How does a Gobo Projetcor work?

I am thinking of making a Gobo projector but i don't really know how one works? Can any one help me on this. All comments our welcome, if you know any designs that would be very helpful. Any idea's are welcome too Thanks Oscar

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Laser power for thin aluminum? Answered

Here's a question for you laser cnc builders out there, how much laser wattage would you need to cut really thin aluminum? Like, only slightly thicker than grocery store aluminum foil. Very thin. This cnc machine would be used to cut custom theatrical gobos (GOes Before Optics) at home. Normally, when we need a new gobo design, we build one in Adobe Illustrator and send off the design to Rosco or some other professional cutting company. But this can get pricy, and can take up to a week, so if one gets messed up during tech week (they do sometimes) we have to cut a new one out by hand. The results are not spectacular. The gobo doesn't have to be mechanically strong, and they don't warp inside of a 525w fixture due to the cool beam. You could in fact use foil, but that's a little too thin to be useful. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Miniature Stage Light LED Projector

Hello inventors!!!! How are you? A long time ago I had an Idea! Make a toy theater or better a miniature stage box computerized. I've already made everything but now I need projector and motors for sets design. Before, I would like to start with Lights. There are a lot of project in this site with leds and the best way to create my theater lights is to use led pixel modules connected an Arduino! Now, everything sounds right and simple but is not really like that, because I want perfection! Do you know how to made miniatures stage lights? And also beautiful to see? I mean not just a tube with a diode inside? I work on stage as an artist and choreographer and I love lights. There are 3 kind of that... and I would like to realize all three. Image 1 - Simple spot (simple light) image 2/3 - Spot with Gobos/Images(that's amazing, do you know this kind of projector that can project images (called gobos)? I found on internet these pens that you can see below. They are perfect to made it but the problem is that you have to buy 5000pcs minimum....! So how to create it? where I can find the lens? The well? It will be amazing if we can also install a little step motor drived by arduino that is able to change gobos!!!) image 4 - Motorized Spot ( we can put together this two spots and made one that can move. We can use maybe 2 Servo motors! With that we can made them change directions but servos are so big...! a simplest and little idea?) All these light source are a single led that have a WS2801 chip to drive colors independently so the first one is simple to made...What about the second one? Thank you inventors!

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