Featuring Guidelines

Having your Instructable featured means you are an excellent author, and you're providing some of the best content on the site. We want everyone to see what you've made! When we feature your Instructable, it's our way of saying "You are awesome, and we love you!"So what does it take to get your Instructable featured? Read on, my friend, you have come to the right place! You can also check out this handy Instructable that will walk you through posting a Feature-Worthy Instructable. There are currently two tiers of featuring we use to promote great content and reward our awesome authors: Feature: Your Instructable will appear in the Featured Feed, and you'll receive a free pro membership which can be applied to your own account or given as a gift to another member! Homepage Feature: Your Instructable will appear in the Featured Feed, as well as on the homepage, and you'll receive a free pro membership which can be applied to your own account or given as a gift to another member.For an Instructable to be featured, the main criteria we look for are excellent documentation and reproducibility. These break down into the following points: The title fits and explains the project. The introduction should state what the project is, and the reason or motivation behind it. All photos should be original, bright, clear, and in-focus. Projects should be broken into enough steps to be easy to follow, with sufficient photos and explanatory text to allow the reader to understand the process. Grammar and spelling should be good enough so as to not be distracting. Projects should be complete and contain all the information needed so others could reasonably duplicate the project (if the reader were to have the necessary skills and access to similar tools and materials.) Lists should be included of parts/materials/ingredients/tools used, with links to sources as needed, as well as links to references. Whenever possible, the inclusion of downloadable files, PDF patterns, and so forth is desirable. Video content (youtube videos, etc.) must be accompanied by photos and written step-by-step instructions, as outlined in the points above. For a Homepage Feature, here are some additional things we look for: Overall stellar documentation Beautiful cover images Content that is highly reproducible and has that “wow, awesome!” factor Note that high levels of ingenuity, creativity, innovation, and/or utility in a project will often compensate for various areas of weaknesses in documentation, so these criteria should be viewed as guidelines and not necessarily hard-fast rules. What about business-related content from bloggers, etsy-ers, youtubers, kickstarters, and so forth?Can that type of content be featured? Absolutely! Any Instructable that meets the criteria as outlined above and contains real how-to instructional content can be featured. If you are in this camp, it's an excellent practice to keep your ulterior motives relatively subtle. For example, some of our best authors are also bloggers and etsy-ers, and many of these authors simply include a single link to their site or store in the last step of their Instructables. This is a perfect approach that allows their projects to get as much attention as possible on the site, but also plug their commercial interests in a way that is not overbearing or spammy. Being overbearing or spammy is the quickest way to NOT being featured. Want your project featured? Sometimes it's hard to see where your project could use some enhancements! Luckily, we have some great authors that will review your project and give you feedback at the volunteer-run Clinic. Do you get featured a lot? Why not spend a little time in the Clinic and help others get to your level! :)

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Tell me something on writing good instructable? Answered

My first instructable is this.Tell me and newbies on "how to write a good instructable". It will be helpful to whole instructable community.

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Will this video pass your guidelines?

I just joined your site and posted a video that is actually a part 2 to another one.  I would like to post both of them but wanted to be sure it will pass the guidelines.  I am not promoting or trying to sell anything.  I offer a site for information only.  I really wanted to show the entire theme but was not sure.  Here is the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOy3ejaInEE     could you view this and let me know if I would be within your guidelines?  I hope I posted correctly to enter your Valentines day contest 2010.  I know your busy and I appreciate your time and consideration. Thank you,

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Halloween Costume Contest

Hello everyone! Every year for the halloween contests we the staff have to draw some lines between props, costumes, and decor items.  This year we've decided to draw the lines similar to where actual theater companies draw their lines.  Believe it or not there is a prop union, costume union, and set union.  It helps to give us some firm definitions of what item goes into what contest! This year we are defining costume as the following: "Something that is worn on the body to add to or create a character." This includes any and all clothing, hair clips, jewelry, hat, and shoes! Examples below!  If you have any questions feel free to post them here and I'll answer them to the best of my ability! Want to enter the Costume contest?  Check it out here!

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Time & money guidelines for Gift Exchange gift sizes?

For the Gift Exchange, I can't seem to find the page where it gave guidelines for what the S, M, & L-sized gift packages should translate to in terms of time and maximum cash outlay. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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free simple guideline for making hho generation cell?

Can i make home made hho generation kit.if it is possible to make my own what is maint tips for it.

Asked by udayshan 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 months ago

What are the guidelines for your power voltage path in your audio project?

Are you supposed to avoid crossing it over your audio signal, or parallel to it, or across or parallel to your ground wire?  And if the enclosure is grounded, should you avoid running it against the enclosure?

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How to make a simple chat program in vb.net using lan?

Please help me i need guidelines..........

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The display of the Zoom G 2.1 Nu processor is damaged. Require proper guidelines to overcome the issue.

It is showing the black patches on the screen while starting up and unable to see the digits. Other parts are working  properly while display is the only issue to be solved.      

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can anyone please provide me the complete stepwise guidelines for making a remote control for the home appliances?

I want to make a remote control for controlling my home appliances such as tube light , fan etc. so that i dont have to move from my place and i can switch them on/off sitting at one place .... i want detailed description on the circuit , materials required and the procedure f making the circuit... i also want a pictorial description of connecting the relay with the mains power supply...

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USB plug ports?

For a project I am thinking about undergoing, I need to know which lead on a male usb plug does what. Could anyone tell me please? Use the image as a guideline.

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Creating patches

I see we can upload our own patches to send to other people. What makes a "patch"? What are the size and format limits? Are there any style guidelines (the current patches all have a square border with rounded corners).

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How to use Table saw

It's easy to buy a table saw for our personal use. but its not easy to use this tool. so, there are some instructions and proper guideline to use this tool so that users will be safe and cutting also sharp and smooth.

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How Can A Collection Get Featured?

How Can A Collection Get Featured? All of my collections have a "featured" badge on the top right, But none of them are features What are the guidelines for having a collection get featured?

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HP Pavillion f1503 desktop LCD monitor backlight problem, need some guidelines on how to dis-assemble it..

I do have knowledge in electronics and have enough training in soldering, but what i am looking for is a procedure on how to dis-assemble HP pavillion f1503 lcd monitor. I dont want to apply force on it because im afraid of breaking it. Thanks and hoping that someone will help me ASAP =)

Asked by Gen.YoUnG_GuNZ33 9 years ago

see below

I've been trying to find instructions to make acoustical room dividers. I looked in guidelines, explore, and step by step; additionally when I tried to print just to see instruction again, it only did 1st page? Can you give me guidance? Myra

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How much led strip do I need?

I want to replace my kitchen light fixtures with homemade ones that use those adhesive led strips. But is there some guideline concerning how many meters of it I'd need to illuminate a given size/area of floorspace?

Asked by PS118 3 months ago

Pro suggestion: Priority Instructable/etc reviewing

A suggestion from me - where an instructable contravenes the secret submission guidelines (the ones that include words like 'guns' 'alcohol' 'set fire to' etc where the 'ible needs to be reviewed  should be pushed to the top of the pile. Assuming others think that's fair?

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How to build a High power LED flood light?

Dear All; I need help to build  80w LED flood light.I have 1000 W halogen flood light and I can use the housing. Some body please help with full guidelines as I am new to this type of game. ShannSL

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Question about licensing work posted here for the Etsy contest

I've got the basics of the contest:1. Sign up at both sites.2. Create something, documenting the process.3. Post the item on Etsy for sale following contest guidelines.4. Post the information on Instructables following contest guidelines.5. Win! (okay, maybe)However, the item as I envisioned it would be a licensed item - people could make it for personal use under the CC license subject to the selected provisions* or contact me for commercial licensing.*selected provisions might be, say $5 for making an unlimited number for personal use, a $50 licensing fee for commercial re-sale, along with attribution, et cetera, for a stated amount of timeIs this allowed under instructables rules? I know that standard CC is used here, but I don't know yet if it can be combined with a licensing fee, and if CC does allow it if Instructables does.Thanks!

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How should I recharge a 7.4V battery? Answered

I have a 7.4V rechargeable battery and I'm wondering what voltage I should be charging it with. would 9V work? Are there any general guidelines for recharging batteries? Specs: 7.4V 1400 mAh Lithium-ion Was originally used in a NXT LEGO robot. Thanks! Ryan

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How to use Bluetooth Module - HC-05 Device as audio receiver?

I want to connect Bluetooth Module - HC-05 (or HC-06) to my home theater to receive stereo audio signal from laptop. please give me the full guidelines.

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Ipod Touch - Any Gen ) Please Read (

Hi My 1St sign up To Instructables so its My 1St Q on Here so here it is. Is it possible to Make/build instead of buying a Iphone/Ipod Sd card reader adapter is it possible to make 1 and to make it work if so Please provide some guidelines/help what to buy or have and what to do . Thks  in Advance . 

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Please help me with my instructale!

Hello I am working on a series of instrucales on dreadlocks, Starting, cleaning, maintenance..... I want the first one to e things to consider and decide before dreading. So although it will have pictures it wouldn't be instructing anything so much as giving guidelines to help you give your dread the est start they could have. Do you think I could enter this as a step be step?

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Do anyone out there have know-how to made solar cell from scratch?

Please advice how to made "3 x 6 solar cell, 1.8 ~ 2 watts, 0.5 volts". Question 1 : Home Made. Note          : I know they are out there make to stock awaiting for buyer. Question 2 : Where to looks for Step-by-Step Guideline. Thank you in advanced.

Asked by GearUp 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Curved/Circular LED Matrix

Hey everyone,  I've been interested in making a new project using an LED display, however, I have no idea how to go about such a matrix without the proper instructions or guidelines since it is very different from a square or rectangular matrix. I was hoping someone could explain how to wire and go about making such a thing (programming advice would also be appreciated). 

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I have an rss feed from -ible to my reader. I've noticed that there are lots of -ibles that seem like thinly veiled ads.  They talk about a secific 'brand' to solve a problem which I think makes the whole point of the site useless. Is this just because the website can't screen it, is within the guidelines or is a revenue stream for the site. I'm fine with anything, just as long as I can expect as such.

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Can the NEC Handbook be downloaded for free anywhere? Answered

Since the government requires us to wire everything to the current National Electrical Code's rules and guidelines, why is this information concealed for a great ransom? (the price of a hard copy of the book) As a citizen of the US, aren't I entitlted to the information if it can be obtained without undue hardship to the government or public? If one poor devil sits down and puts it all into a PDF, then millions of other poor devils only have to click the link.

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Is there a Portable Door Lock that can be used for apartments, hotels, etc. that can be operated from outside the door?

I live in an apartment and the complex doesn't allow me to change the locks or install something permanently. What I would like to do is put something on the inside of the door that I could operate from outside. The whole purpose is to secure my apartment when I am not there but still do it within the apartment complex's guidelines. Any ideas?

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Hi Is there somekind of guide how to choose catecory for the instructable? Like this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Broken-Angle-Grinder-to-High-Torque-Drill-Press-Sa/ Its mostly made from metal.. so its "Metalworking", but its also a "tool" and can be used for "woodworking" too. So, if i make woodworking tool from metal. Wich catecory i should choose? I know its not a big issue, but should i catecore instructable from the making process or from the final use? I have been wondering this for a while and decided to ask if there is some guidelines for that. Thanks Tuomas Soikkeli

Asked by Tuomas Soikkeli 5 months ago

Ar, me hearties!

Jes' a quick nod t' the wise, mates, the ninteenth o' September be Internat'nl "Talk Like A Pirate day".Now, this don't be compulsory, like (more of a guideline, see?), but I hopes all you gentlemen (and ladies) o' fortune be planning to speak properly that day...Now accordin' t' this 'ere com-poo-tuh, these be the chains ye need to get the lingo, and remember, do it wi' a wannion!If ye be one o' the King's privateers, ye be needin' this site: http://www.yarr.org.uk/An' if'n ye be from the colonies, ye need tae go t' http://www.talklikeapirate.com/

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Recommendation for Contest: Accessibility and Assistive Technology

On behalf of Kiteman, NachoMahma, and myself, I would like to propose to the Instructables staff a contest theme of accessibility (in the sense of disability access, adaptive equipment and assistive technology, and the independent living movement). We'd like to see the contest include not just hardware (devices), but also software and online design (Web, PDF, etc.) which is fully accessible. Both specific designs and descriptions of the guidelines and tools to use should be included.For my own selfish benefit, I would like to have already published I'bles eligible for such a contest, but that's a policy decision for Instructables, not for me.

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Drinks can Stirling engines (UK & EU only)

These are simple coke can Stirling engines that run on one or two candles. Made from recycled coke cans, tuna cans and bottle lids. They are of a simple gravity driven design that using fishing line to connect the displacer. Each on is made by me and slightly different, so the pictures are guidelines only. Please not these are just models will not power anything useful (as far as I'm aware!).  They are £8.99+ £1.98 shipping. For more details, see my site here. (video shows slightly older version, these run the same though)

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1)Meaning of 'Star' tag on the project? Answered

1) What is meaning of 'Star ' symbol on project, who gives this, what is the criteria, Is there Reward ? 2) What do you mean by 'Editors pick', 'Popular', 'Rating', 'Views', Zeitgeist',      Who selects it, what is the criteria 3) If some one copies idea and take patent on that idea, Does the Author gets something?      What is the cross check if some one manufactures and sell as a product in the market? 4) I am a Retired person, Is there any way to get Pro Membership freely ? 5) Is there any booklet or Guidelines of Instructables, and is there any flow chart how the system works once the Project is published by the Author

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My instructable did not post to the Valentine's contest, what can I do to change that? Answered

I recently joined your great community with the intention of posting a Valentine's theme for your Valentine's contest.  My part one showing the theme and part 2 showing how the theme, posted to my account however it did not post to the Valentine's contest.  I went to the contest to try and upload it and it says I have no Valentine's instructable.  I posted my theme with in the guidelines of dates.   I did have one part waiting for approval and then I posted it.  Any suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance and Happy Valentine's Day!

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how to build a balance board with proximity sensor and arduino

Hey guys,  So I am trying to figure out how to build a virtual balance board( using processing and Arduino), that responds to human weight when leaning left or right. An object would be falling in the screen on one side of the balance board and the person has to lean to the other side to keep the balance.  I would like to use a proximity sensor to receive and send the data ( weight ) to Arduino. I may want to use spring board for enhancing the force. So i need your help with the Arduino part, connections and coding, I appreciate your help and guidelines. 

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Need old Microprocessor CPU chips

I need a bunch of old CPU microprocessor chips for a craft project.  They can be totally non-functional.  I'm interested in the physical package, not working electronics.  I'll pay postage and agree upon a sales price. However, I'm most interested in older chips, the 486's and early Pentiums (586's).  See figure 2 as a guideline.  I need a bunch ( > 30) but I'll buy them one at a time if necessary. All are for an Instructable, so it's for a good cause.  Any advice for websites that are selling to old chips would also be appreciated. Thanks for any help!

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Survey on the Workflow and Collaboration of Makers and Their Community

Im currently conducting research for my final year thesis which the aim is to identify insights gathered from this survey to understand the workflow and collaboration of the online and local maker communityMy aim at the end of this is to identify what could be beneficial for the maker community, whether it be in the form of a physical or online tool or even a set of guidelines to act as stepping stones during conceptualisation and prototyping for a user. You can answer the survey herehttps://goo.gl/forms/f2zjFwxyefxrKRpO2 This will be great help to get some participants and I hope my research and resources gathered will be a benefit to the online and local maker community.

Posted by Renegade Designer 6 months ago

Craftster Contest with Instructables Prizes!

Craftster is running a contest with prizes we provided for them! You should check it out, but here are the basic guidelines for entering: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is New Year, New Uses!  Your challenge this month is to bring new life to an old object in your home.  The object could be a houseware piece, an item of clothing, home decor... anything you choose!  Your repurposing should transform the object into something entirely new and unexpected.  Perhaps you'll finally get to make a lamp out of that vintage, avocado green blender you've been hoarding all these years. Who is part of Craftster and is going to enter?!?

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Instructables in the Classroom

Just wanted to let all know that we have a group of students involved with Instructables.com  I gave my students a simple project...Make something and document it.  Please take a look at the projects that have been posted so far.  I only post when I feel it meets guidelines of a contest.   Also try to incorporate the value of social media other than posting picts on Instagram Check us out and follow MyWlakeTech Was just notified that one of my student's projects made it as a Finalist in the FIRE Challenge. Looking forward to any feedback other teachers might have.  Really proud of all the FEATURED projects they have created. Regards, MyWlakeTech

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parallel port input?

Plz help me to, how can i receive signal or instruction from paralel port, how should i send current/signal to its register. what equipment should i need. actually i want to develope a system in c language to control electricity of home, doors or widows, so i need to check that if the door is open or closes. when door closed then computer should indicate me that the door is closed, and same door has opened. sir plz give me guideline. i would be very very thankfull to u. ( simply tell me how current/data/signal can be sent through parallel port, current source, equipment ets, after that i will make sensers for it my self)

Asked by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Fridge freezer to kegarator fermenter combo?

Gooday all, One for your Homebrew/refrigeration techs out there. I've got an old fridge freezer that I have decided to try put to some use by converting the freezer compartment to a fermentation chamber and the fridge area into a kegarator. I'm pretty confident I can do the necessary work for either of these jobs (with instructables guidelines!) but not sure about a fridge freezer as it's running off one compressor so (and I'm guessing here) if I have the freezer only kicking in occasionally to cool my fermenting chamber will that mean the fridge only kicks in occasionally too?? Will I not be able to have cool kegs and warm fermenters??? Help please, I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it!

Asked by AshoBo 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Tips to minimize error on embedded projects

Hey all, Over the past long while (5 months of freetime or so) I've been hard at work on an embedded electronics project for fun. However, I keep running into stupid mistakes where I frankly should've known better. Sometimes it feels like there is a gremlin or some other sentient force whose only goal in life is to make sure my project fails. Anyhow, because of this, I ask: What suggestions do you guys have for things to do to help minimize stupid mistakes while undertaking projects (particularly embedded projects involving PCBs, though general project guidelines are also welcome). Thanks, Purduecer

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The answer is (almost) always YES! - AKA Kiteman's Law

There is a fairly regular kind of thread that appears here.It starts should I make an Instructable about insert topic here?You know what? The answer is yes. Even if nobody else on the site is even vaguely interested in insert topic here, it is probable that somebody with access to the internet, somewhere in the world, will eventually develop an interest in insert topic here and resort to Google. Since this site is googlable (is that a word?), they can end up here, grateful to you and potentially a new and useful member of the site.So, unless it breaks the guidelines for what is suitable here (basically, Please remember that this is a family site), and you're not just re-inventing the wheel, then the answer to should I? is always yes.

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What to ask when buying a laser cutting machine?

Hello, I am new to laser cutting machines, I need some guidelines, I need laser cutter to cut fabric or engrave wood and plastic, I contacted a manuacturer is China and they have a 40 Watt machine with 60cm X 40cm cutting area, for approx. $4000 (Canadian) the same type of machine here in Canada is approx. $12,000+ tax, so why the Chinese machine is so much cheaper ? quality ? but how bad could it be?? my main question is what do I need to know when I am buying a laser cutter? and what shall I ask the Chinese manufacturer to make sure I am geting the right machine.

Asked by amirahmadi 9 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

First Time Author Contest Question? Answered

Hi, random instructables people!!! :D  This is probably a question that is extremely stupid to many people, but I'd like to know the specific guidelines of the First Time Author Contest.  Is it OK to post my first instructable here? Even though I have made more of 'em since then? I like my first instructable and I'd kinda like to show it off again in this contest. I haven't edited anything except maybe a typo... so does that qualify? I don't want to get in trouble for trying to post my instructable. I've definitely posted more than one, so I AM NOT a first time author. Just making things clear... Thanks, Artemis

Asked by Artemis Z 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

pir motion sensor keychain camera controlled by arduino?

Hi I am a total novice and having discovered a project on this website i am convinced that it is the answer to my own university project. I am to create a motion sensor camera within an urban context that will be triggered by people and record their movements and the space itself. The project I am talking about https://www.instructables.com/id/Keychain-camera-with-PIR-motion-detector-controlle/It involves pir sensor keychain camera controlled by arduino. I am more than willing to have a go but from the tutorial there are no guidelines as to what components I would need and how I would go about in wiring and connecting the parts. I am searching the internet and this website. Does anybody have any experience with such work and if so could you possibly help please. Thanks?

Asked by dougage78 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How to Survive School: A Never-ending thread of tips, tricks and (coff coff) comments

We all went to school sometime, right? I bet more than half of you are still in school. School School Schooooooooool. We all hate it. We all know it. And yet, we still go there. It's like death, but without dying right? Yeah. Actually, no. I went a bit over the top, but it's bad. I'd rather be here, making and sharing instructables than there, doing algebra. So, what I'm trying to say is: SCHOOL IS UNAVOIDABLE BUT IT CAN BE EASIER! That's our motto here and we're STICKIN' to it! (Unless someone comes up with a better one. >.>) So, thanks guys! I'll be posting the rules, guidelines and how to become a "School Basher". I'll let you know EVERYTHING. Thanks.

Posted by green donut 10 years ago

Free 3D Prints for Tips & Tricks!

The first 10 people who enter the Electronics Tips & Tricks Contest this week (6/25/12) and have their project featured will get a free 3D print. All prints are going to be made on our Objet printers and must fit within the bounds of 3" x 3" x 3". If you don't have files that you want printed, you can receive a 3D-printed Instructables Robot figurine instead. Some featuring guidelines for Photo Instructables are as follows: Has an original, unique and/or compelling idea Title fits and explains the project All photos are original Contains at least 3 photos, and at least 1 image of the final project All photos are in focus with correct lighting At least 2 paragraphs describing project inspiration, process, outcome, challenges, etc Reference links and files if required

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TGKT (Round 2)

ROUND 1 IS OVER.ROUND 2 HAS STARTED.Guidelines:The rules are that you have to make something that is not a gun, it can be anything as long as it is not a gun. Entries have to be in by January 15th. You can enter something that has aready been posted as long as you haven't modified it since then.Participants:Here are the 8 participants and their scores from round one, all scores are out of 100.1. S0lekill3r{ENTRY}True Break Action Shotgun842. Dutchwarlord{ENTRY}Knex Big Crossbow833. I_Am_CanadianKnex Heavy Cannon v5-Handheld{ENTRY}824. Viccie.B1993{ENTRY}795. Knexguy{ENTRY}Knex L96A1796. Bakenbitz{ENTRY}Lancer787. DutchjKnex Rifle v2788. Jollex {ENTRY}Grenade Launcher75

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