HDMI blackouts?

Hello, i hope someone can help with this problem, so far all the experts have failed. When i plug in my laptop to the flatscreen to watch a film it's ok for a while then the big screen goes back, it starts to reoccur with greater frequency. What i have found is if i unplug and replug the cable it lasts really well most of the time. i thought it may have been a capacitance issue but the fact is its pretty good once replugged. What can i do?

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HDMI slot is not working?

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HDMI converter request

So what do those of us with old surround sound receivers with no HDMI inputs that we either don't want to part with because in every other way they are just awesome pieces of equipment or we simply can't afford to replace them do? It seems that no one sells an affordable, quality HDMI to RCA converter that can easily go between modern components like Blu-ray players and older receivers.  So what can we pirate one from and what would be the best way to do it? Ideally it would split out all the surround channels or convert to a single digital RCA cable.  I'm more concerned about sound, because TVs wear out and get replaced faster than receivers, so odds are we have an HDMI ready TV.  I don't object to video as part of the project, it just isn't necessary (for me).

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Dual HDMI Processing

I have an idea for a project that needs to process 2 hdmi inputs in real time, and 1 hdmi output. What kind of processing power would I need for this? I don't think an arduino would be able to handle it, but would a raspberry pi? Or should I be looking at like a mobile dual-core or something? I'm trying to keep it in a small form factor and have it the least amount of lag possible. Thanks, -Nikon

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Weird HDMI trouble

Hi! I'm having some weird issues with my HDMI connectivity... I have a SHARP tv (aquos, 52"). The PS3 and other stuff is working as intended when connected via HDMI to the TV. However, when I connect my computer to the TV the computer recognizes the connection, but the TV doesn't, or whatever the heck it might be. To try and solve the issue I just bought an HDMI switch, connected my digital box and PS3 to this, which works just fine, and tried the same with the computer. Nothing. The computer wont even recognize that connection, as it atleast did when directly connected to the TV. However, the real issue at hand is the first one, why the computer recognizes but won't send signals properly or otherwise why the TV wont accept the signals (but seeing as the HDMI switch doesn't acknowledge the connection to the computer, the computer should be the issue?). Im thinking it might have something to do with the computer? Anyone got a clue?

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HDMI to VGA cable? Answered

Hi, I recently bought a HDMI to VGA cord for my Raspberry Pi (V. 1).  After I received it, I tried it, but it did not work.  I did some research and from what I can find, running the cord straight from the Pi to a VGA screen will not work.  Is this correct?  Is there any way to use this cord?  Or is this just a useless cord?  Thanks in advance.  :)

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HDMI to USB convertor?

Can anyone help me out......... i wanted a HDMI to USB convertor for my Plasma Tv. which has no USB interferance....?

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HDMI to USB convertor

Hello guys....this is my first time writing anything on this forum...........actually i.ve bought a Plasma Tv (Panasonic TH-P42X20V) Which has no USB interferance...........there r 3 HDMI ports only...If, i have to watch something on TV through HDMI..i have to connect my laptop to the TV....which makes things running same at a time... i wanted to play music and HD movies through USB. but there is no USB option.......and i did'nt found any cable or convertor. which solves my problem.......i wanted to use one of my HDMI port as USB. can it be possible.. plz plz plz help me out.

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Connecting an OEM screen to HDMI?

If I get an OEM screen or take one out of a device, (nintendo DS,Digital camera,smartphone, etc.) is there a way to give it HDMI input?

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Coaxil to HDMI Converter box?

 I know one is Analog, and one is Digital... but I don't want to pay my television provider for another box every month..

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Coaxial to HDMI Converter box?

 I know one is Analog and one is Digital... but I don't want to pay my television provider for another box every month...

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Handheld Monitor (HDMI / VGA)

I work as a field technician for an IT company and 90% of the time, the servers on customer sites do not have monitors plugged into them. This normally results in me having to scour the site for a spare monitor, or having to bring a laptop along just to remote desktop onto the computer that is sat in front of me! I would love to make a small pocket sized monitor that accepts VGA and HDMI connections. It doesnt need to have any intelligence or OS or anything like that, which is where I am becoming confused... I am really new to the whole arduino / rPi scene and I have no idea if either of these would even be the right option for this kind of thing! I do know that the rPi has a 7" TFT and a VGA module available (along with the on board HDMI connector) so I'm thinking this is the way to go regardless. Any ideas?

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Controlling HDMI or vga monitor

I'm working on a project that I need a monitor to display information for a predetermined amount of time then turn off (Im will not be using the Raspberry Pi for this). In a days time I may want the monitor ON/OFF twice or several times. I've got experience with using relays, and was thinking of breaking the 110v to achieve it, however not sure if I would be shorting the life of the monitor by doing this. Would it be more practical to break the incoming HDMI cable with some particular pinouts( like the video or signal or 5v? with a relay or two) and keep the monitor turned on 24/7? Thanks! FYI. This monitor will NOT be connected to a PC, it will only be displaying my outside cameras when activated.

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HDMI wireless AV transmitter/receiver homemade

Does anyone know a way to make a wireless transmitter in hdmi format? this is for going between computer and monitor. I cant find a single schematic.

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How do you enable the hdmi port on your computer?

I have a laptop with a hdmi port I have read elsewhere that I need to 'enable' it in order for it to be used How do I do this? and is it an input or an output or both?

Asked by Jareadx 7 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

How to combine 2 audio signals from HDMI

As I've known so far there aren't receivers that mix audio.I want to mix 2 HDMI sources, lets say 1 is a PS4 and second is Xbox One, how would I mix them in 7.1? Mix the 2 audio sources into 1, is there a way of doing that? What is the simplest way.I know that there are stereo mixers, but haven't heard of a HDMI one.What is the simplest way of mixing both signals?I think it might have something to do with modulating the signals, but I dont specifically know how modulators work.

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How do I get my HDMI port to broadcast to tv?

I recently had someone wipe my HD to get rid of windows 8 as I did not like it and put windows 7 on my laptop. Before that I could plug my laptop into the TV via HDMI cable but it seems after windows 7 was installed I can no longer do this. Is it possibly due to a driver missing? I have tried setting up multiple displays and that does not seem to work. Any ideas on what I can do to get this working?

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HDMI from LCD connector

Hi, At work I have an ultrasonic testing instrument that displays the signal on an LCD (640x480). I also have a HUD (head mounted display) that requires a HDMI input. The only way I can think of getting the 2 working is to put a camera over the display and send that to the HUD. Would anyone know of a way to connect something to the LCD ribbon directly and convert it to HDMI? Many thanks for any help provided.

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I have 2 hdmi ports, just one of them that works. I can not find the other I've searched online but did not find out what's wrong.

Posted by Hamran 1 year ago

Can I stream my computer screen to my iPod laglessly? Answered

I have a spare hdmi cable and a lightining charger for my ipod... By linking them can I stream my computer screen view directly to my ipod screen... (laglessly)? If not how would I go about doing so? Thanks.

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Dual Play with 2 consoles

Not sure how many people are away that some 3D TV's support Dual Play (converts the 2 player splitscreen from games to a Top Bottom 3D Image and has the option for the 3d glasses to only display the left or right eye images (player 1 or player 2) however many games i like to play are not splitscreen so i want to be able to input 2 consoles, and do the same so that input one plays for left eye and input 2 plays for right eye so far after looking around for ages, i havn't found anything that does this best idea i found it using 2 Hdmi input card on a PC and combineing them then output to TV but this is very annoying hopfully someone here knows of an easyer way, or a way i can work around this basicly i would think there would be something out there for this, for example to be used with displaying 2 cameras on a 3d display in realtime (thats kinda what i'm wanting to do just with games) Thanks

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I have Lenovo IdeaPad B575 Laptop And I am stumped by the task of using my laptops lcd screen for playing my xbox 360 on Answered

 The laptop has an hdmi port on it, but i dont know if i can use that as an input from my 360.?

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will this HDMI to VGA converter work out of the box with the raspberry pi? Answered


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Using an old laptop screen as a monitor (for pretty much free)?

Quick question really. I know there are a lot of Instructables how to do this but I was wondering if there are any simple and free ways of making it so that my old laptop LCD screen can take a HDMI lead input? Thanks.

Asked by Hiyadudez 4 years ago

Can I use a LCD controller to control a mobile display?

I wish to build a small 1080p monitor, and the smallest regular LCD display I could find was around 10" and not HD, so I've been looking at mobile displays. I don't know much on the subject, but I am willing to learn and work to get what I want.  A mobile display that suits my needs is the HTC One display, it has a resolution of 1920x1080 and is not OLED (I may wish to replace the backlighting). It is available on spare part sites, and on eBay (though with the touchscreen digitizer included): http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-ASSEMBLY-LCD-display-Touch-Screen-Digitizer-For-HTC-One-X-S720E-G23-/231095967913?pt=US_Cell_Phone_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash;=item35ce64a0a9 http://www.fonefunshop.co.uk/cable_picker/97516_HTC_One_X_LCD.html Would I be able to control this display with a regular LCD controller, such as this one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/121059321784?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT With full HDMI/DVI and function support? Maybe I'm mistaken, but as long as the voltages match... Right? Unfortunately, the display description on these websites is completely lacking in details, so it's been difficult to get any tech specs. I've been googling this a lot, but with few results. It seems a problem could be the interface: there aren't enough pins on the HTC One display (of course, it doesn't HAVE to be this particular display, it just has to be small, cheap and HD). I managed to find something about MIPI interfaces, could this be a problem if it's proprietary? Are there adapters? And would I need an inverter if this setup even works? Thank you in advance.

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Can I spice hdmi cabes together to run 2 devises throught 1 monitor?

Hi, I have both my xbox and raspbeerry pi runnning through the same monitor. I am sick of swapping cables everytime I want to change devise. Anyway can I connect another HDMI cabe to build a Y lead so that I can connect both devises to a monitor (only 1 devise will be powerd on at a time). Will this be likley to damage either devise? http://dx.com/p/hdmi-to-2-hdmi-split-y-cable-30-5cm-21761

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Very simple question about connecting laptop to tv? Answered

Hello, I'm in a bit of a rush to get this done and will just have to do it on the day. I want to put a slideshow on a modern TV. I will just be using  jpeg photos; I use mac normally but this will be a PC and there is, I assume, a slideshow function of some sort. I briefly saw the TV; it had scart, hdmi 1, hdmi 2, and those red-yellow-white phono leads. I think that the laptop will have vga and hdmi . Can any one suggest the best/simplest connection to connection ? I mean can I simply use hdmi to hdmi ( is it suitable for this ) or vga to hdmi or scart to vga or any of these combinations  ?   Sorry for the simple question but I just need to get it right for the event with a small amount of time available and have many other things to do. Thank you for any replies..

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XBOX 360 Slim red dot with E82 error on screen?

We have had our xbox 360 slim for a good few months now and within the last month or so, a red dot has been appearing on the power ring in place of the green power light after about 10 seconds of being powered up. The error code that is displayed is E82 and we have it connected through HDMI and when we did some research on the problem, it looks like it is a HDMI error and we have it feeding through a Onkyo amp. The link is to an image of what it looks like ( http://gameinformer.com/resized-image.ashx/__size/550x0/__key/CommunityServer.Components.UserFiles/ ). All help appreciated, Uberdum05

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lcd reverse monitor as computer monitor? Answered

I just got a 3.5" lcd monitor from ebay and i want to connect it to my computer but my computer has only vga , dvi and hdmi input and the monitor just composite  the monitor    http://cgi.ebay.com/Mini-3-5-inch-TFT-color-monitor-for-car-backup-camera_W0QQitemZ170510640554QQcategoryZ32826QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp3911.m7QQ_trkparmsZalgo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D3%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D5532670551837826563 please help me!!!

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Why is my HDMI cable not playing audio?

I've kept my HDMI cable plugged into my AMD Radeon 7750 with updated graphics drives and it does display video. I have checked and it is enabled I have the software but it simply says that it is not plugged in. Everything is tight, and ready as it was before (Working too) so any problem you could think of? I think it might be hardware problems, my PC is from 2009 and I am afraid my system32 folder is messed up :[. The cable isn't damaged except it could be the small end that converts the cable into mini HDMI for my GPU. Please reply! :)

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my other hdmi port does not work

I have 2 hdmi ports, just one of them that works. I can not find the other I've searched online but did not find out what's wrong

Posted by Hamran 1 year ago

what should i use: DVI or HDMI? Answered

I have a gtx260 graphics card with 2 DVI ports, today i'm going to buy a 24" flatscreen with DVI, HDMI and D-sub inputs. should i use a DVI to DVI cable from my graphics card to my screen or a DVI to HDMI cable from my graphics card to my screen? would there be any difference?

