Habbo coins

Leave the User Password habbo habbo and quantity of coins example: User: ful54 Password: gash15 Quantity: 1500 (detail must be habbo.com.br)

Asked by felipe320 9 years ago

Habbo coins

Leave the User Password habbo habbo and quantity of coins example: User: ful54 Password: gash15 Quantity: 1500

Posted by felipe320 9 years ago

Habbo vs Runescape

Ok, to settle the question of which is more popular, which game is the best? I don't wanna know the popularity, I just wanna know opinions... We are talking about Habbo, and Runecape, I don't really want to hear about outside or instuctables because those both are better anyways... and are their any other online games that are better? This is going to be a fun * 2 um 2 um*. If you get that, just commment, it is a hidden message. my Habbo username: baseballboy578Runescape username: brooks578

Posted by ellomate56 10 years ago

how do you load a Java script Variable from a webpage into a VB program?

I would like to have the Visual Basic progam to load the user logged into Habbo via the variable habboName and make the title in the title bar (HabboName - HabbOS.)           Code: document.habboLoggedIn = true; var habboName = "Habboname"; var habboId = 25724911; var facebookUser = false; var habboReqPath = ""; var habboStaticFilePath = "http://images.habbo.com/habboweb/50_e3801d20ad745cc86660598ea0c4bdf4/15/web-gallery"; var habboImagerUrl = "/habbo-imaging/"; var habboPartner = ""; var habboDefaultClientPopupUrl = "http://www.habbo.com/client"; window.name = "060fd7869028127ca5d9aa2f02167c8f4e70651d"; if (typeof HabboClient != "undefined") { HabboClient.windowName = "060fd7869028127ca5d9aa2f02167c8f4e70651d"; }  

Asked by drmjj55 8 years ago

How may I make a Electric Butler? Answered

I mean like the Habbo one?That does basic stuff, like pouring teapots, doesn't need to walk?

Asked by Warlrosity 8 years ago

Online Game Recemendations

I have 2 games (and a half), first: runescape.com this is an adventer MMORPG. You battle different types and levels of monsters and characters. You can strive to be the richest or to be the strongest. Second: hflhotel.4t.com this is a habbohotel.com fan site with its own habbo like interface. You log in and you automaticly get 800,000 free coins. In habbohotel.com you have to buy you're coins for 10 cents a coin. That can add up! 50 coins is $10, so I recomend what they call, a retro habbo. (I am sorry... this website had been moved to a different server or deleted. I am sad too) In a half: habbohotel.com I dont recomend this game unless you have 500 dollars laying in a dust gathering pile in you're tool shed or you will have the least of fun!

Posted by ellomate56 10 years ago

So I have been inactive for a while now...

So I have been inactive for a while now. You may have noticed this if I havent been replying to your comments... Now I am going to be honest. I am getting rather bored of this site. No offence to any staff or anyone who this may offend. There is no new stuff, Im slowly growing out of my Knex, I havent played with it in a while... And another thing to be honest with... Im addicted to Habbo. Yes. Habbo. SO... Yah... So I may be on every once or twice a day, but I wont be replying to many comments. If there is a comment you asked me something on, just tell me in a comment to this and I will check it out. If it is important enough I will reply. If I dont reply, leave a comment on my OB. If I dont reply to that comment on my OB, tell me on here. If I dont reply to the comment on here, tell me on my OB :-P

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago