Seeking a arduino or similar hacker

I have a relatively small project that I need to build.  I have an overall project design in mind but am completely open to your input.  It will need to involve an LCD Screen capable of displaying a large decimal number and be connected to an internet webpage service (which I will provide) via Ethernet or wireless connection.

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Ok if there is a hacker reading this who is willing to provide an apprenticeship, then please reply to this topic.

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Hacking Help

I am a rookie hacker and I was looking for a little help learning how to hack. So if any hacker is willing to give me a bit of assistence or a apprenticeship. Please reply.

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Gad there are other hackers out there

Glad to know that there are other fellow hackers out there! Check out my hackers association: Microsoft Toll Booth!

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what is a hacker??????

What is a computer hacker and how do you become one??

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how do you download ArtMoney SE v7.27.1?


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So, I would assume that everybody has heard of this.  I thought it would be a good idea to come here and provide links for this, as well as this.  The first is a list of some major companies/websites and whether or not they were affected, as well as whether or not you should change your password.  The second is a site checker to see if a site has been fixed.

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Hacker to be extradited to America

A Briton accused of hacking into top secret military computers has lost a Law Lords appeal against being extradited to stand trial in the US.Glasgow-born Gary McKinnon could face life in jail if convicted of accessing 97 US military and Nasa computers.He has admitted breaking into the computers from his London home but said he was seeking information on UFOs. Link to BBC website.According to McKinnon (in the video included in the article), he used a simple password hack ("blank password scanning") to look for UFO-related technology. In response, the US are using (abusing?) anti-terrorism laws to extradite McKinnon for trial.If found guilty, McKinnon could face life in jail. American officials involved in this case have stated that they want to see him "fry".Controversy abounds in this case:Britain has no choice regarding the extradition, because they have signed a treaty with America regarding the extradition of terrorist suspects. America, however, has yet to sign the treaty they are exploiting in this case.If an American citizen committed the same offenses against UK military computers, the US would prevent the extradition of their citizen anyway, because they are protected by the constitution.The case is being prosecuted retrospectively - when McKinnin hacked the military computers, there was no treaty, and his actions were not considered an offense.The US is (allegedly) using the same anti-terrorism treaty (the one they haven't signed) to force the extradition of around 200 UK citizens, mostly for non-terrorist offenses (such as financial crimes).

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Household Hacker 2

Looks like we got another Household Hacker type site, only with a MacGyver spin. Check out these ridiculous tech videos:What Would MacGyverDo?

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Instructables forms a partnership with IKEA Hacker

Instructables is very pleased to announce that we've formed a partnership with IKEA Hacker. Jules, who runs IKEA Hacker, is a new member of the site, and I expect we'll see great things of her and the IKEA Hacker community.This is a great chance for Instructables users to gain even more exposure, and for IKEA Hackers everywhere to show the world how they do things. (IKEA-esque stick figure drawing encouraged, but by no means required.) Every Instructable added to the IKEA Hacks group will be syndicated to IKEA Hacker.Please extend the IKEA Hacker folks a warm welcome to the site.

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The Last HOPE

For those interested in hacking, The Last HOPE is a major hacker conference occurring in New York City in July. The conference is hosting a whole slate of top speakers, including a bunch of high-profile hackers and experts from related fields.Link via MAKE

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Instructables on the BBC.

"We are all makers and hackers"So declares the BBC headline published today.Make, sites like and video shows such as Systm strive to break projects down into manageable chunks to show people how easy it can be to create stuff.You can read the full article and see video from the Newcastle Maker Faire at the link below, as well as a PDF file on making your own Multitouch display.There is also the option to add your own comments.Please, sensible stuff only - the comments are moderated, so "W00t Instructables" would waste time, and not actually appear on the website.Link to article:

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HO.PE is almost gone !

For any that care, HOPE, the last convention at the HOtel PEnnsyvania in NY, is going to be holding it's last one July 18-20, 2008. JAN 2007 the news was released that The Hotel Pennsylvania would be demolished. While some progress has been made, questions still linger.

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Are you a member of

Are you, or your child(ren), a member of If so, what do you think of it? Is it much of a community?  How many badges have you earned?  How many projects did you do to earn a badge? What do you think of the range of badges? Any other comments? Do you know of any similar sites?

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Instructables Intern Coming To Austin, TX Dec 6th - 9th

Hey everybody! I (Gregg, Greggawatt Or Frenzy) Will be heading to austin texas the first week of december. Why am i telling all of you this? I want to see your cool projects! if you have a space or another cool thing you are doing that you want to show off to me, please tell me about it! I'll even take some pictures and do a blog post about the cool stuff i saw. Sound good? See you then!

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Stop Hackers dead

This is interesting, So Zscaler acts like a pass/no-pass Gate.   If it were a firmware gate that only could be accessed by a dedicated keyboard then it could stop hackers dead.   Yes it would force sites to hold all their content rather then pulling this from there and that from elsewhere but NO HACKERS unless they physically take a site. What say you ?

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A cool I'ble at OHM2013 hackers festival.

No Maker Faire this time but the biggest Europeen Hacker/Maker festival in the north of The Netherlands. 3000 hackers from all over the world came together for 5 days to share knowledge, skills and friendship. IamWe was there with his son to join lectures, workshops, conferences and party's all over the place. As extra I made an I'ble and a short impression of the event. Enjoy...

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NPR Article: DIY 'Hackers' Tinker Everyday Things Into Treasure

Just read an interesting article about DIY hacker spaces, and the emerging DIY culture around the country.  I love how NPR has always embraced the DIY community, and recognizes the projects of makers alike.  You can read the article or listen to it here: DIY 'Hackers' Tinker Everyday Things Into Treasure Photo taken from

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Off The Hook - A Regular Radio (hacker) Broadcast; Oct 3

Here is the Oct. 3, 2007 broadcast of: ='''Off the Hook|: Hacker Radio at it's best'''=let me know what you think.

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Hackers "fix" XP BSoD rootkit February 16th, 2010

An update released by Microsoft this month (MS10-015) broke XP machines that were infected with the TDL3 rootkit (also known as TDSS and Tidserv and many other names - more info here). Full story  (Adrian Kingsley-Hughes) Blog

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How do I search for groups and how do I create a group?

I would like to create a group for a hacker-space in Indianapolis. First I want to figure out how to search for existing groups (I'm a member of several groups and might find more that I want to join) so that I can verify that there hasn't been a group already created for an Indy hacker space. Once I verified there isn't an already a group that exists, how do I create a new group?

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How do I report a hacker who insulted me and posted stuff without my knowledge?

I as reading the What Would Escher Do instructable by Kiteman when I noticed that someone used my username to post a insulting comment without my knowledge. Here is what he said: "IM TROLLING IM TROLLING IM TROLLING IM TROLLING IM SHOUTING IM SHOUTING IM SHOUTIN IM SHOUTING YUR STUPID YUR STUPID YUR STUPID AN YUR PASWORD IS LAME NOW GO AN REPORT ME... JIM" So how do I report him?

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The Last HOPE talks released online for free

I love this so hard. The fine folks at 2600 put up all of the talks from The Last HOPE (Hackers Of Planet Earth)  (all of them as far as I can tell, anyway) up as free mp3 downloads here:  The hacker* talk subjects range from escaping high security handcuffs, to cold boot utilities, to Anonymous, to Wikipedia's sleaziness to ballot hacking and everything in between. Featured speakers include such guys and gals as Adam Savage, Jello Biafria, Kevin Mitnick, Marcia Wilbur and many, many more. My mp3 player is filled with techy goodness for hours and hours of sweet listening. Both High quality/Large size and Lower quality/small size are available.  *Don't talk about the identity-stealing, male, trouble making criminal hackers and make me have to track you down and beat you to death with a length of CAT 5 cable

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Hack-A-Toy at Nottinghack in Nottingham UK

Nottinghack the Nottingham Hackspace are running a Hack-A-Toy workshop at the Navigation on Wilford Street Nottingham. Join Nottinghack at Bring a poundshop toy some tools and bit n bobs and make a drag racers and dual (no rules) £2 in to share stuff and tools with other members! Hope to see you there.

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Maker Space Arizona

I live in Arizona and was wondering if anyone else that lives here would like to build a maker space. A Maker space is a workshop where people meet up to work on projects together. It's a place with tools that can be used whenever you please for only the cost of a membership each month. So what do you say? : )

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Senior Research Project

Hello Everybody! I'm doing a research project about 3D printing and the effect it has on the way we make things. I've created a quick survey to get some general information about the maker perspective on the technology, and it would be awesome if I could get some responses. This is especially for those who use 3D printing regularly. Thanks in advance!  - basementhacker

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The future of mobile operating system or the end for "hackers" and rooting?

For mayn years it was almost logical to get full root access on your new smartphone or tablet.The other fraction might now it as "jailbreaking"...No one really needs it unless they are not happy with they way the mnufacturer designed the operating system and features.The removal of bloat, apps the user never needs, is still the most common reason for rooting.Custom ROM's offering a different experience are right behind.Now we also have TV's, entertainment boxes of all kinds, even from our ISP's directly.The main provider for the operating system is now Google with only a few "competitors" left.Apple has a strong hold of the mobile and tablet sector too but is not really presented in other areas.Android is still open source but Google heavily modifed it to suit the needs of data collecting and security for features like banking, access control and so on.What is good for the normal user and perfect for those with security in mind can be really bad for those actually just using a device.No matter why you buy a new phone from your provider, you almost never buy it for the added apps and services.Rooting has become more and more difficult.One reason of course is constant security updates and removing possible access options for even simple things like getting USB debugging and an unlocked bootloader.People dedicated to find ways to remove provider locks, creating custom firmwares or the basic tools required to work with firmwares were called hackers.If you buy a new car and decide to modify it with a new engine, seats or whatever than no one will stop you.So why don't we have the same rights for our electronic companions?I wouldn't call it hacking, I would call it actually owning and controlling your device instead of Google letting control you - or Apple, but who cares....The other reason is dead simple: Those guys who started it all have retired or found employoment with those they fooled for so many years.Chainfire should ring a bell for anyone ever concerned with rooting.The master is gone now and only a few people are willing to take his legacy.For Asian devices the community over there is better off but for our market region right now Magisk seems to be the only option left for modern devices.The sneaky ways to lock us out....Security comes at a price, simple as.You can offer secrity for money transfers if the device is not trustworthy.Same for online streaming - you want the money for what you give and prevent that someone is able to make unwanted recordings without encryption.The list goes on with access control system and literally everything we use our devices for that involves some security.Even with the lates PIE systems Google's own devices are still quite friendly in terms of gaining root access.Different story though if a manufacturer makes full use of all the latest addition at Google's disposal.Device security no longer starts with the boot we see.It is now possible to create a hardware based tree of trust.This means any modification to anything will cause a failure.This locks out all "tools" able to read out partitions and vital data while a device is in fastboot mode.And of course said fastboot can be fully disabled as well now.For security reason a so called A/B configuration is used.Updates come over the air and are applied to the dormant system.Next start will boot the new system and then update the old one, no requirement to manually apply and update.The recovery can also be abandoned and replaced by a system using a copy on the device itself that is updated through OTA updates with the firmware.So both ways to gain official access can be full removed from the user.From there we get encryption, hash checks and literally everything working in its own user space - a full SELinux enviroment at the highest level.There are already devices utilising a lot of this and so far the only way to get any sort of insight was done by those intercepting OTA updates on a router level.And apart from quickly changing the encryption with the next updates nothing was gained.Is it all coincidence?Of course not.Well known leaks were kept open for years.Kernel updates gave improvements and closed really old leaks but never all known ways.With the retirement of the best rooting experts these holes were suddenly closed.Checks of latest kernel releases showed that there is no known vulenerabilities anymore that can be misused to gain access.And those finding new ones and making them available for us are bascally gone now.Encryptions and packing algorithms changed, same thing for the actual handling of partitions and rights.Anyone with a decent understanding of how the old ways worked will be able to figure it out with some time wasted on it.From there however the outcome is often dark.The tools needed to work with these new files are not always updated anymore.The developer simply moved on and most of the time without publishing his source codes.And the still best way to protect your firmware from tampering is to encrypt it.In the old days it was enough to sign a ZIP file with a release key not available to the public.Custom recoveries allowed us to get around this.This still works to some extent but now we also get additional checks starting from the bootloader.A modified system will be detected and stopped and a stock system will stop i a modified boot is detected.Even using a custom recovery by flashing or through fastboot is preventable now.Right now the only way for most new devices is a total wipe and the installation of an unsecure firmware with everything.As you already guessed this is to prevent now as well.So does all this rooting stuff actually concern you?Of course not!If you never had any need for rooting or no clue what to do differently with a rooted device than you are a happy camper.But your neighbour or friend might think differently.You see, I have two problems when it comes to "stock" devices.a) I have no clue what data they collect from me and what it might be used for.b) I do not like being forced to agree to terms that are endless and of questionable content just to use the damn thing.For crying out loud: In most cases it is now impossible to even set up a new device without working internet and a Google account.....

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usb password hacker

What if you took a usb mp3 player with a screen and some how make it where when you put it into a somputer it tells you the password

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Recognition ! I will be published !

I have been published !   Well, the article will come out in the SPRING 2013  editiion of  "2600" magazine.   The aritcle will appear under the column:  Hacker Perspective.   BTW:  the picture is not what the new cover will look like....that is an older cover. The SPRING ediction of 2600 is out and in bookstores.  My article, should you choose to read material that will put you to sleep, is in the HACKER PERSPECTIVE section.   The magazine is Volume 30;  Issue nuber ONE.  (it comes out four times a year).  

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What hackerspaces should I visit in San Fransisco?

I'm about to head off to San Fransisco to visit some family, and I'd like to visit some hackerspaces and similar places. I went to Noisebridge when I went to Maker Faire two years back, but I only went in for a brief (but very cool) tour. So, what else should I visit? Also, are there any DIY/building/hacking related stores I should go to? AUGUST 22ND UPDATE: I just got back from San Fran. I went to Noisebridge's new place. It's pretty cool. Thanks, Noahh

Asked by noahh 8 years ago

Virus Scan scam on instrucables!

For the past week or so, after clicking an instrucable or step within one, I am sometimes re-directed to one of those sites that claim you have a virus and should do their free scan.  It's getting really annoying as you can't easily leave these sites.  Has someone hacked the site? Update: On 12/31/09 my security software deleted a trojan after once again being re-directed to the Virus Scan site.

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Bray Entertainment New Show AMERICAN MAKERS CASTING

Hey Instructables! My name is Michael Kelly and I'm one of two casting associates at Bray Entertainment. I am casting a Television Show about Inventors and their amazing creations for Bray Entertainment--the Co-Creators of 'Pawn Stars'. The show "American Makers" is already sold to a major Network and the wheels of production are quickly turning. We love what you all do and if you think you have an invention that is revolutionary enough to be on our show, give me a call asap at (212) 993-8528. We are looking for anything and everything and anyone and everyone. Michael Kelly Bray Entertainment 80 River Street Hoboken, NJ 07030

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Ikea Hackers -- How does one deconstruct an EXPEDIT shelf?

I have a 5x5 EXPEDIT shelving unit from IKEA. It is AMAZING. But now I need to first MOVE the shelf, and then I plan to hack it (adding LED's to each box! I'm excited!) Here' s a  link to show you what this shelving system looks like: My question to this AMAZING community is this: How the heck do I deconstruct this thing such that I can move with it? This is made of compound/particle board (I believe) and held together with little wooden nubs (sorry I have no idea what these wood nubs are called) which are hammered into pre-drilled holes. Any help is appreciated!  

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Intro to MITERS

Here's a nice introductory video for MITERS, the MIT club that Eric, Tim Anderson, and the Squid Labs team used as their clubhouse/home base for building awesome things while at MIT.  Looks like people are still learning new things, and making good use of the tools and shop space.

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Household Hacker

There's a man on Youtube who is trying to convince everyone that you can do some ridiculous technological feats. His username is Household Hacker, and he has nearly 3 million views on just one video.*run a TV off of a AAA battery, *intercept cell phone calls with a universal remote*charge an ipod using only an onion and gatorade*make a hi-fi speaker out of a penny, a paper plate, and a sheet of tinfoil Although many of us realize that this is fake, a lot of people think it's true.'m sure some of you will find it funny, while others won't. I'm still trying to figure out which side I'm on with this.

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[Silly Question] Looking for letter endings for hackers and electronics enthusiasts. Answered

I need suggestions for letter endings that are appropriate to the tech/programming/hacker world for emails. Something like "Peace and Prototypes" but much less cheesy. Also, do these things have a name other than letter endings?

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Can someone hack into your car?

I have found a few interesting videos of vehicles hacked and controlled by other than the driver. Many things in the car can be controlled like the gas pedal and brakes. After the tragic death of journalist Michael Hastings more investigations are being done on the subject.

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Need help with modding a LANchat program.?

I am trying to make Fomine LANchat more visually pleasing and so you can put in a custom username instead of the windows username that it fetches. The program im using to edit the code is Resource Hacker. Where is the variable that gets the username, how do i change it, and how can i change the colors for it? Thanx

Asked by swagramp 9 years ago

Coding Showdown - Programmers and Hackers, beware.

 Hi all. I have created a password protected page, and I want YOU to break it. It's simple. It's in JavaScript. And it's waiting. Just: Go to (edit: page no longer exists. too late!), and - by any means - acquire my password. Ehhem. The winner might get something. Edit: I changed the password, due to a mistake on my part where it actually told you the password.

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Boston area Hackers wanted

Via sugru on facebook A production company based in Boston is developing a documentary style project focused on hackery. Basically, they want some mischievous mad scientists with hearts of gold to take their textbook knowledge and apply it in totally bizarre ways to all kinds of everyday materials. Visual spectacles; cool, geeky gadgets, your most crazy and elaborate projects - you get the picture! If you or anyone you know is interested, email by Feb. 18th (Thats TODAY) with a brief bio, pictures of yourself, and details of any projects you have pulled off in the past. Boston area is probably preferred, but who knows: for a good enough hack, their may be be a travel budget. (via Kara Brickman at Awesome Foundation Boston);=a.379644295911.160262.118586600911&theater

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Thank you all Product Hackers who have helped me out :)

I am writing a paper about design hackers, and I need as many people as possible to answer these questions below. Please cope paste the questions before you write down the answers, thank you so much for the help in advance!!! 1. Since when is product hacking a hobby for you and why did you start? 2. What kind of products do you hack, is there a practical preference based on your interest/need for certain modifications? 3. Why do you do it, why not just buy the things you need without having to modify anything? 4. Why do you think the (design)product hacking community has become so lively the past decade? 5. How do you think (design)product hacking is received by product designers? 6. Is (design) product hacking in your eyes a hype or will it evolve and create even bigger communities and become more influential to the design market (If so, try to explain its expected influence)?

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how do i hack pc time limit? Answered

I want it off and i dont wanna install any other programs than resource hacker.

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UPDATE: Hacker demonstrates persistent Mac Keyboard attack

Apple's sleek $49 Mac keyboards can be hacked and infected with keystroke loggers and impossible-to-detect rootkits, according to a security researcher presenting at this year's Black Hat/DEFCON conferences....Original Post...UPDATE:August 5th, 2009Apple warns of Mac attack risk via image filesApple today warned that opening or viewing image files could lead to remote code execution attacks against Mac OS X users... Blog Source

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Do any of the Contests ever Include South Africans as eligible for entry ?

Just would like to know if the contests ever include South africans as Eligible to enter ?

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How i make my instructables more popular? Answered

I want to make my instructables mor popular. . what can i do?

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Makers in Northwest Arkansas

Hello all I am trying to organizing some makers , hacker, and tinkers that live the in northwest Arkansas. I would like to start some meetups and eventually start a makerspace.  If interested check out this

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Strange shortening of pages - I only get the bottom section.

If I try to go to either my Comments page or the Forums page via my shortcut links, I only get the bottom part of the page available (see screenshot, and note position of slider bar to the right.  The cropping of the Forums also happens when I use the standard (grey) tabbed link. To make this bug report, I had to go via the submit link on the front page. The Recent, Contests and Answers pages do not appear to be affected. FF4, XP. UPDATE: it was an idiot hacker* who thinks that vandalism is the best way to prove a point. * The tabloid-headline version of a hacker, not the proper version.

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Instructables Build Night w/ Sugru @ ENTS

Here at ENTS (Edmonton New Technology Society) we have weekly hacker nights on Tuesday. So last Tuesday we decided to turn our weekly hacker night into Sugru night. We had a modest turn out but it gave those interested a chance to play around with Sugru. We had a few people fixing some items around the space, to modifying some existing items, even some impromptu shoe repair. Someone was working on a toy dog and was going to make the lights blink. Big thanks to James Chaulk for helping out!  Here is a few photos of our majestic space on that night:  

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seeking people for WashPost story

I'm a reporter at the WashPost working on a big story about everyday hackers. Looking to meet DC area people with some interesting hacks of their houses, offices, cars, etc. Spread the word! I'm at

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I need some advice on how to hack......

Halo. I want to know how to hack halo. Specifically, i want to remove the banshees from multiplayer, and replace them with tanks. does Anarchist or another Halo hacker have advice?

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