embedded computing system and embedded program?

Embedded system is combination of hardware and software that perform some specific task I don't understand what is meaning of embedded computing system design 1)both embedded system and embedded computing system are different or same ? same question 2)both embedded software and embedded are different or same ?

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Pneumatic Revolver

 Hello, I've been coming to Instructables for a while now but I just made an account. Anyways, I've been trying to brainstorm an idea for a PVC Revolver. Does anyone want to give this a try and post your results? I might try if I can get to the hardware store this weekend.

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Getting my comp to see my arduino uno clone ? The same ol windows route shown everywhere aint werkin'!!?

XP pro -sp3 -  ...I've tried installing the official USB2.0 driver, I've  tried the Virtual com port and the FTDI  drivers from the official sites...NOTHIN'!! I keep getting FOUND NEW HARDWARE -USB2.0-SERIAL...I go through all the steps found everywhere on how to "normally" get the comp and UNO to show up in sys' properties and hardware profiles etc etc....problem is I dont get any of the results nor devices these how-tos are showing. I know my way around a comp and windows...I'm just not getting past the NEW HARDWARE USB2.0  issue..let alone even seeing UNO as a device. The virtual port drivers dont do anything at all...no more ports show up, no option to create one.... I've installed the arduino drivers incl. USB and the UNO drivers...no love either I've uninstalled and installed in the root dir. ..no luck.. I even changed the ATmega from the 8A it came with to a ATm328 w/ bootloader and blink sketch already installed on  my Arduino as well. ANYONE have this issue that has found a solution?.... other than throwing my comp out the window and using the UNOs as fancy paper weights?

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Book cover Hinge

Hey all. First time poster here (second attempt, since Instructables stopped responding the first time) so hopefully I am posting in the appropriate place. I have in mind a leather-book-style cover for my tablet that I'm very excited to work on. However, I would like to use friction or torque hinges to position the cover at any angle  from the spine in a 180 degree radius and have it stay there, similar to the screen of a laptop rotating around the hinge. I've included a picture that shows the basic design that I'm aiming for, though the hinge itself doesn't need to be ornate. Unfortunately, I don't really know where to find such a thing. I've looked on various furniture hardware sites and taken a trip to the local hardware/home improvement stores, but I haven't found anything that matches what I'm looking for. Common small brass butt hinges would be ideal if they had friction/torque properties to them, but I can't seem to find anything like that. I've never looked for specific hinges before though, so for all I know they've been right in front of my and I didn't realize what they were. Does anyone know where I can find such hinges, or can someone offer up an alternative solution? Perhaps there is a way to add friction to simple hinges bought from a hardware store. Thanks in advance for pointers/advice.

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(removed by author or community request)

Why can't Instructables do away with the "removed by author or blah blah blah" thing. It just clutters things up, and doesn't really serve a purpose. If instructables wants the person that made the comment to know it was removed, email them. Any time we have to remove something that can't be edited, it leaves behind this garbage. Before, there was a set rhyme and reason to deleting posts and not having that happen (bottoms up!), but recently I created a post which was the first reply to the first comment in my $1 security hardware instructable, and noticed a glaring error in it and IMMEDIATELY deleted it (because there was no EDIT function) and it left one of these steaming piles of Yak poo in the comment thread. PLEASE - GET RID OF THESE ANNOYANCES! Win7 Ultimate Google Chrome Version 32.0.1700.19 beta-m Aura $1 PC Hardware Security Power Lockout deleting reply

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Motor controlers?

I have a 24 volt motor from an old mobility scooter and I want to control it with my arduino but I have no idea what motor controller to use. I presume that I will need to use PWM to control it but what hardware to use I have no idea. Any help I would really appreciate. Thanks

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what are the requirements to make a business server host a web site from the company to the World Wide Web?

I would like to host a web site requiring a server to host as Hyper Text Trasfer Protocol World Wide Web, what are my needed components and hardware to host from a 300TB  server?

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usb copier

 hi every body i think today to make a usb copier that mean a standalone hardware to get 2 usb and transfer data from one usb to other  or copy the usb data to external memory am good at pic  but really i dont know from where to start and what i need could any one help me

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Arduino Wi-Fi shield

It is the second Arduino Wi-Fi shield board that i buy it and I have the same problem, after a period of work the shield stops working and shows a phrase " Wi-Fi shield not present " i don't know if it is hardware or software problem, please if anyone can help me because it is an important part in my master thesis.

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Need a controller (or program) for low voltage solenoid valves, programmable to have a station stay on for days @ a time

I have 16 solenoids that need controlling to open air valves in sequence that create bubbles in a fountain that simulate moon phases.  Would like something that is stand alone hardware over a program that would require a computer to be on 24/7. 

Asked by Brent Owen 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Hi, I'm New :)

I was a simple man, love hardware, but never knew how it works.However, a good friend of mine gave me Arduino nano.since I do not know anything about the dev, I would like to gather some info, ask questions for developing, coding and others.So, heyyyy Im new, teach me senpai(s)!

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PIC16F877A program

Hi, i am trying to build this code for like a week but didnt had any luck in making it perfect. i'm using MPLAB software for compiling and writing the program and Proteus for hardware simulation. here is the attached picture of the question i was assigned to build. if any one could please provide me with a code i would be more then happy. thanks in advance.

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is this good rookie soldering tool?

Is this good for a rookie solderer ? my dad is going to take me to ace hardware so i can buy a soldering iron so i have to pick one quick so i know what to get when i get there so isthis a good starter kit

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Sparkfun USB Programmer For PICAXE Not Working? Answered

I have the PICAXE USB Programmer from sparkfun but it does not work it says no hardware detected on COM 4 I have installed the drivers I am using Windows XP.how can I get it to work.I have made the download circuit correctly.

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How to start into PIC? Answered

Hey friends! Yesterday my uncle gave me an old pic16f72 microcontroller. I am a beginner to arduino and have written few programs myself but PIC is absolutely obsolete to me. I want to ask that is pic a standalone ic to program or it need other hardware. Also in which language are these programmed. Plz tell me all the basics. Thanks! :)

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How to sense motion in sleep using accelerometer and Arduino Duemilanove ? Answered

I want to make an alarm clock that will monitor the motion of a person in sleep, and will trigger when the person is in motion. i have the code but i need the hardware and schematic.... the code is as follows: http://code.google.com/p/lolosalarmclock/source/browse/trunk/AlarmClock/AlarmClock.pde

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Has anyone tried hacking a Cricut Machine to cut thicker materials?

My grandmother gave me her Cricut craft cutter and I would like to use it as a mini CNC machine. I found plenty of software hacking links but not much on hardware. From what I've researched it doesn't cut deeper than 1.5mm. Thanks.

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Has anyone made an electric mousetrap...where the mouse gets electrocuted? ?

 My shop is located in my horse barn and am bombarded with mice.  I saw the electric mouse trap in our local hardware store, and found it fascinating...really a guy's deal.  I am unsure as to the specifics of what is needed from a technical/electrical perspective.  

Asked by Musicbar 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How to build a programmable remote control for TV? Answered

Want to build a hidden remote control for TV in my living room.  Have some ideas on hardware part but still don't have clear understanding of how to intercept signal from original RC and simulate/reproduce it on my device. Does anyone have experience with such things?

Asked by temikzaets 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Does anyone know a cool CMD console that the background gives a view of the hardware?

The program would be a command prompt and the background of the command prompt would be as if you computer had a glass casing so you could see all the wires and connections and stuff. I don't know if it exists but it would be pretty cool. Or even other cool CMD prompt backgrounds

Asked by DELETED_aChilNors 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Wifi Router based radar?

I want to hack a wifi router somehow so that I can reprogram it to act as a radar. Emitting a signal for a microsecond and listening for returns and measuring their intensity. I dont know if the hardware in a router is fast enough for this or if it is possible to find an API or something to reprogram the router.

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dust protection for computer and router?

Im the designer for a plastic/wood furniture shop. I'm having problems keeping dust from computers, even with equipment not in the workshop.  (office on the side) what would be the best design to keep airflow for computers and hardware but minimize the dust. Thansk. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19129520/Photo%20Jan%2016%2C%202%2035%2047%20PM.jpg

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Dell Inspiron 1525 Internal Webcam not responding/broken, Help? Answered

The Webcam on my Dell Inspiron 1525 recently stopped working for no apparent reason, no changes were made to settings or hardware. It keeps telling me that no webcam is plugged it, and that I should attach one, The webcam is internal, and has had no previous problems. Any ideas on a fix?

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Pommel horse revisited: How do I construct a pommel horse?

Assuming I have the the means to obtain the required materials Pommel horse revisited: Assuming that hardware can be obtained, i.e, the core,  be circular tubing, solid steel or wood core, hallow construction( example, think of a construction a post using 4 2' x 4', ergo a hallow post),  pommel handles, the polyethylene foam, the vinyl or leather covering, the leg supports, be they wood, square or circular tubing, and the necessary tools ( wood/welding) how is a pommel horse made to closely match a regulation pommel horse http://visual.merriam-webster.com/sports-games/gymnastics/gymnastics/pommel-horse.php(not a trainer)? Answers should include the following:  Feel free to add to this list as I am sure it isn't complete in your answer. Construction materials and hardware used to construct the pommel horse, aside from the aforementioned basics. i.e, use of a solid core like 4 8'x8' posts, a circular tube, or variations to achieve the desired dimensions/ If the design includes the bread loaf taper, how was this achieved? How the pommels were attached and the hardware used.    If the pommels are fabricated how was this done, but lets assume they will be purchased. Variations of supporting base structure is acceptable. Answers need to include how supporting base is attached to the horse and what hardware or means of attachment are used.     A. If leg supports are adjustable, by way of circular tubing or square tubing with holes that can be locked into place, are they prefabricated?      a1. How were the adjustable height leg supports constructed. For example, Think of sliding a smaller pipe into lager one, or square tubing for that matter.        a2. How were the legs secured in this configuration to compensate for possible lack of rigidity/support?  Clamped B. If legs or wood and adjustable, how is this achieved and by what means, for instance, drilled holes and wooden dowels or longboats, etc...      Thanks to all those who dive into this. I've searched patents, several hundred search engines and archives and found all but nothing.

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Old Phone That Can Play Games? Ideas...

Hi guys, so I was recently talking with my friend Omar about random stuff, and (like always) our conversation somehow got really off track and we ventured into the history of old phones (Nokia 3310...breaking everything we touch since 2000). We somehow got to thinking about how old bar style phones could be useful for the making community. My thought (which I incidentally shouted out as loud as a human can go) was this: what if we could put a really basic game onto the phone? Would it be possible with the current hardware? Maybe...and the controls are there, most phones have a D-pad with 12 keys (which could be special function keys in the game). I was thinking of games along the line of Doom, or any old FPS game...but in retrospect, that would be ambitious, and to be practical, a stick man game would probably be the minimum.  So my questions are: a) would it be possible for the hardware on the phone to be wiped of all software and would it be good enough to support the code. b) is it even possible to reprogram the phone, or even get some sort of bootloader onto the device? Probably not. And if not, is there any other way to put a game or any file onto the phone's hardware... I guess that's it. In general, would it be possible, and if yes, could anybody give me a few starters so I could try to do it? Thanks, Ivan

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PC refuses to install any OS

I have a PC that I need to get operational again after an accident with some overclocking software (either ClockGen or setFSB). The actual hardware seems to be working, and will install several different versions of XP as far as the first reboot, on which it will BSOD and restart the install in a loop. I have also tried installing Ubuntu from a USB drive, which I know works, and the computer does not accept it as bootable. The system has been unplugged with the BIOS battery out for a couple of months, so the BIOS is not causing it. It is running with minimal hardware, as follows: Intel Celeron D @ about 2.5GHz Replacement 20Gb IDE HDD, or original 150Gb (both do the same thing) on IDE1 CD/DVD drive on master of IDE2 I know it's pretty much obsolete, that's why I need it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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12v 1.8w solar panel to charge AA 1.2v NiMh batteries

Would i be able to use a 12v 1.8w solar panel to charge AA NiMh batteries? i built one of the mr16 halogen bike lights with the instructable found here and now have 10 AA NiMh batteries that i would like to charge, and i only have a 4 battery wall charger. A 12v 1.8w solar panel is on sale for $15. its specs are: # Includes quick-connect hardware: connecting wire, DC clips, 12 V socket plug and barrel plug, mounting hardware/accessories # Built-in reverse current protection; won't deplete the power-supply system so can i use this to charge AA batteries? if so how many, 2,4,6,8,10?. i would want to keep it simple so i would just wire my battery holders to the panel if possible.

Posted by ThePopesBone 12 years ago

Aluminum bronzing powder

Ok, i need aluminum bronzing powder, no not for thermite, there are more fun things to do with it, but along the same lines. The only problem is at all my local crafts stores, hardware stores and paint stores, no one sells it. I thought about using an etch-e-sketch but big ones are hard to find, kinda expensive if i wanna buy 5+ and also, half the powder is not fine at all. Grinding up aluminum foil isn't gonna work for me becasue i can't find a ball mill under $100 (not even a crap one), and i sure as sh-- ain't gonna sit there filing it off a bar. Parents aren't going to let me buy it off the internet (i wouldn't any way the prices are outrageous and they limit how much u can buy a year), electrolysis maybe? But what would i use? A battery charger? Or are their secret code names that they sell it under at hardware/paint stores? HELP

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looking for help fabricating a mechanical arm for use in the construction industry?

I am looking for person or persons that posses the ability to help me build a mechanical arm. I need help with the computer hardware/ software end.  The arm will be used to hold a power washer hose.  Many applications I want to use it for. Endless possibilities.   Are you up for a challenge?  I live in NY but will travel. Dave S.

Asked by davesender 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Electrical in code?

Hi, I came up with a new way of doing lighting and would like to post it as an Instructable. There's only a slight modification of existing components and standard electrical hardware is used, but I'm concerned I may be called out for possible electrical code violations. Are these checked by the Instructables crew or every project is treated with a warning that anyone using each project needs to be aware of electrical code issues? Thanks.

Asked by aeyring 4 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Motorola Droid X problem

--This week I had a few drops of rain land on my four month old Motorola Droid X and the rice has not worked and Verizion won't help me at all. Do you know of a fix for hardware or software problems. I need to get back going for sixty dollars or less not the $450 verizion wants.--Thanks ahead --Leonard

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Finding An IR/UV light Filter? Answered

In step 5 of this Instructables he places and IR/UV filter over the halogen bulb in the projector to prevent the screen from fadeing and keep the temperature down. Does anyone know where to find a filter like this? I have been looking around the internet and at a couple of hardware stores and haven't found anything. ,Dan

Asked by TheCheese9921 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Okay, problem with hp pavillion ze5700- letter "y" scrolls across the display whenever a folder opens.

The "y" character scrolls  continually. I  disconnected laptop keyboard ribbon and hooked ext. ps/2 keyboard, then  reloaded  XP OS , then sub-out  HD , then tried to load XP again. No avail. Suspect hardware, no trace breaks seen,

Asked by mark adam dean 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

I want to use expanded Steel Lath as an armature for a sculpture. How much can I (de)form it? Answered

I want to do a panel with "hills" and "valleys,"  making indentations the size of soup bowls, maybe a bit bigger.  Can I "push" or "pull" metal lath that much?  I know I cant do this with hardware cloth, and chicken wire is not robust enough. 

Asked by hardlec 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Please Can you help me

Please Guys I want Arduino Code for this projrct : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zifQYUG8Iiw am using ESC to control the speed and Gy-81 as feedback to control position Hardware : Arduino Uno Gy-81(10DOF) 1000kva Brushless motor 30amp Esc

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Anoying Add

I couldn't help but notice the new ad for Ace Hardware on the site. Glad to see you are getting some ad revenue for the site. But does the thing have to bring up a larger popup version of the add every time my mouse just happens to cross over it? This is really putting a drag on my browsing experience for the site. If you could disable the automatic popup of the ad that would be great.

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can i program a toy car to be an autonomous car?

My graduation project is an autonomous toy car . the user specify a destination by his mobile phone and the car must go to the specified destination by it's self. of course the software will be too large , so where the data like maps are going to be saved? what kind of hardware should i use? is it possible to build this autonomous car ?

Asked by eng.nejm 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

embedded systems

Hai sir.i am a electronics and communication engineering student. i want to buiid embedded systems but dont know from where to start.i am thinking to start from reverse engineering of basic embedded systems like calculator,old mobile phones but i dont have knowledge on how to access the hardware,display etc.so please guide me how to know about basics and where to start from.

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What are the pros and cons of arduino vs. basic stamp?

Hi All - I am confused. I need to know the pros and cons of the Arduino vs. Basic Stamp.  Though I am an electronics tech I deal with hardware not software on a daily basis. Also, as I am starting out, where is the best place I can get novice information on Arduino? Thanks

Asked by Foxtrot70 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

LED matrix array sink and source? Answered

Looking at  matth3w instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Umbrella-with-Arduino/ , as a rough guide line for hardware setup, He is just sourcing the rows with MIC2981 driver but has nothing to sink the current except the arduino. Should I also use something to sink the current like a ULN2803 or HEF4794 to protect the arduino if all the LEDs in a column are on?

Asked by belliedroot 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How to build a USB pendrive at home?

I want to make 16GB USB flash drive (pendrive) at home. But I don't know which chip is used to make a pendrive. So please provide me the information as if which chip should be used and also any other hardware to be used to make a pendrive. Also I want step by step tutorial to build a pendrive. Thanks in advance.

Asked by JigneshK 3 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Duplicate laptop? Answered

I just had an idea- I have 2 pretty much identical macbooks (in terms of hardware):  Can I copy the complete contents of one of the Macbook's hard drives to the other Macbook's hard drive (by using a hard drive dock and another computer) and end up with 2 identical (for all intents and purposes) macbooks? Would this be illegal in any way? Thanks

Asked by .Unknown. 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

What hardware can I use to program an AVR?

I'm just getting into microcontrollers and I'm getting an atmega328 to practice with, and probably make an arduino out of. I'm a bit confused about what I need to turn the usb from computer into something it will understand. I was confused about if I need an ftdi cable, but I think they are only used if you are using a bootloader? So I think I need a usb to ttl converter and I've found a couple cheap ones on ebay and am wondering if they will work. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-USB-TTL-Converter-Module-buildin-in-CP2102-/180824855916?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item2a1a00556c#ht_2026wt_958 This one I'm pretty sure will work but I think I would need to convert it to six pins for the atmega: http://www.ebay.com/itm/USBASP-USBISP-AVR-Programmer-ATMEL-ATMEGA8-ATMEGA128-ATMEGA168-New-/170787590104?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item27c3bbcfd8#ht_2946wt_958 Sorry for such a beginner question I'm just getting started!

Asked by sk8aseth 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Arduino programming question: How to multiplex a 16x16 LED matrix array with a Duemilanove?

I have an Arduino Duemilanove and a 16x16 led matrix with no driver IC.  I think I understand the basic hardware principles of multiplexing an array. It should be theoretically possible as long as I use an external system to controll half of the pins. So far I have the hardware about half done. I have some chips set up to sweep through the positive end of the rows of LEDs. I've made this by daisy chaining two 4017s together with two AND gates. This gives me a series of pins that light up by turns up to 16 with some skipped steps at 10 and 16. I got the info from here: http://www.circuitdb.com/circuits/id/154 THE QUESTION IS: Where do I go from here? I'm trying to learn how to program by doing this project. Can I adapt a persistence of vision program to run a matrix? They seem quite similar.

Asked by snotty 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

As for my old laptop

As for my old laptop, im thinking of cracking it open and blowing it out, then adding an external fan, what do you guys think of that? also, what else should i do to it, talking software and hardware type stuff, and sorry, no Linux please, also if you care to leave comments also can you help me figure out how to fix the hinges my moms boyfriend Michael (not gorillazmiko) broke?

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Hello Can anyone help and instruct me how can I record my old VHS tapes in to DVDs. Answered

I need to store, keep all my old vhs movies and personnal records, in to cd or dvd, what do I need in hardware or software (free)  ;-) What it's the way to do it, please a Instructable it will be must appreciated. Tks

Asked by virefi 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

I am willing to do a project on voice recognisation.Can you suggest a hardware to record the voice?

I am a CSE student willing to do a project on voice recognisation .The details of this project are given below.In this ,I am willing to record the speech, create a document and print the document.I know that this feature already exists, but i want to do it my self.So can you suggest how can i record the voice?

Asked by syam prajwalK 6 months ago  |  last reply 6 months ago

Why is MIT license not offered among the available licenses on Instructables?

Hi folks, why is MIT license not listed in the available licenses for instructables? It seems to be a very popular license for open source software development projects, I found a modified version which covers hardware as well.. Any specific reason why it's not available? What's the most popular license around here? Thanks and Regards, Stefan

Asked by systdist 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Cheap centralized home power management? Answered

I would like to manage power use in my house. I would like a system where I have a computer from which I can see the power usage statistics of all outlets in the house, and can turn them off from the computer. What is the best (cheapest) way to implement the hardware side of this? Also, is there an easy way to do this with lights in the house, that are not on outlets?

Asked by lukeshu 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Caravan auto setup

I came up with an idea about making a small product for setting up caravans in terms of getting the corner steadies lowered, when the caravan is where it should be set up. I wrote a more fulfilling description here: Caravan auto leveling Anyone care to give a cost estimate for only the hardware? I can do the app-programming on my own :) Best Regards Neroes

Posted by Neroes 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago