Happy new year =D

Have a gooden!

Posted by Danny 10 years ago

Happy Christmas!

That is all I will say.

Posted by Derin 9 years ago

To the Instructables sysadmins

Happy Sysadmin day! Where would we be without you... out in the Big Blue Room, I suppose *shudder* So, have a good one!

Posted by Moem 5 years ago


I have a new job! Starting in January, I will be teaching Science at a local high-school. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I ought to say, Instructables featured heavily in my panel interview, and in between the panel and the decision, the Head of Science went and had a browse on the site to see what the fuss was about - the site was a definite count in my favour - thanks folks!

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

I come back

happy china new year! Another day to tell you about New Year customs. i like new year~ i like  Smile~ please call me E-mail 845430593@qq.com QQ:845430593  

Posted by china candy 7 years ago

Things that make me happy

So every now and then, someone says something like "that won't work."Now, depending on who or s/he is and what it is that "won't work" - I'll accept or try to make it work. Typically, it's the latter - exceptions for cases of heavy machinery and obvious scenarios that may involve sudden and imminent death.So I had a bus driver tell me my bike won't fit on the bike rack... I do ride a recumbent - but it's a high racer. Recumbents have all the same bike parts - just in different locations. High racers happen to have two big wheels (26" in my case) - and they're located in the same spots as any other bike. Well, I'm posting here - so obviously it worked... And that makes me happy :)In other news, I've been riding that 'bent for about a month - and I noticed today that my legs don't burn as much after my commute to/from school while keeping a decent pace :) Anyone have a similar story that makes them happy?

Posted by trebuchet03 10 years ago

Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year again. What are you planning to do this holiday season? Building something special? Going somewhere? Or, are you going to relax by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate while watching A Christmas Story? I'm probably going to visit relatives in Minnesota. Ok, I admit it. The real purpose of this topic is to show off Mazee's pictures. :PThis is Mazee's absolute favorite time of year, she loves the snow and the cold weather. she's always excessively joyous this time of year. Do you have any photos of yourself or others enjoying the snow? Please, do share.

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 9 years ago

Advance Holiday Warnings

OK, so we survived A-Maya-geddon*. Unfortunately, that means I have to visit the in-laws... Actually, that's not so bad as it sounds, but Kitefamily Christmases are complicated affairs, happening in a variety of locations, with a variety of quality of internet connection. If it looks like I'm ignoring you, check the date - if it's not yet the 30th, I probably haven't seen your post yet. So, just in case, have a happy holiday season, of whatever variety you choose to celebrate, and take the best wishes of the entire Kitefamily with you into the future. In the mean time, here are two Christmas-themed projects from the archives that could be used for last-minute gifts or diversions: ear-rings, and a flying toy. *I wish I'd thought of that a few days ago!

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Happy new year


Posted by daredevil499 6 years ago

Happy New Year

Happy 2008 to all from Canada

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago

Happy new year!

Well, over here in Britain, we've just passed midnight. Happy new year, all! What are your new years resolutions?

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

Happy New Year!

Seems I am the only one who find something is missing here.... Let's change that.... Happy New Year!

Posted by Downunder35m 6 months ago

Happy New y ear!!!!!

Happy new year to the tech comity. Everyone needs a break once in a while, so be honest, how many peaopls are drunk tonight??? it's wayyy past midnight here in canada, but I'm curious.. Shout out to all ya'lls.

Posted by Punkguyta 9 years ago


A little early for most readers, especially our hosts, but the Antipodeans started hours ago, and I'm going out in a few minutes to see the New Year in with pizza and beer at a friend's house. Hope you all have a crackin' 2011, and keep posting the cool stuff. And, on the 7th Jan, I'll be celebrating my fifth anniversary as a member of Instructables!

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

happy pi day!

For me, maybe not for you it is pi day today!march 14 is pi day (3/14)check out these links for more pihttp://www.vvc.edu/ph/TonerS/mathpi.htmlhttp://pi.ytmnd.com/http://www.ballandclaw.com/upi/pi.50000.htmlhave fun :Pedit: okay, maybe you didnt know this yet but pi day was over a month ago now!

Posted by ich bin ein pyro 10 years ago

Memories - Noun - The mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience.

Well, I was "doing my rounds" on the net tonight, and hopped into the instructables chatroom, upon entering, I was swept with memories of what had happened in that room, and seeing it today.. Its really interesting to see the ups and downs of life... :(

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago


My goodness!  My membership fee is the best money that I've spent in a long time. Its now 4 a.m. and I can't turn the computer off.  Where have you been my whole life?  My wife stumbled upon the site, and now she's going to regret it!!!!   Maybe not.  I'll make something for her every few weeks!!!!!  Retirement is five weeks away!!! Mike

Posted by miketheteacher 7 years ago

Win a Patch by Subcribing!

After I wrote my first Instructable, I saw that someone had subscribed to me. I thought "Wow, so cool, they liked what I wrote!" Then I saw it was my uncle. Oh well. Over time more people bolstered my confidence to write more Instrubtables and more people subscribed, and every time someone does I feel great. So for this patch-give-away, I want you to go out and subscribe to 5 people who have written an 'ible you like, (who you have not subscribed to before this time). From my own experience it is especially rewarding if they are new with only an 'ible or two under their belt and have few subscribers - or even none. Nothing makes you feel more included on this wonderful site than to feel your efforts have fans. So get back to me here (I will believe you) after you have subscribed to 5 (new to you) people and besides a cool patch, pictured below, you will be the first to receive news of new 'ibles from the folks you subscribed to! Subscribing to me does not count. I have 50 patches to give away - get going!

Posted by Ninzerbean 7 years ago

Happy Birthday instructables!

Today, I suppose, is Instructables official 5th year anniversary! Shweet.

Posted by Yerboogieman 7 years ago

Twas the night before Christmas...

...when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there." Alright guys and gals, hope you are all well! I just wanted to take this chance before to big day to wish everyone here and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish that everyone receives happiness, health and hope for the next year to come. Hope you all have a good'n and lots of family fun.

Posted by Joe Martin 8 years ago

Can you make your avatar in teen second life an animal/vegetable/etc?

 I was playing on my Teen Second Life account and I saw a guy running around as a cat. Can I do that too? How? Any help is appreciated.

Asked by Epeoples 8 years ago

I need help writing a poem of sorts.

My neighbors have a really old computer, that can't connect to the internet, and runs windows 95.  I have a bunch of computer parts that I got from other computers, and I built a new one that runs XP.  I know it's not fancy, but it's much better than what they have right now.  I am going to type up a users manual, and I just finished installing windows (I'm using the computer to type this).  The specs aren't ninja, I haven't had money myself for months, and so it was built out of junk, but I'm proud, and I know they'll love it.  Anyways, I want to include some kind of poem with it, I think that would be cool.  Can someone help me write one (could also be read as write me one).  I would be extremely grateful.  On a sidenote, does any have DDR ram sticks that I can put in this thing?  The computer only had 2 slots, and I only have 256mb sticks.  Enough to to day to day stuff, but if their computer gets bloated, then I don't want it to slow down very much.  If you can donate, I would be extremely happy. :)

Posted by furrysalamander 5 years ago

How do you know if she likes you? (teens)?

Well, she sat next to me, played dominoes, jacked my phone and set the ringtone to permiscous boy(don't ask why i have that) wrestled(and i mean wrestled!) the phone out of my hands when i tried to set it back. i got it back an hour later when she left. i went to change everything back and her phone number was in my contacts. :) i've seen her once before

Asked by 9 years ago

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year :D

First, I'd like to wish everybody a great christmas for tomorrow. Second I'd like to thank everyone here for a great year on Instructables, and encourage even more productivity in all areas of the site. We're advancing so much. Merry Christmas! -J

Posted by The Jamalam 7 years ago

Halloween 2010

Hey, you shouldn't be reading this now! It's Halloween, go out and have some fun!

Posted by zascecs 7 years ago

post a poem

Enter a poem that you have made up not one that you copy and pasted, keep it on topic please. 

Posted by golddigger1559 9 years ago

how do you get movies for free on an mp4 player? Answered

I have a zen mp4 player and i wan to put full movies, tv shows, ect on it. what site is legitiment for these things?

Asked by Epeoples 8 years ago

Sudden defeat type song?

I'm doing a school project on certain battles in WWII, but I need a song for the background. It's a film of sorts, and the song should be energetic and uplifting in the beginning, maybe orchestral and with booming drums, then fade into a sad ending to symbolize that even though the war was over, the losses were great and many people were dead.  Can anyone help?

Asked by LiquidLightning 7 years ago

instructables makes me happy through posting

Instructables makes me happy through posting

Posted by delated- 4 years ago


Hello everyone, tomorrow is independence day, do people in other countries have independance day? anyway, have a good holiday. and for you entertainment, the amp in my car!

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

A bunch of Funny images I found somewhere

You gotta see them...SourceHere are my favorites...

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago


Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2008 was amazing. Let's hope '09 brings cool projects, and good health. My resolution is to get good grades, post lots of i'bles, and help as many people as I can. What's your New Year's Resolution?

Posted by mg0930mg 9 years ago

dj sampler?

 does anyone know how to make a simple sampler that one can record onto and play back at the push of a button, only instead of recording on a mic you record via loops and inputs?

Posted by J_SCAP 8 years ago

How to make a snotty cat happy? Answered

A friend has a cat that just began hissing, nipping and generally being a real snot, what can be done to satisfy the cat again?

Asked by grooooovy 7 years ago

Happy birthday to me.....

Happy birthday to me......

Posted by Camisado 9 years ago

Happy Wheels Full Version

Does anyone know where I can download the full version of the game happy wheels?

Posted by Francesca Diamanti 4 years ago

Happy Wheels


Posted by ~Aeronous~ 7 years ago

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!! Its Halloween! YAY! Go get lots of candy!

Posted by TeacherOfTheWays 10 years ago

Happy Birthday,

America! Woo Woo!

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

Happy 1 year of Instructables (almost)

So... in two days, it will be my 365th (A.K.A one year) anniversary of becoming a member of Instructables. It doesn't really seem like a big deal, but there are only 2 websites I'm constantly on! I might make an instructable that day.... Happy 1 year!

Posted by Flumpkins 9 years ago

Happiness is . . .

  . . . creosoting four-by-twos with a big floppy brush.   (That's REAL creosote, not the namby-pamby wishy-washy preservative they sell nowadays.)

Posted by AndyGadget 6 years ago

kiteman is happy again

Take a look

Posted by spockck 9 years ago


 This video is awesome!!!! Rival Pepsi would never think of this!!!!                      !!!!!!!!!!WATCH AND ENJOY!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND SUBSCRIBE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by KnexFreek 8 years ago

Is anybody else as happy that the site seems to be back up? Answered

Is anybody else as happy that the site seems to be back up?

Asked by Re-design 8 years ago

Unusually extatic N64 kid

Watch these great videos... they're great! (I think he likes his N64!)

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago

Show a smile, instructables! (Knex users)

Hey all, Recently (and not so recently...) I have been noticing that our knex community here has been... not so nice recently. There seems to be a growing number of quarrels, mean comments and just generally it seems like the whole knex community is on edge. This makes me sad. Instructables is supposed to be a place were we share ideas with one another, give each other advice and just have fun hacking around with each other, which it is, for the most part. But the knex community seems to be becoming very competitive, mean to the point of rudeness, and there seems to be one heck of a lot of put downs. Its no wonder that many of the users are migrating to other websites. I would love to see this change! Lets try to get back to a constructive and cheerful group, and just generally be not quite so negative. Lets get out of this mess we've made. Also, (this does not apply to non knex readers) I would love to do away with this irritating "hierarchy", as one might put it. Many peoples opinions get pushed aside and discredited, simply because they may not be as good with knex as someone else, while the regulars are praised and approved, no matter what they do. This sucks, so lets do our best to treat everyone as equals, and not pan people because we might be better at knex then them. We all do this to an extent, me included. I would also love to get rid of that darned word "Knexpert". How many quarrels and pointless arguments have come around because of that silly little term... So be happy everyone, lets put some encoragment and cheer into everything that we do here. Show a smile! IaC

Posted by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish everyone here at instructables a happy thanksgiving. If you want to share what your doing today then go ahead, and post!

Posted by Shifrin 10 years ago

Happy Birthday LinuxH4x0r

Best wishes for the years to come!(P.S. Sorry, no car in the driveway.........)

Posted by linuxmom 9 years ago

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Two hundred years today, who'd a' thunk it?

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago