Hall effect sensors: how close can two magnets be without interfering?

Suppose I have several magnets and I want to use the same number of Hall effect sensors to read their polarity. Each sensor would be within 1-2 mm of its intended magnet. How far apart would the magnets need to be to avoid interference? I'm looking specifically at the Melexis US5881.

Asked by ThomasB164 2 years ago

I got an idea

How about we have some sort of Instructables year end awards and or hall of fame? Rate this forum if you think its a good idea. Something like this: Hall of Fame: One induction per month, selected by Instructables staff. Users to be considered must be nominated by a minimum number of people (7 for example) Year End Awards: Awarded at year end. Users are voted on, however there are first nominated for certain award by a minumum number of people (7 for example) Suggestions for awards: Coolest Most Helpful Most Popular Most Dangerous Funniest Hall of Famers recieve no physical prize, but are allowed to add their instructables to Hall of Fame group, and may recieve special avatar (see Kiteman) Year End Awards recieve t-shirt (maybe) and special "medal" placed on their orangeboard

Posted by KentsOkay 10 years ago

Robot Hall of Fame - UPDATE: nominate your own!

New Scientist magazine have updated their Robot Hall of fame - a mixture of real and fictional robots, eighteen in all, that have "marked or inspired technical breakthroughs in the field."My favourites in the gallery are Huey, Dewey, and Louie - not only are they the first robotic farmers, they got more genuine emotion onto the screen with a few clicks and wheezes than the whole mechanical cast of Star Wars.Of course, we'd have liked to have seen our own Robot up there, but are there any other robots you think should have been included? Why?UPDATEIf your favourite is missing, you can nominate one (thanks to Lemonie, indirectly, for the link).

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Cheap and easy digital tachometer?

I convert engines from weedeaters, leaf blowers, etc. for use on large model airplanes.  I use an aftermarket electronic ignition on the engines.  The ignition uses a Hall effect sensor and a magnet to trigger the CDI ignition.  I would like to build a digital tachometer that would use that same trigger.  They sell them for $25.00, but I thought it would be fun, and cheaper, to make one (or several) myself. Can anyone help with a circuit and parts list? Thanks!! vettebob

Posted by vettebob 6 years ago

Free future energy? A viable solution.

Http://www.ted.com/talks/justin_hall_tipping_freeing_energy_from_the_grid.html If you cant see the video please copy paste the above link in your browser. Please watch the video out. I found this video very interesting because it actually gives a proper solution to a big problem. It even uses a material that is pretty much abundant in our world (carbon). the use of this material would open alot of independant project and automated. I dont have alot more to say but I think this would be a great stimulant for a collective mind. Any ideas what you would do with it or where you would want to see it?

Posted by taodih 6 years ago

hall effect sensor Answered

what kind of hall effect sensor would I need to make an electromagnetic suspension device? where from?

Asked by sabre 9 years ago

Display counter current withdraw battery

We are living in an area were there is no grid, so we use batteries around the compound. I have several sealed acid batteries, each packed in a metal box, outputs are 12v, 5,5v and 5v. The boxes are installed in different places around the compund. I want to make some kind of readout so I can easily see how much is consumed. I thought of a display which is counting down, so each unit is equal to approx. 90mah. What I found was a hall effect sensor, but how can I hook that up to a microcontroller or so? And offcoarse a display attachted to it. Thanks in advance, Djapo

Posted by Djapo 6 years ago

Should we have a Hall of Fame?

Should we have a hall of fame?Contribute opinions to this thread, please:https://www.instructables.com/forum/TZA3QVDF4LPLSPW/

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

is it possible to make a home built hall effect sensor?

Im from the philippines, and i cant seem to find a hall effect sensor anywhere here, does anyone know how to build their own hall effect sensor?

Asked by dale_alvarez2007 8 years ago

Does a hall sensor need debouncing with arduino? Answered

Hi, I am trying to measure the time it takes for a wheel to rotate using a hall sensor that was pulled out of a old computer fan. Does this sensor need any debounceing to give accurate readings? http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/178883/ANACHIP/AH284.html

Asked by David97 5 years ago

Slot Car Lap Counter using Hall Effect Sensor & Arduino

Hi guys, For a university project I am using a hall effect sensor to count laps of a slot car. I am hoping to count the laps and output the number to a 7 segment LED display. However I am very new to coding and arduinos themselves. I was wondering if anyone had any similar projects or knows of any code I could use or any ideas people may have for a potential solution. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by TomR77 2 years ago

Hall effect sensor to trigger relay

Hi! I have a project that needs to sense whether water is flowing through a pipe. I bought a water flow sensor on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LVWHJP0/) thinking I could use it as a basic switch, however, it's got a hall effect sensor and I don't understand how to deal with the voltage output. Measuring from the pulse signal to ground, the sensor swaps the polarity each time it's triggered: With water running, I see a positive voltage. Turn the water off and back on, voltage goes negative. My control system can't deal with this. What I need is a simple circuit to turn the sensor's pulse output into a contact closure. Can anyone help? Thank you!

Posted by rpdubz 7 months ago

I am new

Hi, I am maria hall. I am new to this forum discussion.

Posted by Maria Hall 8 years ago

arduino program to sweep servo when hall sensor high

I want the program to control the servo such that when the hall sensor senses the magnet the servo should sweep and when hall sensor again senses the servo should come to its original place so guys please tell me how to do it and also tell me connections

Asked by vipulg 1 year ago

if one of the supply wires to a hall sensor is seperated , Will it imitate the symptoms of a damaged Hall sensor?

Power supply wires to my hub motor damaged due to spinning,  motor does'nt start from standstill. when it starts it works in a stuttering manner.  When allowed to run without load it runs without hesitation.  I read that this is one of the systoms of a failed hall sensor Doogg1

Asked by doogg1 6 years ago

Suggestions for a sensitive, hall effect sensor to be used with an arduino?

I'd like to find the an inexpensive, highly sensitive hall effect sensor.  One that could possible sense a strong magnet from several inches away or within someone's hand if they were holding a strong magnet in their closed fist. I am looking for a non-latching sensor that would trigger when a magnet is in the neighborhood - say at least 6".  So the range and shape of the field of detection is important. Imagine that we're playing a game of "which hand is the strong rare-earth magnet in?"  I have a small hall-effect sensor hidden on my palm.  What type of non-latching hall effect sensor would pick up the field through the hand from a distance of about 6 inches or more?

Asked by konjurer 5 years ago

Instructables Town Hall meeting!

Hey everyone! There will be a Town Hall meeting in the chat room, Monday, at 3:00 PM, PST. As some of you know I'm now an intern here at instructables. On Monday I will be answering any questions anyone has. I'll have the attention of Eric and Christy. So, if you have any questions, requests, or anything else, this is your opportunity! No one will be turned away. See you all there! Drinkmorecoffee

Posted by drinkmorecoffee 9 years ago

Hall effect threshold circuit? Answered

For a project that I'm building, I'm using an A1302 hall effect sensor. My goal is that if the sensor senses a magnet closer to it than a fixed threshold, it will pass a voltage through a relay (that would act as a Z axis endstop for my 3d printer). What would be the simplest way to achieve it, without using any microcontroller or anything more complicated than resistors capacitors and transistors, , without frying the components with the PSU, and with a high sensitivity? Thanks in advance!

Asked by yonch 2 years ago

Medium-range proximity sensor, aka, super Hall Effect sensor

Hi, I need a sensor to use with an Arduino. I've been thinking and researching for months, but I still haven't been able to come up with something feasible and good. Basically, I want a sensor that can measure its distance to a specific object. Id est, object A knows it's distance to object B; not to any other object, like the surrounding environment, ONLY the distance to object B. The sensor should be able to measure the space around it, ie, the sensor measures distance not linearly - like an IR sensor or an ultra-sonic sensor - but spherically. I think Hall Effect sensors can do that. The problem is: I want distances ranging from 10cm - 1m (4 - 40 inches) and a Hall Effect sensor can't do that, right? And very strong magnets and Arduinos don't really go well together... So.. what can I use to do this? Thanks a lot! :)

Asked by pedrotome 7 years ago

how do you measure speed of a vehicle using hall effect sensor?

I mean where do you fix the sensor and how is it done!

Asked by Nr-Think different 6 years ago

I need help identifying a hall effect sensor

I'm working with a brushless motor with a 3 hall effect sensor feedback ring and I messed up one of the sensors while removing some potting. I need a replacement. I've tried contacting the manufacture of the motor but they won't respond. The sensor looks like a flattened version of a TO-92 with chamfered edges instead of a rounded face to indicate the front side and .1" lead spacing. The only markings are U18 020 (or possibly U1B). It looks like it might be from http://www.utc-ic.com/product/db/hall.php but the part numbers don't all match although the datasheet looks like it might match. http://www.scribd.com/doc/52101789/U18-Hall-Sensor-Fan It doesn't seem like places like DigiKey or Mouser sells Unisonic parts so I may need an compatible alternative which would be fine If I can figure out the specs.

Asked by AnotherBrian 6 years ago

Current measurement with arduino

Hey I try to measure current with hall-sensor amploc 25A, it sense magnetic-fields, offset voltage is 2.5V and I use arduino uno. I get 519 value from analog pin and 37mV/A is hall sensor sensitivity. My formula is outputValue = ((((sensorValue*5000.0)/1023.0)-2500)/37 multimeter shows 0.112amps when I put load but I dont gett correct value on LCD Is my formula OK?

Posted by mattilaniko 3 years ago

Determine the distance between a magnet and a hall effect sensor?

Hi guys, As the title say, I am looking for a way to determine / measure the distance between the magnet and the hall effect sensor. What I want to archive is that the trigger (or the switch to LED) only activate if the magnet within ~0.5 cm - 0.3 cm . Any more than that, it wont do anything. My code right now light up the led whenever it detect if the magnetic field but the distance is way too large ( about 3-4cm ). So anything to reduce that down to 0.5 would be the best.  Please throw in any suggestion, recommendation , sample code or solution if you have. I am much appreciated .  Thank you EDIT 1:  I want to used arduino for this prototype.           the sensor that I am using is this  http://www.littelfuse.com/~/media/electronics/datasheets/hall_effect_sensors/littelfuse_hall_effect_sensors_55100_datasheet.pdf.pdf A little bit more info on what I am working on is that I mount the magnet to a wheel that rotate about 200-500rpm. and whenever the sensor pick up the magnetic field, it light up LED. but since it rotate, it tend to pick up the magnetic field instead at 1 location, it pick up in an arc. So that why I want to narrow down the range of the sensor UPDATE: NEW QUESTION WITH MORE CLARIFICATION https://www.instructables.com/answers/Create-standstill-effect-with-LED-from-hall-effect/

Asked by Jack Vu 2 years ago

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Posted by luckywoyao 6 years ago

2009 fischertechnik Club Meeting Schoonhoven NL

SCHOONHOVEN fischertechnik Club MeetingWHAT: A convention where fischertechnik fans meet and show off their creations.This is one of the primary events every fischertechnik fan should attend. These fans show off some incredible projects!WHERE: Schoonhoven NL(Hall "Beyond", Wal 34, 2871 BC Schoonhoven, 0182-383140)WHEN: Saturday, November 7, 2009 The hall is open at 08:00 to fans with models. All visitors are welcome from 10:00 to 16:00!COST:' FREE! (Admission is free as always)NOTE: For those with large projects, the great hall is good 3 meter high, the room is 4.25 meters high.CONTEST THEME:' Who moves a single pallet the quickest?WEBSITE: http://www.fischertechnikclub.nl/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

Posted by ftking_83702 8 years ago

How do I measure the angle of the hall in the hub motor of a electric bike.?

I bought a electric bike kit and is not working I connect all the cables on each color and nothing happen, the power don;t come out from the controller so I think is the controller defect so I ask for other controller to different store and they ask me to measure the angle of the wall, and if the angle is 120 there controller will work whit my kit, so please need help.

Asked by Erick barreda 8 years ago

Create standstill effect with LED from hall effect sensor ?

Hi everyone, A little bit info of what I'm working on. I am trying to create a standstill effect of the spokes of the car rim. I attached a hall effect sensor and a magnet to inside of the rim . I have tried 2 different approaches : ( code for each method are also attached)              1. use the hall effect sensor to determine the RPM of the rim and then flash the led accordingly to the spokes on the rim. The problem with this approach is that the led flash quite dim and and the spoke image rift.  I cant find the right windows for flashing LED.               2. use the the hall effect sensor to detect any magnetic field and then flash whenever it is detected. This method is quite simple but the effect is blurry. The problem for this is that the magnet detection happen on the arc of the rim instead of at 1 pin point location. Hence the led is on for too long --> blurry effect. I also attache some diagram to explain my problem in case I didn't do well with words.  Do you have any suggestion, solution or comment on the approaches or the code. Please feel free to throw in. Im all ear.  Code:  Method 1: Calculating RPM then flash led : http://txt.do/5b9is I am leaning toward this method but the effect is rifting. Not entirely sure how to fix it or what could possibly cause it.  to clarify: the rifting effect happen when i use 2 magnets on the rim. with only 1 magnet, it still rift but the led very dim, almost unnoticeable.  Method 2:  Image for the 2nd approach in case the pictures didnt show on instructables the front : http://imgur.com/HwFm1lT the back : http://imgur.com/1DvWjZK the side : http://imgur.com/RHZIbfR The problem : http://imgur.com/RHZIbfR flashing LED whenever sensor detect the magnet: http://txt.do/5b9b7

Asked by Jack Vu 2 years ago

Cant figure out what this component is Answered

Can someone please help me figure out what this component is.I think it might be a hall effect sensor, but in unsure

Asked by tate.coramparker 6 weeks ago

Need room security! please!

I need help. my younger siblings (5 of them) keep coming into my room. today my little brother scratched my computer screen, touch out the disc drive, and messed up the movement pad. i need a security alarm that will let me, my parents, my older brother, or the babysitter know of the intrusion. my bedroom is strait off a hall with no door or door jam for that matter. it pretty much is a hall that opens into a room. sorta. i was thinking of a triplaser with sound or somthing. please help. i can not let this happen again

Posted by sev17 9 years ago

Can anyone help me get a "pancake" brush less DC motor working ?

The motor worked when it was in the VCR.  Now I took it out and have no clue how to get it running.  The driver circuit has two main parts, an AN3826NK (which is a 28 pin IC) and a PUA 3228, along with various capacitors and what I believe is a hall effect sensor (part marked as "tf35213f3").  The brand of the VCR is Panasonic, but I don't have a model #.   Can it be run again?

Asked by aeronut01 8 years ago

Open Source Banquet hall

I want help in designing and architect map of Banquet hall.I have provided sketch that I have made but I think that sketch is ordinary so need support from enthusiasm people who want to work on open source project. I am inviting everyone from computer to electronics to architect that is every one is invited to join the project.All the dimension are in foot in the image.Main requirements for Banquet hall are as follows:1:Hall for main ceremony,capacity for at least 300 people and it will also have stage.2:Rest room for at least 200 people separate for men and women.3:Two extra rooms for bride and groom side or for main peoples.4:Kitchen for food production.5:Parking for at least 150 vehicles.6:Separate toilets for men and women.7:Pace for people to eat.8:Building can have 2-3 floors.9:All of the above will be interconnected (IOT) for example: smart water taps,smart parking,led light show,decorative walls,led light screen passage, whole building will be wrapped in LED for great light show,inside lights will be sync with songs floor will or ceiling will be wrapped with gaint led screen for different patterns and motions, flammable fireworks outside and non-flammable fireworks inside during ceremony, led dance floor.10:All of led projects will be diy,taps will be diy,parking will be diy and everthing will be diy.I think this will be largest open source DIY project.Everyone feel free to contact me at: rajgmaurya29@gmail.com ping me on whatsapp: +91 9616481277 Also need people who can render our ideas from paper to VR and 3D design in any software.

Posted by Raj GauravM 5 months ago

Ceiling art made from beetle shells

In Most European palaces and castles, it is common to find the ceilings decorated with ornate gilded woodwork and elaborate frescoes. In Brussels, Belgium, one particular hall in the Royal Palace has a very peculiar ceiling that is decorated with very strange items. The hall's ceiling, which has remained unfinished since 1909, was redecorated by the contemporary Belgian artist Jan Fabre. Fabre was inspired by Sternocera aequisignata, a type of jewel beetle of the Buprestidae family, which has a shimmering green iridescent shell. Fabre and 30 other diligent artist armed with a truck-full of beetle shells and glue, transformed the empty ceiling into one bejeweled with a sea of swirling and twinkling green. The team also went to work on the center chandelier in the hall, turning it from gilded gold to sparkling green. As one gazes up at the masterpiece from the floor, the whole mass of shells appears to move as the light reflects from different angles.Jan Fabre calls the the ceiling Heaven of Delight, as a reference to ''The Garden of Earthly Delights'' by early Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch ( a personal favorite of mine). The green shells do indeed add a great amount of energy to the once bland and vacant hall. 1.6 million beetle shells were used. The beetles, which are wood-boring and are mostly considered a pest, appears abundantly in India, Thailand, and Vietnam. They are sometimes cooked and eaten, however their beautiful shells are discarded.LinkTranslated Original

Posted by Skyfinity 8 years ago

Using a hall effect sensor with TL494 pulse width modulator.

I have an electric billy cart with a dead controller board. I constructed the kit circuit below to replace the dead board and it works well enough for the job except for one small problem. The throttle on the billy cart utilizes a hall effect device and not a pot. The billy cart also has a handbrake with a switch that closes when applied. I use this with a resistor to discharge C2 and pull pin 4 (inhibit) high. This ensures a gentle start (as the capacitor slowly charges through the 100k resistor) if the brake is released with the throttle advanced. The output range of the throttle is 950 mV to 4.1 V if VREF (5V) is used as the supply. (I'm dropping it in in place of the pot.) 4.1 V is sufficient to achieve the maximum 90% duty cycle of the chip, but 950 mV leaves me with a minimum duty cycle of about 21%, and of course a motor that won't stop. Will changing the divider ratios 20k/2k2 & 47k/47k be sufficient to get me zero speed or am I going to have to do something more exotic? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Rasputin182 10 years ago

Robot Shirt Hall of Fame!

Hey Guys! One of my favorite things to see while I'm pouring over projects on the site is images of makers wearing their Instructables T-shirt while they are making stuff! So today, I am reaching out to YOU, YES YOU!!! to post your Instructables Robot -T-shirt-Selfie to this forum post. I would like to make a mosaic of all you lovely makers out there reppin' the robot. (and possibly put it on the homepage rotator behind the "let's make_______") The Instructables Community is totally amazing, and I can't wait to see you in your Robot Shirt. xo Aud

Posted by audreyobscura 4 years ago

Speedometer using AVR!?

Hello im using avr atmega 8 and i need to display the speed in a lcd panel!.How would i convert the data from the hall-effect sensor to digital and from there to numerical value..Im confused about the caliberation.

Asked by Nr-Think different 6 years ago

How do I measure AC current (0 - 7 Amps) using a microcontroller? Answered

 I know how to design microcontroller circuits using PIC/ATMega processors but my analog experience is lacking. I understand I can use a transformer to transduce the current going through  a cable, or use a Hall-Effect based transducer in a similar fashion. How do I scale the output voltage of the transducer (DC in the Hall effect, and AC in the simple coil) to match the -VRef to +VRef swing of the A/D converter built into the microcontroller?  The only thing I know about analog circuits is "ground" is the place you grow roses... Thanks, David, Melbourne, Florida

Asked by dk-info 8 years ago

I know I'm not alone.

I saw someone with an instructables t-shirt in the halls at school today. Who goes to UOIT? :p For everyone else: What school do you go to? (College, Uni) Or are you still in high school? Finished education or just not doing anything?

Posted by recneps 9 years ago

Teacher Account

Hello, I am a teacher at Stuart Hall School. I would like a pro membership so I can utilize all these great projects in classroom. I teach at a private school so my email does not end in edu. Here is the our website: http://www.stuarthallschool.org/ Thank you!

Posted by kgcarini 4 years ago

Instructables Build Day at MIT CPW

Couldn't make it to the last Instructables Show & Tell, Build Night, or Maker Faire? Host your own - it's easy!I just got a note from Amanda at Simmons Hall at MIT, who held an Instructables build day during Campus Preview Weekend. It looks like they had fun, and made some awesome stuff!Here's what Amanda has to say:A few weeks ago the Simmons Hall dormitory hosted an Instructables event at MIT geared towards welcoming the incoming class of 2012. As part of Campus Preview Weekend, we wanted to communicate the culture at MIT and my co-chair Marcella and I thought doing some instructables would be a great way to show that. We enjoy doing really hands-on and creative things in our spare time that span a huge range of talents and knowledge, and this knowledge is communal and we want to share it!We set up a few stations in our dining hall for a few different instructables, including bleach design tees and packing tape decals, and we had a great turn out... We've been getting really positive feedback from the original event and we're going to be doing it again during Orientation in late August.

Posted by canida 10 years ago

Maker Faire NY 2011?

We'll be at Maker Faire NYC on September 17 & 18, at the Hall of Science in Queens. Last year lots of awesome people came to visit - will you be there this year?  We'll have office hours again this year so you can be sure to meet up with everyone at once.

Posted by canida 6 years ago

Reactive Lighting

Has anyone seen the LED lighting in some grocery store freezers that comes on only when you stand near it? I'm wondering if anyone knows of a circuit I could build that i could line my hallways with LEDs and have them come on as I walk down the hall?

Posted by tfrost1980 6 years ago