what is a mini-tower?

What is the main difference between full,mid-tower and mini-tower cases in diagrams and how many slots do they have

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I want to knit a bag (purse, man-bag) with nuts, washers and other hardware strung on (before knitting) as beads.

It will be knitted with string, twine, lacing- or just white yarn- and nuts, washers and other hardware strung on (before knitting) as beads. Where can I find that pattern?!? I know I saw a picture of one, didn't buy the book and now I can't find anything like it.

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cardbus or usb?

For wireless internet on a laptop is cardbus faster than usb?

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How and where do I recalibrate laptop battery?

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How come my mouse wont work?

I just bought a giga ware usb optical mouse. i got home and plugged it in and it wont work. it says stuff like something went wrong so your hardware might not work properly and stuff like that. oh and im using an hp compaq nc6400 runs on windows xp professional. please help

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Can someone help me code for the bare conductive board?

I recently bought an arduino and bare conductive board and really need help trying to code three things at once. So the idea is to use a servo motor, audio speaker, and lights to go off when in proximity of the electric paint. The project itself is having a mouth open and sounds/ lights come on. From what I can tell I can get the audio with bare conductive board, but not sure how to hardware the servo and the lights on the board either. I can see online its possible to hardware the arduino with a bread board with sensor coding, speakers and lights, but for the audio its beeps. With the bare conductive you get the mp3 storage capacity. 

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Possible replacement PSU for PC? Answered

I am fixing a PC for someone and I believe the power supply is dead. I have been looking for a replacement but can't find one exactly the same. It is also from a 'slim' model PC so the psu is smaller than normal. Here are the specs of the original: Input=100-127v ~6A, Output=220W, +3.3v=13A, +5v=14v, +12v=14A, +5VSB=2A, -12v=0.3A. I was wondering if this one on ebay could replace it. Do the Amps and wattage need to be exactly like the original?

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Best IC Calculator Question

I am looking for a chip just like the ones used in any calculator that does multiplication addition and subtraction. THe device i am looking to build has to be as thin as a credit card have a 8 character segment lcd and only be able to do addition and subtraction. so i need to be able to have buttons" 1 to 0 + - and = and . "nothing more. i looked at some attiny ics but they require a another ic to drive the lcd. also the the data entered need to stay in if the power of the ic goes out. most calculators have only one ic, any idea what the best ic for this application will be? thank you in advance. i need something this small. http://www.logopremiums.com/calculator-ballpoint-pen-HWK922LP.jpg Thank you

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Harware stores 80 Vs 30,000

Just out of interest... I was pondering as to whether the dimise of small chain harware stores is a world wide phenominum or is just an Australian trend... I am lucky enough to have started with my company, back when it was the type of store you could dash into and see Bob from electrical, that had that 1w LeD you were looking for, that never sells, just Bob has some stashed away just for special customers like yourself... Or Dave in plumbing that knows exactly what PSI rated pipe you need for the job..... Or even Tim in tools is still holding that $400 impact drill he ordered in just 'cause you said you wanted to check it out(even though he is not supposed to) Unfortunatley we have been taken over by a multi-million dollar company and things have changed.... Most of the old employees were sacked.... But some made it though... I have taking it apon myself to resurect the fallen company, one person at a time.... So far 5 of us remain (quality employees that LOVE our customers) I now am a manager and have trained over 15 employees. (these team members at times get VERY protective of their departments, which makes me wonder if I instilled a 'lil bit to much of myself in them) Those 15 have trained atleast 5 employees each... So far that's 80 employees... Hopefully this spontaniously continues... I might add, these employees act vastley different from the generic 16yr old kid, the new business employs, who doesn't care if a customers get's stuffed around for hours on end.... 80 vs 30,000 It's seems to be working as I have had MANY complements as to the QUALITY of service provided to customers, by these employees. In the mean time until we take control (I already have 90% of my staff converted to the dark side at my store ;p) It's off to go hide some LeD's, Switch's, Fitting's, Drill's etc down inside our racking so "other" managers don't find out and squeel to head office... Anyway's, is there any Bob's or Dave's left at your local hardware store that you can call on, for all those weird and wonderful things we needs to make all our Instructable dreams come true???

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Need substitute hardware for Ikea tall Pax wardrobe

I was able to get the pieces for a Pax wardrobe from the "As Is" department. I figured crumbly fiberboard was worth $11 (versus $90). Now I need work-arounds for the hardware to match their rather strange assembly directions. Does anyone have any suggestions of where I can find equivalents/better replacements? Any help greatly appreciated.

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Precision Stepper motor????

Is there a precision stepper motor and programming hardware that i could program to go to a certain 1/50 of a turn. I would use it for a locker lock unlocker, 3 digit combo lock. What are my best options for cheap?? Thank you

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Say you had a giant wall designed for fastener storage....

I've been working on a project for the last week. When it's done I'll have a chunk of wall with: 90 1"x2"x4" drawers 64 3"x4"x7" bins 48 3"x6"x9" boxes My goal is to get all my various hardware organized and to fill in some gaps so that I always have a small handful of whatever size of nut, bolt, nail, lag screw, rivet, sheet metal screw, etc. that I need and don't have to go making a trip to the hardware store unless I'm doing something big and need dozens of something. So my two questions: If you had this setup, what sorts of less common hardware would you make room for? Where would you go to buy hardware to fill this thing up? I know if I go to the big box stores and buy those little plastic bags with four of this or five of that in them, I'm going to end up spending a lot more than I need to. I know places where I can buy hardware by the pound, so that will help keep costs down. But I'm also imagining that there are people here with on-line sources that might be cheaper still?

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Embedded video solutions

I'm working on a project that requires the playing of short videos based on some physical conditions. The microcontroller and more general electronic end of stuff I'm fine with. What I haven't yet figured out is the mechanics of the video player mechanism. I want to use digital video stored on removable media (preferably CF or similar memory card storage). The videos will have no sound, be black & white, and probably low resolution (640x480 being the max size). I had originally planned to use an embedded linux system (gumstix verdex or some such thing) hooked to a TFT display. With some software running on the computer, it shouldn't be hard to control with serial communication. However, I'm not sure how well (if at all) mplayer would run on the Verdex. Also, if there's a cheaper solution I'd rather take that. I guess this post is to see what my options are. I know there are mp3 decoders on a chip (like the STA013) that produce output that you feed more or less directly into a DAC. Is there such a thing as a hardware mpeg video decoder (or divx, or quicktime, or avi, or whatever?) If something like that existed, I could connect the CF reader straight through my uC to the hardware decoder and pipe it out directly. Either to LCD or CRT (depending on which signal is easier). So, does this exist? Is it feasible? Thanks,

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Help me identify a part please?

I want to build my wife a drafting table. I really like the style of vintage drafting tables which use this round flat disc as a tilting mechanism, either by having incremental holes drilled in it for pegs, or having a knob-tightened clamp putting pressure on it. Pics included are what I'm talking about Problem is, I can't for the life of me figure out the name of that round metal part, or more importantly, where to buy one. Actually, I have found many names for it, but none of them are of any use to me, because when I google these names in search of a supplier, the results are anything BUT what I'm looking for. Names I've tried: tilt arm slider rail bracket track U-bracket circle iron lid support circular brace These terms were either wrong or perhaps not specific enough to lead me to the actual part. Help?

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Where to find vintage electronic hardware

Im trying to find a online source of vintage electronic gear. Things like old vac tubes, analog voltage indicators, and switches.

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What's your favorite piece of cooking hardware?

Just wondering if anybody out there has one, "couldn't live without" piece of cooking hardware. A favorite gadget or tool that you just couldn't live without. Mine is actually my cast iron skillet I got for my 20th birthday along with a copy of Alton Brown's "I'm Just Here for the Food". I swear I have cooked pretty much every single kind of dish, from breakfast to dessert. I use it at least 5 times a week, and that would probably be a conservative estimate. Anyway, I'd love to hear what kitchen treasures anybody has out there.

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Where do I start hacking (the good kind)?

                    I've become fairly decent at basic electronic hardware hacking (fans, lighting, audio, etc.) but as far as things like software go, I'm a noob.  I was wondering if anyone had any advice or recommendations as to where I can learn more about hacking for software, etc.  Thanks!

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I found a Travel Bug while Geocaching and I was hoping someone could explain the hardware it's made of if possible. Answered

This is what I found, I know what the clip is, I'm just not sure about the other pieces. Thank you! (Here is a link if the picture does't load for whatver reason) http://img.geocaching.com/track/large/c8d3fa60-e2f2-466f-a098-ba8f1ba968aa.jpg

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BABYDUINO WHICH IS SHRINKIFIED ARDUINO IS FOR SALE!!! IF YOU WANT TO BUY IT PLEASE EMAIL AT: pateldarshil14@rediff.com For Further Instructions about Product see: https://www.instructables.com/id/Robotics-and-Automation-Shrinked-With-BABYDUINO/

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Where can I get screws, nuts, bolts and other hardware most cheaply? Answered

I'm planning to build a car-top bike rack based on this gentleman's design: http://www.angelfire.com/vt2/tommymc3/BikeRack.html As I've been pricing materials, I'm pleased to find that the wood, pipe, tubing and conduit will cost me only about $20. I'll need to buy one tool (a rigid backsaw) for about $10.  I was hoping to get away with less than $100 out of pocket for a rack to hold four bikes, but then I hit the screw aisle. Picking out machine screws, nuts, and wing nuts for the uprights and jotting down prices, I hit almost $10 for those items alone.  Then I looked for galvanized angle brackets to attach the uprights to the base, and those plus the screws, etc to attach them were close to $35!  Once I started looking at U-bolts and other things I'd need to put the whole thing together, I got quite discouraged. So, is there a place to go where I can get those kinds of things at more of a discount?  I tried McMaster/Carr, but they sell only in bulk quantities.  Once I'm an old established tinkerer, I'm sure I'll have a workshop full of hardware bits that I can make work, but for now, I'm flummoxed.  Suggestions? Or am I just "screwed"? :-)

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Where is the place here for Developers like me?

Hi everybody, I've explore this entire site and looking for the place for web developers. Can anyone answer my question? I would suggest to make a developers section here in instructables. I am a web developer and I want to be include the space here for developers like me!

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Make a pair of bluetooth-enabled devices that communicate with one another?

My question is if it's possible to build such a pair of devices, that would sustain a two-way communication channel between them. Basically, both devices would have to be a central AND a peripheral. Specifically, I need it for testing their reactions to each others proximity. (So that they would both need to react simultaneously.) And if it's possible, how? (At least some literature.) Thanks!

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IWhat's the most flexible, clear or translucent white, plastic tubing? Answered

I'm working on a multicolored mask with EL wire and want to string the wire through tubing. I need tubing that's got an ID of .5" (at least), and is preferably frosted (translucent) white (though clear will work), and quite flexible. I had originally thought of using Nylon-12 flex tubing in a natural color, but I'm not sure that the natural color is translucent. Does anyone know of a specific product like this?

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Pic microcontroller button press code activation?

I've just recently started with Pic microcontrollers. I actually have made some pretty cool projects with leds and a few other things that i will probably upload. Right now Im working with a pic 16F628A, I want a command to start only if a button is pressed. Ive tried a few different variations ive seen online but none of them have worked.  Could you please post the pins of the button and add the code to the code below. Written in C  void send_sync (void){ printf("\r\nSending Sync command: "); print_cmd(sync_cmd); send_data(sync_cmd); delay_ms(50); printf("\r\nSYNC command sent\r\n> ."); }

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How to tighten a nut on a threaded rod from the side, through a hole in a hollow tube?

Picture a threaded rod, with a hex nut on it. The rod is inside a hollow tube. You move the nut down the rod by inserting an outside hex wrench into the hollow tube from the top. But what if you only have access to the rod from the side, through a hole in the tube (which is fixed and can't rotate around the rod)? Is there a way to tighten a nut down a threaded rod from the side through a hole in a tube? Context: the application would be a grip for a fencing weapon. The base of the blade of a fencing weapon turns into a threaded rod (the tang). The bell guard (metal disc to protect your hand) has a hole in the middle, and is inserted onto the tang. The standard grip is a straight tube-ish thing (usually solid except for a hole the diameter of the tang). You stick the tang through the central hole in the grip. Then you stick a nut on the end of the tang (which just extends beyond the end of the grip) and tighten the whole assembly down. Some special grips are curved, which means that you have to bend the tang in a curve to match the grip first in order to fit it onto the tang. Another kind of grip is straight and hollow, with a plate with a central hole over the end butting against the bell guard, to give the nut a surface to press against, and the tang is cut much shorter than the grip, and you tighten the grip with an outside hex wrench from the back end of it, as I described initially. The advantage is that a shorter tang weighs a lot less, and the weight savings can be really good in fencing. I want to combine the advantages of these two types of grips- a curved grip, which is hollow and lightweight, with a tang that is shorter than the grip itself. Obviously, it would be impossible to tighten the hex nut through a curved grip, hence my question. 

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How to do an MIDI to frequency conversation without a microcontroller? Answered

Hello! I want to build up an MIDI synthesizer. My main problem is the conversation of the MIDI signal to a frequency. I know it could be done with a microcontroller, but I want to realize it just with resistors, coils, capacitors and non-programmable ICs, because it should be a real only-hardware synthesizer. I do not to interpret all the MIDI control signals, just note on/off. So does anyone has a idea how to realize this conversation just by hardware? Thank you in advance!

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IP protection for open source hardware?

If my solar condenser ends up working I'm wanting to make it open source. I realise that this means effectively giving up all ownership of it, and that's fine, but the last thing I want is for someone else to go and patent it and stop anyone else from using it. What protections are available for this kind of thing? Patents obviously, but is there anything a little less intensive? I'll be looking into copyleft and creative commons and all that, but if someone can point in the right general direction first it'll save me some time.

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Why can consoles play games with so easily, but I need a ridiculously powerful computer to run the same game on pc?

How is it that consoles like the xbox 360 and PS3 can run games like GTA and Assassins Creed with less than a gig of ram, but my computer can barely run those, and its way better hardware than the console has. I understand that the console OS is less demanding than Windows, that much is obvious, but a difference of 4-8 GB of ram?! Surely Its not just the OS requirements! What makes the game so easy to run on consoles, but not on PC? and is there any way that I can make games run better on my computer without upgrading the hardware? Thanks

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Starry String Lights?

Hi all, first time poster, hoping I am putting it in the right spot. Last night my wife brought home these awesome "Starry String lights" from Restoration Hardware (http://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod1730031). They look fantastic in the house, but she tells me they are REALLY expensive per foot. I was wondering if anyone out there in the community has ever done a DIY version of these lights and if so, would you mind sharing your technique? I would love to string these in several locations but don't want to pay the outrageous price for them! Thanks in advance, Jake

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computer systems for an NGO?

Hello everyone, I am currently a volunteer at an NGO and I have seen that they use different systems for their daily routine and that they have much trouble with their existing system.  So they are now moving into an office space instead of having two differents units in two different houses where the staffs can work more efficiently. I proposed to help them with their existing system to solve some of the issues that I am aware of.  However now they want to have an overview of how to fix the whole system which is Hardware, Software, Infrastructure, ISO rating (future update, People etc.... Could you please help me on how to proceed so that I can propose a solution for them. Thanks

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Making a personal game system

So everyone and their grandma has posted and made articles for how to make a "universal game system" that emulates the actual hardware of a console on something like a raspberry pi. But my question is this: is it plausible/possible to create your own, unique, personal gaming console? I mean something that doesn't emulate, but rather is an entirely different system (not an NES or Sega, it's a "You-console"!). I understand some criticisms for this: "Why re-invent the wheel? Or at least the console...", "This is too complicated...", "You're stupid" and etc. etc. My reasoning for this is this: Why not? Heck, what a niffty thing to have under your belt to say "Hey, I developed my own game system and make my own games for it! I'm cool!" So what do you guys think? Is it possible? Has someone done it? If not, you guys have any pointers on what to do? I'd like to do it, but I'm not too electronically edj-imukated. Maybe it'll be something I tackle in the future, but I'd like your input first! :)

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Would it be spam if...? Answered

Ok, I'm writing an ible on something I intend to sell at some point and I'm certain that that would be considered spamming, but there is a lot more to it. It's on the adventure through the whole process of taking your idea from your head and onto a production line and having it be 'open' and then attempt to sell it at the end of the ible and/or pepper hints throughout it. I'm pretty sure the way I'm doing the ible isn't spammy at all, but I just want to make sure.

