looking for inspiration

I've got two old towers, four spare harddrives, an old handspring treo, old laptop, spare wifi card -- all in various states of non-use. looking for inspiration on what to do with this collection of hardware i'm not using

Posted by eriksays 11 years ago

How to connect a physical pushbutton to a display to trigger an animation.

I'm trying to figure out how I would set up a physical pushbutton so as to trigger an animation once pushed.  The programming language I'm using is processing, and the content would be played on a 32" screen.  So I'm trying to figure out what type of hardware I would need (circuit boards, pushbuttons..etc) in order for this to work.  Thank you in advance to anyone that offers some advice.  P.S. I also have little knowledge in programming this is a project so I can become more familiar with it. Thanks!! 

Posted by SarahinaB 2 years ago

Melamine boards

I bought a large melamine board from the local hardware store to use as a white board, but I have a problem. The problem is that, the whiteboard ink beads and dry up within a few seconds after writing. How do i fix this?

Posted by bosley 7 years ago


Hi everybody just wanted to make a simple blinking led circuit with a attiny85 I saw some instructables and videos online but nothing could help me this is what i did. 1. make the wire connections to attiny85 2. upload arduinoISP sketch 3. put a 10uf cap between reset and gnd 4. make a file in sketchbook folder called "hardware" 5. copy and paste the attiny85.exe file which i found online into the hardware folder 6. Go into preference and restart the arduino program. after this i was expecting the file pop up in arduino board selection but it didnt it just unaffected  Can anybody please help me? If more information is need please ask.

Posted by robo10302 4 years ago

URGENT Need Hard Drive Converter Recommendation SATA --> IDE

My parent's laptop took a crap on them. I'm 60% sure it is hardware related (well, not the HD that is).Unfortunately, they never backed up their photos and our family trip to Mexico is on there (the photos :P). What really sucks (kinda) is that the HD is SATA. It sucks because I don't have a SATA enclosure (but I do have an IDE).So do I go with a SATA to USB2 converterSATA to USB2 converter -- or a SATA to IDE converterSATA to IDE converter?This is urgent because I need to determine if its the HD or some other component so that it can be sent in for warranty repairs. Crossing fingers that its some sort of hardware.

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

Is it hard for you to get answers to hardware problems and connect with connect other makers? We have an upcoming solution

MakrConnect is a networking platform for makers to problem-solve, share ideas, and collaborate. We are currently incubated at MIT Launch. Post your questions on our platform and other makers will provide you with solutions. Furthermore, MakrConnect will build social aspects upon our forum infrastructure. We will allow you to share your projects, build your profile, and even find makers near you to work on projects together in person. We believe that with MakrConnect, making will be easier than ever. Please take a few seconds to sign up on our mailing list at markrconnect.com. Stay Awesome!

Posted by jliang5 3 years ago

XinCheJian - A Shanghai Hackerspace

XinCheJian is a Hackerspace in Shanghai, China. XinCheJian provides a community environment with open hardware setup for hardware thinkers, digital artists, designers, DIY hobbyists and everyone interested in figuring out how things work and are happy to get their hand dirty to build some fun stuffs with some like-minded people. XinCheJian will provide workspace for people to work on projects, organize workshop and courses on various subjects ranging from electronics, embedded system, and programming and host speakers and workshop session. Also, XinCheJian will act as fund raising and supporting platform for people interested in prototyping their ideas and launching new projects.  Check out our website for more information: http://xinchejian.com

Posted by xinchejian 7 years ago

Pvc primer Vs Mineral spirits

I went to the hardware store to buy some pvc primer which i never used i always used mineral spirits (paint thinner) and i wanna know if theres a big difrence

Posted by rollingstoner357 10 years ago

OK to post?

I made a suppressor/ recoil compensator for a Umarex Steel Storm bb repeater pistol and would like to post the how to. Is that OK? It is relatively esy to build, and being made from household and hardware store parts, it is very inexpensive as well.

Posted by gtfoxy 5 years ago

Individual volume on computers

I was wondering. Is it possible, with or without hardware so I can browse the internet without volume, for listen to music at the same times on Itunes, and hear it. Basically, is it possible to not here sounds on the internet without turning my whole computer volume off? Google was no help.

Posted by Rock Soldier 8 years ago

help me learn and create a multi purpose controller

Hi all, I want to build a hardware controller that has a few switches/buttons and will communicate with the pc via usb. The purpose for this is to control  software, for me its DAW's, but could easily work with games, video editing software etc. Step 1 materials/parts Looking for *pressure switches (is that correct?). I want velocity sensitive switches *rotary switch, something like a joystic with X|Y|Z movement *what kind of electronics, circuits, etc should these connect to? Step 2 connecting to a pc / communication * how to program the controller, are there any SDK's for this? I can use any pointers for learning,cost effective  suggestions, inspiration from similar projects etc Thank you in advance

Posted by pozitronios 5 years ago

ttl output (binary) barcode reader module

Hello there;  I am working my final year project on library management system which needs to include a barcode reader hardware. As i am told by my advisor i can't use a barcode reader whose out put is the final ASCII value rather i have to get a binary (0 & 1s)output from my hardware, then convert that value using arduino or my C# asp.net code to generate the final result of the barcode for the book.   So, what is a looking for is, a ccd camera based barcode reader module whose output is ttl (or binary) i.e before it is decoded.  Any idea where i can find such a device, please   Any comment is welcome.  10x for your time.

Posted by Hailye 2 years ago

Intro disappeared

I just noticed that all the Intro text disappeared from https://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Temperature-Humidity-Network-Monitor/ So it's looking kinda silly with a couple of pictures and jumping right into Hardware Assembly. Is there an easy way to get it back, or do I have to try to recreate it from scratch? Thanks!

Posted by wpnsmith 4 years ago

[q] bounty

Is it ok if i request someone to make something for me for a price? i mean just the schematic and code part.... not the actual hardware? because i have a work which requires a knowledge arduino and accelerometer... if someone is willing then pm me or else if its ok ill just put it up openly here within a week.

Posted by thakur900 7 years ago

Book cover Hinge

Hey all. First time poster here (second attempt, since Instructables stopped responding the first time) so hopefully I am posting in the appropriate place. I have in mind a leather-book-style cover for my tablet that I'm very excited to work on. However, I would like to use friction or torque hinges to position the cover at any angle  from the spine in a 180 degree radius and have it stay there, similar to the screen of a laptop rotating around the hinge. I've included a picture that shows the basic design that I'm aiming for, though the hinge itself doesn't need to be ornate. Unfortunately, I don't really know where to find such a thing. I've looked on various furniture hardware sites and taken a trip to the local hardware/home improvement stores, but I haven't found anything that matches what I'm looking for. Common small brass butt hinges would be ideal if they had friction/torque properties to them, but I can't seem to find anything like that. I've never looked for specific hinges before though, so for all I know they've been right in front of my and I didn't realize what they were. Does anyone know where I can find such hinges, or can someone offer up an alternative solution? Perhaps there is a way to add friction to simple hinges bought from a hardware store. Thanks in advance for pointers/advice.

Posted by wireframewolf 4 years ago

Ceramic coated stainless steel

Hi all, I just came across this jewellery and the hardware intrigues me. What is involved in this process, and is it something that can be done on a small scale? And is it only appropriate for steel? Cheers! http://www.cha-o-ha.com/collections/frontpage/products/ceramic-coated-forged-d-shackle-dark-earth

Posted by jarris 4 years ago

Pneumatic Revolver

 Hello, I've been coming to Instructables for a while now but I just made an account. Anyways, I've been trying to brainstorm an idea for a PVC Revolver. Does anyone want to give this a try and post your results? I might try if I can get to the hardware store this weekend.

Posted by Stevensb 9 years ago

Why the stipulation of using the Arduino IDE, and not the Arduino hardware?

I see that the new Arduino contest rules stipulate that your project must use the Arduino IDE. I was actually thinking of making a cool new Instructable using an Arduino Mega, but using avr-gcc instead of the Arduino "framework". Would that be permissible for entry into this contest?

Posted by matthewbeckler 9 years ago

(removed by author or community request)

Why can't Instructables do away with the "removed by author or blah blah blah" thing. It just clutters things up, and doesn't really serve a purpose. If instructables wants the person that made the comment to know it was removed, email them. Any time we have to remove something that can't be edited, it leaves behind this garbage. Before, there was a set rhyme and reason to deleting posts and not having that happen (bottoms up!), but recently I created a post which was the first reply to the first comment in my $1 security hardware instructable, and noticed a glaring error in it and IMMEDIATELY deleted it (because there was no EDIT function) and it left one of these steaming piles of Yak poo in the comment thread. PLEASE - GET RID OF THESE ANNOYANCES! Win7 Ultimate Google Chrome Version 32.0.1700.19 beta-m Aura $1 PC Hardware Security Power Lockout deleting reply

Posted by SuperTech-IT 4 years ago

usb copier

 hi every body i think today to make a usb copier that mean a standalone hardware to get 2 usb and transfer data from one usb to other  or copy the usb data to external memory am good at pic  but really i dont know from where to start and what i need could any one help me

Posted by eng_mai 8 years ago

Hi, I'm New :)

I was a simple man, love hardware, but never knew how it works.However, a good friend of mine gave me Arduino nano.since I do not know anything about the dev, I would like to gather some info, ask questions for developing, coding and others.So, heyyyy Im new, teach me senpai(s)!

Posted by Wario_Bros 2 months ago

PIC16F877A program

Hi, i am trying to build this code for like a week but didnt had any luck in making it perfect. i'm using MPLAB software for compiling and writing the program and Proteus for hardware simulation. here is the attached picture of the question i was assigned to build. if any one could please provide me with a code i would be more then happy. thanks in advance.

Posted by pizzadox747 5 years ago

Old Phone That Can Play Games? Ideas...

Hi guys, so I was recently talking with my friend Omar about random stuff, and (like always) our conversation somehow got really off track and we ventured into the history of old phones (Nokia 3310...breaking everything we touch since 2000). We somehow got to thinking about how old bar style phones could be useful for the making community. My thought (which I incidentally shouted out as loud as a human can go) was this: what if we could put a really basic game onto the phone? Would it be possible with the current hardware? Maybe...and the controls are there, most phones have a D-pad with 12 keys (which could be special function keys in the game). I was thinking of games along the line of Doom, or any old FPS game...but in retrospect, that would be ambitious, and to be practical, a stick man game would probably be the minimum.  So my questions are: a) would it be possible for the hardware on the phone to be wiped of all software and would it be good enough to support the code. b) is it even possible to reprogram the phone, or even get some sort of bootloader onto the device? Probably not. And if not, is there any other way to put a game or any file onto the phone's hardware... I guess that's it. In general, would it be possible, and if yes, could anybody give me a few starters so I could try to do it? Thanks, Ivan

Posted by IvanT3 3 years ago

PC refuses to install any OS

I have a PC that I need to get operational again after an accident with some overclocking software (either ClockGen or setFSB). The actual hardware seems to be working, and will install several different versions of XP as far as the first reboot, on which it will BSOD and restart the install in a loop. I have also tried installing Ubuntu from a USB drive, which I know works, and the computer does not accept it as bootable. The system has been unplugged with the BIOS battery out for a couple of months, so the BIOS is not causing it. It is running with minimal hardware, as follows: Intel Celeron D @ about 2.5GHz Replacement 20Gb IDE HDD, or original 150Gb (both do the same thing) on IDE1 CD/DVD drive on master of IDE2 I know it's pretty much obsolete, that's why I need it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Posted by The Skinnerz 7 years ago

12v 1.8w solar panel to charge AA 1.2v NiMh batteries

Would i be able to use a 12v 1.8w solar panel to charge AA NiMh batteries? i built one of the mr16 halogen bike lights with the instructable found here and now have 10 AA NiMh batteries that i would like to charge, and i only have a 4 battery wall charger. A 12v 1.8w solar panel is on sale for $15. its specs are: # Includes quick-connect hardware: connecting wire, DC clips, 12 V socket plug and barrel plug, mounting hardware/accessories # Built-in reverse current protection; won't deplete the power-supply system so can i use this to charge AA batteries? if so how many, 2,4,6,8,10?. i would want to keep it simple so i would just wire my battery holders to the panel if possible.

Posted by ThePopesBone 11 years ago

Aluminum bronzing powder

Ok, i need aluminum bronzing powder, no not for thermite, there are more fun things to do with it, but along the same lines. The only problem is at all my local crafts stores, hardware stores and paint stores, no one sells it. I thought about using an etch-e-sketch but big ones are hard to find, kinda expensive if i wanna buy 5+ and also, half the powder is not fine at all. Grinding up aluminum foil isn't gonna work for me becasue i can't find a ball mill under $100 (not even a crap one), and i sure as sh-- ain't gonna sit there filing it off a bar. Parents aren't going to let me buy it off the internet (i wouldn't any way the prices are outrageous and they limit how much u can buy a year), electrolysis maybe? But what would i use? A battery charger? Or are their secret code names that they sell it under at hardware/paint stores? HELP

Posted by demonfox3 10 years ago

Anoying Add

I couldn't help but notice the new ad for Ace Hardware on the site. Glad to see you are getting some ad revenue for the site. But does the thing have to bring up a larger popup version of the add every time my mouse just happens to cross over it? This is really putting a drag on my browsing experience for the site. If you could disable the automatic popup of the ad that would be great.

Posted by mpilchfamily 6 years ago

Please Can you help me

Please Guys I want Arduino Code for this projrct : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zifQYUG8Iiw am using ESC to control the speed and Gy-81 as feedback to control position Hardware : Arduino Uno Gy-81(10DOF) 1000kva Brushless motor 30amp Esc

Posted by hakeem.1987 3 years ago

embedded systems

Hai sir.i am a electronics and communication engineering student. i want to buiid embedded systems but dont know from where to start.i am thinking to start from reverse engineering of basic embedded systems like calculator,old mobile phones but i dont have knowledge on how to access the hardware,display etc.so please guide me how to know about basics and where to start from.

Posted by shankar gowd 3 years ago

Will a PS3 make a good gaming computer?

I know that its possible to get a ps3 running Linux, turning it into a fully functional computer. And some people say that it will make a good gaming computer, but the hardware doesnt seem to meet the requirements, only 325 mb of RAM when most games require 6gb. Will a ps3 be a good gaming computer running linux, or is it only good for gaming as a console?

Posted by jgdabble 3 years ago

As for my old laptop

As for my old laptop, im thinking of cracking it open and blowing it out, then adding an external fan, what do you guys think of that? also, what else should i do to it, talking software and hardware type stuff, and sorry, no Linux please, also if you care to leave comments also can you help me figure out how to fix the hinges my moms boyfriend Michael (not gorillazmiko) broke?

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Programming XMC1100 from Windows10 on a MacBook Pro doesn't work ?

Hello, I'm trying to get a connection between my Microcomputer XMC1100 and my Windows10 Partition on a MacBook Pro. I've installed the recommended development environment Dave from Infineon and everything works fine except the connection to the microcomputer. Is this connection maybe due to hardware not possible?  What else could be the reason ? Please help, regards 

Posted by -mister- 1 year ago

E85 to G15 and E100

Is there some way to remove the gasoline content from E85 to leave denatured ethanol? Is this even legal? I'd like to have some denatured ethanol on hand for my alcohol burner (isopropyl leaves soot), but a gallon can at the hardware store is $13.99. Since E85 is still well under $3.50/gallon, it seems like it would make more sense to remove the stinky, explosive gasoline from E85.

Posted by CameronSS 10 years ago

Caravan auto setup

I came up with an idea about making a small product for setting up caravans in terms of getting the corner steadies lowered, when the caravan is where it should be set up. I wrote a more fulfilling description here: Caravan auto leveling Anyone care to give a cost estimate for only the hardware? I can do the app-programming on my own :) Best Regards Neroes

Posted by Neroes 7 years ago


I have really been wanting a 3D printer, but since I'm 14, the $600 price-tag doesn't work. When i was surfing Kickstarter.com yesterday, I came across the Printrbot.  I am really interested, but am not sure about how to build it. I know that you need 3D-printed parts to make it, along with hardware and some motors, but where can I get some of these things?

Posted by H20 6 years ago

Embeding OpenCV code to microcontroller

Hello everyone...I am doing a project based on arduino, opencv and rfid....i am using the rfid tech for access control, i have put a constraint such that one has to use both the cards(rfid) and face detection for him/her to be granted access....the code for detection is working and then arduino and other components are working, how to  i connect the hardware(arduino) to the opencv code> please help. thanks

Posted by suleiman.alinassor 3 years ago

Voice Changer Software Into Voice Changer Hardware

I'm making a costume. It's a cosplay. What I Have: Voxal Voice Changer. I already know it's capable of making exactly the voice I need. What I Need: A way of synthesizing my voice with that voice effect as part of my costume. Is this possible? The voice I need isn't a very complex one, but it's not a simple pitch change, either. All it is is a little flanger and a little vibrato, but so far I can't find voice changer devices that allow this without being hooked up to a smart phone or a computer, nor was I able to find portable voice changers that included this effect. They're all girthy with lights and dials, and that's hard to conceal on a costume. I noticed Voxal has an export voice feature that allows users to create .voxal files out of the voices, so I'm wondering if there are existing voice changers that could have this file uploaded to it some how, or if there is a way to make or modify a voice changer to do this. Let me know what you think.

Posted by AtomicDragon 1 year ago

Computer Issues? Post Them Here!

This thread will be designed for anybody who has any computer issues. I love to help people work out the kinks in their computers, software, hardware and anything else. I am constantly on this site (at least 20 times a day, except when I am sleeping of course!) so you won't have to worry about a slow response. Anyone can give answers, I am just here to be the beginning helper. Ask Away! -Brennn10

Posted by Brennn10 11 years ago

Is this a good idea?

Okay, so I'm currently building something new but I can't find the proper tube sizes for it, not even on the internet, so this is what I'm planning to do,I'm going to try to make my own steel tubing. First, I will buy a sheet of steel which I can easily buy from my local hardware store. Then I will cut them to 4 different strips, and weld them together forming a rectangular tube. Any suggestions? Tips?

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 11 years ago

LED Light via USB?

Hi guys, I've been searching about, and this seems to be quite the vibrant community for DIY gadgets. I'd like to have as final product, a led light connected to a PC via USB - that has a software-controlled dim functionality (ie, 1 is on, 0 is off, values valid 1 < x < 0). I'm a seasoned programmer, but the hardware side of things has always been a mystery. Where to begin? Is this a complex project? Cheers. Alex

Posted by Saeven 11 years ago

Adding a new category for the ESP8266

Hey Instructables, Not sure what your criteria are for adding a new category? I'm suggesting you consider a category for the ESP8266. I'm a real Arduino and Raspberry Pi fan and I can see that the ESP8266 is coming on gangbusters. I understand if you added a new category in Technology for every piece of hardware that came along the categories would loose their effectiveness, so I'll leave my suggestion in your capable hands. Cheers, Steve

Posted by lafontas 3 years ago

USB Cold Cathode?

Hi, I have been wondering about creating an ambient glow around the back of my iMac with a usb powered cold cathode light or led strip, could anyone help me with this? i would prefer a prefab solution that doesn't involve much soldering or modification of hardware but that stuff is not necessarily beyond my skill level. (and sorry if this is in the wrong place, its my first post :P )

Posted by awesomesquared 7 years ago

Pneumatic PVC Can Crusher

I have put together a very well documented guide, to build your own pneumatic PVC can crusher. This can crusher is constructed from easy to find parts at any local hardware store. For more information, and a video of it in action check out my website. Let me know what you think, Thanks http://cancrusherguide.webs.com/

Posted by GOHST RIDER 6 years ago

trying to make a snes controller work with gamecube

Im trying to get a snes controller to work with a gamecube plug on a wii i bought the controller and cord but dont have them yet i have the pinouts but im not sure if just connecting those will be all that i need???any suggestions,comments,or info will be helpful. here are the links to the pinouts http://www.int03.co.uk/crema/hardware/gamecube/gc-control.htm http://www.gamesx.com/controldata/nessnes.htm

Posted by cyzco 6 years ago

Open-source Hardware License - creative commons-like license for stuff

Here on Instructables we offer authors the ability to wrap their Instructable with a variety of licenses, most notably the Creative Common Licenses (check here for your default license). These licenses only apply to the Instructable itself as a work that can be copyrighted; they do not apply to the idea presented in the Instructable. Under current law, the only way to protect the idea presented in the Instructable is through a patent. While we've toyed with the idea of a "publish this Instructable and apply for a provisional patent" button, patents are expensive and time-consuming. I have a few myself (through MIT and Squid Labs), and can say with some authority that getting a patent through the application process, defending it, and possibly licensing it is a game for corporations and is out of reach for most individuals. Roey asked me about this issue in regards to his Universal Nut Sheller (from here):"So we've figured out a way to make cheap molds anywhere in the world for the Universal Nut Sheller, https://www.instructables.com/id/EPNPAI9025EVYDUURQ/ our of concrete I'll be posting things as I go along. By the by, I was wondering if you guys had fully explored the legal issues dealing with these creative commons licences and technology. According to everything I'm aware of Creative Commons only applies to works that can be copyrighted. According to How Stuff Works: http://www.howstuffworks.com/question492.htm (admittedly not the best source) Copyrights are: Literary worksPictorial, graphic, and sculptural worksMusical worksSound recordingsDramatic worksPantomimes and choreographic worksMotion pictures and other audio-visual worksArchitectural worksand patents are: "any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof" I spoke to Jamie Love ( http://www.cptech.org/jamie/ ) about this and he told me that we need to get in contact with the folks that run Science Commons http://sciencecommons.org/ . Apparently their executive Director John Wilbanks also works for MIT. I've been trying but so far no luck. I'd be interested in hearing what you know about this area. I would love be wrong, it would be great if licencing our technology is as easy as picking a CC Licence, I'm just not sure that it is."I forwarded the question along to Eric Steuer, the Creative Director of the Creative Commons, who said:"A CC license can apply to the drawings and possibly the 3D shapes to the extent that the copyrightable elements are separable from the functional part, but there is no copyright in utilitarian designs - that stuff is better protected as a design patent (if it meets the threshold) and then he could apply a CC-like license to it...although given you only have patent rights by applying (as opposed to copyright that applies automatically) he could just not patent it and then everyone can use it..."Recently, people over at tapr.org released drafts of open-source hardware licenses. I got the following message from Jonathan Kuniholm at Duke asking for comments on the drafts: "I have spoken with each of you regarding our interest in the infrastructure for the sharing of hardware designs. An organization with its roots in amateur radio and open source software has released a draft of two open hardware licenses ( http://www.tapr.org/OHL ). I believe that the inspiration is primarily electronic hardware, but the concept addresses issues we have encountered in our work with The Open Prosthetics Project and its parent organization, the newly incorporated Shared Design Alliance. We have been interested in the ways that we might protect those who choose to share designs for public good from the possibility of having those designs patented out from under them or otherwise removed from the public domain, as well as helping them avoid the cost and time delays of patent protection for efforts from which they are not trying to profit. These draft licenses also address liability issues, which are another can of worms. I would be interested to hear thoughts from folks more knowledgeable than I about the effectiveness and potential pitfalls of such measures, given the difference between the issues surrounding physical designs and patents (for which there is currently no open license option outside of patent-related measures), and those surrounding items traditionally protected by copyright, which can currently be released under Creative Commons or GNU licenses ( http://creativecommons.org/licenses/ , http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html , http://www.fsf.org/ ). The TAPR folks have invited comment on their draft, and I think that this is as good an effort as I've seen so far. If you have interest or expertise in this area, please submit comments through the TAPR site, and please forward this to anyone else you know who may be interested."This is obviously an issue at the very core of open-source hardware and Instructables, so I encourage you to take a look and tell us what you think.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

I can go to bed now...

It is 01:29GMT - I've finally caught up with Questionable Content. One thousand, two hundred and ninety-nine issues in a few days.I came across it via [www.xkcd.com XKCD], and it's rather good.Sort of like Friends, but interesting.I like interestingly-insane people, and happily-psychotic computer hardware.(UPDATE: Than you to everybody who ignored the appalling (now corrected) spelling. It was very late early when I posted this.)

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Living Wall, anyone ever done one?

Has anyone ever done one of these? I'm looking for a cheap and green way to make one of these planters shown here: http://www.eltlivingwalls.com/photo_gallery.php I was thinking this could be done with an old hardware organizer and some pvc, but I don't think I'd be able to find any large enough to put any decent plants in. Any help would be awesome...Thanks,J

Posted by nkei0 9 years ago

Need help making a Rotating Massager

Need help making a Rotating Massager with  a LONG HANDLE. We can get 'vibrating' massager with long handle but not able to get a rotating massager, for back etc. Need to have a high power rotating massager for body massage, but cannot get one in the market. Appreciate if we can make with materials available in the hardware store etc. The  motor should run with simple 230V AC supply like ordinary massagers do. Any help greatly appreciated.

Posted by rshyam 4 years ago

Touch Tunes Arduino Make

Anyone have the original build plans for a hardware related hack for TouchTunes Machines, by Reza Hussain. https://brianbenchoff.wordpress.com/2013/02/17/i-have-finally-arrived/ http://littlebirdelectronics.com.au/blogs/frontpage/7011900-hacking-wireless-jukebox-controls https://plus.google.com/109337616166080699786/posts/L6ZJp4pDdC1 If anyone followed the Hackaday or Mr. Hussains posts and did the build, I'd appreciate a private link, message, email or the like. ---any related hack?

Posted by Sovereignty 3 years ago

Starter kits for UAV projects

Starter kits for UAV projects Hello!!! I'm about to make a purchase for either the AVR or PIC package for flowcode 6 but I'm not sure what choice to make. I want the the right software and hardware combination for my ariel projects and dont' want to make a bad choice my first time around so could anybody out there advise me on the right all around package I need to purchase today??? Thank You AO!

Posted by Da_Real_ApacheOmega 4 years ago