Old HDD motor

Hi, im using old hdd motor in my cooling fan in PC. Im using the old hdd's board to supply power and run the fan, as it is AC motor. It runs insanely fast. But auto turns off after a while. how can i make the board not turnoff the motor? Thx.

Asked by kt_027 4 years ago

how can we power up brushless motor from broken hdd?

I have a couple of broken hdd from dekstop or laptop.I've remove the magnet for other thing,but i can not find a "simple" way to use the spindle motor for something usefull...thanks....

Asked by annurro 8 years ago

Recovering from a dead HDD?

I have an external HDD (Freecom 400GB) and it seems to be dead now. It hasn't been used in about 6 months and might have been damaged during a house move. It doesn't seem to be drawing any power and spinning up. There is power, as the internal LED is active, but the drive itself is not responding at all. There is no movement. Is there any way to recover its contents? The drive was used as an 'archive' of all our family photos covering about 20 years :S

Asked by BobTheSkull 5 years ago

Making HDD Player Circuit

Hi, I have my 80GB Old Hard Disk, which i need to use as HDD Player to connect to tv using AV Jack. Is there any Simple circuit to build this ? Thankyou

Posted by harismvec 5 years ago

laptop HDD: What is this connector called?

I have 2 broken laptops. The first one it turns on and turns off and the HDD seems to be dead. The second one is a toshiba laptop and the screen is broken. Now the HDD for that one I don't know what kind of connector it is. I want to use the hard drive for something else, if possible make it into an external. It's a toshiba it has a piece that comes off but you need it to connect it to the laptop; and when the connector comes off it doesn't have pins, but piece that sticks out. I'll post pictures if I get my camera working.

Posted by brgdragon 9 years ago

How do you copy a partition to a different hard drive? Answered

My friend got an error on his Hp saying to  replace his hard drive and failure was imminent. What i need to know is how to copy over the partitions or data to the new harddrive.

Asked by demonspawnedangel 7 years ago

how much voltage do hdd motors take? Answered

I took apart my old corrupted hdd and want to use the motor in it

Asked by LetsExplodeSomething 8 years ago

it is possible to link an external usb hdd to a pc... wireless? Answered

Like a wireless-something linked to the usb hdd that can be viewed from the pc?

Asked by gabbico92 6 years ago

External HDD isnt recongnized?

I have a Iomega F7BJ2101PA External 300 Gb Harddrive and it stopped being recongnized by all computers. I've already checked that the cord is fine, it has enough power, and isnt recognized by windows explorer and device manager. AND when I got to Iomega site to get the drivers they say they dont recongze the serial number. What do I do?

Posted by Jordo 8 years ago

Recommendations for mounting a 2.5" HDD in a small space

Hi, I'm currently trying to put together a small computer. I have a very limited space in which I can fit the motherboard and a few other components. Most of it kinda fits, but i'm not entirely sure how to mount the hard drive. The HDD is a 2.5" one like this one, with those dimensions: L:  100mm W: 70mm H:  8mm And once I exclude all the space taken by the other components, i have about that much space to fit it in (including the mounting parts): L: 170mm W: 40mm H: 75mm See the attached illustrations I made to get a rough overview of the space in the box. Note: I can technically extend a bit out vertically (height-wise) as the cover has a bit of gap inside but probably no more than an extra 15mm. The drive has screw holes on the sides and on the back (cf. the linked WD page) so there's a couple of options there. I'm not really sure how to go about this. I may be able to salvage some metal mounting parts from an old desktop but I would have to do some cutting to it and I don't have much room to move around for the mounting part. Another of my concerns is it'll be difficult to attach/remove the drive if I need to, because the bottom screw will be very hard to reach. Maybe there's a way to make a mounting rack where one part slides off to make the screws more accessible, I don't really know. Do you guys have any suggestions? How would you go about this?? I would much appreciate any tips, suggestions or even comments. Thanks Ben 

Posted by ben_dog 6 years ago

how do i save data off broken hard drive?

My laptop died so I removed the hard drive.How can I get the info off it?and also the same for my portable hard drive that I had everything backed up on?Talk about bad luck!!!!!!Thank you.

Asked by phoenx911 8 years ago

How can I recover data from a dead external hard drive?

I have a 2TB external hard drive with lots of stuff on it Recently it stopped working and now I cant access it I have tried it in many computers but they only ever find the SATA to usb bridge which connects the hard drive to the computer I have also tried some hard drive recovery programs, some of them find the hard drive but when they scan it, they find nothing Does anyone know of a good, working, reliable hard drive recovery program (free if possible) or any other way to get the stuff off of it Thanks

Asked by Jareadx 6 years ago

Can I use an internal HDD from a desktop as an external HDD to be used with my laptop?

What materials do I need and how do I do it?

Asked by mannetti21 9 years ago

I need help with a xbox 360 HDD led mod?

I need to know witch pins i need to soader to light up my leds in my HDD plaes help and mabe even a digram of the pins pleas thank you

Asked by marcojuco21 7 years ago

is there an 'ible that would allow you to put a usb cable on a laptop hdd that's sata, instead of getting an adapter?

I have an old sata laptop hdd that has a female plug where the pins are on a "normal" hdd, so my adapter I bought that will connect a usb port to an ata, or laptop hdd with pins is useless. just wanted to know if anyone knew which pins(holes on the female plug) I'd need to connect to, to make it work? Thanks, Instructors! Doug

Asked by fireguard 9 years ago

How do I transfer Files from my XBOX HDD to my USB Pen?

My XBOX HDD has seemed to have stopped working with my XBOX and I want to transfer my files to my USB pen but the XBOX doesn't work of course. Help Please. P.S. It's a 60GB for a XBOX 360 Classic 

Asked by Brady110 6 years ago

Do not push - Laptop HDD

Has anyone ever seen the little sticker on a laptop hard disk drive that says Do Not Push?Guess why?The platter is made of glass?!?!?! (I figured this out by being my normal "Do the opposite of what the sticker says" self)Wanna see?

Posted by thermoelectric 9 years ago

DIY power supply for HDDs

Hi there, I'm thinking of making my own external harddisk to keep on my desk. You know: for backups, etc. I'm (probably) going to fit 2 HDDs in there. The HDDs need both 12V and 5V and since I don't want to connect two adapters to it I need to change the 12V that goes into the box to 5V. I've done some research and I think I got it figured out... I think a 78s05 condensator should do the trick. Side note: the disks need 0.9A and 0.72A on 5V (=1.62A). I've attached a picture where I show my idea.... any thoughts and most of all WOULD THIS WORK? Kind regards, Niels

Asked by Niellles 5 years ago

Need help making Sata Power to USB - 5V.?

So basically I have a 2.5" Sata drive that I want to use with my W500. The drive itself runs at 5v 700mA and I know that USB's support 5v - what im looking to make is something similar to: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-2-0-SATA-7-15-Pin-22Pin-Adapter-Cable-2-5-HDD-Hard-Disk-Drive-/170883882967?_trksid=p4340.m1374&_trkparms=algo%3DPI.WATCH%26its%3DC%252BS%26itu%3DUCC%26otn%3D15%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D2166192030703395264 or better still this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-TO-SATA-converter-cable-/300775404093?pt=UK_Computing_Drive_Cables_Adapters&hash=item46079c723d Any help would be great. 

Asked by lshoesmith 5 years ago

Can someone tell me how to use MC33035?

I need a simple bldc driver, and i found MC33035 chip. In the datasheet there are some things that I don't understand. Can you give me an ACURATE schematic how to use it for hss motors or cd motors. Atleast help me with "output buffers" in Representative Schematic Diagram. Pease.this is datasheet

Asked by ZxxxY 8 years ago

Hard disk platters all the same? Anatomy??

Found a broken HDD of 1 Tb today. Always good to take apart for the magnets. The platters were 'slightly' warped; must have been thrown around... The highly reflective platters can always be looped on a string, to chase away crows from my garden.  By now, I have several dozens of old platters.  I was thinking, apart from practicalities like dust and gentle handling, could it be possible to just substitute the platters with  other (old= much lower capacity) platters?  The 1 Tb mechanism, including the heads, would want to format the platters for a Tb amount of storage I assume. If the platters are mechanically identical (I notice they don't have a standard thickness), could this work?  Does anyone know what alloys are used, are they coated, with what??? I see no attraction when I hold a supermagnet to it, but there ought to be some kind of magnetic carrier on it.... The shine on the platters might suggest some exotic metal coating; palladium or something like that....???

Asked by BobS 7 years ago

Rigging Laptop SSD to Desktop SATA

So I'm looking at upgrading my computer with a Solid State Drive to make it boot faster, but I don't want to pay like $200 for one off newegg. I was wondering if it's possible to rig one from say an EEE PC (which can be bough used/for parts pretty cheap on ebay/CL these days) into my regular SATA port, and what the performance would be like compared to a desktop SSD drive. Thanks!

Asked by The Insomniac 6 years ago

What hard drive enclosure should i get for this hard drive? Answered

I've got a harddrive from my dead laptop that i'd like to use as an external, but i don't know what enclosure to get. This is the hard drive  and i've attatched a picture of the connection. i already bought one enclosure, but it had the wrong connector, so i really would rather not mess up again. : / also, i know, crappy pic, sorry

Asked by cyc4015 8 years ago

What is a good COMPLETELY free mac hard drive cleaning software? Answered

Hi! I am curious because I have an iMac that is running os x Yosemite, and it has 28GB left on a 1.11TB (terabyte) hard drive.It is just over a year old, and has a fusion drive (like a hybrid drive only better). I have looked all over to find a cleaning software that is COMPLETELY free. notice I emphasize the COMPLETELY part! Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

Asked by www139 3 years ago

Where can I find a cheap ZIF to USB adapter for an old iPod hard drive?

