Halloween Haiku Contest

Submit a Halloween-themed haiku (5-7-5 pattern) for a chance to win a Pro-membership! 3 Prizes – One Year Pro-Memberships Deadline: October 30th 11:59 (PST) Just post your poetic entry as a comment below... All four contestants received a One Year Pro subscription...thank you all for your contributions! Happy Halloween : )

Posted by annahowardshaw 6 years ago

Help create a new art-form.

A recent recall to an old BBC thread (which has been running for six years!) reminded me that some people here like Haiku.You don't know haiku?A simple form of poemOf ancient Japan.First, five syllables,Then seven, then five againIn only three lines.There are variations on the theme (a personal favourite is the SciFaiku ), so I thought, why not start a new form - the Mak-u.Try and stick to the three lines/17 syllable format, but with allowances for creativity (as per SciFaiku), and each one to include a reference, however obscure or vague, to the making process (tools, ways of making things...).Birth of an art-form,Copyleft and open-source,On Instructables.Have a go, see what you can do.The old and the young,Together, fixing the worldWith a hot-glue gun

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Glovebox challenge results

I'm fairly new to Instructables.  I'm a finalist in the Glovebox Gadget Contest and the judging ended on the 17th.  The other contests that ended on the 17th have winners posted, yet I don't see anything for Glovebox.  Is there a way to tell when the winners get announced for each contest?  To pass the time I've written a Haiku on the subject: Waiting is painful Is the 3D printer mine? I can only hope Am I missing this information somewhere?  If any experienced member could let me know I'd appreciate it.  Thanks. Beetlesmart

Posted by Beetlesmart 3 years ago

Kiteman's Haiku Contest the Sequel!

Ok,so Kiteman posted a patch contest that was very succesful. I took his VERY LAST PATCH! So,I am posting this,it has the EXACT SAME RULES AS KITEMAN'S exept that I am the one sending patches! Haiku Away!

Posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

A Non-Stop Patch Contest! (Temporarily closed)

I'm pinching an idea from Fungus Amongus... My second favourite form of poetry is the Haiku - a deceptively simple form, with nice simple rules. Three lines Five syllables in the first, seven in the second, five in the third. Preferably contains a subtle reference to seasons, nature or time. My favourite form of poetry is scifaiku - Haiku with a science-fiction theme. The rules are more flexible, but the aim is still to be minimalist, implying much more than is written down. So, here's the contest - write a Haiku, a scifaiku or even a DIY-ku. It's a non-stop contest - every time one takes my fancy, I will award a specially-designed patch. allons y! Inspirational update: Have a look at the work of Kobayashi Issa - you can even get random examples sent to your email address. UPDATE: I have just awarded my last patch - feel free to keep adding haiku, but I can't award patches at the moment.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Knex Update: 10/11/09

Comments? Ideas? Haikus?   

Posted by jollex 8 years ago

New Pull-back Mechanism

I invented this new pull-back mechanism a few days ago. It uses a sort of lever to pull the ram rod back. You pull the lever, and the ram rod goes back. It gives you a great mechanical advantage when pulling back. Any thoughts, questions, comments or haikus?

Posted by DRADIS 9 years ago

Tech Poetry/Haiku

This thread will be dedicated to Tech-related poems, or poems of any sort... just tie it into something Instructables-related, somehow...Here's my work of art!Batteries...It seems as if I'm always waiting....waiting for the batteries to chargewaiting for the batteries to chargeand waiting for the batteries to charge again.It's too bad I'm never waiting for the batteries to die,there seems to be much less of that.-Josh Gordonson

Posted by T3h_Muffinator 11 years ago

AHHHHHHHHHHH! MIT Early Action Results Soon!!!

AHHHHHHH! I'M SO NERVOUS! MIT is releasing their decision for Early Action applicants at 12 noon today X_X. My hands are shaking and I can't think straight. I thought early action was supposed to be a good thing, but all it does is make the applicant crazy the last few hours before the results are posted.... Sigh..... Perhaps I just need a haiku: Today is the day MIT is amazing Please can I get in?

Posted by T3h_Muffinator 10 years ago

A bit of poetry

A lot of my classes involve creating stories and stuff....My favorite is poetry,which is why I always choose it as assignement. (We get to chose how to write about a toic that the teacher gives us)Here I'll post a bit of my poetry (which is not to be considered great)Haiku:I am a pencilI leave my mistakes behindYou get the point, right?Orange Leaves fallingin a twilight autumn noonA sight to beholdThe gentle dog sits,playfully rolls around, andbows for his masterRain falling from skyThe clouds weep for a lost friendThe sun has not comeOk, I have a challenge for you. I wrote some poetry...but its in spanish....Find out what it means..WITHOUT using a translator!I'll post one today: Mi EclipseTe fuiste......te fuiste y no volviste....Me dejaste solo y desconsolado...... Me has abandonado.....Te he llorado, te he extranado..... y aun te llamoMe has dejado en la oscuridad. Como la luna, me has tapado la luz hacia el alma, y me has privado del calor en mi corazon.Camine en la oscuridad, ciego y desconsolado he caminado. Busque y busque, pero no encontrado la esperanza que buscaba...... Mi corazon apunalado ya no podr­a caminar mas.....la herida era demasiado. Cansado de buscar, me sentia en la oscuridad, esperando lo que nunca iba a venir.......pidiendo lo que nunca iba a obtener.Ya no aguantaba mas..........Necesitaba ver algo. La oscuridad ya era demasiado pesada.....solo queria salir de esa pesadilla....Quise ver el dolor.......Quise ver la luz.Me corte y me rasgue......¦ Quise ver el dolor.......Quise ver la luz.Llegue al lugar, pero no vi la luz.....solo mas oscuridad. Pero esta oscuridad era diferente.....No era pesada.....Era callada....Habi­a luz.....pero no brillaba......Estaba confundido..Ahi­ vi la luz....... Ahi­ vi una luz en medio de oscuridad. Su hola aclaro el di­a y se llevo las nubes. Ahora podi­a ver......Ahora podi­a ver....Mi eclipse habi­a pasado. Ya podi­a ver la luz. Ella era mi nueva luz.Ya no te necesito, pues he encontrado un nuevo sol.I'll add more poetry later, as soon as I find my notebooks. Feel free to post your own and comment if you like.

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago