Question about my instructable?

I've got a question about my LED handie. I added it to the contest but someone took it off...WHY? Am I doing something wrong??? Plz answer... I really want to be part of this contest!!! Thanks, Liketoblowthingsup48

Posted by liketoblowthingsup48 10 years ago

thx and question? Answered

I really appreciate this lesson! very handy and useful!Is there anything speical to do to get it 100%?

Asked by BaptisteL8 1 year ago

Most Sophisticated/Complex Instructables

We recently compiled a list of the most sophisticated Instructables (based on the number of steps). Here's the top of the list--now you just have to read through every step.Animatronic Lion: Weighing in at 117 steps, this is the longest Instructable.Reduce Your Impact: 100 Ways to Reduce Your Impact.Elvis Alive: This project is much more than just a hound dog, crying all the time. Travel in Toledo: A winner from the recent Lonely Planet Travel Tips Contest.Butler Bot: A robotic butler to serve your every command, in 58 steps.Wall-E Robot: For all of the Pixar fans out there.50 Handy Tricks: 50 of TimAnderson's useful tips.Nut Sheller: Remove the shell of any nut, especially helpful in developing countries relying on nuts for sustenance.Ambience Enhancer: Give any area a touch of ambience.Bicycle Power: Use pedals to power your home electronic devices.More Handy Tricks More tricks from TimAnderson.Chopper Bicycle: This bicycle will definitely turn heads.Rainwater Collector: Reuse the water that falls from the sky.More Handy Tricks: The handy tricks keep coming...Even More Handy Tricks: And 40 more from TimAnderson.

Posted by joshf 9 years ago

Urban Exploration Kit?

Would someone please be able to design a covert kit for use in urban exploration? would really come in handy

Asked by Shadowwalker2551 3 years ago

Project ideas?

I Have 2 ipod hard drives. 1 is a 20gb and the other is a 30gb. I also have a spare dvd player, a dvd drive(doesnt work but spare parts might come in handy) and an old razr phone that the screen doesnt work but the rest is fine...Any projects i can do? or anything i can make that would come in handy? I would appreciate it greatly for some tips or project ideas..thanks..

Posted by poeticsoul44 9 years ago

Ohm's Law watch...

Has anyone seen this?  "Ohm's Law Watch" For those of us that have difficulties with formulae, this looks like it might be handy :-)

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

Handy little wall projector? LED / Laser?

I have a need to be able to project simple information on a wall from a short to medium distance away, inexpensively. I thought I've seen something like this but couldn't find it on a recent Google search. Basically, it should be pocket (preferably keychain) sized, and be able to display a few lines of text clearly - enough for phone numbers, addresses, names, some medical info and instructions. This is for a relative who cannot communicate these things herself.

Asked by Eli_Z 6 years ago

Boes anyone have a handy solution to build a fold door?

I need a door that could fold to keep space available for entry. I have saw some options with pvc but for the same price I prefer to build my own door with mdf...I can spend the same amount and resolve acoustic issues and improve security. If anyone own a project to build from scratch and want to make it available...I would appreciate it a lot! Thx for any concern or tip!

Asked by acraft2do 9 years ago

What is a good material for making prop guns?

I've been getting into prop making and want to try my hands at it. I'm rather handy and time and detail don't bother me.

Asked by Thegreatwombat 7 years ago

would anyone be willing to build a Radio Direction Finding device, for transmitter hunting? Answered

I wanted to know if anyone would be ableto make an instructable on how  to build a device for tracking radio signals, or a amateur radio directional finder (ARDF). my electrical skills are mediocre at best and i do not have the ability to buy a device like the HANDI-Finder, so an instructable will help a lot. the two picture are of the handi-finder device from i dont understand it at all. i hope someone will know what to do with it.

Asked by banlui 7 years ago

Anyone ever read this book? "Boys Handy Guide" (?)

I used to have a book, from about the 1920's, which I believe was called something like "The Handy Book for Boys" or "The Boys handy Guide" or something similar. It was a HUGE book, with illustrations, on how a boy could make just about anything - from building a raft, or a rowboat or a sailboat, to making root beer, fireworks, forts, aquariums, aviaries, traps, bows and arrows, games to play, how to whittle - it was a most amazing book, and of course, I lost my copy. So when this new book came out: "The Dangerous Book for Boys", everyone & myself included, got all excited about it, but it seems to be a pale imitation of what I used to have. the one thing I do remember about that old book, was it made a lot of assumptions about being able to easily acquire things that I would have no idea how to go about today - chemicals and glazier's leading and such, but I sure wish I could find another copy of that book. I bet it would be a great resource for creating new instructables or getting ideas - anyone else out there know about this book, or where to get myself another one? It seems like perfect reading material for this website! Some other things I remember; I remember the book being red, and being printed in England - it made a lot of references to the United States and had a very "English" writing style and wording. Ah-Hah! thank you Tool Using Animal - your perseverance has paid off for me. If anyone is at all interested in these books - look at the links in the comments below for a Project Gutenberg copy of the Boy Mechanic and a PDF version of The American Boys Handy Book from Google - both great resources for How-To's for all ages. Especially check out the illustrations for the boy-sized glider inside the Boy mechanic book - can you imagine allowing a kid to do something like that nowadays? Think of the lawsuits!!! :-)

Posted by timgesner 9 years ago

Replacing a garbage disposal?

Our In-Sinkerator disposal is shot (15 years old) and I want to place it with the same model. Is this something I'd be better off having a plumber do? I'm pretty handy myself.

Asked by skarakozia 9 years ago

How do you call these "shielding nuts"? Answered

They're quite handy for protecting my bearings, and it would be easier to ask for them in skateshops if I knew their name.

Asked by cephalopoid 8 years ago

Opinion: in a postapocalyptic scenario, what kind of crazy weapon would you build?

Sketches would be quite handy.  I am planning on using your ideas as weapons for characters in a film project. Thanks in advance

Asked by AlternateLives 7 years ago

How do I make a motorized mobile for a crib?

I want to make a one of a kind mobile for my grandson.  I am very handy but I don't know the first thing about using the little rc motors.

Asked by sallies2 6 years ago

Attention Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Farmers and Handy-Men

Attention Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Farmers and Handy-Men We have a beautiful Farm in upstate New York. Looking for hard working, good, drug-free people to come work with us. In exchange for your labor we will share the harvest with you and your family! Work for natural ORGANIC food and meat. This is a LIFESTYLE opportunity. A way for you and your loved ones to benefit directly from the fruits of your labor. Eat what you grow! A new, clean, healthy and fulfilled lifestyle is just around the corner! Serious Inquiries Only. This is not a monetarily paid job. Email for more. 

Posted by eglenn3 8 years ago

Attention Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Farmers and Handy-Men ect.

Attention Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Farmers and Handy-Men We have a beautiful Farm in upstate New York. Looking for hard working, good, drug-free people to come work with us. In exchange for your labor we will share the harvest with you and your family! Work for natural ORGANIC food and meat. This is a LIFESTYLE opportunity. A way for you and your loved ones to benefit directly from the fruits of your labor. Eat what you grow! A new, clean, healthy and fulfilled lifestyle is just around the corner! Serious Inquiries Only. This is not a monetarily paid job. Email for more. 

Posted by eglenn3 8 years ago

Keyboard Cat Papercraft

Play anyone off whenever you want with your own li'l keyboard cat. Just print out the document at the link below and put it together. There's even a handy video to show you how!Tubbypaws via Neatorama

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

What're the Dimensions of a Typical Altoids Tin? Answered

I'm wanting to enter one of the contests, I don't have an Altoids tin at the moment, and I'll be pushing it to get it done in time. If anyone has the dimensions handy, that'd be great. Thank you.

Asked by Sovereignty 6 years ago

im looking for cool tricks i like the flaming ball on hands and stuff like flames on youre fingertips,get out handcuffs

I like playing with fire its awesome and handy tricks like bar tricks but i want to know more

Asked by noeyebrows1997 9 years ago

Custom Stairwell Doubles as Handy Bookshelf

These stairs provide access to a loft room in a tiny apartment as well as a nifty spot to place loads of old paperbacks and CDs. As someone who is getting threats to start getting rid of books on a near daily basis, I can appreciate this.Another thing that's interesting is that this is the first set of stairs I've seen that has a prescribed way of going up and down them. You're meant to step on the side that sticks out more with the indent allowing the traveling foot to clear it. I think I'd want a handrail if I wanted to prevent any houseguests from plummeting down and slamming into the door at the bottom, though. linksee also:Stairs that double as dressers

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

What do you think about Online Idea? Answered

I think some text under a users Picture(s) on their page telling if they are online or not would come in handy if you wanted to mail them, etc. What do you think?

Asked by Atomman 9 years ago

How Often do you use heat shrink?

Just curious, I find that I use a lot of heat shrink when wiring. Its just so handy, I used to get through a lot of electric tape but heat shrink it easy & simple.

Posted by Antexter 10 years ago

Wireless Communication Answered

I want to make some small cheap (possibly from toys) walkie talkies it would also be handy if i could attach some headphones(with inbuilt [eg iphone headphones] or seperate mic) im hopeing to have signel ~100-500m but anything will do.

Asked by s117 8 years ago

Make boots out of old sweaters

This little tutorial shows you how to make some funky boots out of an old sweater, a cheap pair of flats, and some hot glue. Looks pretty quick and easy if you have a handy sweater to sacrifice to the cause. Link via CRAFT

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

How to build a Stub plug?

Hi everyone, Im just curious if anyone knows or have found how to build/get one of these stub plugs for a Nikon charger. This is for the US plug but there is non available for EU plug. Would come pretty handy when travelling to minimizing cables

Posted by cbjurstrom 5 years ago

Glue Anything Together

Want to know how to glue common materials together? This site lets you form combinations of 11 different materials and then tells you the best way to attach them. It's a simple site, but very handy in a pinch and the URL is easy to remember as well. This to That via Make Blog

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Start gun?

I seek plans / ideas on how to build a devise that will make the sound of a shot gun.The purpose is for starting yacht races so a means of producing "smoke" would be handy have looked at air cannons ? I want noise not launch capabilities. why not use a shot gun? it is practically impossible to own a gun in Australia.

Asked by snitz 9 years ago

NEW HGTV series in development is casting in your community!

We are looking for homeowners with an eccentric, unconventional approach to home repairs. Do you know someone who is more MacGyver than Mike Holmes? This person’s go to tool for home repair is more likely to be a roll of duct tape rather than a screw driver. Maybe they’ve used roofing shingles to tile the foyer? Not such a bad idea, considering those shingle have a 25 year guarantee! And why return your empties for a refund, when an old can converts into a new shower head? Now that’s worth more than five cents! We are interested in hearing more about these “unique” approaches to home repairs.  Who says you can’t use old crutches to hold up basement stairs. Your leg healed, so why not put those crutches to good use. Or install used linoleum on the kitchen walls for a back splash. Why waste good flooring!  Or use that trusty duct tape in place of caulking around the bathtub. By participating in this fun new series, our expert host will fix the creative handy work and renovate that part of the house for FREE. Who knows, maybe the not-so-handy person in your life will even learn a few things!  We are casting throughout Ontario and would love to come to your community. Contact us today with your un-handy homeowner nomination! To apply, send an email to that includes: 1. The story behind the questionable home improvements 2. Photos of each of the eccentric repairs 3. A photo of you and a photo of the not-so-handy person you are nominating   4. Your contact information

Posted by mountainroad1 5 years ago

English to Spanish translation for Rubbing compound? Jewelers rouge?

Hola. I do get by in every day English, but specific terms are a challange. I tried a web search but did not find it. How would you translate those terms? Can you recomend a "handy man" web /site English-Spanish diccionary ? Gracias

Asked by dementecato 9 years ago

Shipping/gifting pickles? Answered

Can refridgerator pickles be given as gifts? I give jam every year because they can sit at room temperature as long as they're sealed and those flat-rate USPS boxes come in handy to send a lot of jam to another state. Can fridge pickles be left out of the fridge for a day or two or even shipped in winter months?Thanks!

Asked by fluffydragon 1 year ago

Russian DIY Car-to-Tank Conversion Kit

Use this handy dandy conversion kit and you can add some tank treads to your car! Holy smokes, this is gonna be the best thing ever for dominating the highway. The mileage will take a little bit of a hit, or a lot, but it must be worth it, right? Link

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Petrol substitute, how can I make it at home? Answered

I want to make "petrol" at home, I'm quite handy and have a few tools and skills, it's my first post and I'm no science wizz! I can make wine etc, hope this will help in some way? Thanks All Weg

Asked by weg42 8 years ago

English-Spanish transltion for Rubbing Compound and Jewelers Rouge?

I get by in every-day English, but specific terms are a challange. I tried and did a web search but I could not find it. Is Rubbing compound the same as Polish compound (as used on car paint)? Jewelers Rouge ? Can you recommend a "handy man" web/site English-Spanish diccionary ? Gracias

Asked by dementecato 9 years ago

Please: How to remove the child-proofing from a candle (long nose) lighter?

Can someone please post instructions with pics on how to remove the child-proof annoyance on these lighters? Examples are the Handi Flame and Bic Multipurpose and Candle lighters. Thank you SO MUCH!

Posted by glamourd 9 months ago

DIY Pocket hole jig [plans or how to] [for DIY furniture projects]

Pocket hole jigs are really handy for DIY furniture but also expensive. I'm looking for some good plans to make my own with basic tools (hand saws, miter box... that kind of thing) any suggestions?

Posted by B_____Squared 3 years ago

Can you take the lcd screen out of a CVS Disposable Digital Camera? Answered

And take out other parts and use it for projects or would it not be compatible with an Arduino setup or other? The camera is only $18.00 so the parts could come in handy. Do they take the camera back? Ive never used it.

Asked by crearc 8 years ago