I have the hard drive out of a friend's 80GB iPod Classic. I don't know if it still works: the iPod didn't turn on after he dropped it in the toilet, but I found a scorched IC on the main board. The cheapest I've found is $7 on eBay, but I don't want to waste $7 on a drive that may or may not work. Any suggestions for where to get one even cheaper, or how to test the drive?

Asked by CameronSS 9 years ago

Laptop without HDD

I was wondering if it would be easy enough to setup an old, powerful enough laptop to run Linux withoud HDD from SD card or other means without HDD? I have my old HP NC4000 gathering dust in the storage. It has no HDD and I need to fix the display which has 1/3 from top of LCD gray. If I manage to fix the LCD then it is worth resurrecting.

Posted by pellepeloton 10 years ago

Can an IDE hdd be replaced with a SATA hdd (both internal)? Answered

I have a pentium 4 pc whose hdd recently crashed, this had this 40GB IDE hard disk, now a days u IDE's arent available in market so i was thinking is it possible to connect an internal SATA hardisk to the same port where the IDE was connected? i  mean will it work fine without any problems? Or any other solution to my problem?

Asked by ankur2893 6 years ago

Original Xbox HDD useable as a normal PC HDD?

I recently got an old PC from the Salvation Army, and decided to harvest it. Turns out I can use all the parts for a working computer(an old computer running Windows 98 on a Pentium II, but a computer nonetheless). However, it has a 4GB HDD. This threw me off of the idea of reusing it, until I remembered my old original Xbox that I harvested(I do that a lot), and luckily I kept the 80GB HDD from it :D. It has the same old standard PATA  and 4-pin Molex power connector as the 4GB. It's just a normal Microsoft HDD(from external appearances). So can I use it as a normal hard drive for my recently obtained old computer, and just format it? Or is there some kind of encryption/coding that makes it only useful for an Xbox?

Posted by metrogdor22 7 years ago

Need schematics for electronic speed controler for a 3 phase hard drive (HDD) motor.

Hello. I have a problem. I've bought an old HDD for fun, if I can say so, it works, but I want to use the 3 phase motor for some applications, out of the HDD enclosure, so the question is how to start the motor?...I mean, I know that I need an electronic board to do that, so where I can find some schematics?...P.S. Don't ask me the brand name of HDD, cuz I don't know! Thnx and sorry for my bad english, I'm from Romania ;)

Asked by Timofte Andrei 7 years ago

Can an iPod video PATA HDD be used to replace the SSD in an Acer Aspire One?

The iPod video uses a parallel ATA HDD which appears to share the same connector and interface as the Acer Aspire One solid state disk (SSD).Does anyone know if it is possible to simply replace the SSD with the PATA HDD?I know I could just try it but if someone has already done this and had success, or tried it and irreparably damaged their AAO I would love to know!Thanks!PCBPolice

Asked by ste5442 9 years ago

How to acess a broken camera HDD ?

Hi everyone! I have a JVC camera that is broken. I went camping and somehow water came in and screw the camera. It doesn't turn on, not even with the charger pluged in. The fix is actually more expensive than buyin another one so... I need to know how can i recover the data inside the HDD... Hope you can help me guys. Thank you very much. ;)

Asked by meyers 7 years ago

Making Internal HDD Windows 7 Bootable

I found a guide on this website (link to follow) detailing how I can make my Internal HDD bootable for windows 7. I ran into an issue in step 2 with the command prompts. https://www.instructables.com/id/Install-Windows-7-without-USB-or-DVD-without-upgra/ I made a partition of my main drive of 500GBs. The new partition was set to drive J at 25GBs. I Began step 2, In CMD I ran the following prompts: diskpart, list disk (there was only one available), Select disk X, List partition. That is where i ran into the issue. What came up was on the CMD window Partition ### ////Type///// Size /////Offset Partition 3 Dynamic Data 992 KB 31 KB Partition 1 Dynamic Data 199 MB 1024KB Partition 2 Dynamic Data 422GB 200 MB Partition 4 Dynamic Data 42 GB 422 GB My question is which of the above partitions do i select to continue making my HDD bootable. Thank you for your help

Posted by XxPLaGuEzZxX 3 years ago

Can I Rejuvenate 60 Year Old Fragile Celluloid Aging Film ? Answered

I would like to use one of the services that puts old film on to a HDD  But My father's 16 mm films ( some early color in Africa ) have been stored in iron hinged boxes for over 65 years, the last 40 years in Dry Dry Nevada. I ran a reel 30 years ago it broke in five places then. Could I Reverse 60 year old brittle celluloid 16 mm film in a humidor ?? If someone has some experience, how much humidity, some Dos & Don'ts  would be greatly appreciated .  I could build a  humidity controlled closet and displace oxygen if need be. Speed is not essential a year or two is acceptably doable. Thanks much in advance.

Asked by iceng 6 years ago

How could I possibly turn a hard drive from a computer to be able to connect it to a computer through USB?

I want to DIY to turn a standard ghard drive tooken from a computer and make it where it can connect to a computer from a USB like a flash drive does. It's a 5v 700mA DC also 160GB. This is how it looks like on inside http://www.amazon.com/Hitachi-HTS542516K9SA00-160GB-Hard-Drive/dp/B001677GUI

Asked by planetroverrobo 6 years ago

Hard drive motors?

I need to get a harddrive motor up and running, it has four pins for power, does anyone know exactly what these pins or which is which, the motor is from a harddrive from an old xbox, i worked hard get this wretch out all the way down to the motor, honestly microsoft should build bomb shelters, and the casing of the hard drive is pretty tough, on of the boards on it needed some friendly persuasion from a hacksaw and a hammer after I removed the apparent retaining screws, all 7 million of them, by the way I may do an instructable on how to open an old Xbox with nothing more than a swiss army knife, and it doesn't get damaged at all. To figure out the pins is all I need, left to right arrangement would do I have figured out which way up the bottom is but the crazy hieroglyphis in microscopic size reveal little about the connections,

Posted by killerjackalope 10 years ago

How to transfer video from flip camera to usb hdd or flash drive without a pc.? Answered

I am thinking of buying a flip ultra hd camera but the 8GB seems small. As im going on holiday soon i wont have access to a pc. Is there any way I can transfer the video to a usb hdd or flash drive without the pc? Can anyone help?

Asked by jackintheskyline 8 years ago

Is my HDD verging on failure?

I decided to check my HDD's S.M.A.R.T status, and I was a bit alarmed to see my reallocated sector count at 32 and my pending reallocation count at 24. This hard drive has been running for about 2 years and a half, and I haven't had any noticeable trouble with it. But, what should I do (besides backing my stuff up)?

Posted by Dashing Rainbow Dash 1 year ago

How could I add a USB male cable to my 3.5" Hard Disk Drive so I could access the files on my hdd easier with my pc? Answered

I use the hdd with my PS2 and I would like to transfer ISO's to it without having to take apart my computer. Is there a way to add a USB male cable directly to the hdd?

Asked by soapdude 9 years ago

Encryptin External HDD

I have an 80Gb external/portable hard drive but I want to protect all the data on it. Does anyone know of a good free program that will encrypt or passwird protect my portable hard drive. It needs to be self contained on the hard drive and not installed on a computer. Thanks.

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago

transfering alot of files between other HDDs

Hey, i have 2 HDDs in my computer one has the OS and alot of other files but the 2nd HDD also has files(about 56GBs) and i would like to switch to the newer one and it has more space i was going to rar all the files i could and put them on the smaller HDD then once i have the larger one with windows on it i would transfer them to the larger one but that would take a long time and i would have to re install everything is there any way around that?

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

An external cd-rw drive into an external HDD?

I saw an instructable on making an external hdd from an old external cd-rw drive....im just curious if i can do it with an IOMEGA drive..  If anyone can tell me if its possible(or something else to do with it)  it would be great. Thanks!

Posted by valmont325 6 years ago

How to play downloaded 360 and xbla games on a External HDD or flash drive for a jtagged system?

I downloaded a game and was wondering how i would play it on a jtagged 360 i have it on a flashdrive at the moment and want to try it out before i go and buy a external Hdd

Asked by LordAdzam 7 years ago

Can I put Laptop HDD in a custom build and use same OS?

I have a 2.5 sata harddrive with an OS from an HP laptop. Can I plug this drive into a new custom build so that I don't have to buy a new hard drive and OS

Asked by amireles2 5 years ago

how do i use a hdd motor please help i need it asap?

I wish to use a hard drive i have putted apart as a generator i need to find out how to power my motor to spin magnets inbetween the disks around coils to generate more power that i use.

Asked by 9 years ago

HDDisappeared Answered

I was doing a HDD clone to an external hard drive. The computer froze and had to be reset. Now my external doesnt show up in "My Computer." It makes the noise and then shows the little safe to remove icon, but i cannot access it at all. Any tips on what I might be able to do to fix this would be appreciated.

Asked by NativeSs 6 years ago