I'm trying to build a semi auto rifle that doesnt shoot only little knex rods but also little round bulets i have already the mag system witch reload auto and has like 10 bullets in it but only little round bulets no knex rods and i have a little problem with the trigger :s if anyone can can help me try to build a nice trigger and i would like the slide piece couse it has more firepower if it has reactoin motion

Posted by T3453R 10 years ago


What do you think??

Posted by Loosewire; SOE Operative 11 years ago

how to make a joey gun?

A joey gun

Asked by joshc3604 8 years ago

are rbg guns harmless?

Are rubber band guns safe and harmless

Asked by tomjack09 9 years ago

wich nerf gun shouts the longest ? Answered

Which nerf gun shouts the longest?

Asked by jacobzman 8 years ago

I thumbtack gun?

I need a guide on how to make a thumb tack gun out of office supplies?

Asked by Cheezpaper 7 years ago

Gun Forums and Comments

Anyone noticed that all of the comments on gun instructables are really bitter and often very combative? Maybe there's a trend between people who feel the need to use guns and their personalities...

Posted by DELETED_craz meanman 8 years ago

what is the best ever knex gun witch does not take up to many peices?

I made a briliant knex crossbow but can't find it again so what is the best knex gun

Asked by ashb1984 9 years ago

Which knex gun has a large magazine, little parts, and very reliable? Answered

I have built I_Am_Canadians AST pistol and it was really good but i want to know about some other guns out there

Asked by Shaznazabbadaz 9 years ago

why do i have to keep zeroing my gun after every cleaning?

Why every time i clean my gun then go shoot it i have to zero it in?

Asked by borders 8 years ago

Does anyone know how to make a harpoon gun for fishing?

I've wanted to go harpoon fishing for the longest time. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a DIY harpoon gun, I dont want to buy something like that, I'd rather have the satisfaction of building it myself.

Asked by SunshineHardcore 9 years ago

Is there any clip on and off magazine instead of undoing the magazine and refilling it?C-L-I-P O-N

I really don't want a bulky gun since I don't like making bulky guns but if it is at least a 3 star gun can you send me a link. I'm not sure if i asked this question before

Asked by rexdino5 9 years ago

Is there was a way to make a lase bore attachment?

Its .177 cal gamo air rifle

Asked by paradox596 8 years ago

New Magazine

When I build a magazine for a gun I always ask my self, will there ever be a magazine that can be replacaple like on HALO 3 on the BR(Battle Rifle) when you reload you take out the ammo and replace a new stock for faster reloading? Has anybody made something like this and is this even possible? Thanks (Message me about anything like this)

Posted by rexdino5 9 years ago

can anyone please send the instructions for a knex sniper rifle?

Can anyone please send a instructable for a good looking knex sniper rifle? I'ts have to be powerfull. (80+ range please)

Asked by ultimate knex builder 7 years ago

Does anybody know how to fix a nerf maverick?

I had just been shooting my nerf maverick, when it suddenly stoped shoting bullets. I've tried cocking it back but it won"t let me and when I pull the trigger, it just makes a loud bang. I took it apart to see what was wrong, by the way I should'nt have had done that because all the parts sprung all over my floor,But there was nothing wrong. Pls help!                                                                                                                                               -buttfacemonkey18

Asked by buttfacemonkey18 4 years ago

Paper gun Chat room

Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room

Posted by Undermig 9 years ago

guns guns guns galor(k'nex only no lego

 WHO CAN BUILD THE SMALLEST GUN? THE RACE STARTS NOW! I'LL START YOU OFF: the srv2                                                   GO!!!!!                                                                         

Posted by steelerssuck 7 years ago

Guns! Guns! Guns!

If you have anything to share, put it in a forum. This way you don't have to comment on everything. Have Fun! -KamikazeSniper360

Posted by KamikazeSniper360 11 years ago

Fave K'nex gun?

What is your favorite K'nex gun?

Asked by XDTeehee 8 years ago

is there any bb/airsoft gun mods to make my gun better or powerfuller or accurater?

The gun is a cheap spring pistol with a 14 bb magazine capacity its a cock then shoot gun

Asked by sharlston 9 years ago

Machine Guns

This forum is meant for WW2 Knex Machine guns. Talk about your guns or just post them! Share ideas too!

Posted by dynno97 9 years ago


Here press my name for paper gun and knex gun!!! here some example of paper gun

Posted by Undermig 9 years ago

The Best Knex Gun Ever Answered

I would like to know which knex gun on this website is the best. I am looking for power, accuricy, and look? Could someone please tell me which one it is? If you can, could you also give the link to the gun?

Asked by Danielzxzx1 8 years ago

the best paper gun ever

It is the best paper guns that you see in your life so awesome paper guns.

Posted by Waren-Neutron 7 years ago

What are your favourite guns/ gun shapes?

Its me, I have wondered what everyones favourite gun/s and their favourite gun shapes are, so here you go, post away, post pics aswell if you like, but no knex guns, unless they look like a real gun. My favourite gun is the L96 or the M24, I try to base my guns off of the M24, but fail with L96's.

Posted by yerjoking 9 years ago

Do people prefer 3 layer guns or 5 layer guns?? Answered

Do people prefer 3 layer knex guns or 5 layer knex guns??

Asked by Killer~SafeCracker 8 years ago

New nerf gun

This awsome gun is coming around spring 2008 it the cs6 recon

Posted by nerfer192 10 years ago

Airsoft gun modifications

Ya is it possible to covert a crappy spring airsoft gun into a good CO2 powered airsoft gun and if there is how thanks

Posted by Monkeyfisher 10 years ago

what is cooler a paintball gun or a bb gun

What is cooler a paintball gun which hurts like hell and when you freeze them they hurt even worse or a bb gun which if you get shot with that it makes you bleed?

Posted by cmchrist 10 years ago

What is the best knex gun thanks? Answered

What is the best knex gun

Asked by polaris 250 6 years ago

Airsoft gun?

I need a new airsoft gun. Under 100 dollars. Please suggest.

Asked by weaponmaster1 6 years ago

Favorite Nerf gun

This is the place to list your favorite model of nerf gun.

Posted by weirdo62 8 years ago

remote control knex gun!

this is the gun my friend made and it uses servos to move :)

Posted by smidge147 10 years ago

REAL airsoft gun?

Can an all-metal airsoft gun be moddedto fire real ammo?

Asked by 5H4D03 8 years ago

favorite nerf gun

Please tell me your favorite nerf gun

Posted by SpiderJockey 7 years ago

I Like Guns- A song :-)

I Like Guns- A song :-)

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

can a coil gun be made without the camera?

I want to make a coil gun but i don't understand why there is a need of a camera?

Asked by Pranavthegreat 5 years ago

new hand gun

My strong hand gun

Posted by Pat Sowers 11 years ago

Best K'nex Gun Answered

PLEASE READ FIRST!!! I don't want to know what the best knex gun ever is, I would like to know the best knex gun for each section: Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle, Machine Gun, Slingshot, Crossbow, Sidearm, Assault Gun, Semi-auto, Pump Action, etc... Any section of guns that I did not list, add them. Please give links if you can. If you can't, just give the name.

Asked by Danielzxzx1 8 years ago

knex gatling guns

Post your gatling gun ideas here for all to see. If that maybe firing mechs or frames.

Posted by adamski0811 10 years ago

guns that you want in knex

Post here pics that you want in knex i look if i make the the gun in knex

Posted by dutchwarlord 10 years ago

halo guns? Answered

Ok i dont play halo but i have seen halo guns what halo gun should i make

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago


My gun has room for improvement and you supply that ,so comment

Posted by yeolddingdong 8 years ago