Wiring a cb or ham radio microphone?

Hi. I've constructed a 40 metre transceiver. The mike wiring diagram shows ( mic signal / mic ground /ptt / ptt ground).  Can anyone tell me the correlation with  (common / rx / tx / audio) Thanks Ken

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Dry-cured ham? Answered

Can I use this method to dry-cure ham?

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7MHz transmitter for ham radio? Answered

I'm fairly new to ham radio but I saw this and thought maybe I could use a 7MHz oscillator and a large antenna to use as a ham radio transmitter. Is this possible? If not, what could I do/use on the cheap as a ham radio transmitter/transceiver? Thanks, fusorx

Asked by fusorx 6 years ago

Im needing help with instructions and especially pictures on building A Quik and E-Z Ham Radio antenna ---PLEASE

I'm trying to find an instructable showing step-by-step, coming out of a HAM RADIO to a home-made Antenna. So far, all I have is the plug that screws( Where the Antenna plug screws on) on to the back of the mobile unit itself. The plug used to go to a magnetic antenna , but I cut that off because it was broken and wire was fraid in two peices. SO, like I said all I have is that screw-on plug, that needs to somehow connect to wire? and on to the Antenna, but not sure where to Begin. Any Help would be appreciated. Not looking for the Best antenna, I'm looking for something Fast and E-Z to build, to possibly get my radio out and too just listen, then of course I have to be licensed. Remember something FAST ?

Asked by Dirtybeerguy 9 years ago

can I reprogram the radios in my cell phone for other uses like walkie talkie or shortwave CB Ham reciever?

Cell phones have radio receivers and transmitters ;  it can receive FM radio, transience Blue tooth, WIFI, and Cell phone radio several bands and frequencies.      It seems to me that those chips could be programmed for other frequencies for transmitting and receiving.  I haven't researched into how flexible these chips are and if they can be reprogrammed in the smart phone.  Maybe someone else has.

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I remember it, sort of.  I loved it!  How was it made?

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I want to get into HAM radioing. where do i start? my dad says i should leard morse code.How is the best way to do that?

EDIT: you guy have been a huge help ! if i could i would say all ofd you had the best answer! i'll let you know as soon as i can get themoney to buy the equipment! thanks alot!

Asked by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

Amateur Radio?

 I am going to be taking an amateur radio course early 2010 (Foundation level). I am interested in summits on the air - http://www.sota.org.uk.  I want to build a small aerial that could be packed away into a small section of PVC pipe. I have found the 2m 1/4 wave ground plane thesurvivalpodcast.com/forum/index.php - this design keeps coming up.  Any help, suggestions, ideas etc gladly accepted. Also anything else you want to tell a budding radio HAM; hints, tips etc.

Asked by DELETED_zoltzerino 8 years ago

Amateur Radio?

 I am going to be taking an amateur radio course early next year (foundation level). I have been doing a little research into the subject and I am baffled by the terminology / acronyms.  I'm sure I'll learn all that when the time comes.  At the moment I am interested in cheap kits / second-hand gear and instructions on how to make a small, portable aerial for 2m (144MHz) operation for www.sota.org.uk. Any other information is gladly accepted. What is CQ, SSB, CW, QSL? etc.

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Amateur Radio (AKA "Ham Radio")

I have scoured the internet in search of directions, how to guides, or schematics for an amateur radio (ham radio). However, I can't find anything of the sort. All I can find is pages of "hams" showing off their equipment or pages linking to the same thing. Does anybody have a good simple schematic for a ham radio receiver or transmitter. If not, does anybody know where I can find one?

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Any tips...

Any advice for those of us just starting out? -KB1QID

Posted by smithy813 10 years ago

Is it possible to create a 555 timer AM transmitter with a serial connection to a pc?

I am only wondering and it would be awsome instead i would have to buy a HAM radio, (BTW i have my amature radio licence) The reason for the serial connection would be so i can play some of my music though it, or maybe even if USB or Fire-wire could be posible

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Where can I get the material for a CB radio, microphone and all?

Hopefully from other than radioshack, and for less than 100USD in all.

Asked by PKTraceur 8 years ago

How can I make a transmitter time-out timer?

 I am a ham, and would like to make a circuit that will alert me when my transmission has gone for about 2 minutes and 45 seconds, so that I can reset before the repeater's timeout does. I should be able to get the button press from my headset easily. How can I build a circuit like this that will start when I press the ptt and reset when I release?

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SPAM... NO! not ham in a can......Its that stuff that fills your inbox and drives you crazy.....So somebody screw that, I will tell you who he is..... His name is FON LAMB (well thats his spaming name) I have researched this character and several people have been scammed by him. Anyways is trying to tell me there going to give me half of 15 MILLION..... Dose it sound to good to be true ?? Yeah it is. Google the words "FON LAMB" and the first result you get is from a place called ANTI-SPAM INTERNATIONAL....... anyways this guy keeps filling my inbox with this CRAP and its driving me crazy. Hes even trying to hide under a faith. Changing my e-mail is not an option.....WHAT WOULD YOU DO ???should I post his email address so we can all go and sell it ?? or is that just too mean ???

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1.8 k smoked ham (british) ,  I want to do it in a ceramic crock pot with lid and I have not tried this before . I have a convection (fan assist) oven and would appreciate any help ya'll wanna give !

Asked by gearhead1951 7 years ago

how to make an HF ham amplifier?

I want to know how to build an amateur radio amplifier for the HF bands

Asked by elmerfudd6 8 years ago

HAM Radio Questions

I am training in information to get into HAM radio... however, what kind of equipment is used? I looked up "HAM RADIO STARTER KIT" and differnet like phrases to see what I would be looking at... but simply cannot find anything. I assume its because your not supposed to purchase any of the stuff unless your licenced. I want to get in but I don't know where to start... and if after I start if I can afford it. Where can I learn the stuff thats on the test? I don't want to BUY a book, I have never seen any topic that didn't have soo little stuff under google. I mean I have been looking under "Amature Radio" and "HAM Radio" and getting certified and everyone wants to sell a book.

Posted by teamcoltra 9 years ago

Is there a durable, waterproof UHF HT that will accept AA batteries?

By waterproof, I of course mean "weather-resistant." I'm looking for an UHF HT that will be just fine if it gets dropped into a lake or falls off an ATV. It doesn't need to float; I can attach a floating keychain to it if necessary. It should also have a AA battery tray that is available from the manufacturer, and still be waterproof with the AA tray. Ideally it would have a keypad. Do you have personal experience with a HT that meets these requirements?

Asked by JamesRPatrick 5 years ago

where would i conect a capacitor on a bridge diode to get the best current smoothing? Answered

using a small homemade bridge diode to power some radio equipment. i want to try and "clean up" the dirty dc that it puts out. where would i put a capacitor and what kind/rating would i use? the AC supply is a lionel 18 volt, 80 watt train transformer, that i am going to callibrate to the 13.8 volts that my radio rigs crave. any tips/pointers/ suggestions?

Asked by KJ4ZVQ 7 years ago

HELP! With Arduino coding.

Im working on a project to link 2 radios to make an em-comm repeater. I need the Arduino to preform the duty of the controller, and turn the transmitter on when a signal is received. I have all the sensors figured out, i just need help on the code, which il include at the end. if anyone can help, your name will be given kudos in the instructable, and will have my eternal gratitude! The entire project only takes up 4 digital pins, which are the receiver senseor(sensePin), the transmiter key(trigPin), the busy led(busyPin) and the ready led(readyPin). The idea is that when sensePin reads a HIGH state when a signal is received, it will set trigPin to HIGH, keying the transmitter, and set busyPin to HIGH, activating the BUSY indicator.At the end of this proccess, i would need a 3-5 second delay before the standby/ready sequence. When sensePin is read as LOW, trigPin & busyPin would be set LOW and readyPin would be set HIGH, activating the READY indicator. #define sensePin 13 #define trigPin 12 #define busyPin 11 #define readyPin 10 void setup() { pinMode(trigPin, OUTPUT); pinMode(busyPin, OUTPUT); pinMode(readyPin, OUTPUT); pinMode(sensePin, INPUT); } void loop() { if(sensePin, HIGH){digitalWrite(trigPin, HIGH); digitalWrite(busyPin, HIGH); digitalWrite(readyPin, LOW); delay(5000);} else {digitalWrite(trigPin, LOW); digitalWrite(busyPin, LOW); digitalWrite(readyPin, HIGH);} if(sensePin,LOW){digitalWrite(trigPin, LOW); digitalWrite(busyPin, LOW); digitalWrite(readyPin, HIGH);} else {digitalWrite(trigPin, HIGH); digitalWrite(busyPin, HIGH); digitalWrite(readyPin, LOW);}} If anyone can figure this out, like i said,i would be eternally greatful!

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How do you make an improvised water bottle for hamsters? Answered

 How can you make a water bottle for hamsters? Preferably using recycled plastic bottles.

Asked by romer_872 8 years ago

How does radio really work?

             I'm studying to take the exam for a technician class ham radio license, and have been reading up for it.  However, the book just gives practice, not theory.  For example, it says that radio energy is carried down a coaxial, window, etc. cable between the two conductors, but it doesn't say how this actually happens or works.  I know what radio does, but I'm a little lost when it comes to theory regarding its transmission, being carried in cables, filtering, SWR, etc.  Answers are appreciated.  Thanks!

Asked by mad magoo 8 years ago

Baltimore Ham Fest this weekend

At the Maryland state fairgrounds. This is a great place to pick up used electronics and parts of all sorts. We use to have parking lot pc contents (Who can build the fastest pc for 50bucks). Great dealers of all sorts of stuff 10 bucks to get in. We should have an instructables meet uphttp://www.gbhc.org/The Baltimore Amateur Radio Club, sponsor of The GBH&C targets Amateur Radio and electronics enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. In the heart of the Mid-Atlantic Region and adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay, we attract civilian, government, and marine attendees from Maine to Florida.

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Safe removal of a ~30' HAM Radio Antenna

Hello all, I have a friend who has a 30 foot (approx) HAM Radio antenna mounted on his garage.  The pole base attaches to two brackets which are anchored to the exterior wall of a garage.  Near the top of the antenna, 3 cable anchors connect to brackets on the roof.  He wants it gone, and wants me to take it.  But, this must be planned out carefully.  The pole could be lowered 3 feet or so, so it makes contact with the ground.  It could be used as the fulcrum to lower this down into his backyard.  Power lines are not in proximity.  If several people were on the roof, could that point be used to lower the antenna gently to people on the ground?  My concern is that the construction looks aluminum. The pole is 2" steel pipe.  ButI cannot be certain on the actual antennd contruction or weight.  There are 3 or 4 small boxes mounted at various heights on the pole.  I can't image they weigh too much.  Can anoyone tell me what there are used for?  Occasionally, a red led will blink on the bottom of the case. I am excited to acquire components that one day may help me get my amateur license.  But I am concerned about how to safely do this, and will not attempt without a very clear plan.  I don't want it to end up being too heavy, and slingshotting the people on the roof (like something that would happen to red green).  I also need to insure his roof is not damaged.  I think the brackets will be left on, and the cable cut at the base.   Any knowledge is greatly appreciated!

Posted by huck alexander 6 years ago

Anyone have a good recipe for "Sauerkraut Potpie?"

I know it's made with sauerkraut, ham and homemade noodles, but that's all I can remember. I lost my recipe in a divorce many, many years ago and just can't find another.

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Greetings from eastern Maine in grid FN64.Have been a ham since the mid 80s.Currently hold a General class & will testing for Amateur Extra this fall (07)Only one article posted but hope to do a few more.https://www.instructables.com/id/EH49DWWF4SAQROX/?ALLSTEPS73 all..FN

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HAM radio repeater controller arduino

Is there anyone who can help me with a repeater controller, i need a little program which will switch according to input + 3 sec (or something like that) also i want to decode 4 bit paralel data (binary output from a DTMF decoder) and switch outputs accordingly (if correct code is pressed) (thins like identifier, time&date, last transmitted message) thees functions i will make on separate boards, i just have to trigger them last transmission board needs an input from the arduino when to start, the playback will be done with one of the DTMF-code outputs any advise / code is wildly appreciated :) ps, im very new to arduino and have plenty to learn  kind regards, milan 

Posted by milanhofman 4 years ago

Glen Martin antenna lift system rides on tracks up the side of 45G tower for wireless internet antennas, brings them to the ground to work on them

Its a real cool system that will lift your antennas up and down the side of 45G tower sections so you don't have to climb it all the time to service or change out your antennas. No more climbing once this system is installed. There is enough track to go up 90ft. Its all aluminum and stainless material with some of the cart galvinized. Its all heavy duty and it was built by Glen Martin tower company. I used it a little for my ham radio antennas. Im out of Ham Radio and so Im selling it. Its would be a great thing to use for your internet wirless antenna station. $1900 for all of it.

Posted by videorov 5 years ago


Hey everyone does anyone know any good ideas for making a portable ham radio transmitter and receiver that can fit inside an iPhone case (the cardboard case you buy them in)? It would be good if it was a kit, but it would be better if it can be made using a breadboard and other bits and pieces. Anyone have any ideas?

Posted by simonyu 5 years ago

can't post

When i click on post reply the little twirl around starts and continues for as ling as i leave it on. it never posts. i feel i have a lot to contribute with 50 years of electronic experience. i teach electronic theory to those people wanting to obtain their ham tickets. my posts are always nice. i don't get it.

Posted by kadris3 9 years ago

How to pipe minimodem output to PiFM on the RPi?

I'd like to pipe minimodem output to PiFm but I can't figure out how. For example, running "minimodem --tx 100" and then typing "hello" generates "hello" as 100 baud digital signal. I'd like to send this output into PiFM to transmit (on a ham band, not doing anything illegal, don't worry). Running "sudo ./pifm - ", according to the PiFM usage message, should "use stdin", but nothing else is said about it. When I do that, it seems to be accepting CHARACTER input, and doesn't actually transmit anything no matter what I type. The problem is, when I do things like "minimodem --tx 100 | sudo ./pifm -" nothing is transmitted, and the stdin is going to PiFM (which I know because, PiFM gives a message when you ^C out of it." Help, please?

Asked by I Ate The Pi 4 years ago

Looking to control a motor position using a variable resistor and Arduino uno - it is not a servo?

I am a Radio ham and want to upgrade my rotator to electronic control instead of switches see http://www.qsl.net/zl1bpu/MICRO/ROTATOR/KR-400%20Schematic.gif as to what im trying to control - Need to create a c  programming type to make it simple

Asked by m8 6 years ago

PSU converted to Lab supply shuts down when anything bigger then a fan is connected? Answered

have converted PSU over and it runs small fans just fine but i try to connect anything larger and it shuts off. how do i figurer out what is causing this to happen? more: it is a 200w computer PSU trying to power a moblie ham radio max draw 6 amps

Asked by srainsdon 7 years ago

Is there a way to broadcast analog television on a non-commercial scale?

Basically what I'm asking is if there is a way that I could broadcast a Television signal from my home, without having to build a station. I was wondering if there could be a way to modify a HAM radio system or something along those lines to broadcast the system, Or if there is some other means by which i could take a signal and broadcast it.

Asked by dkellythe1st 9 years ago

He s allergic 2 nitrates-beans-caffeine-nuts-etc. Help me mke a birthday meal 4 my boyfriend dinner 4 me 2 surprise him!

Nitrates means meats with any nitrates such as lunch meats, ham, sausage, bacon, pepperoni, or smoked meats to name a few. Caffeine is any item that has caffeine in it, chocolate or cola or such. He is very allergic to any of these. All beans, nuts, etc, including great items such as avacados.

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How to build a jammer

Hi All, I'm a new member living in the UK and don't know anything about eletronics.I am looking for some help on how to block my neighbours radio signal-He is a radio ham  and everytime he is transmitting i get the whole conversation through my  radio, hifi and stand alone TV's and anything that has a speaker attached to it-sometimes get lines through my TV. Hope you can help Best regards Tony Mac

Posted by Tony mac 7 years ago

I want to wire a microphone to my spark gap transmitter instead of a telegraph key how would i go about doing that? Answered

If you could please add the schematics as well as how to wire it in that would be very helpful. I want to be able to transmit my voice and then receive it with another transmitter at a different location both transmitters will have receivers as well. When it is perfected then i will make a very in dept instrucatable on how to build it.

Asked by Stefhan Albayaty 6 years ago

How to make this brick oven a better look?

This brick oven is a temp one I made. Now I am thinking to make a permanent one. I just wonder how to give a better shape. Like this one, I always feel it is a tomb-like thing. GOD. See, I made sour dough and whole wheat Pita bread every day, yammy! I love to put vegeterian ham and pickled vegetable inside pita.

Posted by quinault 9 years ago

Weather balloon photography

I have been thinking about launching a balloon for a while now, but was concerned with a few problems. I just found this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Low-cost-Near-Space-Without-HAM-Radios-or-Cellphon/ Which is good, because most of the other tutorials I've seen require one or the other. Other than this, does anyone have any tips about what kind of balloon/chute/tracking system I should use? What about the payload, what is it usually made out of?

Posted by Tupin 6 years ago

Help designing/building High Altitude Balloon cut-away system

I am working with my kids to put together a High Altitude Balloon launch to take pictures. I am stuck at building a system to cutaway the balloon in the event that it does not reach burst altitude. Any help, or resources that would get me going would be appreciated. I am leaning towards a system that can me initiated from the ground via ham radio, as well as timer based in the event of communication failure. Thanks!

Posted by joatman 6 years ago

Can I use a 555 timer IC to make an amateur radio?

                    I'm thinking about starting to do amateur radio, but I don't want to pay a ton of money for a transceiver.  In theory, couldn't I use a 555 timer with a frequency modulated by a microphone to generate FM, which could then be amplified and transmitted?  Just curious about it.  Also, couldn't one do the same thing in reverse, just finding a way to tune a 555 or something so that it would output audio when tuned to a specific frequency from an antenna?  Just a thought. 

Asked by mad magoo 8 years ago