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What flaws do you see with the arduino?

What flaws do you see with the arduino and its "universe" (shields, modules, knockoffs, software &c;)?Although there are some that are quite apparent, such as the bizzare pin spacing, I'm sure there are some smaller issues that kept quiet. I have nothing against the arduino, I think it's a wonderful little guy that's doing awesome things, and I'm really thankful it exists. Thoughts?

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What is the best site for buying computer hardware? Answered

I was wondering what a good site is for buying good quality, affordable, computer hardware (like PCI cards, ram, video cards, fans, heat sinks/distributors, CPUs motherboards, etc..) Thanks!  -Shadow Ops

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Arduino: Connecting Wifi Shield to Robot

Good morning, I bought the new Arduino Robot: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Robot and wanted to connect the Wifi Shield to it: http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoWiFiShield However, the pins 4,7 and 10 which are required are all occupied by the LCD.  Could you please supply me with instructions of how to connect the Wifi Shield to the robot, both hardware and software instructions. Please help me on this topic, I really need to get this working. Thank you in advance. Kind regards Stefan Marggraff

Posted by namboy29 5 years ago

Call for pre-made parts!

We're rolling out some new parts for the Kits in 123D Design.  That means you'll soon have some real-world models at your disposal in the Design app, and I wanted to see if there were some specific requests out there for parts that you might use on the regular. I've put in for some tools and hardware - like metric and SAE wrenches and hex bolts - but is there anything that you'd like to see as a part or a template?   M4 screws for an Arduino enclosure? 4" 2-way gate hinges? Eye-Hooks? Light bulbs? Threaded rod? Phone cases?

Posted by andrewt 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Can a arduino pin mode be changed mid program?

Hi, I'm working on a project that requires a reading to be taken from a pin (digital) and then that pin needs to be supplying power. Can I change the pinmode from input to output mid program, or do I need transistors to switch it between different pins instead?

Asked by David97 5 years ago | last reply 7 months ago

Laser ohm resistor project question

So I am doing a big modifiction of Kipkay's burning laser project. I am making it into a gun, and the only resistor I can find is a 4.7. Will that do? I have a 5mw module like his, and a 250mw 650nm laser diode. Also I am going to use two C-batteries, so its 12volts total. 

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Job opening at MIT working on wireless sensors

Thought I'd pass this along in case there are electronic hackers looking for a job. Unfortunately, you need at least a master's degree.Post Doctoral Associate or Research ScientistMassachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MAIndividual will work under the auspices of the House-n Research Group to contribute to the development of a hardware and software system that will measure physical activity type, intensity, and location in very large populations of adults using ordinary mobile phones (see http://web.mit.edu/wockets). Responsibilities will include developing and field testing wireless accelerometer technology that sends data to mobile phones, extending past work at MIT, developing housing for those wireless sensors so they meet a set of design constraints identified by prior research and so they can be easily produced in prototype and larger quantities, writing academic papers on the design and use of the technology for healthcare with colleagues at MIT and Stanford, fostering an open-source community of developers to use and extend the technology, and collaborating with other researchers working on developing technologies for the NIH's Exposure Biology Program. The appointment will be for one-year. Minimum Qualifications:An M.S. or Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering (or closely related subject), with expertise in embedded systems design (hardware) and RF design (e.g. Bluetooth or any other RF protocols used in sensor networks). Microcontroller programming and knowledge of interfacing microcontrollers to analog and digital sensors is required. The candidate must possess 1-2 years of research or development experience designing, prototyping, testing and debugging electronic circuits, and the candidate must have past experience demonstrating the ability to independently develop wireless sensors from conception to manufacturing to enclosure design. Expertise in rapid prototyping of enclosures, pattern classification algorithm development, and/or ubiquitous computing helpful. Interested candidates should send a cover letter indicating why they are interested in the position and a CV/resume to intille@mit.edu. Please indicate earliest date of availability.

Posted by Vsayuni 10 years ago

Looking for specific tubing fittings/fasteners. Do they exist and where can I find them? Answered

 Hey guys, I'm looking to design a project using Nylon Flex Tubing (www.smallparts.com/Nylon-Flexible-Tubing-Wall-Color/dp/B00193UJ7Q). The project design, as I have it in my head, calls for two fittings/fasteners that I can't seem to locate. The first is a fitting that will allow two pieces of tubing to cross over each other at a 90º angle. (First Image). The other is a simple series of fasteners that run parallel to each other to hold multiple pieces in place. Ideally, I need 6 channels. (Example, Image 2). Please let me know if you have specific links to or names for these types of fasteners. If you find the fasteners will not work with the type of tubing I've selected, please note that. I need tubing which is white translucent and quite flexible. Thanks, guys!

Asked by BretMattingly 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Dual-Channel RAM? Answered

I have a Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3 Motherboard and an i5-760 CPU. I have been using 4x1GB DDR3-10600 modules, and then recently bought 2x4GB DDR3-10600 modules hoping to get 10GB, however, I can't seem to get it to work. All the modules are in working order and work individually. I currently just have a single 4GB module in. If I insert more, I either get a constant bios speaker tone indicating RAM error, or it will post successfully, but Windows will bluescreen. I have looked in the booklet and it is unclear as to how I should install the modules, but I thought I had to install them in matched pairs corresponding to the coloured slots on the motherboard. I have tried the 4GB modules in the white slots and the 1GB modules in the blue slots, but it won't post. Putting the two 4GB modules in a white and blue slot will post fine, but BSOD on startup. Any idea how I can get this configuration to work with my board? My CPU and board both support dual-channel DDR3 memory, so I can't see the problem here.

Asked by andy70707 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

PIC & PICAXE Hardware

Hi, I have found these folks that are selling PIC & PICAXE hardware, http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Electronics-Hobby-Shop/Genie-PIC-PICAXE-Kits-and-PCBs-/_i.html?_fsub=4724566013&_lns=1&_sid=682369153&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322 Laters!

Posted by davidbraith 4 years ago

Where to buy guitar hardware? Answered

I'm planning on building my own electric guitar (I have access to all the necessary tools) but I don't know of a good places to buy guitar hardware online (pickups, bridges, machine heads, etc.).  So does anyone know of any good, reputable online merchants?

Asked by RelaxedSoup 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

arduino USB keyboard with the serial port NO HARDWARE CHANGES?

I want to have the arduino(uno or duemilanove) to emulate a US keyboard with no hardware changes just printing in word on the serial port a URL will be great please be nice 

Asked by act casual 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

How to make a simple USB Hardware ?

How can i create a basically usb hardware ( input/output like a Button and a LED ) and connect that to my PC. so when i press the Button (on the board) , a code runs ( run a program or .... ) . and when a code runs on the pc , the LED light on. I think it'll a simple project, but i asked it and people replied me that i have to make a driver for this device, but i dont know what i have to do :(

Asked by amirreza619 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Open Source Hardware Requirements NEEDED UPDATE for Compilers

Hi Open Source Hardware is getting talked about in the news a lot. Have you thought about recreating a open source hardware design for the learning process or improve on it? If you have have you gotten frustrated because your design has to be different and very from the previous design because you had to work your way around limited documentation? Can you realy make a improvement if more than one change is made fallowing the scientific method. For example lets look at a recipe: You are going to make a cookie. You will need these ingredients. What are their manufactures , manufacturer part numbers and suppliers? These should have sources on the internet because you are expecting some one to build off of this. You use measurement devices to put the ingredients together in steps. You mention the settings you set the oven and cutters at and how long. 3d printers and electronics I have seen not have the parts list look at the open source electronics designs by DIY Drones or prusa i3 or prusa air 2 printer it does not have a parts list that is orderable for the metal rods.

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berg little printer

Hi is anybody hacking these? i would like to get mine working offline,maybe connected to a camera . live slit scan or something like that..

Posted by crazyg 3 years ago

How to control servos/motors remotely?

 Hi, I want to control some servos remotely. I'll be using a picaxe, either 08 or 18x, and I was wondering what hardware to use for RF transmission (remote) and receiving (please don't just tell me to take apart a toy car, I don't have one on hand and I want to do this myself). Also, some tips on how to code this would be great. Oh and parts wise I'd prefer to buy through Sparkfun, especially as they're going through the whole getting sued by SPARC thing. Thanks!

Asked by sciguy77 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago