What airsoft guns do you have? I am getting a echo 1 g36c and I have a cheap springer

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What do you think??

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I'm trying to build a semi auto rifle that doesnt shoot only little knex rods but also little round bulets i have already the mag system witch reload auto and has like 10 bullets in it but only little round bulets no knex rods and i have a little problem with the trigger :s if anyone can can help me try to build a nice trigger and i would like the slide piece couse it has more firepower if it has reactoin motion

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Favorite gun

This is were you con post what your favorite gun is :D

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splodie gun

[http://gtg here]here's my idea for a splodie gun

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knex gun? Answered

Hey i will be creating a new knex gun and i was wondering witch modle i should make  pps43 - Google Images mka 1919 - Google Images uk59 cz brno - Google Images sterling - Google Images

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concept guns

Post any ideas for guns you have, and we'll discuss their effectiveness and ability.

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Pirate Gun

I recently bought this cap gun for 2 dollars at a thrift store and need some ideas slash help like how to fix the barrel where the orange cap was. I want to incorporate the two pirate skull buttons on the gun. The gun is for my renaissance faire costume and i would like to make it more pirateesque any ideas are welcome :)

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Hi there! I need some really nice guns like some pistols or grenades like a pinapple but heres the catch -Must be made of WOOD -can have a removeable mag -Any gun or grenade -ACCURATE to the real thing -parts lists(prices for extra credit) -if made comment on my profile not message me or I will not see -real gun unless its steampunk and cool  Any amount Other than that have fun!

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PVC gun?

I'm lookin to make an air powered pvc cannon/gun/bomb. I want an explosion!!! I just need uh... "guidance" (if thats a word) on how to make one. I don't need a 50lb, 10 ft long nuclear warhead. I'm lookin for small, simple, cheap, and all at the same time HIGH POWERED AND well... uh... slightly illegal, or something...

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Pen Guns

So I was browsing around the site trying to find a pen gun that looked like a normal pen well I was pretty devastated that not even one person could come up with one so I took the mission into my own hands. I wanted one that shot when clicked looked like a real pen yet had fair range is that so hard to ask? apparently but this past year at school I made a break through I made the pen gun of my dreams I will soon be posting an Ible' on it so please keep a look out for it . Will post pictures soon! thanks, Dp Mac

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What are your favourite guns/ gun shapes?

Its me, I have wondered what everyones favourite gun/s and their favourite gun shapes are, so here you go, post away, post pics aswell if you like, but no knex guns, unless they look like a real gun. My favourite gun is the L96 or the M24, I try to base my guns off of the M24, but fail with L96's.

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favorite nerf guns

My favorite nerf guns are the nerf guns that don't have to be cocked back and reloaded. I like th ones that are like revolvers or have favorite revolving nerf gun is the nerf maverick followed by the nerf dart tag revolver. My favorite magazine loading guns are the nerf long shot and the buzzsaw. And in an un related topic, i love half-life what are your favorite nerf guns?

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Here press my name for paper gun and knex gun!!! here some example of paper gun

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New nerf gun

This awsome gun is coming around spring 2008 it the cs6 recon

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REAL airsoft gun?

Can an all-metal airsoft gun be moddedto fire real ammo?

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what is a nerf gun? Answered

Theres always 'ibles on 'nerf guns', wat r they? please help!

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Prop Harpoon gun

I need some suggestions on how to make a realistic-ish harpoon gun. Please...

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Guns known the best??? Answered

Im trying to do my best at building knex guns so im looking for guns 2 build. thank you & good day

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Knex gun ideas!!

Hi the wormman here... I need some ideas for a knex gun to build. One which no one else has made. Thanks!!

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Knex cap gun

I am going to make a knex cap gun that blows up up to 5 caps at one time.

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knex gun turtorials

Hey everybody my youtube account is: stijn huysegems and i make turtorials for knex guns. Here is my first video: :D.

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bb gun powerful

Hi I bought A cheap BB gun and I was wondering if it was possible to make it much more powerful that would be cool could you show me how to do it oh ya its a airsoft pistol

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New gun mechanism?

Howdy guys, i was looking on making a gun. But me being me, I dont want to make the same as everyone else. Is there a mechanism concept out there that has not been done yet that I could try? Thanks.

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new sik gun

Works hella nice, bolt action sikness. #yolo

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pvc pips gun?

4 1/2 feet long pvc pipe about 1 inch thick. another one about 1 1/2  inchs thick and 1/2 feet long

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Spud Gun Ammo!

Hey guys I'm going to make a pnuematic spud gun soon, but I'm going to use something besides potatoes. I figure it'll have a 1-inch diameter barrel, so what can I shoot that's plentiful? Ideally, it would be bio-degradable or otherwise unharmful to the environment. Cork perhaps?

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Nerf Gun into Flamethrower??????

Anyone have an idea on how to turn a nerf gun,(any type) into a flamethrower? I've been searching for maybe modified bullets, with just a small flame source...... Comment if you have any help please.

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t-shirt guns?

When i saw this im like awsome!!! but then i noticed someone could probaly make this on instructables if some one can figure how this kinda works could you post an instructable on how to make one? heres a pic

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DIY Soldering Gun? Answered

My 40W soldering iron is a bit too weak. I've been thinking about making a soldering gun, but it confuses me a bit... Since I don't work with sensitive electronic components, I don't think there's a problem. I also like the fact that I can control the amount of heat easily... I soldering gun is pretty much a "mix" between a soldering iron and a welder, right? Similar to a hot-wire styrofoam cutter. Maybe I should call it an Incandescent soldering lamp...  A hot wire cutter is exactly like a soldering gun, except it uses a thicker, shorter, wire that has low resistance... To make one, what I need is a power supply that can supply: High current, and low voltage (Wikipedia doesn't define low voltage), right? With a 5V 40A ATX power supply, a switch, and a single core wire that has close to 0 resistance, do you think I would be able to make a soldering gun? A 5V ATX power supply is the power supply with the lowest voltage that I own.  I don't know the resistance of the wire that I can use, because I don't know what wire to use, and don't know the current it will take. I know I will need the heating wire of the tip to be a higher gauge, so it will have more resistance on high amps, and it will be the one that will heats up. From what I'm guessing, 5V is too high, and something like 1V would be better. Perhaps I'll find a way for stepping it down to a lower voltage...

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Smallest Truegger Gun

I made this just for lols. You could probably make this design even smaller or make another design that's smaller. I'd explain it to you but I'm sure you have the 8 pieces required to make this and the 10 seconds to put it together. Surprisingly it gets like a good two meters. Maybe a last move of desperation in battle? Say you're going to ally with someone and as you're about to shake ha--BAM! lolz lik omgz uber pwnge.

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ion ray gun

Remeber a while ago I said I wanted to make some cool high voltage weapon in the shape of a gun? Well I've dicided to make an ion ray gun! The only problem is that I don't want to pay for plans (that's just not right, half the time they probably jip you). The closest thing I've found is this: that doesn't help me with saftey procosions (sorry, having a bad spelling day).Basically I need help for the schematics and the safe way to build and handle one. I don't want a wimpy one either, I want a medium power one, like do stuff from 10-20 feet or something like that.Oh and if possible, skip extra circuits by using something like this: also don't mind making voltage multiplier circuits.If everything works I'll make an instructable out of it!Oh, and tech-king, you can use the sign now.

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making a XRF gun

What do you all think about the feasibility of making a DIY XRF gun? These are commonly used in manufacturing settings where quick material identification is required. They look a lot like barcode scanners, but cost quite a bit more, generally 20-40k and mostly companies rend them for about 2k per month.  I know that its probably quite impossible to slap one together using an Arduino or something but is this completely out of the realm of DIY? Really they just break down into 4 parts: X-ray source, detector, electronics and computer and it seems like the first two are the issue. It seems like there's tons of different methods of doing this, and I just keep feeling that somewhere in all those is something much more cost effective. Here are some links:

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what is good gun, but esay? Answered

I like a long tybe like a shotgun or air rife.

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From 22s to m1s.snipers to bazookas.just pick your favorite gun.mines the bazooka

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What are some new different ways to make household guns? Answered

Like a tooth pick gun or a marshmallow gun with out PVC

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what knex gun has a large mag and is a sniper? Answered

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Good cool elastic guns

Just wondering if anyone knew how to make elastic guns that are safe fun and u can shoot them around a bunch. They gotta be easy to make and load so no like chemicals just a kool gun. If u can try not to make it knex cause i find them hard to make.

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my friend has a old gun and i need to know what kind it is.

All i know about this gun is that it is bolt action, has iron sights and u can make them go from 50 yards to 300 yards. the most interesting thing is the safety has a loop on the back of the bolt action and u can put your finger in it and pull back, then twist, then let it slide back forward and that is how u take off the safety. it is wood and it looks like the clip will hold 5 shells. i do not know what shell it takes. thanks

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how to make a powerfull rocket blaster with household materials? Answered

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knex rifle?

Does anybody know of a good low piece high power knex rifle?

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need help with my 303 bolt Answered

I can oly get my bolt in half way than it just gets to tite

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Whats your favorite firearm

I will be making a instructables how to make fake model guns that are durable out of cheap materials and I have done it before so I know how to do it and I want to make a model that I like(because i will probably be making videos with it) and that the instructables community likes so pick a firearm and well see, BTW it dosent have to be a rifle it can be a a pistol or SMG just tell me ones youll like

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what knex guns need inventing? Answered

i was feeling bored the other day so i started on an oodammo sniper. but i need help. does the knexers of ibles want a performance gun, model, big, reliable, what?

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Hey all! I am a paraplegic and have no use of my legs, I am also an artist and would very much love to be able to tattoo. Is there a way that I could use a tattoo gun without the use of the foot pedal or my foot? 

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improvised air/airsoft/bb guns/spud guns

Theres a cool site

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Legality of putting airsoft gun into a real gun conversion kit??

Hey Instructables, I have a question about the legality of a project that I'm designing, as I don't want to make something illegal. As those who follow me on this site know, I play a lot of airsoft. I've recently been trying to design a new kind of airsoft rifle, and I would like a bullpup design (the magazine well is located behind the trigger to make a shorter gun). I was looking around on the net and I found this   It's a bullpup conversion for your standard Ruger 10/.22 rifle. i checked the legality of this conversion for the state I live in, California, and found that it IS in fact legal, as long as you only use a 10.22 in it, don't use an automatic, your magazine contains 10 rounds or less, and the barrel over 18 inches, with an overall gun length of 25 inches. Normally bullpup guns are illegal in California, but since the 10/.22 is a rimfire instead of a centerfire, and the ban only applies to centerfire guns, this conversion falls into a neat loophole, and is legal for sale on a normal license.  HOWEVER: I don't plan on putting a 10/.22 in this thing, I plan on tearing out all the internals of the conversion rendering it permanently effectively useless for a real-steel gun, and building a field-spec airsoft gun system inside it, making it basically a nonlethal toy for sports like any other airsoft gun. The final design would be built to the legal specs of a airsoft gun in the united states, with an orange barrel tip and a non-ballistic caliber.  I can even make the final gun fit into the real steel size requirements if that would help the legality. Basically, I don't know if this is legal or not, and haven't been able to find it online. As far as I can figure, it would be legal because the conversion kit counts as a STOCK, rather than a receiver or firearm in and of itself, so that gives a lot more leeway I would think.  I just want to be doubly sure before I begin this project, due to the heightened paranoia over guns and gun laws at this point, I don't want to be thrown in jail for making a toy. 

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how do you build a good trigger system for a lego gun? Answered

All my lego guns explode when i fire them to manning times got any suggestions ?

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guns guns guns galor(k'nex only no lego

 WHO CAN BUILD THE SMALLEST GUN? THE RACE STARTS NOW! I'LL START YOU OFF: the srv2                                                   GO!!!!!                                                                         

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