Control RFM69HCW with Adafruit's Pro Trinket 5v?

Hello, I'm having an issue controlling the RFM69HCW board ( with the Pro Trinket  5V ( The issue is when I go to compile an example code, the SPI class gives errors such as:  ...\Arduino15\packages\arduino\hardware\avr\1.6.12\libraries\SPI\src/SPI.h:250:27: error: 'SPIF' was not declared in this scope        while (!(SPSR & _BV(SPIF))) ;                            ^ I cannot find any help online after searching for awhile. If anyone could give me some insight on possibly how to get past using the SPI library or anything like that, that would be great! Thanks!

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IOT Pollution monitoring HELP!?

Im torn between the two- Should I used Pi or Arduino for outdoor pollution monitoring? I have roughly a budget of $120 USD per node.  Can I use both of them together? - If pi. What do you do about battery conservation? Pushing data to a webpage recomendations? Uploading data? What sensors should I use? Ive seen someone trying to sell a single CO2 sensor for $50 USD?!? CO2, NO, CO, NO2 sensor suggestions? Ive been looking at grove Some will be battery powered. others by the mains. im going to try 3D print a case for weatherproofing.

Posted by LukeM5 2 years ago

I want to make a gear indicator with a 5x7 dot led matrix display

Hello everybody, like the title said, I'd like to make my own gear indicator with a 5 X 7 dot led matrix display. I know that I need a 5x7 dot led matrix display but I don't know what to use to control it, what to use between the transmission signal and the display module. Dose someone can tell me what hardware that I need please. Thank you for your time,  Rick.

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Supplies and how to get them

I've been browsing Instructables for quite a while now, but whenever I find something I'd like to dirty my hands with I'm stumped as to where and how to find supplies. So can anyone tell me how you get your stuff? LED lights, lengths of cords, magnets, soft metals, etc... I've looked around various hardware stores nearby but usually they only sell things packaged which puts them out of my price range. Do you guys look at discarded things, or simply take regular appliances apart and scavenge what you? Fire away, guys.

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wii induction charger battery pack

Hey ppl, I bought an energizer wii induction charger earlier this year. A few months later, I started getting a red flashinglight on the charger and the batteries wouldn't charge anymore. I got the battery packs replaced because it was still under warranty, and I still have the old battery packs. I opened them up because they're pretty simple to dismantle (just 2 screws) and there are two unbranded AAA batteries. I was wondering if any rechargeable AAA battery can be used with it. Also any ideas on other possible uses for this induction hardware? Check out the pics below:

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I need to build a wireless switch, I would like to be able to access the single on/off switch via my home network?

I'm looking to just control one on/off switch, using a low voltage to control 110v through a SSR. I would like to control up to eight relays but be able to increase or decrease the amount, depending on how many things I need to control. Software is not an issue, the hardware is were I'm having difficulties. I'm looking to keep this cheap, hopefully.  So in conclusion, a single on/off wirelessly controlled switch on my home network, that supplies low voltage to a SSR to control a 110v.  Thank you, Erik 

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Where can I buy an "antenna pole cross bracket"? Answered

I am working on incorporating the bike trailer hitch from moaibob into a project of my own. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find one critical component, the "antenna pole cross bracket" (at left in the image below). I've searched Google, Google Images, Amazon, Radio Shack, my local Ace Hardware... Are there any hams out there who might know what this thing is called in the U.S., and where I might buy it? Alternatively, if you can suggest a different way to attach the caster to a bicycle seat post (see the full I'ble), that would be equally useful :-).

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Need Arduino Neopixel program written, will pay

Hey Guys! I am new to Arduino and simply pulling my hair out trying to code things way over my level. I have a project I am working on that needs a program written for it, and maybe some hardware suggestions. -NeoPixel Lights that switch to different patterns based on pin inputs. I can explain further via email/IG, I am not on here very much! Pay is open for discussion once we figure out how much work it will actually be to knock out! Thank you!! Sam IG: Gooichimotors

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Metric Tube Supplier?

Does anyone know of any good steel tubing suppliers. I need a few different sizes, all of which cannot be found at any local hardware store, in square and rectangular shapes. Also, I found one supplier already and they had so many sizes to choose from. But they only ship large quanities to companies, not to the individual. So if anyone knows of any suppliers that can supply the following sizes for a decent price, your help would be very much appreciated. The sizes I need are 40mm square with 2.5mm wall, 25.4mm square with 2.5mm wall, 20mm square with 2mm wall, 40X20mm with 2mm wall, 35X16mm with 1.5mm wall.

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How to wire a 12v motor and limit switches to raise and lower a satnav panel in my car,using the ignition switch circuit

Hi, I'm trying to understand in a simplified diagram how to use a 12v motor to raise and lower a panel in my car,the hardware I can make fairly easily but it's the wiring I'm struggling with,I understand that 2 limit switches have to be used to stop and start the motor,also that the polarity of the motor has to be changed to raise and lower the panel, I also want to use the vehicles ignition switched circuit to raise and lower the panel as opposed to using a rocker switch, Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, Kind regards, Darren.

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What would you do with a ton of very rusty metal?

My place of work backs onto the beach in Portsmouth harbour (UK) - the shore is littered with many pieces of very rusty metal - mostly big bolts, rods, nuts, huge washers etc - from the engineering works that used to be here, but there are also bits of old hardware that look like they came from some of the derelict barges that lie rotting in the estuary mud.It's all in pieces small enough to pick up, and there's a ton of it. Some is so rusty that it's all rust, but most is merely heavily corroded/encrusted.There's got to be something interesting that can be done with all this material, but... what?

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Ground Penetrating Radar

I am looking for any information regarding Ground Penetrating Radar (or GPR). I am a newbie to this type of tech and was hoping the someone may know of a basic reference manual or other sources that could contribute to building one from the ground up at reasonably little cost. Also, I am looking specifically for something in the high frequency range - good resolution at minimal depth. The hardware side is more important although any advice/resources on the software to interprete the data wouldn't hurt. Thanks in advance! By the way, my user name(just created and second guessed) has nothing to do with being dug on digg, or anything to do with digg for that matter - just thought it had a nice ring to it... Thanks!

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creative bike handlebar grip ideas?

I'm looking for creative solutions for items to use for bicycle handlebar grips. I often get alot of bikes/partial bikes from people and end up fixing them up and giving them to friends who need them or trading them for other bikes, but the problem is that most bikes I get are missing the handlebar grips, and I don't want to spend 5-10 dollars on a set of grips just so I can give the bike away. I would like to be able to go to the hardware store and buy the objects in bulk for pretty cheap. Just post ANY ideas you have, thanks.

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hi- can i reprogram a musical greeting card to play an mp3 of my choice? (or make a similar tiny 1-song stereo)?

I want to make the smallest and cheapest possible music player for one song that i can fit into a bottle and hook a trigger up to so it will start/stop a song of my choice when a cork is pulled out/ replaced. is this a dream? could it happen? if anyone has any insight, i would be so grateful (i don't know enough about tech hardware to know how to do this myself!) thank you! -piper

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help determining stepper motor pinout? Answered

Im trying to build a cnc machine and i just finished the hardware portion. anyways im trying to find out what wires are what on the stepper motors i have. there are 6 pins coming out of the motor and the connections are as follows. pin 1 is not connected to anything, pin 2 has 10ohm to pin 3, pin 4 has 10 ohm to pin 5, and pin 6 is not connected to anything. what are pins 1 and 6 for, and how can i tell if this is a bi or uni polar motor. any ideas? they are made by japan servo co. number kh42jm2b079 if thats any help but i had no luck searching...

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MDF desktop

Hey guys and gals. I'm considering making this computer desk that uses one sheet of 4x8 plywood and was wondering if a sheet of MDF would work. I just got back from Lowes where I was checking prices on plywood and they didn't have the type of plywood thats veneered on both sides. I thought about using MDF instead and wanted to know how much of a difference it would make. My concerns with the MDF are finishing the final piece and attaching the hardware to the two halves. I've worked with MDF before, but it was under complete different circumstances and I didn't have to bother finishing the project with paint/stain. What are the pros/cons of using MDF vs. Plywood?The desk instructable

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Determining speech rate from audio

Hi, my name's Oli and I am a speech therapist - aka speech pathologist in US. I am looking for a way (e.g. an app) that can determine how fast someone is speaking, in realtime. This kind of biofeedback would be really useful for many people with communication disorders where learning to speak slower can help a lot (e.g. stuttering, dysarthria). I can also see it being useful for teaching public speaking to students etc.  Does anyone know of anything out there (hardware or app) that can do this? Or where I might find someone I could pay to develop this app?  Many thanks, Oli

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nPlayer Game Clock for Hexagonal Chess (Need Help Sourcing LCD and Misc Parts)

Hello, I am sourcing components for a project. There is a 3 player chess variant called hexagonal chess. I want to make a 3 player game timer. The idea is to have three displays, one for each player on their side of the board. Each display has a button to stop the timer and start the next. Because there are 3 players, it won't work well to have a single timer between them, as is done with a 2 player timer. I don't have much hardware experience but I can read/write C/C++ well enough. I will be developing under Linux. These are the components I am considering. FRDM-KL25Z arm m0+, needs some modification to activate real time clock. has usb control 4 digit, 7 segment display A basic LCD display - $6.86 each, can I find these cheaper elsewhere? Will the m0+ be capable of driving 3 of such displays simultaneously? Is there perhaps a more appropriate solution? What other bits am I missing? Like I said, I don't have much hardware experience. I know I need buttons...I've never hooked up an LCD before, is there anything special I need? I downloaded the manufacturer PDF for the particular unit (FE0202W). It doesn't give much info. It doesn't even say how much voltage it is rated for. Is this just such a basic component that it doesn't matter so much??? Kind Regards, Movo PS: All designs/code will be published under an opensource license.

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Is it possible to make an iphone/android app that runs full windows 7?

Is it possible to make such an app that detects all the phone's hardware and runs it at full speed (the app should not emulate hardware)? This app would need to recognize the touch screen as a touch input interface (not an emulated mouse). When the app starts up, it should close out all other system tasks and dedicate the system resources to the app so it can get the maximum amount of RAM/CPU. Also, the OS would probably need to run off a hard disk image file on a 16GB/32GB SD card. If possible, a network interface through 3G/WiFi would be great. Before you say that windows 7 is in x86/x64 architecture and doesn't support ARM architecture, that is another thing this app should accomplish. I noticed that the windows 7 system requirements were a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and at least . Phones meet those requirements. PS: Right now I am running windows 95 under a QEMU app on my android phone and it runs extremely slow since the whole PC is being emulated (and my phone is only 800MHz and has not all that much RAM). I've tried to run ubuntu on my phone (android is linux based). It worked perfectly, but due to not enough free RAM and the 800MHz CPU, it was very slow (but not as slow as emulated windows!). On a 1Ghz phone, ubuntu appears to run perfectly. If you can come up with an app like this (or find one on google), please post a download link to the site/download link. Thanks, Absol32

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linux on polaroid pmp350-4 mp3 player?

I am trying to re-flash and put linux on this mp3 player. The ultimate goal is full sound and photo/video support with touch screen interface, using an alternate OS other than the one provided by polaroid. I would like to use this to read text documents as well. ---- --- I was going through some of the old gadgets in my house and found that I still had an old polaroid pmp350 mp3 player. It has a touch screen and I thought to myself "hmm... google android..." or "rockbox..." This is a cheap peace of hardware, and even though google android is out of the question, I was wondering about flashing it with custom firmware to allow it to run some other operating system. It has a touch screen which would make it quite fun to play around with if only there was a way to expand its current capabilities. So I thought I would put up this thread to see if somebody more clever than I could figure out how to re-flash this thing and install linux, OR if somebody could point me in the direction of materials that might be used to do such a thing. The main issue is going to be getting an OS to run on this unsupported hardware. I am going to be doing research in the meantime to find out how to get linux on this device, because I think it would be a really cool hack to show off to friends. *Update* Have written polaroid for info regarding technical specifications, also asked if they might be able to provide a rom flashing tool* If anybody wants to give this a shot, let me know how it turns out. Peace and love.

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How can I make my mikroc compiler codes (the ones involving inputs and interrupt) work on proteus or the hardware ?

When try simulating my mikroc code on proteus and also when i programmed the hardware (PIC 18F14K22) with PICKIT3 i get the same result. My program works as instructed when I do not involve inputs. For example void main() { TRISA = 0xFF; //PORT A as inputs TRISB = 0x00; //set PORT B pins as output while(1){        PORTB= 0x00;        Delay_ms(1000);        PORTB = 0b11000000;     //PORT B HIGH        Delay_ms(1000);        PORTB = 0b11100000;        Delay_ms(1000);        PORTB = 0b11110000;        Delay_ms(1000);        PORTB = 0b00111111;   //PORT B LOW after 1sec        Delay_ms(1000);        PORTB = 0b00011111;        Delay_ms(1000);        PORTB = 0b00001111;        Delay_ms(1000);      } } This program works when i test it on the simulator or my 18F14K22. But once i require a logic high to an input port for the mcu to carry out the operation, nothing happens. For example void main() { TRISA = 0xFF; //PORT A as inputs TRISB = 0x00; //set PORT B pins as output while(1){        if(PORTA.f0==1){        PORTB= 0x00;        Delay_ms(1000);        PORTB = 0b11000000;     //PORT B HIGH        Delay_ms(1000);        PORTB = 0b11100000;        Delay_ms(1000);        PORTB = 0b11110000;        Delay_ms(1000);        PORTB = 0b00111111;   //PORT B LOW after 1sec        Delay_ms(1000);        PORTB = 0b00011111;        Delay_ms(1000);        PORTB = 0b00001111;        Delay_ms(1000);        }      } }  There is no response from the microcontroller when write this code on the MCU via  micrchip's PICKIT3 or on proteus. Pls am i missing something in order for this to. Thank you.

Asked by ikechukwu.dimobi 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Mechaniical vs Electronics special course?

I am not going to take a whole college course as I have finished Bs in Computer Science already I just want to explore more and create things that are physical or hardware that I can program, I just wanna explore the possibilities I have and be able to create, what courses should I take? I am willing to study anything just not the whole college semesters again I just need the major subjects or workshop that I can attend with hands on.  I am more of a self study person so a very good fundamentals of basics of gears circuits that works well with a program should do so Ill have a smooth start.

Asked by zapsilere 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

overabundance of ram cards, what should i do?

I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to electronics, i know some basics, but when it comes to computers i'm not much of a hardware guy. so when i came across a box in my attic full of 18+ ram chips, i had absolutely no idea what to do with them. from what i can tell they'd be useless in anything running anything more than 16 bit. any ideas on what to do? should i invest in some rom blocks etc and build a retrocomputer to play vintage games on? any ideas of any kind are welcome, i really hope y'all can give me something to do with em. 

Asked by sparhawk7 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Can anyone help me with metal casting?

I have been working with my friend, setting up a small IT business in our local area providing some software but mainly hardware. Now that I have a furnace and it can melt aluminium my friend has asked me to cast a case for his computers. He said that he will produce a wooden copy of what he would like it to look like, then give it to me to cast. I am wondering how I can convert the wooden copy into a wax copy so that I can continue from my own knowledge. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thomas

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Webcam Software?

Hey guys and gals, I am playing around with a old Pentax 110 camera and I noticed that my cheap Labtec webcam fits almost perfect in the backing of the camera. This works VERY well because I have numerous lenses that I can switch out. I immediatly noticed the quality of the image is many time better doing this. The main problem I have is the webcam fits perfect rotated sideways. When I use the cam the video/pics are all rotated. Is there any software that will run on a PC that will rotate this for me? Also out of curiosity is there anyway via firmware update, software etc... to increase the overall size of the image or is it hardware dependant? I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks, Jester

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Since subscribing to Instructables I have found this to be one of the best and most interesting investments I have ever made.  I do offer a challenge to those interested in computer hardware.  I removed a Seagate 4.5 inch SATA hard drive from my old computer.  I would now like to recover some files from this hard drive.  However, I cannot find anywhere I can purchase a suitable hard drive enclosure which can be connected to and accessed by a computer through a USB port.  Seagate cannot help.  Is any subscriber to Instructables able to design and construct such an enclosure?  There must be a large number of people who have a similar problem.  Would anyone like to meet the challenge?

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Why is my HDMI cable not playing audio?

I've kept my HDMI cable plugged into my AMD Radeon 7750 with updated graphics drives and it does display video. I have checked and it is enabled I have the software but it simply says that it is not plugged in. Everything is tight, and ready as it was before (Working too) so any problem you could think of? I think it might be hardware problems, my PC is from 2009 and I am afraid my system32 folder is messed up :[. The cable isn't damaged except it could be the small end that converts the cable into mini HDMI for my GPU. Please reply! :)

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Any "Cheap-Duinos" based on the ATMega1280/1281/2561 MCUs?

Hi there. I'm using a Arduino Mega-1280 in a project, and am wanting to "free it up" for other things. I see that there are a number of cheap-duino replacements here and other places (ie;, but I haven't found any that specifically incorporate the ATMega1280/1281/2561. Basically, I'm needing all four of the hardware UARTs this family of MCUs provide, without reverting to interrupt-driven, software-based serial I/O it's predicesors utilize, having the extra memory certainly doesn't hurt either. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, links, etc! Regards, Scott

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really need support

My name is Akin Yildiz. I am an inventor/entrepreneur. Just over two years ago I started an online plants & electronics research project,  the Plant Doctor - Plant Care Instruments. I have recently launched a small scale crowdfunding campaign to bring more awareness to the overall project.  We offer DIY kits that teach you how to program, build circuits and garden.  open source hardware + software, our latest design; I would truly appreciate it if you could take a look at the campaign and hopefully support & share with friends and family; love & peace akin,

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PIC Programming Software

I am just starting to get into PICs, problem is, I can't find a program. All these tutorials on PICs on Instructalbes talk about the hardware, but not very many talk about software. I am pretty fluent in VBasic/Basic so I would like a developer that works in that language or C/C++. I have PIC Prog, but that just downloads it. Anyway here's what I need help finding: -Free devolpment and compiler program -Preferably programs with Basic or C -Works with JDM2 programmers. Yes I have MCU experience, but it's been with an OOPic. I can't use it on everything so I am switching to PICs. Anyway if anyone can help me with software solutions, I'd really appreciate it.

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Looking for an Electrical Engineer to partner with

Hi - I've got a business idea that requires hardware and I can't build the thing myself.  I'll write the software for it, but I need assistance building the circuitry. The circuitry involved would include a temp sensor, R/F communications module, photodiode, memory (possibly micro SD), controller,  and a timer in a very small form factor (about the size of a cigar tube). I'll split any profits from selling the device 50/50 with the HW designer.  I'll ask you to sign an NDA before we get going. Please contact me here or at bret at thelastmilellc dot com. Rgds, Bret

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Happy Birthday, Mr Laser, Happy Birthday ... to ... you

OK, so it's hard to do an impression of Marylin Monroe in a topic title.Today, is, according to google, the anniversary of the invention of the laser. First demonstrated in 1960, it was known as a solution looking for a problem - everybody agreed it was clever, but it took some time before it saw a practical use. Now, every single "western" home has at least a handful of lasers, ad they have seen duty everywhere from art to war, via medicine and astronomy.Time to have a quick review of how this tricksie piece of hardware (especially the LED variety) has been treated by our members: Laser-based projects.Laser vortex from this InstructableGoogle's laser results

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Is this where the RAM is?

I'd like to try to upgrade the RAM in my desktop.  it was used when i bought it and frankly i feel like i'm really kicking bill gates and sergey brinn right in the balls when i make this thing last me another year or two.  so, i'd like to upgrade the ram.  I know relatively little about computer hardware, but thought i found where the RAM is.  On the pictures, i've put red arrows.  if i'm right, could you please confirm? additionally, if you could please explain to me what kind of RAM to buy and give any other tips you have, that'd be swell.  the computer has a Pentium4 3GHz chip and only 512 MB.  it is an older MPC ClientPro.   thanks instructablers.

Asked by hobbssamuelj 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Pocket BASIC??????

Help! I am way into BASIC. Lately, I have been wanting to make a little DIY pocket computer with a basic gray scale screen and nav buttons that can run simple  BASIC programs uploaded from my computer. I looked around Google to find somewhere to start, and found out that no one has ever attempted building such a thing before. One site suggested that I should look at mobile motherboards by TI and Atmel. However, when I arrived at the websites, I found a bunch of complex, expensive boards that have unnecessary fetures such as WiFi and touch. I need some help on what hardware configuration to use (aka mobile motherboard, chip set). Help!

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Can I build a bicycle cargo trailer using a Hitchhiker child's seat attachment as the base?

I'm trying to build a bicycle cargo trailer. I was talking with a guy at my local hardware store about what I could use for a wheel base. He found a used Hitchhiker child's bicycle seat attachment frame and sold it to me for cheap. He said it was a child carrier, but on closer inspection I've found that it's just an attachment that adds an extra seat to your bike for a child to sit on. From looking at it I can't tell how I could fit the components of a cargo trailer on it and I can't find instructions for how to use it on Instructables.  Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

Asked by spicysugardaddy 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Help Redirecting XP File From LPT1 To New USB Printer? Answered

Really need to find a way to send a file that used to work on an  XP  Line printer using this command   COPY H.PRN LPT1: /B When that printer died I bought an  HP OFFICEJET 6500/A Plus which works on USB with all other XP software I've tried many variations : C:\CAD>COPY H.PRN USB 4: The system cannot find the drive specified. C:\CAD>REM /B C:\CAD>REM same result 0 to 9 USB\ C:\CAD>pause Press any key to continue . . . _ A working solution, be it Hardware or Software, will be Greatly appreciated.

Asked by iceng 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Cigar Box Laptop

Around New Year's Day, my family celebrated Christmas (had to wait for some family to visit) and one of my presents was a flat, rectangular cigar box with some gift cards and certificates. I haven't done much with the box, but after comparing it to the size of my laptop, they are roughly the same dimensions! Given that this is a wooden cigar box, would it be possible to turn it into a low-power laptop computer? Since its wood, it would probably be better to put a screen and keyboard setup inside the box instead of the whole shabang (small hard drive, motherboard, etc.) while having the main hardware inside of an external tower. But if it was set up in this fashion, could it still be called a laptop?

Posted by EngineerJakit 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Purchasing compression spring latches online

Hi everyone I'm trying to get my hands on some compression spring latches, and have only been able to find them at, but they don't ship to Canada.  The latches I'm looking for are for this instructable: Any ideas where I can find this? I've been scouring the net for a while and can't find anything. Checked out local hardware stores, home depot, lowes, etc, and no luck. Looked at ebay, and can only find some guys from hong kong selling these and they're not made out of stainless steel (which is necessary; this project is exposed to a lot of water). Thx in advance.

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200 disc CD player to DVD conversion? Answered

Is there a way to convert a 200 disc cd carousel/ player into a dvd player? I like the idea that it would just be a matter of swapping the hardware and hooking up a new laser, but I am a bit naive in that department.... I also like the idea of letting my kids one day pick through the dvd CASES and avoid getting PB&J; all over my disc collection? Your thoughts? the below was the only decent sized image I could find of what I am looking for in general terms... note this item is already a dvd player. The one I am looking to convert is at my brother in laws, and only plays cd's (also a sony).

Asked by RWWESTdesignworks 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How can I build an efficient thermoacoustic device with household materials? Answered

For a while now, I have been trying to build a thermoacoustic device with the following specs: -Can run with a temperature difference at around 100 degrees Celsius (ice on one end, boiling water on the other end, but it won't actually work with water) -uses normal air for the working fluid -constructed out of available household materials (or anything I can find at a hardware, office, or similar store) I have tried jamming coffee stirrers in a PVC pipe with copper wire serving as the heat sink, alternating layers of foil and two-sided tape, and for the third & recent attempt, newspaper jammed between two peg-boards (untested, but unlikely to work).

Asked by Michael_Everett_Feder 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How can I convert .bin to .img for router (OpenWRT) reflash?

I am trying to get my head around installing OpenWRT on my Netgear dg834gt. I have found the hardware page, identified the correct image and downloaded it. As per instructions I attempted to pass the .bin file to the web interface, however the web interface only accepts .img files. Is there any method of converting between these presumably different formats? I could get a jtag/serial connection to the target but I'm waiting on a cable, so the Web interface would be preferable. Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance, Drew p.s. I'm a Linux user. Also, I have no idea if this is a daft question or not.

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How to clean dremel bits?? Answered

Can anyone help me clean my dremel bits? I recently bought a grinding set for my dremel to use on my Traxxas car. After using it on the plastic chassis most of my grinding and sanding bits are covered in plastic. The reason is because the plastic heats up when I use it and the plastic melts onto the grinding stone. I thought of maybe using a lighter to maybe melt the plastic off but it just burnt the plastic and a bit of the stone. It's not that the bits are expensive, I can afford $2 but the gas to go the hardware store is just too much for a couple of bits. I would just use my bike here and there, but it just becomes a hassle go over there every hour. Thanks

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Can the CP2101 USB to serial IC be used to connect a microP directly to a PC without an RS232 port and a MAX232 IC?

Sparkfun makes an excellent breakout board for Silicon Laboratories' CP2101 IC. It looks like this board could be used to connect a PC to your microprocessor through a USB port without having to use a MAX232 IC to convert the TTL voltage levels to the serial port voltage levels and then a USB to serial converter. Drivers are available so the PC sees the CP2101 as a COM port so hyper-terminal could be used to communicate with the microP. The 'S' in USB stands for serial, it should would be nice to connect a PC to a microP using only one piece of hardware. Am I right about the CP2101 providing this ability?

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Robot wheel torque to weight calculation help

It's been a while since I've had a physics class and I'm scratching my head to remember how to figure out the following problem.  If I have a pair of motors for a robot wheeled base that have a torque of 6 lb/in each and, lets say, a 5 inch wheel, how heavy of a robot can I build?  I'm starting to build a robot base that I would like to future proof so I can add extra electronics and hardware and start with a battery with plenty of power (which of course means more weight).  I'd like to avoid building the robot and find out later that the motors don't deliver enough force.  Any ideas?

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Where to get MEK? Answered

Hey all,A few years ago I used to see MEK (Methyl Ethyl Keytone) in local hardware stores all the time. Don't know what happened, whether OSHA, or EPA, or some other .gov busybody is responsible, but now it's nowhere to be found... and I've finally run out.Any leads on where I could purchase a jug of it for a good price?P.S. In case anybody is wondering, I have some dried-out liquid electrical tape that uses MEK as the solvent. I am hoping to resurrect it. I suppose I could try acetone, but I'm afraid if it goes wrong it could permanently wreck my mix. :P

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Arduino controlled turret (using NES controller)

I got the two servos I ordered in the mail today, and I decided to control them with the NES controller I bought a few days ago. And this is my idea:An NES controller airsoft turret. I already have everything set, I just need to make hardware to move an airsoft gun with the servos, anyone know how?Here's the video of my accomplishment so far (sorry if I mumbled...): here's what I made the buttons do:Direction buttons move servosA ShootsB Toggles a laser pointer on and offStart brings the servos to center positionSelect toggles Automatic and SemiAutomatic fire

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how to make a see through/ transparent keyboard for a pc?

I want to make a see through keyboard for my pc. i want it to be just a sheer piece of glass or plastic with maybe a bar at the top or side to hold the hardware. it probably has to be a touchscreen. with fibre optics as well? i dont really know. the 'keys' would be great if they could be lit up but i don't know how that would be possible without showing wires. it would also be an added bonus if it was wireless. i was thinking of something looking like the keypad of the lg crystal. i need some help as i don't really have an idea of how to make it. anyone have any ideas? thanks in advance.

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Do I have a major hardware problem or is it something much less?

Gateway Windows XP Home Edition Model # MF ATXSTL KTH 300SE LTD Ship Date- 4/8/02 Hard drive- Western Digital 20GB 5400RPM 128MB 133/100/66 - MHz 64Bit 4-Clock 16X8SDRAM DIMM Modems- Gateway V.92 PCI Soft Modem R1 Motherboard- INTEL (Kitty Hawk 1.5) 1.2GHz Celeron R1 My problem is that when I plug it in it automaticly powers up but it will not boot up.My first brain buster was that it was the video card, no such luck that I know of I have no way of checking it, but it did not change anything.So I left it out and then pulled the RAMM out and still it will not send anything to the monitor. So from there I check the #'s on the RAMM through Gateway and the last number on the stick was of by 1 number, I don't know if that makes a differance or not, I still need to find that out too. Gateway will not help in any way because it has no warrenty on it.That is as far as I got as far as the haRDWARE. As Soon as I plug it in it beeps three times and thats it.The fan on the CPU and the PSU both run from the time I plug it in. I did try pressing and holding the start button for about 10 to 15 seconds and it went out for about a 1/2 second and came back on but did not stop the pc. At this point I am at a lost. I don't know what else to try except the PSU maybe out or something. If the pc was not broke would it boot up with no RAMM or video card in it. It calls for 128MB so do I need to get two 128's and put in it to take it to 256 or can I two 256's in it to take it to 512 or is that to much? Is there a way I can test the video card to see if it is any good? Is it true that 3 beeps is code for RAMM problems? I don't know what else to try so can anyone please help me with as much as you can. I cannot afford to dump a bunch of money into it. I do have a lot of extra parts from IBM's. Would any of those parts work in a differant brand of computers? I have box's of brand new RAMM's,CPU's,CD-DVDs, Drives,Heat sinks,PSU's,all differant sizes of fans,just many many parts from IBM's. Will any of these parts work in anything other than IBM's.I hope this is enough information because its all I can think of. I think you for any help you can give me.

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Solution to computer problems (Windows 7???, hardware???)?

I had asked 2 questions about my 6 weeks during computer problem:' is Windows 7 That Bad??', and 'help'... Windows XP seemed to get slow and somewhat erratic, so instead of re-installing XP, I installed the 64b version of W7 ultimate, downloaded as 'freeware'. It was a chore to install, and much of my hardware was not recognized (no network port (= internet), only generic CD ROM instead of DVDRW, etc.).  Problems shutting down, and SLOOOOWWW. So after a while, I re-installed my trusted XP, but things did not get better (at all!). This was not normal! Since my HDDs came on and off, I figured it ought to be the motherboard. It always (2 1/2 years) worked fine, but after some internet search (I also do have a laptop), it seemed to be one of the worst MBs ever made... But a spare laptop HDD got fried instantly (motor+ is dead)... So I ordered a new one: A nice old fat Asrock, with 4 memory slots, and 7.1 sound.  It lasted 4 hours... No more picture, not by the board, not by the added card... By warranty, the MB might have been bad, so I got the replacement. But I did not trust my TRUST power supply anymore. So I bought a new 500 GB HDD and new (Cooler master 460 W power supply). Everything was wired up, Windows 7 installed, and it runs great!!! The laptop disk is dead, but my old system disk is most often recognized...  There was still a lot of important, non backed up data on it (!). I was able to secure all of it!!! So my conclusion is: it probably was the power supply: don't trust TRUST!!!

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Call to arms: malleable interface creation!

Hello! My name is Luiz Gustavo, and I'm a brazilian design student. First of all, this is my very first post at this space, and I'm very very open to hear whatever critics or opinion of everyone. My hardware & electronics knowledge is very limited, so I'm opening the whole creation of the following project to whoever is interested in co-creating it with me. As part of my ongoing graduation project, I want to create a malleable interface using textiles. The idea is pretty simple. I want to create an open-source hybrid object, a digital raw data generator, consisted of a highly malleable interface that is capable of being folded, twisted and adjusted to the will of its user: an interface as simple and soft as a piece of silk fabric. The data generated must give the current state (deformation and positioning) of the malleable object to a digital output in realtime. The malleable object has to be modular, as well as a little stretchable. I really want to create something that can be remounted, modified, and used in different kind of contexts - not so only as my main purpose at the creation of an experimental art installation I've been working on as my graduation project. At this website I've posted a larger description of my intentions with this interface, as well as a first draft of it: I'm not quite sure how's that going to be done, what have already been done in this area, what kinds of open hardware I can use, sensors and so on. I'm really starting this research right now, but it would help a lot to at least hear some possibilities from anyone. I'm very very open to hear any kind of contribution! Thanks! [= Best regards, Luiz Gustavo. (

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