by Millawi Legend 8 years ago


Can anyone help me give a simple project using logic gates...

Posted by ferdel 10 years ago

"LEO'PEN" lol:)

Please feel free to give tips and comments. Thanks:)

Posted by ArtistVee 5 years ago

Freekiller Crossbow Review

Well, i wanted to do a review, so i did this! Let's go right into the review!!! Piece use- This thing uses so many pieces! And it's really small too! But the high piece count does make it a lot stronger. I give it a 6/10 in this category Strength- This gun is really strong! You can drop it, and it most likely won't break; But there are a few weak points. I give it a 9/10 in this category ROF- this thing has a good rate of fire if you have small bands, but if you are going for power with big bands, you have to load just one bullet in at a time. I give it a 7/10 in this category Power- well, it's a slingshot, that shoots gray connectors, so it's gotta be powerful! I give it a 9/10 in this category Accuracy- This thing is not the most accurate gun ever, but if you are using rapid fire, it doesn't matter about accuracy! I give it an 8/10 in this category  Mag- the mag (which i have never seen before) holds those grey connectors perfectly, but it is a weak point in the gun. I give it an 8/10 Comfort- This handle is comfy! The pull-back thing is also really comfy! I give it a 10/10! Size- This thing is small! You can fit this powerful little gun in any back pack, perfect for hiding it! I give it a 9/10 in this category Pull-backer- What else do i call it? Well, it is really comfy, and it makes pulling back bands super duper easy! I have three strings of two #64's on it and it's just simple to pull back! I give it a 10/10! Looks- This thing looks deadly! The super filled in bow, the awesome looking handles, everything! I give it a 9/10 (it's missing a little something...) Elastics- This thing holds as many elastics as any old ratchet, making it powerful! I give it a 9/10! Bow- the bow is really strong, and it looks super deadly, but for bigger elastics, the small wheel just isn't very good... I give it an 8/10 Sound- this thing sounds sweet when shooting, but if you are trying to be quiet, this isn't the gun, unless you use one of those things that i have on the ratchet of my ASCB, sooo. I give it a 7/10 Big review, eh? well this gun gets.... An 8.5!!!! Great gun from Knexfreek and Killer~Safecracker! Go subscribe to them!!! Images coming soon!

Posted by Seleziona 8 years ago

Wanted: Urgently need $10 Adafruit Gift Card (Topic Closed)

I'm short of 10$ from buying some stuff from Adafruit. If anyone could give me, I'll give them back when I can redeem one. Need that stuff urgently to complete my project otherwise, I would have waited till I could redeem one Please help I'll surely give back the money

Posted by techno man 1 year ago

help me

Give me some ideas for what to do with a old desktop pc

Posted by mr.militarymaster 6 years ago

EL Wire Needed

Is anybody giving away free EL Wire?

Posted by Loganbo 6 years ago

CLOSED - FREEBIES! Giving away FIVE 3-month Pro Memberships!

Though this particular offer is expired, I'll soon be offering another. :-) It is that time again, to pay it forward for all the wonderful experiences I've had on this site. I'm giving away FIVE 3-month PRO Memberships. Please allow those who do not currently have memberships to take advantage of this offer. Enjoy! Leave a comment to request a membership, and if you are not currently subscribed, I'll send a link to you for a free 3-month PRO membership. If, once you are a member, you create a published Instructable in the next three months, I'll give you another 3-month membership. First five only, please. :-)

Posted by WUVIE 1 year ago


I'm looking to make explosives for some homemade fireworks. I want something to put in what I already have to give it a nice loud bang. I don't have a clue where to buy stuff like potassium or salt peter and all that good stuff. But if you could give me a few suggestions, that would be appreiciated.

Posted by Mr.Devious 11 years ago