Use your god given brain

Here is an interesting brain game. God gives it to people twice absolutely free, but if they want to have it for the third time, they have to pay money. What is it? Please, if you want to solve yourself, be careful and do not look at the comments of this post, because someone could have already written the solution there. Good luck!I found that somewhere, and i thought ill add it here, ill see how fast people will figure out what is is ;)The answer is teeth, you have teeth, they fall of and regrow Don't read it or else it will spoil the fun ;)

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

Credit not given for finishing.? Answered

I finished all of the lessons but did not get credit for finishing. Is there a bug or am I missing something in the lesson?

Asked by walkercreations 10 months ago

What will be power supply given to IR leds?

I have connected 23 IR leds in a series. I want to know that what will be the minimumm voltage given to IR leds so that they do not blow. Please tell me the power supply for 31 IR LEDs in series also as fast as you can.

Asked by pjindal 5 years ago

LED questions-- how many on a given battery and resistors with conductive thread?

How do you figure how many LEDs you can use with a given battery, . and why don't you need a resistor when weaving an LED into fabric.. or do you. Is there a diff between using conductive thread and wire in that regard....?

Asked by ingamarie 8 years ago

how to load ASM program onto 89c51?

I hav  planned to make robotic car after reading article  "A very cost effective ROBOT using 89c51" posted by poovakoot .I got every details but i don't know how to load  given ASM program onto 89c51 as it was given and promised to be given on demand. But how to place the demand? can u please provide details on email ID or u can send confermation then i will pick from given link.

Asked by parimalpatel141 5 years ago

How do i determine mA for any given schematic in a book or websitewith parts and voltage only.? Answered

AS a home hobbiest only I have a problem determineing appropiate amps for any given schematic. I dont have a problem with construction just determining propper amps so to be sure of success. tanks

Asked by kbyrne 7 years ago

Given an old camcorder without charger, how do I charge? Answered

Ok, so I was given an old Sharp Slimcam without a charger. Any ideas on how to charge it without finding an old one on ebay that may not work, for a somewhat crazy price? Would something like a 6V Battery Tender work?

Asked by RCS82 4 years ago

can i convert 220v dc to 9v dc.....such that 9v is the power supply of 555 timer.....

No other  supply is given only 220v dc is given....current can 50mA

Asked by aruntheaspire 3 years ago

How to know if the given component is IC or Transistors?

Most od the IC and Transistors look alike. and just by looking i can't tell if it is transistor os IC. i need some help.

Asked by bishal 9 years ago

Ive been given a singer excelle 6212c, dont know what all the dials are for?

Hi Ive been given a singer excelle sewing machine, but I dont know what the dials are used for, could anyone help me please, havent been able to find any help online anywhere, would appreciate any help. Thank you

Asked by 9 years ago

What is the greatest advice ever given to you?

Sometimes, there are hidden gems of knowledge, when shared with you, made a huge impact. What was one (or more) of yours?

Asked by lutziepv08 8 years ago

my uncle was given a hp pavilion ze4900 and forgot the password is there antway for me to get into it? Answered

I havae tried to reinsatll windows xp but it is still locked is ther any way to get the administrator account or wipe the whole thing with out the password

Asked by chynadoll25 8 years ago

Spell Check ?

Has any thought been given to adding a Spell Checker? 

Posted by rclayled 5 years ago

ATX Variable power supply. Answered

In the various instructables on this subject, all the component values aren"t given. such as the  120ohm resistor required but no watt value is given. can anyone give me a detailed parts list so I can buy the components needed for this project?

Asked by pollock9131 7 years ago

What is this function on my multimeter? Answered

Model of the multimeter is DT9205A. the picture is given below.

Asked by Ahtasham Ahmad Mohtashim 4 years ago

Unredeemed membership expiry

Hello community!Does an unredeemed membership given by admin have expiry?Thanks in advance.

Asked by Artuino 6 weeks ago

Political Ads

Must we be given ads 2 days after the election? Ads are from by in Southern California (LA).

Posted by rrm 9 years ago

Sorting Instructables?

I want to view all instructables under a given topic, such as food, over a period of time. It seems that everytime I come back to the site the instructables have been placed in a different order. Is there a way to always start where I left off from my previous viewing in order to see all instructables for a given topic and not miss any? Love this site!!

Posted by jewalker13 6 years ago

User-given Patches Wear Off in a Month. :( (Nevermind :D)

After receiving a donut patch, I got an e-mail from Robot (he likes to send e-mail), and I read that Once someone receives a patch, it will wear-off in a month.. I think that time-span is kinda short.. Anyone else?

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

how do i logon to windows xp professional without knowing what the admin password is?

 I have been given a computer from a school, but they haven't given me the user information (this was last year). I have tried using administrator as the username and leaving the field blank but i am not getting on

Asked by mad-tris 8 years ago

Problem with 8x8x8 led cube ?

I made a 8x8x8 led cube , i had finished all soldering  all leds works properly   but now i have a problem some of the glows(lightly) when ground is given to the +ve leg of the leds  or when 2 when +ve and -ve is given to -ve  of different layers Is this problem negligible ?? will the cube works ?? 

Asked by Mayoogh_Girish 3 years ago

Given the derivative of a function, how would you find the original function? Answered

I am trying to teach myself calculus, so I am asking this question. For example, given that the derivative of a function is 2x, you could use the d/dx [x^n] = (n)(x(n-1)) to guess that the original function was x2, but what would you do if you were told that x2 itself was the derivative of another function? Please help me. Note that I am NOT someone asking for homework help, my homework from school is not calculus.

Asked by Xellers 9 years ago

VBA Code Needed for a certain formula in Excel?

I have an excel sheet, and I am trying to bring some sort of automation in to that sheet (since I use it quite often) with the help of macros. The fact is that I am really new to macros and VBA programming language, so I need a little help in writing the code to find the 10th percentile (the formula for it is PERCENTILE(array, 0.1) for each bin value (50, 100, 150). If you see the picture attached, the wanted percentile values are in Q, the bins for which I want to find the 10th percentile value, are given in Column M (50,100,150) and the main data on which the 10 percentile value will be based is given in Column D. By Using the data given in D and filtering out a certain bin width in column E (Example: Filtering bin width 50 or 100), we could find the Percentile value against each of the bin value given in Column N. As said earlier I am new to VBA code, so any help will be appreciated in order to find the percentile values for each bin. the link to the original spread sheet is given below:

Asked by raishikoh 5 years ago

how can i increase the number of pins on a given IC?

I am planning to make a project.i wanted to know how for the IC i am using,i can increase the availaible pins. there is an existing IC,so for each of its pins,i want two more pins using just that one IC. so how do i go about it?

Asked by prachi.d 6 years ago

Contingency Plan

As part of my disaster readiness planning, I have given the scenario of a global economic meltdown much consideration. To this end I have compiled a thorough step-by-step contingency plan. I am happy to now be able to make this guide actionable and will be sharing all of this information as an Instructable shortly. How about you? Have you done any preparation? Have you given the matter any forethought?

Posted by randofo 9 years ago

What would you do with $1,000,000

If you were given $1,000,000 what would you do with it.

Posted by ThePregergater 5 years ago

how to connect an apple g4 to dls internet?

I was given an apple g4 that has only been used for video editing

Asked by 9 years ago

PLEASE Answered

I want to use my sony cybershot DSC S730 as a webcam.It has video and audio output as given in please help me.

Asked by Hudson samuel 4 years ago

gear box ratio? Answered

We really need to know how to select the gear box ?, given other parameters: weight,motor size desired speed ?

Asked by cwinst 8 months ago