Asked by solidacid 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Tablet battery power - affected by HDMI-VGA monitor connection? Answered

I have a 7" Windows 8.1 tablet running a music (MIDI/VST) program to provide sounds via the audio output. Input is via an OTG microUSB cable connected to a USB MIDI 'mini' keyboard (Akai LPK25 - USB powered). The audio is connected to Line In of a Yamaha Tyros keyboard and it works. I intend connecting a VGA monitor to the micro HDMI tablet port (microUSB to VGA adapter and VGA cable) and would like to know if there will be increased draw on the battery. Is there a way to supplement the power to the tablet as the charger uses the same microUSB port?

Asked by gibwig 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

How to use HDMI Receiver/Transmitter IC to create intermediate device ? Answered

Dear ALL, In the beginning Here're 2 links for something similar I found while searching. 1) arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,142845.0.html 2) www.overclock.net/t/1347100/diy-rgb-ambilight What I wanted to do is to Create "In Middle Device" between Video source (DVD or gaming console) & Video Receiver (HDTV). All What I want is to override some of the data sent/received between them. Like the required resolution, image width & height, Audio & so on. Here's an example scenario hoping to make things clearer: Assume I have DVD Player & I have 2 "LET TV" screens. Now I want to split the video images sent from the DVD player into 2 for the 2 screens. Got the idea? it's like extending the screen. Besides I want the data sent from the TV in this case I need to define the width & height of the tv as both TVs together! if you get what I want! I found a lot of things online .. here're some links. But I just need some guidance from those who know more about HDMI, video processors! 1) processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/TI81XX_PSP_HDMI_Driver_User_Guide 2) processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Sii9022a_HDMI_transmitter_driver Thanks in advance, Kind regards

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Is there any way to turn a laptop LCD into a desktop through dvi or vga? Answered

I have a dead newer laptop with a perfect 15.4" widescreen that would be a great second monitor. I just don't know if its possible to convert it over to a stand alone. Even HDMI would work I have the converter cables and what not.

Asked by jeoncs 10 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

What Version of HDCP Does the Xbox 360 Require? Other HD Questions...NERD ALERT!

I might get an Xbox 360 some day (say I win the lottery). My HD TV has support for version one of HDCP (High Definition Content Protection, supposed to protect against copying, yeah right). Is version one sufficient to use an Xbox 360 with my TV? Also I only have one DVI port on my TV, no HDMI (it's two years old, my dad kinda jumped into it). We have our HDTV Star Choice satellite receiver hooked up to that, so I don't wanna have to swap out the satellite for the 360 everytime I wanna play in HD (I have a CRT TV in my room which I usually play games on). Can I get a Y shaped switcher thingy for my TV? I know DVI, unlike HDMI, doesn't support all in one audio and video in one tiny HDMI cable. Does the 360 have a seperate output for audio, too?

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Is it possible to remotley adujust volume on Bose Companion II speakers?

I want to use my Bose Companion II speakers as my TV's main speakers. I currently have the directv box connected directly to the tv using HDMI then i have the bose speakers connected to the headphone jack on the back of the tv. needless to say this set up isn’t ideal. The volume isnt as loud as they can be. i have connected to speakers directly to the directv box using A/V cables and the audio was 10 times better the only problem with that is i can only adjust the volume using the knob on the front of the speaker itself. i did a mock up of what i think will fix my problem i am just unsure what i need to do it right. any insight will be appreciated.

Asked by lykan0102 6 years ago

how to solve samsung full hdmi led tv isuue?

My tv sumsung model UA 32F5500ARXZN  led full hdmi  gives trouble. it's blinking /flashing. audio & vedio is good. how to fix blinking issue?

Asked by ks vani 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Movie Glasses

I had an idea the other night, but no idea of how to go about it. I Want to take two small screens probably about one to two inches big, then mount them on sunglasses and somehow input movie from an HDMI or an HDMI micro. like This: http://www.chinavasion.com/cool-gadgets/60-inch-virtual-video-screen-glasses-for-iphone-ipad-ipod/ but for anything that can output HDMI. i thought about this when i was on the plane and was tired of the people behind me asking to tilt the monitor -.- i have a Thrill 4G that uses a Micro HDMI to HDMI so im sure it would work with my phone and many others if we did it(although users without that HDMI port would need the adapter that makes Mirco USB to HDMI aswell) so basicly.. Android phone to adapter that has HDMI in to a pair of 2" screens to output movie ---------- I        ->I ------------------------- ]----------  I Imicro I                                   I Device   I                        IHDMI I                                   I                I                                                                        I ______ }------------------ ---[videodisplay ] --[videodisplay]  Android                               HDMI       video                     sunglass                          sunglass                                                 IN               out                       screen1                           screen2

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I have a HP laptop that has a HDMI port, Is there anyway to connect my PS3 and display it through the laptop screen? Answered

I connected it throught the HDMI port and nothing happened. Do I need to install software? My computer is Windows 7.

Asked by animan1 7 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How can i get a vga or hdmi port on this screen?

Its a old tablet screen Sorry for bad picture quality

Asked by IvanŠ187 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Ceiling Mounted Projector, How do I keep the HDMI lead and power cable tidy?

I Have an Optoma projector and the cables are connected on the right hand side of the projector so naturally the wires protrude quite obviously from that direction. What is the best solution for keeping the cabling tidy? I anticipate adding a mains socket onto the plasterboard ceiling and a HDMI faceplate to connect a short HDMI lead to the projector and behind the scenes I will add a 25 foot long HDMI cable that I have to connect to my amplifier. What have people in these situations done in terms of coming up with a solution?

Asked by JobKnockey 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

I have a monitor with a broken HDMI port, would there be any way I can repair it or have it repaired?

I have a monitor with a broken HDMI port. Part of the center that holds the pins in broke (About 1.5-2mm) , and the pins are bent all to... Well... That place down there and back. Would there be a possibility that any computer repair place could replace it, or any way I could do it?The warranty is expired, so I can't void it.

Asked by Rokko8652 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

why does open arena not work with my HDMI? Answered

It gives me a black screen also how do I get sound to work it just gives me a crackling noise. The black screen shows up after the intro.

Asked by nerd7473 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

overuse a cable (wire)? Answered

I was reading an online review for a $995 HDMI cable on bestbuy.com The guy said that the more you use a cable (i.e) the more electrons pass through it the more it degrades the cable. its this cable AudioQuest - Diamond 3.3' High-Speed HDMI Cable - Dark Gray/Black http://www.bestbuy.com/site/AudioQuest+-+Diamond+3.3%27+High-Speed+HDMI+Cable+-+Dark+Gray/Black/2383276.p?id=1218324437192&skuId;=2383276&st;=hdmi&cp;=1&lp;=3 Is that true or does he just want to justiy spending 1000 on a cable?

Asked by thematthatter 7 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How to use ipod screen as raspberry pi monitor?

I have several ipods that more or less seem to have puked on me; i have one-5gen Ipod Video, one Ipod classic and one 16gb gen2 Ipod Touch.  The two former ipods have failed hdd's, but the screens should still theoretically work. The ipod touch is more or less fully functional, minus the speaker/headphone jack. It is also jailbroken.  I wanted to make a super small portable gaming setup with my raspberry pi, and im wondering how (if it is possible) i might be able to salvage one of my ipod screens to use as the display. Does anyone know how? Also, seeing as the raspberry pi has the hdmi output, how would i go about incorporating speakers into the unit as well?

Asked by kamikaze33 5 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

can i hook up a PC to an LCD TV with another input?

I have a 32 inch sylvania 720p TV in my room and it has no PC input. would it be possible i could plug my computer into a different input and have it still work fine?

Asked by redsuit09 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Does anybody have know anything about this cable? Answered

My dad bought this VGA to HDMI cable online, but I can't get it to work.  Does anybody have any suggestions?  I already tried searching for an extra display, and adding it as a projector on multiple tvs, but I don't know if we got ripped off or what.  

Asked by furrysalamander 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How to connect a computer to a HDTV and have the audio go through the TV speakers?

How do I connect my computer to my HDTV so that the sound comes through the tv speakers. I bought a HDMI cable (my computer has HDMI out) but when I connected this cable I got picture, but no audio. My PS3 is connected with a HDMI cable also and I do have audio with it. I don't know what I'm missing.

Asked by vansam 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago