What could I make out of these things? (nice assortment!) Answered

What could I make out of this stuff? The Link to the Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWzLMPxCC6I I'd like to make something new, something awesome. Any ideas let me know! If I make an 'ible out of one of your ideas, I'll link to your profile/one of your 'ibles. Thanks in advance! GoDoggie

Asked by godoggie 6 years ago

How do I setup Windows Live account on iPhone?

I've tried using the Exchange and Other email account setup types on iPhone, and neither works. I have a Windows Live email from the college I'm at, and here's what I've been putting in: Email: My Full Email Domain: (optional) Username: My Full Email Password: My Password So I put in my information, and it then asks for a server. I have put in pod51004.outlook.com, and it still complains. Any help? Thanks --GoDoggie

Asked by godoggie 6 years ago

Epilog Laser Contest - Urgent

I have my Instructable here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Flamethrowers/ and I tried to enter it into the contest, but it doesn't show up under recent entries, and when I go to the contest page itself and click "How to Enter" it says "Your Instructables that are already entered in this contest pending moderator approval."  How long does it normally take to get approved? Am I missing something here? I really want to enter this, and with the deadline less than 4 days away, I need help :-) Thanks, GoDoggie

Posted by godoggie 7 years ago

Computer Won't Start Up! Help! Answered

 Hey guys, my laptop won't start up. It is a Dell Inspiron 7000 running Windows. Some lights come on on the keyboard, but doens't do anything else. Need help!

Asked by godoggie 8 years ago